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  1. BTVS Love/Relationships

    Willow never really had much chemistry with any of her love interests, but I'd say she was probably most convincing with Oz. Her and Xander had zero chemistry, especially considering they were supposed to be all swept up in sexual tension and no offense to Alyson Hannigan but that was NOT her forte, and honestly while I liked her and Tara, they never had much chemistry either. Alyson just always seemed kinda sexless as Willow to me. Actually, in all her roles, now that I think about it. Maybe the Xander/Willow storyline wouldn't have weirded me out so much of they'd actually had chemistry together, but I still skip those episodes every time I rewatch the show. It's just...no. lol.
  2. it's funny cause I actually thought Bruce and Natasha had a lot of chemistry in Avengers 1, and I think they were even somewhat popular in fanfiction etc., although most seemed to go for Clint/Natasha (before we knew he was married) since their connection was so much more established. But Ultron didn't handle them well. I can't even pinpoint what they did, cause individually some of the scenes worked for me, but it felt like too much too soon and not organic. Maybe if they'd only hinted at it, but stronger and kept it platonic for the second film they could have explored it more later. Romance remains a weak point for the MCU tbh. Pepper & Tony work, but also because of the actors really selling it, and Peggy & Steve were really great too. I could even get on board with Peter & Gamora. Other than that...eh.
  3. I guess my unpopular opinion of the Luke/Anna/April/Lorelai situation is that I had no sympathy for Luke handling things the way he did. He should have told Lorelai immediately, not let her find out, like, a month later. That in itself would have made me break up with a guy tbh in real life. I'm supposed to be your partner, you can't keep stuff like this from me. And then him not stepping up to tell Anna Lorelai should be allowed to meet and talk to April, again a huge red flag. This isn't some random girlfriend you barely know, but a woman you've been friends with for decades and who you plan to marry. Anna's argument was ridiculous in light of that and Luke should have told her that much. Lorelai was completely excluded from this huge new part of Luke's life and he treated her like an afterthought, a complication, rather than someone to share his burden and someone to be a partner for him throughout it. If I were Lorelai I'd also develop huge insecurities about my standing in his life. As a fiancé/e you're supposed to be a priority to your partner and he just didn't treat her like one at all. now we can argue if that makes sense, considering he'd been in love with her for years and finally got together with her, which, probably not, so I blame the writers, but that's how their relationship was portrayed. Although a lot of it made no sense, Anna especially was basically a plot point whose motivation was pretty unreasonable for a lot of things.
  4. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Strange giving up the stone didn't bother me, cause it was so obviously foreshadowing that this was a part of how they would win. Like two scenes earlier he was all, I'll kill you myself to protect this stone and then he's like wait, actually I'd rather save Tony. So the snap is part of how they can save the world? It's possible he saw that just stopping Thanos from taking the stones wouldn't stop him, he'd just go on killing everyone and he was too powerful for them to just eliminate like any villain. So he needed to succeed in order to be taken out of the game for good. Gamora's arc worked really well for me, although I rolled my eyes at her not immediately getting what was going to happen when Red Skull said Thanos had to give up something he loved. Like, they had just argued about his "love" for her. Also, I love Thor. I loved how he tried to be the jolly action hero and go-getter he's always been and yet you could really feel the weight of all his losses on him. Hemsworth did really well.
  5. that's not Billboard's fault, cause their nominations are mostly based on stats and she charted. So the people who streamed her songs are at fault lol.
  6. wow those old pictures. she and Kourtney were gorgeous, Kim now looks kind of grotesque and even Kourtney has messed with her face. Kylie is completely unrecognisable, it's a pity we'll never know how her adult face would have looked like.
  7. Black Panther (2018)

    yeah I was side-eyeing this too. Wakanda as this extremely powerful, advanced and cautious country allows a ritual that basically means that the only requirement to be king is to be really physically strong and great at beating people up/killing them? Like, I'd assume they would realise being king of Wakanda requires other traits than that.
  8. Black Panther (2018)

