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  1. Both Pat and, to a lesser extent Whitney, were quoted in Sunday's New York Times regarding the recent passing of her decorator, Mario Buatta. She recalled a black tie reception that she and the decorator attended at Buckingham Palace where he let loose a motorized cockroach to the amusement of Camilla. "He was a frustrated performer at heart", Mrs. Altshul said, "My son Whitney called him 'The Dame Edna of Decorators'". His style was known as American English country and his favorite color was blue. And one has to only look at Pat's house to see his influence.
  2. She's honing her Photoshop skills. Parts of the outline of her body are more blurry than others. The edge of her thigh area looks much sharper (almost as if she had used a Photoshop tool to select and excise. Also, I am not sure but I think there is a telltale artifact of her photoliposuction on her right side about 4 inches from the top of her scarf.
  3. LookABird, I'm glad you mentioned that. I also thought she was begging for attention from the camera as well as the crewmembers behind her but I couldn't stand to watch the clip again. What I find sad is what appears to be Bab's decline. Not so much for her but for Glenn. I'm not a real fan of either of them but I am empathetic with seeing a parent or partner's steady decline. You just know that Whitney will need even more emotional support when something happens to either one of them rather than providing that support.
  4. There were also some comments about how much weight she has lost/how great she looks. The fact that it is a ten year old photo went right over some of their heads. Has she forgotten that she shared a photo on sm of herself in Korea and mentioned that it was taken when she lived there with her fiancé?
  5. Really trolling for compliments on her eyes isn't she? If I were one to post on Instagram I would mention that her eye color depends on whether she is wearing colored contact lenses. You can not convince me that she hadn't worn cobalt blue lenses in some of her early talking heads. I've mentioned this before. It was striking that her eyes matched her shirt - BUT only in her talking heads (and perhaps the end of season wrap up.)
  6. They shared an apartment in Korea...in the future I anticipate she will say she lived with Buddy and he helped her get out of the bathtub. And, she lived with a man who claimed he was her domestic partner but she then discovered that he was gay. All true, just that the truth is a little shaded to fit her narrative.
  7. Thank you Ketzel.
  8. Having seen her with Roy, Buddy, and the other males on the show I always thought she may have believed the engagement to be more than it actually was in reality. Did he ever give her a ring? If she provided any can you give any more details about the "proposal" and length of engagement? Knowing her, it is possible that he called off the engagement and she followed him to Korea anyway.
  9. tdanaher, I appreciate your analysis of the digital fakery. I was hoping you would comment.
  10. That's about the worst photoshopping I've seen in a while. Those faked abs are something to behold and it looks like something is weird at the intersection of her left arm and the right side of the bearded guy's face. I see what she's done but I am having a hard time imagining what it looked like before she touched it up. Where was her hair stylist when she went on stage? Her hair has blond extensions when she is with her crew. Dot may be right that she changed heads when she did her photoliposuction and drew on the abs.
  11. So who paid for the transportation, lodging and meals for the entourage? I wonder if the airline comped the double big seat she used to advertise that anyone can fly.
  12. I wonder if it was a similar situation to the Folk Festival performance. She didn't get paid but was allowed to use the stage for filming her show. Since she had been mentioning her dance class in NYC on social media it seems as if it was just to get a group together. It does seem a little hinky that she was only mentioned on the event's fb page and not the main program. She IS a pro at this sort of thing e.g. TedX Talk vs. Ted Talk and the fakey award and performance at the National Museum of Dance. Eta: Thanks for the correction Ketzel, I guess she isn't as big a fraud as I suspected...oh, wait a minute...
  13. Was this supposed to be the dance class that she had advertised? [sarcastifont] Good to know that she and Todd have been brushing up on their choreography for their exhibition.[/sarcastifont] It is sad to see a performer enjoy their performance more than the audience.
  14. Did the first few seconds of the video of Twit "dancing" remind anyone of a term commonly used for earthquakes? That would be liquefaction. Just looked at some comments and need to edit one from "little jelly" to something akin to "huge jelly". And, of course she has to show off her "abs" during this display of narcissism.
  15. Across the aisle sitting next to Todd.