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  1. Roseanne Revival

    I wasn't expecting him to look that bad--either he's the addict or maybe he's just taking the downfall of his marriage really hard.
  2. S01.E01: Pilot

    Sadly, the showrunner has explicitly stated that his version of the character is really 100% straight and will remain so in spite of the backlash.
  3. S01.E01: Pilot

    Wow, I had no idea they steamrolled so much of the actual story only to replace it with...cliches from other tv shows. Not only did they straightwash the main character, they also borrowed the whole 'we need a straight/macho football player who's never sung before to replace the qualified/talented gay kid as our lead' from Glee, and it's pretty insulting. I didn't catch exactly how/why he wound up taking the job away from the former drama teacher, but the whole thing was completely ridiculous. Sad.
  4. S02.E08: Creator/Destroyer

    I really thought in the earlier episode that Andrew was lying to DM when he described how his parents gave him the master bedroom...that part was true, but he failed to mention that his father took advantage of this to sexually abuse him in the master bed, and that his father's wealth and career was a lie even before Andrew became a liar himself. That Andrew was the 'golden child' of a pathological narcissist makes perfect sense. Isolating a child with excessive praise and preferential treatment and thereby making them dependent also makes it a lot easier to sexually abuse them; it's not as if Andrew could/would go to his mother or siblings about that, especially since it could mean losing his special status, which he does anyway when he is discarded without a second thought by his disgusting father who no longer deems him valuable or interesting. These truths were obviously too painful for Andrew to face, and so instead he builds up successive worlds of lies, where he is estranged from his parents but their wealth and his status was always real and can't be changed. That scene in the car outside of the party was kind of refreshing in that for once the older men in Andrew's life weren't portrayed as innocent victims, but rather predatory creeps grooming and using a minor for sex. I'd say in real life, most of the time, it is the young men who are hurt, exploited and abused more in such relationships, given the obvious power differential. I also don't believe that anyone is born evil or a killer, and actually, it's a whole lot easier to pretend that the widespread abuse of children doesn't happen or have any effect on later outcomes but present it all as 'genetic' then to face the truth. In this era of extreme wealth inequality and extreme tax cuts for the already wealthy, it occurs to me that someone behind this show has a great amount of guillotine anxiety; is worrying that instead of worshiping their wealthy, powerful idols, young people might rise up and decide to kill them instead. So they continuously lash out at the very idea that Gianni (a 'good' practitioner of the american dream, who surely 'earned' every bit of his extreme wealth and power) would be killed by Andrew (a 'bad' practitioner of the american dream, right alongside immigrant farm workers, walmart employees, the homeless, single mothers, victims of human trafficking, who work just as hard as Gianna or harder but get nowhere.)
  5. I don't get it...how did Trixie supposedly 'need' this more then Shangela? Trixie has her own show, independently of Katya even since the latter is on a break and Trixie is still there. Personally, I didn't see any breakout moment where Trixie became versatile and started shining--that's really fiction, she was lackluster. So was Kennedy. I don't like her drag, I don't find her exciting, I don't enjoy her personality, and it isn't because she's black. Shangela winning would have been a story, a symbol, a real triumph, not Trixie basically winning the lottery. The three hall of fame winners look so similar when their portraits are lined up, it's ridiculous and each time it's been infuriating but this time it's just a joke. So I guess even if Bendela hadn't gone home, she might have been kept out of the top 2 for some fucked up combo of pity and???? Fuck all stars.
  6. Brallie

    It's not speculation, the EP said so in an interview: http://tvline.com/2018/03/13/the-fosters-recap-season-5b-finale-graduation-day-flash-forwards/
  7. Brallie

    I think Callie's just flustered because she hasn't dated anyone in 5 years and then finds out that one of her ex's is getting married--she doesn't still want a relationship with Brandon, it's just bringing up her own issues. That said, apparently there are still some people out there on the internet who ship these two as a couple.
  8. It is really too bad that AJ's actor wasn't even there for the graduation sequence, with Mike/Ana cheering him on--I hope he'll show up in the 3-part finale so we at least know what became of him. Anyway, the ending was sad--and so was Brandon's hair in the flash-forward (though not as sad as Jesus' beard.) Jude's solo scenes with his friends/boyfriend were poorly acted, as usual. I don't really get the last minute introduction of Brandon's Talia-esque fiance, but we'll see in June.
  9. The Fosters in the Media

