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  1. General True Crime Shows

    Tomorrow, you can look at this one. https://unsolved.com haha
  2. General True Crime Shows

    Harvey McCloud was the cabbie. Here you go. http://unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com/wiki/Harvey_McCloud
  3. General True Crime Shows

    There's an old Unsolved Mysteries about a cabbie who was fitted with a bomb and forced to rob a bank. Weird that it happened again.
  4. General True Crime Shows

    Young women really get to me, because they usually die at the hands of a man who claims to love them. My friend who died during a BDSM "scene" was like that. She was a lonely girl who was treated horribly because she was very overweight. She was desperate for love. She met this creep who claimed to love her even though he was married. He convinced her to let him abuse her during sex. One night, he tied her up, put a plastic bag over her head and watched her die. She was 27. He was only convicted of second degree murder. My other two female friends who were murdered went unsolved, but I know who killed one of them. She supported her cocaine habit via prostitution. She traded this dealer sex for drugs. One night, he used her to set someone up to be robbed. He didn't tell her his plans, but asked her to call a friend who often had money to see if he wanted drugs. When this other guy agreed to come over, this john/dealer tied her up and threw her in a closet. He and his friends then beat and robbed the guy. I wasn't hanging out with her, because I didn't want to be around her lifestyle, but she would call and talk to me on occasion. After the robbery, she was terrified. She was moving out of her apartment to hide from them. She asked me to bring her a telephone cord so she could call for help if needed. When I took her the cord, she told me that she had agreed to let these guys come over that night to try to work it out. I left. The next day, I was watching the 2000 Summer Olympics. A news break came on. Her body was being wheeled out of her apartment in a body bag. Her brother was screaming and crying in the parking lot. She had been shot sometime after I left the previous night. Her body was left for her sons, ages 5 and 14, to find. I never heard from the police. Her brother knew who her associates were, and her family knew why she was running. If they weren't going to tell the cops, I sure wasn't going to risk my family to do so. These guys had already shot a woman--a woman whom one of them regularly had sex with--while her children were sleeping in the next room. I don't think they were ever arrested. At least, I never saw it reported in the news. I hope street justice found them if the cops didn't.
  5. General True Crime Shows

    I have had several friends murdered, primarily because of their involvement in drugs and/or prostitution. One murdered due to involvement in BDSM practices. A couple of people shot to death by the cops. Various family members missing over the years.
  6. General True Crime Shows

    They're having a press conference tomorrow, I believe. So, it definitely wasn't in time for ID to do anything about an afterword.
  7. General True Crime Shows

    This is likely the case. Arrest just made this Sunday. Eight-year-old April Tinsley. Abducted, raped and murdered in 1988.
  8. Tattoo Photos

    Someone should send this to Cleen.
  9. Roger Collins: Father of the Year

    I like the pre-Barnabas episodes. I liked the conflict between Liz, Roger and Burke. I liked Matthew. It was much more gothic, less supernatural and monster movie. That was compelling to me, because I liked gothic novels at one time.
  10. Barnabas: Don't Forget The Fangs

    Lots of excuses for the shitty behavior of men. Like I said, I don't buy it. Shitty men are shitty men, no matter what excuses their society gives them. There is a reason that women started to fight back against this kind of behavior. It was always wrong. If they just threw their hands up and made excuses, nothing would ever change.
  11. In Memoriam: All Seasons Talk

    I didn't watch the show when it was on Showtime, because I couldn't afford the premium channels. However, I just got rid of cable and went to antenna and streaming. I have been watching a lot of stuff on Hulu, and ran across this show. All 29 episodes are on Hulu. I think I just started the second season. Sorry about your mom.
  12. All Episodes Talk: That's Freaky!

    Just ran across this show this weekend. Watched all 20 episodes. Didn't hate it, but didn't love it, either. Plot holes are silly (Cars are airtight, I guess.) and it's standard zombie movie. Breakfast Club Meets 28 Days Later wasn't what I was looking for. Still, it kept my interest for 10 hours, and I want to know how the story ends. I am happy that they aren't afraid to kill off major characters. Being female and/or a person of color means you're marked for death, though. Of the original kids plus Coach, Zoe is the only girl still alive and all the black males have been taken out.
  13. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    You would be surprised. I think Ink Master, like most shows, uses social media (especially Twitter) as a way to gauge fan interests and reactions. The support for just that show down is high on social media. I am one of the few dissenters when I discuss it outside this forum. There are definitely contestants who hate that kind of thing. We know Heather Sinn did. Anthony told me on Facebook Live that he and many of the tattooists hate it. But there appears to be a large, vocal segment of the viewers who love it. It's one reason I am glad that I follow the show and some contestants on Twitter. You get a better understanding of why the show does this. It actually is appealing to many viewers for unknown reasons.
  14. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    I didn't hate any of the head tattoos, but I preferred Anthony's. Of the live tattoos, DJ's was by far the best. So, all things considered, I didn't hate that decision...except that I hate DJ. As for Josh, I couldn't argue that Juan had zero problems, so I can't really get too angry at that decision, either. I preferred Juan's, but it wasn't an egregious decision. Again, I just don't like Josh. As for next season, I just can't deal with fucking Cleen and the guaranteed tough guy drama. This is my favorite show, but I may sit it out next season.
  15. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    Maybe his mom left him with his grandmother because it was a more stable situation. In some cases, that's the best thing a parent can do. I don't judge anyone who realizes that they are not equipped to raise a child, and allows people who are better equipped to do it. Is it more important to care about appearances or to see your child grow up in a loving, stable environment? And maybe she didn't take part because she's lived her entire life with this kind of judgment, and felt it would be a distraction.