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  1. I said ALL races and ages which is not a comparison to anyone. Like I said, I don't know what's going on with that guy but I agree that the way he's coming off is not good for his business.
  2. Lemme go back and see what I actually said. How are these not the same? As I said, there are many reasons why someone might not want to let the world know they're gay. There exist gay people of all races and ages who aren't comfortable being known as gay. They live everywhere. So there are no closeted white gay men in Philly? None? How could a person possibly know that? Luke might not feel safe letting folk know he's gay because: He doesn't want to offend or ostracize his family. Might be bad for business. He's still struggling with it. Dude might not actually be gay and is just a mean ass narcissist. I don't know what's going on in his head but the fact is that everybody isn't out. Somewhere out there is a gay white man in a marriage to a WOMAN that's denying his entire reality because reasons. He might even live in Philly.
  3. Luke should have been matched with the queen (lowercase purposeful). They could have gotten their weaves done together.
  4. I don't at all understand how demographics would play into any internal struggle Luke might have/have had about his sexuality. His family could be very religious or not accepting of other gay people - we have no idea. Lukewarm's mannerisms sometimes read as gay to me. But they also read as cutsey and they also read as fake. As I said before, in one of the previews he looked at Kate and his eyes were completely dead. Shark eyes. That's why I said he's a psychopath and nothing I've seen yet has dissuaded me from this belief.
  5. I’m pretty sure it’s a weave so sleeping on it with no protection might be a no no. I doubt Will would mind much. It’s pretty common to protect your hair at night.
  6. It’s still not a choice for everyone. There are myriad number of reasons why someone might not feel safe revealing who they really are. Of course I agree about Luke treating Kate the way he has.
  7. Smh. Good luck to her then. At least I can say Will didn’t shut her down. He opened the conversation so he could figure out where her head was. Guaranteed Lukewarm will act as if she’s the one that has no sense of humor if Kate ever tries the check him or says she’s insulted by something he said. I knew a guy like this. He wanted a trophy to show off to his friends. Ended up getting catfished.
  8. Does anyone think maybe Jasmine was testing the water with Will, trying to see if she had a Keith or a more “modern” man? And when he was completely for equality in the marriage she flipped it to see how he felt about the money issue? I’m hoping she wasn’t serious about wanting him to pay everything. She shouldn’t have lied for this. It’s not worth it. And I get you with your smoke allergy. I have asthma so a smoker would have been a huge hell no for me. Was she that desperate?
  9. Maybe she lied so she wouldn't be knocked out of the running to be chosen for this wonderful opportunity. Or maybe she thought it wasn't a big deal since she doesn't smoke regularly. As someone who clearly doesn't mind being around the smell of cigarettes, maybe she didn't think it'd be a dealbreaker if she had one on occasion. Kate seems like the type of person to just go along with the crowd. So if her friends are smoking, she'll have one. She's probably eaten a lot of food she doesn't like and gone to a lot of places she really didn't want to just so she wouldn't upset the apple cart. ETA: I do not mean that I don’t mind the smell of cigarettes. They’re gross. But Kate must not have a problem with it.
  10. Seems plausible. And coupled with the fact that she's not his physical type (according to what he told the experts), Luke was turned off at first sight and will never warm to Kate. *See what I did there?*
  11. I mean not concerned about the minutia OR her casual smoking OR her weird speech. By minutia I mean her not liking yogurt or her choosing to shower at night. Those shouldn't be dealbreakers unless she worked in a mine or his last name was Yoplait. I get the feeling that every single thing she does is only going to get added to the list of reasons why he hates about her, not matter how insignificant.
  12. I thought Jasmine’s arm band was beautiful, especially contrasting her rich skin tone. Kate needs someone who (is not Luke obvs) isn’t really focused on the minutia and wouldn’t be bothered by her showering schedule, social smoking and weird speech. Poor Jasmine thinks a man has to be a miniature version of her father. An exact replica. This is a wild notion that’s only going to cause problems in her relationships. Her marriage will not be exactly the same as her parents and I bet if she actually walked in her mom’s shoes she wouldn’t want that anyway.
  13. None of that entitles him to treat her as he has. He didn't know she was "boring" when they met at the altar. If he's the type to get bone deep disappointed about something then he shouldn't have signed up for this show and he could at the very, very least treat Kate like a human being and stop making digs at her. They might get along better if he wasn't an asshole.
  14. Smoking would be a dealbreaker for me too but at this point, it doesn't matter what Kate does or doesn't do. Lukewarm has decided he doesn't like her. Not only that, but he's repulsed by her as a person. There's no going back for him even if she never looks at another cigarette in her life and starts taking four showers a day. He doesn't want her. Period. And every single thing she does that he thinks is wrong he's going to hyper fixate on and criticize her for. Her self-esteem is in for a battering. And I agree with everyone who thinks he gets a kick out of knocking her down. When they were walking to the zoo thing she made a comment about the sloths and reached out to touch his back and he moved away from her hand. He doesn't even want the girl touching him. My daughter said something about them staring at each other as they lay in bed on the wedding night. I said Kate had heart eyes and Lukewarm was trying to figure out where to hide her body.
  15. From this day forth, he shall be forever more known as Lukewarm. So let it be written. So let it be done.