    No, as the interview above states, Callie/Brandon will be a small part of the 3-ep finale, with conclusions about all the other characters/relationships having equal time, and a whole lot of stuff that they didn't put in that trailer. It doesn't sound or look 'nauseating' to me.
  10. A fansub (short for fan-subtitled) is a version of a foreign film or foreign television program which has been translated by fans (as opposed to an officially licensed translation done by professionals) and subtitled into a language other than that of the original.
  11. I'm watching the fansub and I really like it. It's such fun and the cultural differences are making all the challenges so fresh and original. It's also wonderfully refreshing to me how far outside of the shackles of American masculinity it is.
  12. I think it was classy of Bebe not to reveal her lipsticks-- her choices are easy to predict (eliminate Kennedy, bring back Aja--probably leading to her and Aja being bottom 2 this episode, considering how Aja bombed the bitchelor) and it's just pointless drama anyway to bring them out after the fact. Shangela is becoming the Wendy Pepper of this season with her stupid insistence that everyone else is just using 'strategy' like she is. And wtf is "the house" that she kept referring to? Please no more G.O.T. It was obvious who the top 2 would be, but we also know that if Bendela was here she would have knocked this challenge out of the park too, sigh. I wish there was more time given to the runway and taping and less (at least 150% less) to pelosi. This was definitely not a memorable episode, most of it was just retread. I'm definitely in favor of Shangela winning, she's shown the most growth and has been higher ranking then the other remaining girls and her win is also the best overall story/comeback from her original run. Trixie's reluctance to even wear a brunette wig shows just how much she's been dedicated to only showing her character this season and she's been mostly underwhelming, so I don't see it. Bebe is fabulous, and she obviously didn't need to grow since she won, but she is showing the same material that got her the crown in the first place, and I don't think that should earn her a second right now. So, I hope it's Shangela, but I would really loe it if at the last minute Ru called Bendela in from the back-stage and inducted both Shangela and Bendela into her hall of fame, as a one-time deal.
  13. S02.E07: Ascent

    I was piqued earlier in the season when David/Andrew got into the shower together with their clothes on (thinking that the show was really going to be that prude)--but that moment paid off last night when I realized it was meant to be a stark parallel to the nude sex scene in the shower they had on their first date. The murder of Lincoln was very shocking--and it made me wonder how much of an impact witnessing that scene of horrific violence may have had on Andrew and his later actions. I admit that the Donatella scenes dragged a bit for me here--maybe if they took up just a little less screen time and tied more clearly into the scenes we were seeing of Andrew it would have been more effective, but it seems late in the season to highlight Donatella to this degree. I suppose that look is what inspired the drag queen to impersonate her on the night of the murder.
  14. I wish this show had stuck with 13 episodes like the first season; the show would be much tighter as opposed to branching off into filler. veronica's stupid and obnoxious, condescending remarks about masculinity and testosterone every episode are getting really old. I resent that Chik is being continuously presented as an outsider, a villain, instead of taking a realistic, sympathetic approach to the kind of struggles that an abused former foster kid/orphan who came of age into homelessness and being trafficked sexually would face. It's cheap and just outlines the privileged of the rest of the cast as they look down on him but think they're so progressive because they have a lot of one-liners about "toxic masculinity" and other subjects they don't actually know anything about. So, I think I'll just pretend this was the season finale.
  15. S05.E17: Makeover

    So now we're supposed to buy that Mariana is so brilliant that, while all the other applicants spent months working on their designs, she can lazily come in at the last minute with a plagiarized design and win the scholarship anyway? That's bullshit, the other kids would blow her out of the water. And in a few months we're supposed to take her immature, lazy, stealing ass seriously in her career as a woman in tech? More likely she'd be working at best buy. Seriously, fuck this spinoff. Brandon is headed to LA, so does that mean that he really is the third character? Are the negotiations really taking this long? I did appreciate that we finally got a life update on Wyatt, but I'm not sure he'd be able to sae enough money for that studio apartment--more likely he'd be in a tiny room in a house crammed with a dozen college students. But I'm glad he's not homeless anymore. I'd rather he and Callie connected as friends then to see him wasting his time on Mariana.