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  1. Happy All Together Talk: All Episodes

    Betsy Sodaro is hilarious. Between her in this episode and Mary Holland in the first episode as the human Alexa, they are really trying hard to find funny character actors for even the small roles in this show. I am surprisingly enjoying this show too, for a multi-cam sitcom on CBS. Damon Wayans Jr. is just naturally funny. Even when I could kind of predict the joke coming, like the spooky doll not burning at the end, I still was laughing at it.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Around the Block

    This actor kind of reminds me of Kenan Thompson in his mannerisms, his facial expressions and the way he reacts to things.
  3. I think Rami Malek is a good guess too, especially since he sort of resembles Pete (which they've already made reference to on the show by having Pete play him in a "Mr. Robot" parody). Given that Chadwick Boseman and Sterling K. Brown already hosted last season, Michael B. Jordan seems likely as well. Emma Stone has an upcoming movie called "The Favourite" which is already getting some Oscar buzz. She hosted not that long ago in December of 2016, but it was a pretty well-received episode (and led to the "Wells For Boys" sketch. Would love to see another Julio Torres-written piece with her in it). If not her, then Jonah Hill could host to promote his directorial debut "mid90s" (and Emma would probably cameo in that episode, I'm sure). That would make Jonah a five-timer (he's one of the few people left who legitimately has a chance of achieving this any time soon).
  4. S44.E01: Adam Driver / Kanye West

    It's Kanye dressed as a water bottle....j/k. She is a former comedic rapper, now actress who appeared this summer in the movies "Ocean's 8" and "Crazy Rich Asians". Much like Tiffany Haddish last season, she had kind of a breakout summer and thus her SNL hosting stint. Also the first female Asian host since Lucy Liu in 2000. Actually, maybe the only one besides her? That I can think of anyway.
  5. Season 17 Discussion

    It's nice that Jay Pharoah has become their go-to guy when they want to have Kanye be on the show, he's done it a couple times now.
  6. S44.E02: Awkwafina / Travis Scott

    I'm looking forward to this ep and hoping to actually see Awkwafina in sketches. There were so many extraneous factors going on in the premiere (all the Kavanaugh stuff, Kanye being Kanye, etc.) that the Adam Driver ep didn't actually have much of Driver in it (although he did kill it as the old oil baron guy).
  7. All Episodes Talk

    Tonight's season finale is "The Kardashians vs. The West Family and Jana Kramer vs. Gary Busey", but it's listed as a new episode. I can't tell if this is just a repeat of the season premiere (cut down to 30 minutes) and then a second half hour that's new, or if they actually had unused footage from the Kardashians vs. Wests episode that they made into a new episode. It's probably the former I'm sure.
  8. SNL in the Media

    Yeah, Driver's actually not a bad choice...he was pretty good in his first episode and it led to at least one classic sketch, the Kylo Ren Undercover Boss sketch. Unfortunately, the main forces behind that sketch (Taran and Bobby) are now both no longer on the show. I believe Mikey Day co-wrote that sketch with them, so he'll probably still come up with something Star Wars-related for Adam to do. I don't know that I would have gone with him for the premiere, necessarily. They probably wanted Lady Gaga but couldn't get her because of her not being available, having to do press for her movie. Maybe she'll host the second episode of the season. I didn't think even Kanye's fans were enjoying his recent output, so the MG choice is a little baffling, yeah.
  9. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    I walked out of the room for a second- did anyone say "Tilt-a-Whirl" for this?
  10. Burt Reynolds actually did host the show in 1980, but it wasn't during a very successful era of the show and it featured a sketch set in a Roman vomitorium which was pretty tasteless even back then. I don't know if they're going to be rerunning that one.
  11. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    This was the rare time my mind wasn't dirty enough for the game- I didn't think of "George Bush" (especially since the question was about a man); I thought of "George of the Jungle" instead. During the final round, I would have not gone with any of the celebrities' answers and would have said "Scarlet Letter"- and it would have paid off too.
  12. I think the Larry David episode hasn't been rerun probably because of the bit in his monologue about a guy trying to hit on a woman during the Holocaust- it got a lot of complaints from people at the time. There's probably not an easy way to edit that bit out of the monologue. Franco's episode might be because of the Me Too allegations that surfaced about Franco shortly after the episode aired- although I guess he's back to working in movies again, he is in the movie "Kin" which came out last weekend. It also had a lot of Christmas-themed material in it so they probably figure it's not worth the trouble to rerun at this point.
  13. Or indeed the shadow puppet guy, what he did took actual talent.
  14. I think you pretty much hit everybody I was going to say, except I should mention that John C. Reilly is also starring with Will Ferrell in the comedy "Holmes and Watson" in December, so it would be great if he hosted in December and Ferrell made a cameo. Another possibility for December- John Cena for "Bumblebee" (or maybe Hailee Steinfeld? Her star in Hollywood is rising, despite being an Academy Award-nominated actress 8 years ago for "True Grit"). I also think it's possible Jonah Hill might host sometime this season. He is one hosting stint away from being a five-timer. He has the Netflix series "Maniac" (costarring Emma Stone) and his own directorial debut "Mid90s" coming out in October.
  15. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    Perfect answer for the Kardashians/gardener question: Just like the real show, it's 60 minutes full of..........HOES. Come on.