    Well the movie didn't quite live up to its best film ever hype but no movie could. I liked it a lot though. The production, the cinematography, the costumes were all amazing. The actors also all did a really good job. I really loved all the kick-ass women and how much they contributed to the story. Some of the dialogue felt a bit heavy-handed, as did the music sometimes, it almost overpowered the actors in terms of evoking emotions. There were some things I wish had been expanded upon - what's everyday life like in Wakanda? We only saw one street and the throne room, which was a bit disappointing to me. Killmonger was a great villain, but I wondered how it would have played out if Eric had been raised in Wakanda after all (while visiting his native America & growing his resentment) and he and T'Challa had grown up as friends? Would have made them an even better villain/hero duo than Thor/Loki. He worked really well though. Some scenes dragged a bit and the Okoye/W'Kabi love story felt tacked on, like I was really expecting there to be a bigger payoff when he just was like, okay betrayal it is! the second T'Challa didn't return with Klaue. Speaking of who, I completely forgot we already saw him in Age of Ultron. whoops. Also the relationship between the mountain tribe and the kingdom would have been more interesting had it been fleshed out a bit more previously, they were hilarious but it might have had a bigger impact to have the come to T'Challa's aid at the end if they'd been more established.
  9. Kendall

    her lips looked ridiculous on the Vogue Korea cover. I just wish someone would mention them to her face, cause I can't imagine anybody is buying her "all natural" shtick anymore. Honestly I think she's kind of over in the fashion world or she will be after this year. She's getting more and more plastic surgery and there's Kaia Gerber to take her spot and even the Hadids, since their work ethic is just much better than hers. Kendall hasn't walked a single show this fashion week, probably because nobody asked her to open or close and she's cancelled so many before. She'll still get some covers cause she gets the clicks, but if she ever had ambitions to get to a point where she was really taken seriously as a high fashion model, I don't think it's ever gonna happen now. I give her another year or two before she gets her own reality TV show with her own rapper/athlete boyfriend and morphs into Kim 5.0 before she's 30, inflated lips, boobs and butt and all.
  10. I, Tonya (2017)

    I liked the film but I hate the awards campaign. Why are they showing Tonya Harding off like someone who's some poor misunderstood victim who finally gets the platform she deserves? Yes, she was a victim of many things in her life. That's terrible. But she's also someone who's been involved in assault and has shown absolutely no remorse for it whatsoever. If you listen to her current interviews she's still blaming everybody else and not acknowledging for a second that what happened to Nancy Kerrigan was messed up too. She's not the victim in that particular situation. Honestly, seeing Allison Janney giving her so much credit in her awards speech makes me not want her to win the Oscar. I was seriously taken aback at that. Are we going to see Tonya Harding at the Oscars too, crying artfully in the audience? Fuck that. Bring out Nancy Kerrigan instead.
  11. Darren Criss/Blaine Anderson

    but Darren never said he was gay, it was common knowledge he had a girlfriend. He also explicitly said he was straight in an interview in 2011. Honestly some of those rants read like they're from CrissColfer shippers who don't want to admit to that so they pretend like they're offended on behalf of the gay community.
  12. Kendall

    her lips look ridiculous. Her cheeks are also obviously tampered with (fillers?). I don't get it, she even said it herself, as a model why would she screw with her face? Don't know Kendall, why would you? She used to look so naturally pretty but it's obvious she'll end up like the rest of her family.
  13. I've rewatched Charmed, 8 rules, and the BBT last week (I was sick, sue me) and honestly, Kaley basically plays the exact same character in all of them, she really doesn't have much range as an actress. Her delivery, mannerisms etc are just her, if you see her in interviews. And while competent enough, she's neither particularly great at comedic or dramatic acting, based on her body of work. But she fits the role of Penny well, and she's making bank so who am I to judge.
  14. Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

    I haven't seen any other adaptations of the book but I thought this one was just okay. Some of the cinematography was nice but tbh it all felt very try-hard, they were attempting to evoke a feeling of drama and epicness that wasn't really there IMO. A lot of the scenes felt melodramatic but didn't actually make me feel anything like Poirot repeatedly talking to that picture, what exactly was the purpose of that? It went nowhere and had nothing to do with anything. Even the ending, everything felt super dramatic (very theatre-like) but not really as tense as it should have. As a crime mystery it falls flat because of the whole one suspect after the other being revealed as involved in the Daisy Armstrong case. My friend who knew nothing pretty much guessed they were all in on it after the third reveal. The stabbing scene was also kind of ridiculous. The performances were pretty good though and I liked the cinematography overall.
  15. Pink, Kelly and Gaga were good & seeing Diana of course. The Korean boyband, BTS, was a lot of fun, I've missed pop stars dancing well on stage. Christina would've been alright if she didn't try to do runs all the time and do them badly. Selena barely even tried. At least she could have lipsynced better.