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  1. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    You would be surprised. I think Ink Master, like most shows, uses social media (especially Twitter) as a way to gauge fan interests and reactions. The support for just that show down is high on social media. I am one of the few dissenters when I discuss it outside this forum. There are definitely contestants who hate that kind of thing. We know Heather Sinn did. Anthony told me on Facebook Live that he and many of the tattooists hate it. But there appears to be a large, vocal segment of the viewers who love it. It's one reason I am glad that I follow the show and some contestants on Twitter. You get a better understanding of why the show does this. It actually is appealing to many viewers for unknown reasons.
  2. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    I didn't hate any of the head tattoos, but I preferred Anthony's. Of the live tattoos, DJ's was by far the best. So, all things considered, I didn't hate that decision...except that I hate DJ. As for Josh, I couldn't argue that Juan had zero problems, so I can't really get too angry at that decision, either. I preferred Juan's, but it wasn't an egregious decision. Again, I just don't like Josh. As for next season, I just can't deal with fucking Cleen and the guaranteed tough guy drama. This is my favorite show, but I may sit it out next season.
  3. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    Maybe his mom left him with his grandmother because it was a more stable situation. In some cases, that's the best thing a parent can do. I don't judge anyone who realizes that they are not equipped to raise a child, and allows people who are better equipped to do it. Is it more important to care about appearances or to see your child grow up in a loving, stable environment? And maybe she didn't take part because she's lived her entire life with this kind of judgment, and felt it would be a distraction.
  4. The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    Mork is all I see there. I don't really care about what the Doctor wears, but that has cheesy references to my childhood. Will take some getting used to.
  5. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    Thanks. I missed that part of the episode, I guess. I thought I saw all of it, but I guess not.
  6. Season 2 Talk: More Angelic Ink

    I don't know what booking her is like, but a lot of the higher profile tattooists from the show are almost impossible to get bookings with. I know Anthony once had a full book going out two years after he won. I had entertained the idea of going to him someday because he's local. He eventually had to cancel almost all of his bookings and start over because he was overbooked. I was talking to Christian on Twitter the other day. I told him that I would try to get a booking with Anthony if I could afford it. He joked that even he couldn't get Anthony to tattoo him. So, good luck with Kelly!
  7. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    Thanks, @Giant Misfit. Unfortunately, most of the stuff about Ashley is drowned out by Castro speculation. It's difficult to follow her case because of that. I have serious doubts about Castro being responsible. I just think that the other captives would have information if he was involved. It may seem "normal" in the family for Kevin to behave that way, but I think that's a big part of the problem. No one thought that was out of line. I grew up working class and still live below poverty. That's not acceptable in our household. The fact that they might think it was bothers me a great deal. ETA: That article about the FBI identification is weird. It says it's not Ashley, but says that the woman hasn't been positively identified. So, they don't know who it is, but they know it's not Ashley? Also, they want to identify the woman to help Ashley's family? If it's not Ashley, what good does identifying her do the family? The whole thing is worded so strangely.
  8. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    I saw an article that has a picture of a woman who looks a lot like her. The woman is wanted, along with a man, for some ID thefts. I believe the photo might be from an ATM. I will look for it again. Maybe she met up with someone who offered her a new life, but it wasn't a good one. Considering how unsettled things were in her life and with the adults surrounding her, I can see her being easy prey. ETA: https://www-m.cnn.com/2015/03/11/us/ohio-ashley-summers-missing/index.html
  9. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    This new episode about Ashley Summers bothers me a lot. I think Ashley was a normal girl, but the adults were questionable. This great-uncle Kevin especially bothers me. He is angry about what she's saying on the phone, so he takes her phone and breaks it? Then doesn't say anything when she disappears without any way to contact anyone? These people not keeping track of a young teenager just baffle me. I get why mom might worry about her daughter dating, but maybe having the boy around when mom was home would have been a better option. Just banning her from seeing the boy at all was never going to go well.
  10. Disappeared: Most Baffling Cases

    I am sorry to hear about your loss, @mamadrama.
  11. Season 2 Talk: More Angelic Ink

    Back to the drama angle. Angels, please leave the forced conflict on the Mothership. I was really annoyed by the explanation of how one of the murder victims died. Instead of being angry at the dude who, y'know, killed her brother over the desire to control an ex-girlfriend, the canvas did everything to place the blame on the woman who her brother was hanging out with. Just a gross way to explain a murder carried out by a crazy, possessive, jealous dude.
  12. S10.E13: Monkey See, Monkey Do

    I don't think it was stale at all. I also think it made for a much more interesting competition. I am finding the "here's a weird assed subject to tattoo" thing a really bad change. I love Deanna, and I think she has a great future, but I agree that she's getting by on artistic talent right now. She needs more tattoo experience. I don't think Anthony can help but get a good edit, tbh. I don't think he gives them anything else to work with. Having seen how he interacts with a household of kids when he was doing Facebook Live after his win, I think he is just that emotionally together and relaxed. I am pulling for Juan, because he's the best on Anthony's team. Josh deserves to win, but I can't stand him or DJ, so I can't root for him. Anyway, I am happy with the season overall. @TVbitch, Deanna is the only Angels winner left. Daniel, Sparks and Rachel were the others.
  13. S10.E10: Some Assembly Required

    Anthony is a former semi-pro basketball player. He understands team work. The other guys lack this. I have always said that the really good tattooists screwed up all jumping onto DJ's team. They don't need technical help. They need game help, and Anthony is the best at that. He also has a cool head under stress. As for favorites, I still love Deanna, but I can't root for DJ to win anything. I don't care who wins as long as they are Team Anthony.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Some of these houses are tiny

    I grew up in a craftsman, and my parents were silly to go with the "market" in the early 2000s by ripping down walls. I hope someone someday restores it. Unfortunately, most of the beautiful plaster is permanently gone. It breaks my heart to see what they did to it. It's someone else's problem now, though, since the expensive changes led them to lose the house to foreclosure. I wish Brett was in Arizona. I would take him to my childhood home and ask him to bug the new owner to let him fix it. The new season makes me appreciate him all the more. Now, if he would just lose the over-the-top boyish excitement. It's my only complaint about the show.
  15. Kristine Kochanski: Girl In Waiting

    I did not like how she was written. She was vain and flighty for such a strong character. She deserved better from the writers. Not Chloe's fault, in all likelihood. Totally on the writers or maybe a combo of writers and directors.