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  1. I agree with your assessment. Furthermore, Whitney wasn't as pretty as her mother at the same age so if she couldn't be more attractive than Babs she could distinguish herself in another way. Not saying she set out to become morbidly obese but that there was no reason to stay fit.
  2. Just last night when we had zucchini pesto my bf again mentioned that when I cook he doesn't miss the meat. Because eating refined carbohydrates as well as sugar results in eating more empty calories and since some obese people are starving to death because they lack the micro and macro nutrients I suggest you find a recipe that is healthy, good tasting and satiating and invite them over to "try out the new recipe you just found". That might lead to regular recipe swaps. I also concur that the mother knows they are overweight, they know they are overweight and that knowledge doesn't result in any positive change in diet/exercise. I just think that introducing other ways of eating without talking about it might result in an eventual behavioral change.
  3. This is too funny. No one wants to take on this hazardous mission. I know I couldn't stand being around her for that much time but then, Ketzel and Dot are made of sterner stuff..
  4. I nominate Dot. If someone sets up a Go Fund Me account I will certainly contribute. The only problem is that we would have to come up with the single supplement which is probably double the fare (which is inflated as it is). Although I think the travel agency sometimes pairs people up I wouldn't want to inflict a Nitwhit on our dear fellow snarker.
  5. S10.E09: Miami City Finals

    I think Booty is from Possum Hollow, KY. I haven't read his back story but I guessed that he might have been very successful when younger, earned a lot of money and bought a lot of land in Kentucky to get away from the rat race to live his dream life. OTOH it might be Possum Kingdom since there is one of them too.
  6. Showboating: The Scourge of ANW?

    I just got around to watching the latest ANJ and I need to make a correction: He is the Real Life Ninja not the Real Live Ninja. (Although I did enjoy thinking of Pinocchio until I got corrected.) I've rewatched some early seasons and his appearance has really changed from the days at the car lot and early Ninja competitions with feathered hair and an earring that matched his shirt. His body awareness in the most recent city finals was impressive. I really enjoy seeing how he plans and executes each obstacle without any extra moves.
  7. Calling the esteemed social media maestra Has there been a sighting on sm of Donna the best friend care giver since the Hawaii trip?
  8. I'm sure he is and I hope you continue. Especially if he enjoys it. What I have a problem with is any self-referential adjective that is not humble bragging, but an indication how others should find you e.g. adorable, perky, zany...
  9. Showboating: The Scourge of ANW?

    Has anyone figured out why Drew Drechsel is the "real live ninja"? What makes him realer than any of the others? The sweat band? I really like him, I like the way he attacks the course and is cool about it - until he hits the buzzer. When he is exuberant at finishing that is fine with me. As it is when anyone expresses their happiness at that point.
  10. I so agree about the facial expressions. She seems to be putting more effort into them than the "dancing". And seeing her move to music in her "studio" complete with garage door and wood floor makes me wonder if she ever will actually need a floor that is springy. Have we ever seen two of her feet leave the floor at the same time - I mean while "dancing".
  11. Showboating: The Scourge of ANW?

    I'm becoming weary of the Ninja's playing to the crowd between obstacles. It wasn't done very often a few season's ago and now some of them seem to be pausing after each obstacle that they do successfully. And please outlaw the heart sign. It might be my imagination but didn't one of them raise their arms to make the heart only to have the camera operator crop it out recently?
  12. I think it is a wig. Look at the styled yet unnaturally thick part. From the looks of the rest of her there weren't any of the glam squad around. I do happen to notice hairpieces. Dan Abrams once sported an especially bad plastic one that reflected studio lights in a weird way. He may have implants now but if you look at his father's head you will see that they both have the same issue. Patricia Altshul was wearing her wig a little too much toward the back of her head during a recent episode. I would bet real money that three of the male leads on Big Bang Theory have toupees. Roger Stone...balding in his 20s and now a very thick rug. Back to Twit. I very much doubt that she could go from sparse to luxurious with her nutritionally deficient diet.
  13. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    I seem to recall that she addressed it and it seemed like a reasonable explanation since I had been thinking she had been intimate with TRav and maybe his old man swimmer had caused the birth defect. Then I learned that she was in a long term relationship and had not slept with TRav. Something to the effect that she fell asleep at Thomas's house but didn't sleep in his bed or have sex with him. Sorry I can't be more specific. Does anyone else remember? When I find it I will give the details. Found the reference: http://forums.previously.tv/topic/28809-meet-a-cast-member-jennifer-snowden-qa/ July 12, 2015 Jennifer explains that her boyfriend had rented a Ravenal property at one point. TRav had bragged that Jennifer had slept in his bed on many occasions which was true, he neglected to say that he wasn't in the bed at the same time.
  14. Even Planet Fitness or a place like the Y? Heck, they could join the Y ostensibly to take swimming lessons. Showering is mandatory before getting in the water. Two birds, one stone.
  15. All great ideas iwasish. What motivated me to get one was an infomercial. You know the one, for a second shipping and handling fee you get a second cook top as well as some pots and pans. I did the calculations and it was no bargain. Got my first on Amazon and my second at Bed Bath and Beyond with a coupon. Several of us have suggested solutions to their issues with the kitchen and it has occurred to me that David and Annie are not very good at problem solving. We know that Tobo waits for Chris to bail him out and by the same token Annie expects David to take care of her. She said as much a few episodes ago. I'm not sure I remember the exact quote but it was along the lines of "You have to take care of me".