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  1. I've rewatched Charmed, 8 rules, and the BBT last week (I was sick, sue me) and honestly, Kaley basically plays the exact same character in all of them, she really doesn't have much range as an actress. Her delivery, mannerisms etc are just her, if you see her in interviews. And while competent enough, she's neither particularly great at comedic or dramatic acting, based on her body of work. But she fits the role of Penny well, and she's making bank so who am I to judge.
  2. I haven't seen any other adaptations of the book but I thought this one was just okay. Some of the cinematography was nice but tbh it all felt very try-hard, they were attempting to evoke a feeling of drama and epicness that wasn't really there IMO. A lot of the scenes felt melodramatic but didn't actually make me feel anything like Poirot repeatedly talking to that picture, what exactly was the purpose of that? It went nowhere and had nothing to do with anything. Even the ending, everything felt super dramatic (very theatre-like) but not really as tense as it should have. As a crime mystery it falls flat because of the whole one suspect after the other being revealed as involved in the Daisy Armstrong case. My friend who knew nothing pretty much guessed they were all in on it after the third reveal. The stabbing scene was also kind of ridiculous. The performances were pretty good though and I liked the cinematography overall.
  3. Pink, Kelly and Gaga were good & seeing Diana of course. The Korean boyband, BTS, was a lot of fun, I've missed pop stars dancing well on stage. Christina would've been alright if she didn't try to do runs all the time and do them badly. Selena barely even tried. At least she could have lipsynced better.
  4. I still don't understand why Johnny Depp keeps getting cast. Even if we disregard his history of violence (which, looking at Hollywood's current climate, shouldn't be the way to go), he's been a caricature of himself for years now, and his performances have been extremely over the top with little nuance. Plus everybody and their mother knows by now that he's an alcoholic who's unprofessional on set. And again, most pressing of all (to me) he isn't even that good anymore. Colin Farrell's acting in Fantastic Beasts was leagues above anything Depp has shown in the last years. HOW is he getting these prestige roles still? Who's championing for him in the background of all this? Cause you know someone is. I was so excited for the Grindelwald/Dumbledore story. But with Depp? I'm not even sure I'll watch it.
  5. The song itself is okay, just like Gorgeous, but again, these lyrics...has she lost the ability to write above middle school level since she got with her current beau? Cause Red & 1989 >>> any of this.
  6. I thought it had some cool ideas, the actors did well and the cinematography was outstanding. However, it just felt. So. Slow. Every scene could have been cut my at least a minute and then the film wouldn't have been three hours long. I just kept getting annoyed at how chill everybody was being. Where's the urgency? Seriously, I talk/walk faster than that and I'm not on the run from some evil company/government/whatever! Everybody just kept staring at stuff for two whole minutes before asking the next question and I was just like, ugh I would've been done with this conversation by now.
  7. America's new boyband? They're a Korean boygroup but their fanbase in the US seems quite large, if they've been trending here on Youtube for the past few hours. Their single is in the top5 at iTunes too. I guess there really is a vacuum right now...at least these guys seem like genuinely good performers, plus the song is catchy. I've been following their rise for a bit now it's kinda fascinating that there's a market for this here in the West.
  8. What about groups like Hanson, the Jonas Brothers or 5 Seconds of Summer though, they all more or less "formed themselves" to make music (they weren't cast by a company) but I'd still call all of them boybands? I guess strictly speaking they're not. They do have the exact same target audience though.
  9. I definitely think the Beatles were a "boy band" before that became a thing, they had a huge, hysterical female fanbase, they each portrayed a "type" for the girls to latch onto, the fact that they made their own music was secondary to that in the beginning. There are boybands that play their own instruments (5 Seconds of Summer) and those that write/produce their own songs (BTS, who are also a dance group which is why they don't play instruments on stage). Even One Direction tried their hand at writing their own songs, and all of them seem more or less able to continue that with their solo careers. They never danced, but also didn't play instruments on stage. (I feel like you could argue about the level of attractiveness in these groups - mostly it's the cheerleader effect, with only one or two actually handsome) So these groups are pretty different from each other and also from the big boybands of the past like Backstreet Boys and Nsync, but all of them are boybands. I think the term just means a group of boys where there's more than one vocalist and who are mainly popular with young girls.
  10. that's true, they were great as always. But I'm used to them being good performers so maybe that's why I focused on the girls. They surprised me, cause I hadn't seen them perform before.
  11. yeah she's not a brilliant vocalist (though by no means the weakest we've got out there atm) at the Manchester Love concert I thought Little Mix blew everyone else out of the water, performance-wise. They're the least known of the acts there and their styling is kinda tragic but those girls can sing and seem to be good performers too. I never gave them much thought but they really impressed me.
  12. She shouldn't have done whatever she did to her face. She was genuinely pretty before, now her face looks kind of plastic and average. And I'm sure every subsequent tweak will only make things worse, like with her sisters.
  13. I sobbed ugly tears when I watched the ending of that film. It really stayed with me too...and even though you actually see her die in the first scene of the film it's still a shock when it happens, at least it was to me.
  14. I think Taylor is more about ego than anything else and what bugged her about the John Mayer thing is that she was clearly just a fling for him but he was quite hung up on Katy for a while. She's the one who he kept talking about in interviews etc. Same with the dancers thing, they made it clear they preferred Katy and that hurt Taylor's "everyone wants to be part of my squad" feelings. Honestly I don't care much for either Taylor or Katy, but I have no doubt Taylor can be petty as hell when she's feeling wronged and she often does.
  15. Why though...I think Beyoncé is drop dead gorgeous but her style is tragic. Everytime I see her I'm like, how is it possible to make a genuinely stunning woman look so tacky.