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  1. Regarding the stones...
  2. Well, three rapists died this season; BJR, Geillis, and Lady Geneva; the world is better without them. Yet I do wish we got more Geillis, for instance if she showed up alive in S2 Paris like the writers had once planned (in which case she may not have been able to say she never met any time-travelers, if Master Raymond was one as well?) But in the end she was a delusional serial rapist/killer who unlike Claire fully embraced the slave trade and like BJR, gave in to her darker impulses with the taste of power. I was very piqued that Claire actually stopped to not only change clothes but also let her hair down on the way to Geillis' house. I really hope that the 'batsuit' is swiftly abandoned at the start of S4. I wondered, since Jaimie couldn't hear the bees/pass through the stones, what would happen if he just fell into the portal; would it function as a normal pool for him? Or Geillis' servant, for that matter? Her skeleton certainly laid in that cave for a long time without being disturbed. It was a satisfying twist that the stones in the jungle above could only be accessed via the pool in the cave. And seeing the Jamaican's perform a very similar ritual to the ancient celtic dance she saw reenacted in Inverness was very powerful. How many other stone circles are there in the world? I was surprised when Geillis' story ended at the halfway mark. I had also wondered if we'd get a scene showing us what Bree/Roger were up to in 1968, like how we saw Frank in the S1 mid-season finale. But instead we were waiting to see how Claire died in the first moments of the episode. I was not very convinced by all the green-screen ship action. That was a lovely moment at the end, when Jaime confidently gave out his real name; not using a pseudonym like he did all season, as well as for much of season 1. Lord John hasn't been in Jaimaica for more then a few months, but I hope he'll apply for a transfer if C/J are going to stay put in America. I'd also love to see him in his own spinoff series. On reflection, I think this season was really great; it had to cover so much ground, and become something completely different by it's end; naturally there was some awkwardness, but things certainly paid off in the end, and I'm excited to see these characters move forward next autumn. But no Jaime, do NOT grow a beard.
  3. Personally, I think Aaron Smith-Levin is still in denial about the cult and his comments apologizing for and defending Hubbard/scientology in the wake of the extremely disturbing and indefensible way that Hubbard wrote about the sexual abuse of children, and the way the cult engages in victim-blaming and other practices which yes, do condone sexual abuse, are really sickening. His comments about Danny Masterson took on the same tone, of defending the cult. The ex-scientologists who came out trying to defend and explain Hubbard's comments have serious issues. So, I don't agree with the claim that Tony was the one in the wrong there. Hubbard was a sick, victim-blaming piece of trash, and his teachings are deeply toxic to survivors.
  4. That is unfucking believable! And a 4-3 decision; four of the judges on that panel are actually sick enough to sign off on this. It seems hard to hold out hope that his case will fare any better at the U.S. supreme court. Poor Brendan.
  5. I just listened to podcast for 312 last night, and it was really informative. The one thing that put me over the moon was the fact that the writers strongly considered writing Geillis' return into season 2, since according to Diana, she and Dougal were in Paris at that time and Geilis was even having an affair with the Count Saint Germaine (which is fascinating! especially given the wider web of relationships that it creates--Claire kills both St. Germaine and Dougal by the end of the season, though not in cold blood like Geillis murders her husbands.) That would have been so amazing, even if just for one episode, and could have developed the character so much, her motivations and plans in the lead up to Culloden. It still could/would have been shocking to see her become Mistress Abernathy in season 3. I wish they managed to fit her in!!! Geillis always leaves me wanting more... It was also really interesting hearing the other details of how they went about adapting the the curse which is apparently very different from the book. They basically state that the curse is about Bree, and don't mention the possibility that Geillis or any other bee-hearing woman could get pregnant and go through the stones to carry it out; it doesn't have to be Claire. Anyway, this podcast was great but sadly, it will be Matt/Toni next week, not Ron or Maril or Terry.
  6. WOW! I had been spoiled with the bare fact that Geilis would return--but I kept imagining it happening in Scotland, and being this healing, reflective encounter...I see now that's impossible, because Geilis is more psychotic then ever. She's Elizabeth Bathory, and also likes 'young boys.' I don't know what's creepier, that opening scene or the way she spiraled into that bizzare dialogue when meeting Claire...there was certainly no intimacy there. I kept wanting Claire to make some mention of being there in 1968, of meeting the first husband she killed (it sounds like she murdered her third husband as well) and Bree and actually reference the time travel, and why Geilis didn't go back herself (maybe she thought she would be a murder suspect? If she heard someone calling her name before she went through the stones, she wouldn't imagine that it was a 'friend' who wouldn't tell the police that she was there at the place where her husband was burned alive...) There's still so much to be said, and holy fuck the preview for next week's episode was explosive; there's another Craig Na Dune circle right there in Jaimaca? Are there others all over the world then? That prophecy frightens me...we know Geilis would go back through the stones two hundred years into the future and commit infanticide if she thought it would work. And the prophecy didn't even mention Brexit! It's beyond disturbing that Geilis still wouldn't even admit to having Young Ian, even when she got what she wanted, the three sapphires joined together...I don't think that was goats blood she bathes in. I wonder if she really believes that Dougal died a hero on the battlefield? And if she really thinks she wouldn't have just killed him as well if he survived? It was also thrilling meeting Lord John again, though also very sad for him. His lover who fell at Culloden hasn't come back, but Claire has and not only that, he also has to see Jaime with the love of his life. Very awkward conversations between Lord John and Claire, she obviously feels the tension of his feelings for Jaime. But it seems obvious that Jaime and Claire should have gone to Lord John once Captain Leonard showed up; surely as the governor he outranks Captain Leanord and can stop it. This episode just brought everything from the season together in such a dramatic and satisfying way! That moment of reflection between Claire and Jaime when the music swelled up...just magic, and Fergus/Marseli and Mr. Willoughby and the fortune teller woman's scenes were also just perfect. Claire's visit to the slave market and her visceral reaction to the man being sexually violated on-stage was so powerful. I had my doubts at the end of the episode though; if he'll really safely make it up to the escaped slaves camp in the mountains; I hope so! The amount of payoff we got this episode was staggering; waiting a whole season or even longer in the case of Geillis. I hope we get a 2-hour finale next week to wrap all of this up.
