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  1. "The View" Week Of 10/15/2018

    I haven't watched the show since the summer. I still read the forum, and nothing yet has made me want to watch again. I did check out a video earlier in the week to see MM's dress with the "first prize" bow, but kept the sound muted, so have yet to hear Abby's voice. She doesn't "look" too bad when she speaks, however MM still managed to sour my mood when only watching her speak, so I know I'm not ready to actually watch and listen yet. After EH drove me away from the show, I didn't watch again till she was gone. So the same thing may happen with MM. I do think she made a mistake coming back to the show. I know how hard losing a parent can be. And for a long time, it is really, really hard to talk about them without crying. So MM being on tv show where her father's name will come up often, is probably not the best place for her to be while struggling with her grief.,
  2. "The View" Week Of 10/15/2018

    I don't doubt it. The Royals even upstaged her People magazine cover last year.
  3. Thanks. If they'd been old ones, I'd watch the episode online. Previous episode or so, won't bother.
  4. Older flashbacks? Or recent ones, like last week?
  5. I didn't get to watch today. What were the flashbacks?
  6. I wish I could remember that scene, but it was a long time ago, and my memory isn't all that great. I also can't remember if the viewers already knew that, or if it was a shock to us, as well.
  7. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    I haven't watched since Sara's last day, but I do still read this forum. And so far, nothing is enticing me to start watching again. Did MM actually say that she shoots squirrels? If so, why? Surely not for food. And, IMO, someone shooting squirrels for "sport", is just as horrible as the people who kill those beautiful African animals.
  8. I loved Shawn and Caroline, and the entire Brady family dynamics. But Caroline's story really became front-burner, when they connected her to Victor and made him Bo's father.
  9. Sad news. :( About the 6 months in advance taping schedule, I read on the other site that Frances Reid died in Jan 2010 and Alice didn't die until June 2010. So it may be even longer than 6 months for Caroline, if they have to plan out a storyline and get the actors in for the taping.
  10. S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    Decided to check out this forum, and see I've missed THREE episodes. :( How'd the season start without me knowing?
  11. I remember them showing up during the Meteor Shower, and interacting with Shawn, Belle, etc. I must have stopped watching by the time their parentage was determined.
  12. I know I could Google, but how did Roman and Kate end up being parents together? I haven't seen Mimi since the Last Blast era, She looks so different. She wasn't always that thin, right. Nicole's been gone long enough that I was pleased to see her. I really, really, really hope neither of them mention Holly's father's name. So, Marlena just came out of a coma, and Abigail wants a counselling session with her?
  13. I remember reading the spoiler about Marlena being shot and being in a coma, and thinking, "that'll be exciting". How wrong I was.
  14. I'm still only watching periodically, but did see today. Love Hattie. Deidre (and Drake) must have had such fun filming those scenes. I missed yesterday's love scenes with Tiara, but sounds like they weren't that great. Maybe because the root-able couple is supposed to be Cin. I can't help it, I still like them together. And like that Ron is keeping us waiting for them to become a couple. Read over on the other site that KA was listed as Hope Hernandez yesterday for the first time on the cast list. Yuck. Hopefully, she'll be back to Hope Brady, at least on the show, soon.
  15. Here's a link to a thread where the 1st post keeps being updated as they learn of upcoming casting changes: https://daytimeroyaltyonline.com/casting-news-rumors-t15522.html