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  1. Remember when Prince Albert of Monaco married Charlene Wittstock and she seemingly had to be imprisoned in Monaco (the Palace reportedly confiscated her passport to keep her from running away back to South Africa) in order to make her go through with it? Royal weddings don't get called off at that stage unless one of the bride or groom dies. Hopefully the Monaco marriage doesn't blow up as spectacularly as the Wales one did.
  2. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    That's because Kail thinks that she's physically intimidating. She's the kid who runs the school yard at recess by threatening to beat other kids up if she doesn't get her way. It works because she's bigger than the other kids, even though she's never actually done it. But beneath the bravado she's terrified that someone will actually call her bluff, so at the slightest hint of a challenge she's got to up the aggression in the hope that that will cause the potential challenger to back down.
  3. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    There's a celebrity who once said something to that effect about fame, which is what I was thinking of. I kind of want to say that it was Matt Damon, but I can't really remember because it was so long ago. But, yeah, the Teen Mom shows have done the teen mom participants absolutely no favors in terms of their development into functioning human adults.
  4. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    I can't remember who said it, but someone once remarked that when a person becomes famous, their development becomes frozen in whatever stage they were at when they became famous. So if you become famous once you're an adult with a developed sense of self, you'll be fine, but if you become famous as a child or adolescent, you're sort of fucked.
  5. S06.E07: Changing Winds

    I'm wondering if it's just a coincidence that he sang "I'm On Fire" in the same episode that featured Badison's flashback... in which she set someone else on fire.
  6. I've long wondered if the stories about Andrew and Sarah being quietly back together are actually just a means of distracting people from the rumors about Andrew's unsavory connections to people like Epstein. Articles like this one from Vanity Fair (which is, generally speaking, a pretty pro-Royal publication) certainly give the impression that Andrew is sketchy as hell, so linking him to Sarah allows the palace's PR to put out a narrative that is, basically, "poor Andrew still carries a torch for Fergie but can't remarry her because of all her scandals," effectively shifting the focus from allegations about him to her own indiscretions. And I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah is totally down with playing that narrative up. Whatever their relationship is, it seems mutually beneficial.
  7. From what I understand, Anne's relationship with Mark Phillips isn't all that dissimilar to the relationship between Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (save and except that both Anne and Mark have remarried other people). He continued to live at Gatcombe Park for several years, running the farm part of the property with his second wife while Anne and Timothy Laurence lived in the main property and there are plenty of pictures floating around from the last several of years of Anne and Mark looking like they get along pretty well (and Mark and Timothy Laurence looking like they get on quite well, too). Clearly they decided to let bygones be bygones despite what appears, on paper, to be a messy as hell break up. It's kind of shocking how low key the Phillips' divorce managed to be (though maybe it just seems that way now, since everything pales in comparison to the Wales' divorce) given that, as you said, there was a secret child, love letters between Anne and Timothy Laurence being stolen, her alleged affair with a former bodyguard, and his alleged affair with a former Miss India.
  8. I may be wrong, but I think her not being invited was because of the tabloid sting operation where she was caught on camera offering access to Prince Andrew in exchange for cash. The video came out in May 2010, so the scandal would still have been somewhat fresh by the time the wedding happened in April 2011.
  9. He should have shown up with a haircut.
  10. Tinsley went to university? To do what?
  11. "Carole is out of the way, so Betheney and I can connect." Sure, Lu. It's not a matter of B no longer having Carole as a sidekick and needing someone else to play off of; it's because Carole was in "the way" before and keeping B from hanging out with you.
  12. S08.E32: Reunion: Behind the Screams

    Presumably there aren't two deranged famewhores at your workplace screaming at each other and trying to get into a physical altercation. I don't blame Chelsea for leaving; someone could have gotten hurt because of those idiots and the producers were clearly prioritizing drama over everyone's safety.
  13. S08.E32: Reunion: Behind the Screams

    I've always drifted in and out of watching Teen Mom 2 (the show tends to get too... lets say "real" for me if I watch a lot of it) and the last time I watched regularly was circa Nathan being taken from his & Jenelle's place in handcuffs, so it is super weird to me to see him and Barbara hugging and acting like friends. I guess circumstances make strange bedfellows and the combo of Jenelle and David is so bad that anything seems like an improvement, but it's still so weird to me.
  14. But has she said anything that would meet the threshold for defamation? Most of what she's been saying lately (that I've seen; I certainly haven't read it all nor do I intend to) has been a repetition of the fact that Meghan isn't speaking to their father (with some editorializing, of course, about how she should be ashamed of herself for turning her back on him). Something can't be both true and defaming. Like you said, though, it doesn't matter because there wouldn't be a lawsuit as a court case would just make things worse and, likely, result in all of the Markle family dirty laundry (assuming there's any left to air) becoming a matter of public record.
  15. She's projecting a bit, perhaps? I doubt that there's anything the royals could legally do to stop her from talking. She does have the right to free speech, after all, even if she's choosing to exercise it to maintain a tiresome, one-sided "feud."