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  1. I don't know if the agency would make an order against someone who is younger than 18. And if they did, I'd assume they would take into account that the child father is still in school. They do ask for all your information so that would be disclosed. I wonder if they would have special circumstances in that case. But Diego is 18 now and I'm sure he has a car. I can't imagine him either demanding his parents get him one, or him saving up money from when he did work to get one. He has zero reasons not to be working now other than his parents want him to graduate without the pressures of working to support his child. And apparently that was the case even in the summer because Emiley posted in the FB group that he didn't help her with the bills when he was living with her. The boy's on easy street.
  2. The child support agency in my state has its own lawyer. So they’d only need to contact the agency to get the ball rolling. And as someone else said, if anyone applied for assistance they would require a child support order first. I don’t know if that’s for all forms of assistance. Perhaps Emiley could get help with daycare without ruining Diego's precious last year of high school.
  3. @configdotsys I wish I could love your post more than once. By all appearances, Diego is living up the senior life. He’s doing everything he wants and babysits his kid a few nights a week. How would a part time job hurt him? Millions of high school kids have them. I’d take Diego to court in a heartbeat. Hopefully soon she’ll get tired of hearing him pass the buck to his parents. If he will be getting some type of credentials to be an accredited STNA when he graduates that’s all the better. He can quickly get a job and pay his parents back the money they should be giving Emiley while he enjoys his senior year.
  4. There’s also been some chatter about Diego and those STNA credits. According to Fabian, his wife and Emiley’s aunt worked as nurses at the same place Diego worked and it’s a fairly large employer in their small town. He said he thinks they were desperate for help and that’s why they hired Diego as an STNA even though he hasn’t taken the testing. I don’t think he’s still working that job now. He also said that Diego was eligible for state testing at the beginning of the year but didn’t do it. No explanation on that. Someone asked if anyone in the family was paying child support but he never responded. I wish there was a way I could copy all that stuff here so you could all read it.
  5. Also info from the fb group. Sorry. Fabian came in and made a snarky comment about her quitting college after three weeks and dropping out of cheer. I was being sarcastic. That was when she was complaining about the doctor not inducing Chloe early.
  6. It's the holiday season. There's no reason why he can't find a seasonal job for a couple hours a week to help out with diapers AT THE LEAST. It's highly unfair that Emiley has dropped cheer and is instead working to support her child while Diego is playing football and going to homecoming* with some other girl. If they can afford his suit/tux for homecoming they can afford to give Emiley some money for the baby. Emiley shouldn't have to ask his parents every time she needs something. *One of his relatives joined the FB group and she had pics of him at homecoming. ETA: I realize the tux may have been a rental. But still.
  7. I don’t think it works like that. My daughters were under 18 and I wasn’t allowed to just demand they get a specific kind. We sat down with the doc and talked about the pros and cons and they chose implants. I think the gynecologist would consider them old enough to make the decision on their own if they’ve had a child. *shrugs*
  8. I understand why Jessica hates Max. Even if he wasn’t in the beginning stages of a criminal career, she blames him for getting her daughter pregnant. In her mind he ruined her life. I get it but I don’t feel like the threats are a new tactic. She threatened Chloe before over the baby shower. Said she wasn’t going to support her if Max was invited and then backed off when her mom was in the room and Chloe was crying. I think that’s just how she parents. That said I absolutely don’t blame her for the car. Max is crazy. He’s liable to commit a crime with Chloe and Ava in the car and get them in trouble or hurt.
  9. I agree about them buying her some pictures but this detail is just more proof that Jessica is that vindictive and manipulative. She wants Chloe to dump Max and she's not above using threats to get her to do it. The custody thing will probably be next if she doesn't break up with him. The high school that my kids attended had specific requirements for the photo but some kids did submit some headshots that were clearly taken by an amateur. Nothing wrong with it but I preferred my kids have a professional pic in the yearbook. For my oldest I splurged and over ordered on the wallets (and wasted literally hundreds of dollars - but the pics were awesome). By the time I got to my youngest I was more savvy about the number of pictures but we still had a lot leftover. They try to convince you that you need so many and they make you order a minimum for each pose. Oy. I'm getting flashbacks. I read that Max is getting sentenced tomorrow 11/8. Wonder if he'll actually get some jail time or if he'll be on probation or something.
  10. Way overpriced. But I would at least get her yearbook photo professionally done. But I’m sure Jessica is going to want to throw a party so she’ll do more than that.
  11. This is horrifying to think about. And her mom would be a great great grandma at 65?? Wasn't she a teen mom too?? I think this is what Shelly was referring to when she muttered, "this is a joke," as she was walking backstage. He shouldn't but McKayla is the queen of that castle.
  12. Absolute assholes. IF you want him to contribute?? And she probably only said that for the show. Bridget was right; they dropped her. And apparently it didn't take very long. It's really kind of sad how seemingly excited Krista was in the delivery room and when Emiley made the cheerleading squad but now they're just going to discuss whether or there should be money involved. She knew she was sticking it to Bridget. She enjoyed it. And now that Diego and Emiley are over, she's done playing that game.
  13. Emiley posted the above to the FB group. I couldn't figure out a way to post a link. For me, if Krista and Fabian said they wanted their precious child to have his senior year and they would provide financial support, that'd be one thing. If that's the case I think Emiley should take the money and let that be an arrangement between the Reyes family. On another thread Fabian or some random relative was bragging about how Diego was earning credits towards becoming an STNA (or something related) while still in high school. And LaKasta actually commented that he's good at it (because people were saying there was no way in hell they'd want that asshole caring for their family. lol). So maybe he'll have a job after he gets out of school?
  14. Looking back, that seems so earrrlly. I used to run home from the bus stop so I could catch the last half hour. LOL. The group is totally wild. Diego and his family are beyond stupid. The other people on this show are smart enough to at least not say anything even in they lurk. Lexus and Shayden are so trashy. Poor Scarlett is so beautiful but her family (including grandma)... I wonder what jobs Caelan is working and if there's any chance he could move up or maybe get one job that pays more so he can work less hours. I understand McKayla getting "bored" while he's at work all day but hooking up with some new guy and having him around her son within a week of breaking up??? Something tells me there's more to this story.
  15. ^^^ Wow. That time aged her.