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  1. S02.E13: Bye

    I find that a very ignorant and exclusionary way to define homophobia since it leaves out the millions of homophobic women, like my own mother, who abuse and reject gay (or supposedly gay, i.e. emotional, sensitive, vulnerable... not hypermasculine) men for not conforming to the highly repressive, restrictive male gender role. I don't think you get to define our words for us in a way that ignores our experiences of discrimination. And actually, men who have been raped and/or sexually abused/molested do not have an easier time being believed, in court or otherwise. Straight boys are told that they always want sex and therefore can't possibly be raped by women, and gay boys (or rumored to be gay boys) raped by men are told that they always want sex or are blamed for their 'slutty behavior' or just called gay. At the very least, 1 in 6 boys have been sexually abused as children (probably the real rates are much higher) and rates of teen boys that feel forced to have sex when they don't want to in relationships are also incredibly high. So, I don't agree with the way male survivor/rape issues are being talked about in this thread. I also don't think that it's only men who have objected to seeing Tyler being raped, or that it was only men who also objected to seeing a graphic rape in the S1 finale of Outlander.
  2. S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    If that had been Claudia or Renee, it would have been a really powerful sendoff for either character, with Elizabeth killing them and not even stopping to look at their faces to see who it was. Whether she was taught how to assassinate or not, Tatiana definitely wasn't trained to face off against a directorate S agent, so she stood no chance. We better get something about Renee next week. That Elizabeth insisted on continuing to lie even after that scene with Claudia (when she should have been preparing to tell Paige that it's over) was ridiculous. I'm glad that Paige finally said F this, even though unbeknownst to her the issue was about to become moot. When she entered the room I thought that either Claudia or Pastor Tim had contacted her, but no, it was on her own which is better. This was an incredible episode. I'm really hoping we get an extended finale next week--at least 2 hours (though I'd settle for 3 or 4--enough to make up for the 3 episodes they sawed off of this season that could have been an epilogue--or maybe there will be a music video montage that shows us Martha and her daughter, and all the other characters moving on.)
  3. The Fosters in the Media

    That's so generic; there are at least a dozen shows on the air right now with 'good' in the title. Why not 'fostering change' or something that actually refers to the parent show? And I guess there's officially no third character, just M/C and a bunch of cameos. I hope that Stef/Lena spinoff happens.
  4. S02.E13: Bye

    Everything seemed to have gotten better for Tyler at the beginning of the season, when at least he had Alex's friendship, and it was disgusting to watch the group shut him out again, as if he was worse even then Bryce (who Zack in particular handled with kid gloves while he violently repelled Tyler.) And of course Tyler with being sent to a 'therapy' bootcamp and Justin spending one month in lockup (where of course he wouldn't have been able to magically kick his drug addiction) got worse punishment then Bryce did. That scene was graphic, but they showed Hannah and Jess being raped as well, so I don't see why it should be kept out of view. In one of the widely publicized cases where jocks raped a boy with a broomstick in a school locker-room a few years ago there was justice, so I hope Tyler's attackers will also be punished/exposed somehow? This fucking school still did nothing about implementing a real anti-bullying program or doing anything to protect Tyler when he returned; and naturally when he went through that extremely traumatic assault he wasn't going to suddenly be able to reach out after not doing so after any of the previous incidents. It was maddening how many physical assaults kept happening throughout this season and none of them ever reported. If Tyler is taken in and examined at a hospital, they could at least record the internal/external damage to show how badly he was physically and sexually assaulted; his injuries probably won't just heal on their own. I hope he won't an get an 'American Crime S2' sort of ending...I was wishing that Clay would at least fling the gun into the bushes before the police get there. Did that shot of Clay looking into the barrel of the gun imply it wasn't loaded? I really didn't like Hannah returning as a ghost or whatever, but it bothered me less when it was more clearly established as a figment of Clay's internal torture. Nina burning the entire box of pictures was really messed up, and obstructs getting justice for the other girls. This was a really compelling second season, I did love Alex's storyline, and Justin's half-happy ending (minus the heroin and the random J/J hookup) warmed my heart. Hannhah/Zack was a pretty obvious retcon, but it wasn't so bad. I'm in for S3
  5. Good Behavior in the Media

    http://deadline.com/2018/05/good-behavior-tnt-season-3-final-season-conclusion-renewed-canceled-1202392316/ Sadly it sounds pretty dubious, but 'maybe someday' we'll get a two hour special series finale.
  6. RPDR: In The Media

    Hurricane Bianca 2 is out today! Featuring Bianca, Shangela, Katya, and Darrienne Lake!
  7. S10.E09: Breastworld

