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  1. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Speaking of Tyler's ability to lie well, how dumb was Brett making fun of how obvious Tyler is when he lies while telling the story of how tyler fooled him during double eviction? If he's such an obvious liar, why didn't you get that he was lying?!?
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    That would make a whole lot more sense if that is the case.
  3. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    She can still pull off the win, but I'm impressed that she's even going to make it CLOSE, ya know? BB History would typically suggest that Tyler would win in a cakewalk, but she's giving him everything she's got.
  4. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    While I think Angela will still vote for Tyler, I think it's reasonable enough to be a bit put off by the guy you professed your love to revealing that he is SUPER GOOD liar. That's got to be a bit disturbing to learn out of nowhere.
  5. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    It's fascinating that she thinks he threw it. I don't think he did, but wow, what a weird reaction to it if she thinks he did. "Oh man, he threw it so he wouldn't have to choose between me and Kaycee? Well, screw him, then, I'll let Kaycee not pick me!" I mean, huh?
  6. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Sadly, Boogie is far from the worst that this show has given us. But yes, Boogie sucks. BB7 is such a gross season.
  7. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    In all honesty, I don't remember the end game too well, either, as I was so sure that piece of shit Paul was going to win that I think I checked out a bit. I did watch a YouTube video somewhat recently though about how Paul lost his seasons and they showed the roundtable.
  8. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I'm sure she'll realize after the fact that it makes no sense for Tyler to tell her. Does she really think that that would have gone over had he done it?
  9. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    You would think so, but it's unlikely that it actually would. Heck, Aaryn is still claiming she got a misleading edit, ya know?
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Well, if she takes JC, then yes, she probably wins. I don't think that that will happen, but yes, if she does, she will win.
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I agree that it didn't make me go into the finale thinking that Josh was going to win, I'm saying that there was so much anti-Paul sentiment that I knew that Josh had a chance. The jury segment was correct in that it showed that they were split, but leaning Paul. Then Paul lost the victory when he wouldn't own up to anything and that led to Jason and Alex turning on him. So the jury segment was accurate (they all hated Paul, but were still leaning towards him).
  12. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    By the way, I've seen a few comments about how the jury segments are always edited/misleading, but I dunno, I haven't gotten that impression myself - last year the jury segment sure made it seem like Paul might have some trouble from Josh, right? BB17 made it clear that Steve was going to win if he was up against Liz (and that Vanessa would win otherwise), BB16 made it clear that Derrick was going to win and BB15 made it clear that Andy was going to win. BB18 was the only one I don't think really foretold the ultimate result.
  13. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I also think he can tolerate a loss to Kaycee a lot more than he would a loss to JC. That said, Tyler's been a bit shady the last day or so, he might surprise us and take JC if he wins the final HoH.
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I don't even know what Kaycee's plan at F2 will be, as essentially everything she will say will effectively back up what Tyler has to say, right? She seems to be relying on "I won a lot of comps and I let Tyler plan all of your evictions." Which is not a terrible strategy, I'm just wondering how she will frame it.
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Paul's problem was that he was an asshole that wouldn't own anything that he did. Jason and Alex were still going to vote for him despite him blindsiding them, but then he wouldn't admit to anything that he had done. Tyler has avoided all of that. Brett was already in the traditional, "It was probably the smart move" phase of his jury stay during the talk on Thursday's episode. He should be one of Tyler's most solid votes.