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  1. S06.E04: Big Girl, Little Bus

    Dot, you could not have chosen a more appropriate verb.
  2. I think it is are a reference to the boys from Covington, Kentucky facing off the Native American Army vet who was doing a traditional drumming.
  3. The Titan Games

    I haven't gone back to watch but from what I saw it was only a competition of strength with a lot of grimacing and grunting while ANW requires a variety of skill sets. (There certainly isn't an grunting on the Silk Slider. )
  4. Regarding her using the same spoon to sample hummous as to transfer it to the serving bowl, I would wager that Babs has pointed out to her that it wasn't "proper manners" and therefore Twit , who I think has a personality disorder took great glee in doing it and sees no reason to change. Babs: "Oh, Whitney" Twit: "Mom, were all family, we kiss on the lips there's nothing wrong with it." Babs: Silently shakes her head. I love my morning cup of coffee. Black. When I travel or camp I always have a way of brewing a cup. I also love milkshakes (especially Pineapple Blizzards from DQ) so I would think that the coffee drinks with added sweet syrup would pale in comparison to the real thing which I have once or twice a year. It fills me up, I feel uncomfortably full, experience the sugar rush and the crash afterwards and think, "why did I do that"? As a matter of fact so many common American foods are made to taste like dessert. Coffee drinks, yogurt with fruit and other things like granola, and cereal come to mind. Consider all the foods that have sugar in them that have conditioned our palate to crave more. (End of rant.)
  5. Season 8 Discussion

    At the beginning of the mourning the miscarriage scene Zach's wording sounded so much like Gil - and then I saw the Bible. Did Lawson actually bread the fried chicken and deep fry it, or, did he pan fry pre-prepared chicken. I give high marks to both Zach and Erin for their entrys. It shows that they are getting a wider world view.
  6. S06.E03: Old Habits Die Hard

    I don't blame you for being confused since at one point it was Todd who applied the cream to her nether regions and tied her shoes while it was Tal who posed naked on the balcony of the cruise ship. In this particular instance the junk belongs to Todd.
  7. S05:E01 The Final Countdown

    I blame the Kartrashians. Aren't they the ones who brought "vajazzled" into the common lexicon?
  8. I thought she was doing one of her famous "pirouettes".
  9. Totally agree. It must really bother Twit when her fans continue to say how beautiful her mother once was. For a narcissist it must be hell. Especially since most of the comments about Twit's attractiveness are from manipulated photos.
  10. The Titan Games

    I love ANW so I gave this a try. Couldn't make it through the first hour. NOPE. I'm out.
  11. When she was really flogging the program before it started she mentioned on Instagram that it would be fantastic to get 10K subscribers. Fantastic is the word for it, a real fantasy. Did anyone notice that when she asked how many of the Twitnits had done their workout that day only 42 responded in a way that indicated that they had paid their $20 for the month?
  12. Yes, yes, you are! Thanks for the synopsis.
  13. Of course a slovenly, obese, obnoxious stranger is just the exact thing to entice a man to date her friend.
  14. Admittedly, I haven't seen this episode yet. But from the context of some of your comments it seems as if Heather is taking dating advice from one of the most inept people on the planet.
  15. Except when it is a Photoshopped glam shot - which is so different from actual reality. Once again, I wonder how her followers can't see that most of her posted pictures are faked.