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  1. S02.E04: Mother Schmucker's B&B

    This episode was awful painful to watch. I had the same questions. Pull the plug already TLC.
  2. S02.E11: Lifestyle

    The editing to this episode seemed so off to me. The showing of Dr. Pepper's visit seemed a bit too late because of this. Compared to what she asking the couples to do for their time together to bond. A&E should have left the show alone when they decided to broadcast FYI's original show on their channel this season. There was too much extra cutting to make it fit in their 60 minutes time slot.
  3. OR.... TP is not carrying about facts of birth. Look at how he wrote this whole season so far. It took him how long to show her pregnant and when he did we were told "I am now 7 &1/2 weeks." How do you go from no bump to a HUGE bump in 1 episode? lol I was wondering if the baby was really further along then what were were told. As in she miscounted on her FM calendar.
  4. S01.E07: It's Me Or Your Family!

    Do not be surprised if we see Christian's family back on Season 2 (if they do one.) with marrying Peter off. Josh needs to get off his A$$ and clean that ceiling fan himself! I loved when they showed his Grandma in an over sized t-shirt. lol V&R drive me batty. Though I love the interviews with their parents. I some times wonder if R had her lips done. Depending on the camera views, it looks like her lips were filled at one time and now it is going down. These two have NOT talked enough before marriage.
  5. That crying was terrible. lol Maybe TP should have this bunch take an acting class or three for the Summer. I too was surprised how low the amount of posts were. When you go to FB, there are people FIGHTING over the color of the baby's skin. The accident makes me melt. :)
  6. There will be a season 3 after what happened last night!!
  7. I liked these two episodes. What I miss from this show is the time stamps they used to put on the screen when a team would set out in the mornings and though out the day. It showed you how long of a time it took them or how much time the first group was ahead of the others. This was the first one hubby watched with me this season and he shouted "Man, she talks a lot. Sit down and shut up woman!" when Hayley was babbling on to Blair. lol
  8. That was a terrible episode! Where are the script writers? How many different ways did we have to hear the women say "No Brad."mixed with the 1970's bad porn music playing in the background and 8-10 secs gap of silence? I laughed at how fast those two women headed over to Alex's house after the 911 call. The editing is awful this season. I was wondering when Alex was going to start showing this season. I thought they had her showing a bit at the end of season 1 already? I had to fast forward during the a** Eddie driving then around in the car. They make him have too much hatred. They are making the actor look like an a**hle and not just the character he plays. I want to see Alex's baby! With this acting it will take her 5 years to give birth!!
  9. S01.E02: Moving Out

    I remember Jason saying that he had a crush on Jordanna, in the episode where they were dancing. Does anyone else remember this or had I heard it wrong.?
  10. S14.E04: Zach; Theresa

    Things do seemed rushed when they follow two different people in the hours time. Their pixelation was not that strong either. I was shocked.
  11. S07.E09: New Business

    And bought shampoo in her home. ;)
  12. All Episodes Talk: Double Vision

    MK wanted to be back in the limelight. The expressions on V's face were telling the viewers he did not! I think she uses that baby voice to control people. V can't wait for the youngest to reach an adult age he feels comfortable with, before spliting himself. I hope her name stays on that list forever!!
  13. Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    djm. @mommys42000 Most of what happens is not on their personal pages. Earlier today she was talking on TLC's 90 Day Fiance page.
  14. Social Media & Spoilery Speculation

    Our bride is having problems with her groom again. Check Twitter.