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  1. Dot, you have a stronger stomach than I to choose to watch Steven Assanti. With that said, I have always thought it would be money well spent to contribute to a GoFundMe for you to book on to the next cruise with the Twit. I can't think of a better person to infiltrate and report back on the Foolishness at Sea.
  2. Am I seeing things? Just now on an episode of Dateline about Dirty John an expert was interviewed and he looked a whole lot like none other than Sean. I had only been half listening and I think that John took women as hostages and that the expert was introduced as a former FBI agent.
  3. Small Talk: About Big People

    Years ago I joined a vegan dinearound group in my area. I liked the idea of finding vegan restaurants as well as experiencing new food combinations. I enjoyed it at first but was turned off by the PETA marches and demonstrations that they expected me to attend as part of the group. Sometimes the conversation was neutral but more often than not it was political. I think of them as the Militant Vegans. Is that an oxymoron?
  4. Somewhere in her SM she referred to moving to Korea with her former fiancé. I wonder if was the same situation as with Buddy, Avi and Roy in which she conflates a casual relationship as being more serious than it actually was?
  5. S05.E08: What Da Fuskie?

    After saying that the first season was the best I have been rewatching some episodes myself. It's very interesting with the advantage of hindsight. Who knew that when TRav met "senate Barbie" at Patricia's party that they would have two children together? Their conversation did not seem scripted at all to me and showed an immediate attraction/flirtation. I noticed that early on Shep seemed to actually date women before sleeping with them. Recent episodes indicate that his hookups are one night stands - and drunken ones at that.
  6. S05.E08: What Da Fuskie?

    I recommend the entire first season. It was more organic and seemed less contrived and producer driven.
  7. S05.E08: What Da Fuskie?

    So true! I have shopped in Goodwill/SA/thrift stores in Aspen, Nantucket and a few other similar towns. When I go to the transfer station in my parent's wealthy Connecticut town it is rare that I don't return with an amazing find (bicycle, 18 V power tools with chargers and good batteries, string trimmer, porch furniture, Razer scooter). I regretted not being able to transport an almost new elliptical last year.
  8. S05.E08: What Da Fuskie?

    Just wanted to chime in that Ashley looks far more comfortable and adept in the old photo than she did in Hilton Head. She is even holding the reins in a more skilled manner in the old photo.
  9. She thinks that everything she does is just so cuuuuuute. Her minions aren't the ones to speak truth so she needs us to provide a reality check. Did anyone make a screen grab of the face she made when spewing word salad while shilling for the cruise? One thing that cracks me up is that she tells her acolytes to "sign up" never mind that it is big bucks to actually book the cruise which, incidentally, will pay for her as well as assorted barnacles..
  10. S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    PrincessPurrsALot I just want to say that although I mostly lurk I really enjoy your moderating. You are really the best!
  11. Yeah, maybe she was counting on captivating him with her personality that is...after the original shock wore off. That being said, when my bf was still dating he arranged to meet a woman he had met online for lunch and it was the same story. She was about 100 lb heavier than the picture she had posted and he did not recognize her until she approached him. He had snowmobiled about 50 miles to go see her and had extra gear with him in case she wanted to go for a ride. Needless to actually have to say it didn't work out very well.
  12. And now I can not unsee how the photoshopped head is in high definition while the rest is out of focus. The color of her face and the rest of her body are not the same either. The number of times she posts heavily photoshopped pictures and represents them as real gives me a glimpse of her relationship with reality.
  13. I think a good comparison picture to post next to the extreme Photoshop glam shot would be the one from the gym when she is using the bar bells.
  14. Yeah, I wish someone would post something like "so this is what beautiful inside and out looks like"?