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  1. Mike (Cycle 20) has said that each "week" on the show is actually 4 days. One day is the Challenge (which takes place before the photo shoot). One day is the photo shoot. One day is a buffer day (travel, re-shoots, etc). The fourth day is panel. Shooting on each day takes 15-16 hours. So I can use any past trauma in my life to completely shirk responsibility for my actions? Cool beans! Next time I get stopped for speeding I will ask the officer to let me off. I was tormented as a child straight through to high school for being a Nerd (see: Other) so obviously I am not responsible for my actions. I need empathy and compassion, not a speeding ticket!
  2. Eh. Lenox stated on her Tumblr that Chantelle lied. Plus, Chantelle's response was rather a give away.
  3. They brought this up in a recent AfterBuzz interview. IIRC, neither is Korean.
  4. I believe neither is Korean. From Lenox's Tumblr (yikes at the response) 1enox.tumblr.com/post/102734679559/the-winner-of-antm-is-meant-to-be-a-role-model-not#notes
  5. Her lie was made public the minute she decided to open her mouth and tell an untruth. I've said that I had a guy lie about sleeping with me. I was not gentle when I called him out, nor did I do so quietly. For that reason, I don't think Keith owed Chantelle any consideration. This situation could have been avoided entirely by Chantelle keeping her lies to herself.
  6. Since her lie was public, Keith had every right to make his stand public. If, as has been reported, Chantelle made it clear that she was not there to make friends, then it should not surprise her - or anyone else - when people then decide not to be her friend. Sometimes, you get what you ask for...
  7. Eh. Will has referred to Mirjana as a bitch approximately 1000 times too.
  8. I have followed quite a few of them on social media. Most of them seem quite close; it was great to see Will and Raelia's reunion. Keith comes across as quite genuine.
  9. I honestly don't have any sympathy for Chantelle. Interviews with the eliminated contestants have made it clear that they wanted a supportive environment. To that end, they tried to friend everyone. Mirjana, Romeo, and Chantelle were not interested in being friends. I am female. I've had a guy lie about sleeping with me. Let me tell you, Keith was a *hell* of a lot kinder with his response. In my case, I was completely harsh with the lying asshole and made sure to verbally eviscerate him. Keith had absolutely no responsibility to respect Chantelle's feelings. The best way for her to avoid the situation would have been for her to not tell the lie in the first place. Yu Tsai's response does not surprise me given what an ass he was about the whole Matt-Matthew thing. Who is Kevin and when did we see his "junk"? Also, Kari was 23 to Keith's 26 and Chantelle's 19 so I am not seeing how this is relevant. Kari, at 23, would not have been too young for Keith. As for antics, Shei and Will said in their last interview with AfterBuzz (link here) that Chantelle called out Shei at panel (during Episode 11) and accused Shei of ostracizing Chantelle from the group. So it really should not have been a surprise to Chantelle when Shei screwed her over.
  10. At 6 feet 6 inches, Will is *far* too tall for an "actual" modeling career. I do think Will can have a respectable career in Los Angeles, but his overall potential is not great. Will won't fit the samples.
  11. Past Contestants Photo Gallery

    Leila is all over this page. What, pray tell, is Laura James doing?
  12. ...and yet she scored an international campaign with Desigual Accessories along with the likes of Adriana Lima. Not to mention, walking in London Fashion Week. That's pretty sweet for not being a model.
  13. I did not particularly care for Will's picture. IMHO, neither he nor Keith deserved FCO. Will's was awkward. I liked Keith's photo overall, but there is a glaring shortcoming in his not showing the product. I thought the best photos belonged to Shei, Chantelle, and Lenox. Bottom two should have been Adam and Raelia. Raelia deserved her boot with that atrocious photo.
  14. S04.E03: Edward Mordrake, Part 1

    I don't think toddlers make the best example. They can be afraid of anything. For a time, my nephew had and horrid fear of dogs. My good friend's daughter was afraid of cakes (no, that is not a typo). In her case, it's how coarse the hair is.
  15. Past Contestants Photo Gallery

    Actually, she walked in a show that took place during NYFW.