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  1. Agreed. I remember when Heath Ledger died and there seemed to be this rush on the part of the press to get quotes from celebrities. It felt so unsavory because it seemed like there was a kind of... giddiness on the part of the press about the prospect of catching someone who didn't know yet and getting to break the news to them and thereby get a truly unrehearsed response.
  2. Because they're women and people love to pit women against each other. If Charles had had two daughters I doubt press coverage of his sons-in-law would revolve around a supposed rivalry between them.
  3. Something I've long wondered about that maybe those in the UK can answer: how do people there (particularly veterans and active service members) feel about members of the family like Princess Anne and Prince Edward wearing uniforms stacked with medals? Charles, Andrew, William, and Harry all at least served in some form, but Anne didn't and Edward famously dropped out in the middle of boot camp. The rigors of military life obviously aren't for everyone and I don't judge Edward for not finishing (I'm entirely sure that I wouldn't make it through boot camp), but every time I see him in one of his uniforms with medals all over his chest it strikes me as faintly ridiculous and kind of insulting.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Party Time

    Same. I'm currently 3 seasons into a rewatch and I constantly find myself feeling so sad for Claudia. There are so many episodes where she clearly just wants to have some family time that would reassure her that she matters and make her feel bonded to her siblings (to make her feel, essentially, that she's still part of a family and not some fractured group that's barely being held together by the memory of their parents), and Charlie, Bailey, and Julia are so caught up in their own drama that they can do little more than tell her that she's being annoying. So far I feel like the show is holding up pretty well, though there are certain things about it that play very differently now than they would have when the show first aired. For example, in the first season, before Charlie and Kirsten started dating, there's an episode where she gets drunk and almost sleeps with him and the only reason it doesn't happen is because she passes out when he goes into the bathroom. He knows that she's drunk and he's nothing but excited that she's let down her guard enough that he's going to score (God, Charlie!) and the way that it's played so casually by the show really speaks to how our collective understanding of consent has changed over the past 20 plus years. Bailey also did a lot of pressuring with Kate to get her to sleep with him, which was pretty gross. I'm also currently side-eyeing the show for the character of Grace. I don't remember, but am guessing that the character came to be because the show was criticized for not having any people of color in it (I stand corrected if that's not the case) because the way she's been wedged into the show just sort of screams, "Look, we have a black person! Can you get off our backs now?" The way that she's written makes it feel like even the writers resent her presence, given that everyone other than Charlie vocally dislikes her and expresses that dislike every chance they get. I mean, I don't like her either, but I feel like that's partially because the show is going out of its way to ensure that she doesn't take off so that she can be written out without much fuss.
  5. I recall that Murray was accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife, Jennifer Butler, so "playing dumb" might just be a strategic way of trying to keep that can of worms from being reopened. As in, "I dunno, let's talk about something else..."
  6. S06.E10: START

    I'm not sure that's entirely true. Certainly he didn't love her the way that he loved Elizabeth, but I think that he did have some genuine, deep feelings for her (feelings that were not just guilt) by the time that whole operation fell apart and she had to be put on a plane. Speaking of Martha, I was really hoping that we'd get to see her one more time in this episode, even though I know that her storyline was pretty well wrapped up already. It's weird, because I remember finding Martha kind of annoying in the first season, but she really grew on me over time.
  7. S06.E10: START

    But Paige isn't a Russian. She was born and raised in America. Would the US extradite one of its own citizens to another country?
  8. S06.E10: START

    Do you mean from the Russians or from the Feds? As others have mentioned, Stan has an incentive to protect Paige because she knows that he let Philip and Elizabeth get away (arguably he has two incentives to help her, because he also wants to limit Henry's pain as much as possible). I think that because of this, and because you could reasonably argue that she was in a position of vulnerability to her parents and that they manipulated her into doing the work and that she doesn't really know much of anything at all anyway, she wouldn't end up doing any jail time. She would likely be flagged in some way and prevented from ever having a job in government, but I think her situation would be finessed so that she never goes to jail. However, if Claudia didn't make it back to Russia and is still lurking around DC somewhere, then Paige is probably as good as dead because Claudia's not going to be leaving any loose ends.
  9. S06.E10: START

    I disagree that Paige has nothing to trade with. She could give dates and locations of missions and maybe even the names of targets. Obviously some missions went sideways and the authorities would already be investigating (in which case Paige could still provide them with evidence that they don't have yet, possibly even evidence that acts as the missing piece of the puzzle that brings it together), but presumably during the period that we didn't see because of the time jump there were also missions that went smoothly and people who were compromised that the authorities haven't even discovered yet. Paige doesn't know much (and, really, given how Elizabeth kept her in the dark, Paige probably doesn't even quite know what she does know because she lacks the context to make sense of it), but her information could still be useful. On another note, I have not been able to stop thinking that moment when Elizabeth sees Paige standing on the train platform. That sequence is straight up one of the best I've ever seen on television.
  10. S06.E10: START

    My assumption is that after she sobers up, she calls Stan and he helps her broker a deal to tell what she knows in exchange for immunity from prosecution. There's an argument to be made that Paige was just a kid when she was brought into the spy game and that she was indoctrinated by the two people who had the most power to shape her moral compass. That's not exactly how it happened, but I don't think it would be too hard to spin a story that casts her as a victim. But if that's not her plan, then I have no earthly idea why she would go back to DC.
  11. I think the difference is that they see a vulnerability and they're pouncing in order to bring her down a few pegs. Bethany's been in a power position since she returned to the show and I think her fighting with Carole is viewed by the rest, whether consciously or not, as the "in." Everyone on the show has feuded with Bethany at various points and to greater and lesser extents. Carole hasn't really "feuded"- at least not in an intense, sustained way - with anyone who is currently on the show other than Luann (*cue someone pointing out a Carole feud I've forgotten), so now they can gang up on Bethany under the guise of rallying around Carole.
  12. On the one hand, it sucks to hear about your ex moving on without you. On the other, Tom had already moved on when he and Luanne were still together, so...
  13. Ohmygod Luanne! Enough about your niece and Adam! No. One. Cares. Also, I'd be careful wading into this "operator" conversation if I were you. People who married glass Toms shouldn't throw stones.
  14. S01.E04: Episode Four 2018.05.27

    I think she just assumes that Emma is a sellout whose motives aren't "pure." Of course Emma's motives are pure, in that she wants to save her family's bar from going under, but to Mari anything that changes things in the neighborhood, anything that brings in new people, is bad because her experience is that it always comes at the expense of the people who've been there all along. To Emma changing the bar to make it more profitable is a matter of personal livelihood; to Mari, her changing the bar and making it more profitable is another step towards pricing out the current residents as new, richer residents come in. On another note, I was impressed by this episode for the fact that it made Emma look realistically drunk at the end. Like, she was sweaty and kind of messy looking towards the end of the time in the bar, which I feel like you don't see all that much on TV. Actors play drunk all the time, but I can't remember the last time I saw one physically look so drunk.
  15. Lady MacBeth (2016)

    Yes, it was not at all afraid of making Katherine unlikable and, ultimately, quite evil. And good lord was that little boy ever adorable in his period attire.