    The main challenge dragged a lot, was basically a knockoff of the reality acting challenges from AS3. Why not do Melrose Place? Whoever writes these needs to be fired. Sarah Palin jokes are so tired and passe at this point. This was bad, and it made me kind of over Miz Cracker and seeing her struggle with her performance again; I also thought Miz Cracker's runway was generic and not so senior. I was ready for her to sashay. I groaned when Monet came out on the runway basically bald again after Ru tried to nudge her into the direction of wearing big hair, and her outfit was another leotard. It's getting old. I thought Eureka looked good in the challenge with that red wig and the lack of a body suit, but her runway wasn't special (and no, people did not wear glittery spandex body suits on downton abbey.) Kameron's perfomance in the acting challenge kind of reminded me of a lukewarm Katya, who does hysterics in a much more satisfying and OTT way and would have knocked this out of the park. I bought Aquaria's runway, which was sickening again and I think she was the best tonight. The lipsync was incredible this week, and worthy of no one going home, especially not Eureka who is being setup for the crown.
  8. S01.E01: Bad News

    Actually I thought they did a good job casting a child who looked so similar to Cumberbatch's Patrick. Having read only the first book of the series which this is based off of, I was surprised that they are only handling Patrick's childhood through at this point vague, suggestive flashbacks; since the book reveals it in graphic detail. I hope they are going to face the important issues head-on and not leave them up to interpretation by the audience.
  9. I had to stop watching in ep2 when Marjorie started ranting about her and Bill's sex life...too gross, too much information, too little distance from these creepy psychos and from what boils down to the most horrific episode of Hoarders ever.
  10. Showing that clip of Ru bitchslapping Tyra on the night before Dragcon which she's threatened to bomb was perfect. It was surprising to see just how much taller Ru is then most of the queens, even Monet. The rusical was a lot better then I was expecting it to be/than that horrible kardashian thang last year. Eureka did look amazing on the runway tonight, and she brought it in her performance despite the childhood trauma so good for her. Kameron earned her win by giving such a strong opening but if Monet had brought a better runway it would have been hers. vixens' outfit was another elementary school craft project--and she bragged about spending a whole 24 hours on it?? Good riddance; if I was Ru I would have told that bitch off when Eureka was talking and she kept mocking her. I didn't see any glitter in Asia's paper hair and I didn't get her makeup as Cher, let alone the performance. But the others did a good job. I thought that Aquaria was Miz Cracker until she came out to close the show.
  11. S06.E07: Harvest

    Yes, having parents with no friends (except Stan) or family relationships and who were always absent, always lying to you, sometimes turning on charm and other times cutting you down brutally would be very isolating. Not to mention when they told her the half-truth and started recruiting her, telling her who she couldn't date and that she had to spend years cultivating a priest as a source...yeah, it's easy to see why she has no friends her own age, she is being set up by Elizabeth to likely never have genuine relationships with anyone, to either be handled by or handle other people. Henry had a different personality, and was able to get lost in his interests in math, computers, and video games for long periods of time as a way to cope with the void left by his parent's absence. Unlike Paige, he wasn't curious about why they were gone or what they were doing, he just stopped caring and left as soon as he could. There's so much hate directed at the Jennings children on this forum, but I think they're great people with shit parents who used them as a cover and in the case of Elizabeth towards Paige, is verbally abusive, lying and manipulating her daughter into risking her life for something she doesn't understand.
  12. S01.E08: Trust Your Instincts

    The ending (with the shadowy heads of the evil organization cackling over their plans to destroy the world) was really hokey; more mystery and less ludicrous explanation would have benefited this show. Too many implausible and ridiculous turns were taken, like the cult that grows an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables but chooses to engage in cannibalism on the side 'because.' None of the characters apparently bothered to ask the scientists when the rain became clean? The young actors (Rasmus and Jean especially) are good looking, but there's really not much here.
  13. S10.E07: Snatch Game

    Personally, I think you can make fun of Lea Michelle's many exaggerated traits while doing her, regardless of whether she herself is funny.
  14. S10.E07: Snatch Game

    She says Lea Michelle, who she apparently does a lot.
  15. S10.E07: Snatch Game

    What a killjoy; Vixen was just jealous of Eureka's performance, who was funny and not doing anything 'unprofessional' like Jigggly in s4 snatch game. Also, having a big personality is what you're supposed to do on a reality show, so that isn't really unprofessional either. I really disliked Eureka last season and found her so obnoxious but she's actually growing on me, though I'm glad she wasn't handed another win tonight. Auaria's oil slick mermaid and her Melania were totally amazing, and it was refreshing that Monet wouldn't have even seen the Maya Angelou fail from all stars but still did it right. If it wasn't for Monique's on-stage attitude, Asia probably would have lipsynced and sent the Vixen home finally. She should have stuck with Whitney, their tag-teaming between mother and daughter was really atrocious. I kept hoping Ru would send them both packing after it became clear that Monique was blowing it, but I guess knowing the words and landing some elementary school gym class moves was an automatic win. I am glad the judges are clocking that the vizens drag is just cardboard glued to a swimsuit every single week, and it's nothing great.