  7. Thanks for alerting me to Maril's presence; after the letdown of 310 I was planning on skipping the rest unless Ron Moore came back for 313 (which I still hope he will, though at least we know Maril/Toni will be the podcasters for 312 as well.) But this was very interesting. I had thought that Claire stole the mirror to aide her in starting campfires in the jungle after her escape; deleting the reference opened it to many different interpretations, but I definitely understand how foolish Claire would look if she appeared to be hailing the ship that she had just escaped from. I hadn't realized that Jaime/Fergus/men of the time didn't wear wedding rings until they mentioned it. I was intrigued by the description of the 'greens department' that, instead of being tasked with preparing kale, is responsible for dressing up the sets with all sorts of live plants (I know they mentioned doing this before, when they transform the hill into the location for the stones.) I was wondering if they would reference the fact that the hawksbill sea turtle is currently a critically endangered species due to the many centuries of human predation/exploitation, but instead it was just geeking out over the apparently famous book scene.
  8. I'm hoping the finale will be 2+ hours!
  9. I noticed early on in the episode that there seemed to be a definite Ayana edit (even if it was just her making a huge deal about Brandon's five minute nap), so I was surprised she didn't win. Margarita's collection was horrible--boring silhouettes and gaudy prints, too little design, she was an obvious 4th place. Brandon's certainly won for cohesion, but the standout pieces were definitely the ones where he didn't use that print from head to toe; it was disappointing. Kentaro's first look coming down the runway was a knockout, and his whole collection had a quiet beauty to it, but I grew tired of all the plunging v-necks and bland hair/makeup. I wasn't a fan of Ayana's finale wedding dress--I found it prosaic, and wasn't a huge fan of the rest of her collection either. I'm really glad Kentaro won, even though it was completely unexpected.
  10. Yeah, Kelley is the only person I recognize/remember; this is def. hers to win. Since they ran out of all-stars I guess they're now modeling this after mtv's 'challenge' and bringing back the same dramatrolls again and again. I wish PR Junior was premiering in Jan. instead.
  11. Season 5 is just getting worse, with too much being made of Regina's return and James/Olivia missing for the entire first five episodes; half the season and there's no indication they'll come back for ep6 either! It's dull, boring, and preposterous, I can barely fast-forward through each miserable episode.
  12. Fur is gross, I'm glad it's not allowed on the show; but that fake fur that Margarita bought was also disgusting as hell, all mangy and matted! I gagged each time I saw it, and her look was basically an oversized bathrobe that when opened revealed this incredibly unflattering pelt of nasty animal hair. I think Tim should have used his save on either of the previous two eliminations (Michael or...I forget her name), not on Margarita, who will hopefully be sent home next episode after her collection turns out to suck. I was totally with Tim on convincing Ayana NOT to paint that jacket with the white, though when she splattered it it came out looking fine. But the clown jumpsuit underneath was terrible. I'm really only looking forward to Brandon and Kentaro's collections at this point.
  13. I finally was able to watch Heart Of Lightness on amazon. There are technical obstacles to enjoying the film at it's beginning, but Laura Donnelly in particular really shines when acting out the Gibsen play amidst the stunning Norwegian scenery. I think the 'film within the film' could have been really great, but the framing device just doesn't work.
  14. Maybe it's because I already read all the interviews and articles about this episode, but I found this to be another snoozefest with almost nothing I didn't already know revealed (though I am happy they didn't go with giving Fergus a hook, as that would be ridiculous.) I don't think Matt Roberts is engaging enough to lead these discussions, it just ends up in a really banal commentary of what's on the screen. They also just realeased this too late, I'm so ready to watch the new episode tonight and move on, not to rehash.
  15. I'm so glad Maril was there for this podcast, which was really great, very amusing and informative. I like how they pointed out that the episode of dark shadows was the one that originally aired on that date in 1968, and yet coincidentally had the paralell storyline (even though they couldn't remember the phrase 'dark shadows' and seemed to settle for calling it doctor who instead.) I liked how they talked about Joe being familiar with Claire's clairvoyance and thinking of it as her 'party trick,' that she likes to perform on occasion.