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  1. S02.E04: War of the Wagners

    Emily Kapnek did a similar thing with Suburgatory where she had a couple with a lot of chemistry get together and then she, I dunno, decided that that was not what she wanted and had them break up in a terrible way and then the show was canceled. This show is heading the same direction. I really, really don't get it. She's keeping them apart to make the show last longer and it isn't going to work. So if you're going to get canceled anyways, don't ruin the characters doing it!
  2. S01.E07 They Call Me DOCTOR Biscuits!

    I'm glad this show is doing pretty well in the ratings, since it's really a whole lot of fun. I could even see it getting the 9pm Wednesday time slot next season.
  3. S01E06: Off Radar

    I'm really not a fan of when shows do the whole "tell just enough information so that the other person can misconstrue what you're saying and then don't fix your problem." "We're hearing voices" and then nothing. No one would ever do that. When she looked all incredulous, no one wouldn't add something like, "Hey, remember when my sister found those two missing girls out of nowhere? A voice told her where to find them. This is pretty clearly real" or whatever. That's not how people actually talk to each other! You can do the whole misconstrued stuff, but you have to actually work at it to make it actually sound like something real people would say. This is not that.
  4. S02.S03: We Need to Talk About Karen

    What even IS this show? I get it, they feel a need to keep them apart until they can get them back together in the future, but they have woefully miscalculated how messed up they have made Martin. Why would we ever root for them to get back together at this point? Why would we root for Martin period at this point?
  5. S01.E04: Boundaries

    Helen's scenes were great, so I could totally see them having an effect on you if you were in a vulnerable mood.
  6. S01.E01: Pilot

    Pretty good debut, but wow, Nathan Fillion looks all of his 47 years. He looks GOOD, but I really don't get the idea of trying to sell him as a 40 year old.
  7. S01.E03: Heavenly Taco Truck

    The one last week was called "Beautiful Boy," so I guess she wrote about the mom connecting with her autistic son through music. I could see that being a nice hook.
  8. S01.E04: Boundaries

    It felt so great to see Reynolds FINALLY trust Nottingham. That was huge for Nottingham. You know, the guy we just met briefly last episode. Seriously, this was a good episode, but it was just funny to see them toss in some of these new characters and expect us to care about them right away. I liked their angle on Doctor Helen in this week's episode. This is the real drama of Doctor Helen. She became a celebrity doctor, in part, to keep from dealing with all the sadness that comes from being the person directly dealing with these cancer patients. Now that she's back, she's having a hard time dealing with it. Good stuff. Better than, "You are on TV, we don't want you to be our doctor because of that even though we knew that before coming to you"/"I must not be a good doctor, these morons didn't like me!" from the last episode.
  9. S02.E01: Sign Language

    This is such an odd little show. I like it a lot, but I just don't get it. Lena and Martin have such amazing chemistry, but they obviously can't get them back together or else the whole point of the show is ruined.
  10. S01.E03: Every Last Minute

    He definitely has star power.
  11. S01.E02: The Good Samaritan

    "So you've been friended by someone calling themselves God and they send you on missions to help people? That doesn't sound like a good podcast at all! Let's concentrate on you talking about how God doesn't exist." How dumb is that producer dude? Miles just dropped viral gold into his lap and he wants him to ignore it. So dumb.
  12. S01.E03: Every Last Minute

    They really didn't set up the Doctor Helen plot well. I get that she's in a very specific low point, psychologically, but I still can't imagine anyone being down on themselves after a display like those two ladies did in that appointment. "Where did you go to medical school?" If that actually mattered to you, you would have known it already from looking up the doctor online. The lady is a celebrity doctor. You don't go to a celebrity doctor if you don't want a celebrity doctor. When some moron comes to you because they see you on TV and then says that they don't want you to be their doctor because you're on TV, then you simply cannot take that to heart if you're the doctor. You just can't. And I don't think that any doctor really WOULD. So I didn't buy that aspect of the Doctor Helen plot. It would have been a lot better to do more of the plot that they had the previous episode, just play up the fact that she probably HAS been slacking off on the care of the patients who are currently nominally being treated by her (but more likely are being treated by her associates under her supervision). Derive the guilt from THAT scenario. It's a lot more realistic and it is just as compelling (it gets you to the same point where she is doubting herself). Maybe have a patient say that they'd rather go back to being treated by her associate who has been with them the entire time.
  13. S01.E03: Every Last Minute

    I legit don't get the ending. Nothing has changed, right? He's not going to be able to spend the time with his wife that she needs, so....huh? Why was it being sold as a happy ending? And why in the world would the wife believe him? That scene confused the heck out of me.
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    How soon do you think Bayleigh will get pregnant again? I gotta put the over/under at 10 months and I would take the under.
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I think Robot Sam and her producer friend would be a great TAR team.