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  1. Tell Me a Story

    I decided to add CBS All Access to my Amazon package for a month, and I just found this. I don't hate Kayla. She's a kid who lost her mom, then was uprooted and moved across the country for her final year of high school. No kid is going to handle that well. She needs heavy psychological help. If her father does not get that, he's kind of trash. As of the second episode, though, I feel like her grandmother does understand. Anyway, back for the next episode. Glad to know they renewed it, so I am not investing my time for no reason.
  2. Survivor In The Media

    Not only was it not the reason, but the Swedish show likely did not cause the guy to kill himself. He was a survivor of war. He was not doing well as far as settling into ex-pat life, from what I read years ago. He had been through hell in his life. He probably shouldn't have been on the show at all, but he had enough mental health issues from trauma that his suicide could have been triggered by just about anything. In short, there's nothing new or scandalous about that dude's suicide.
  3. S38 Spoilers & Speculation

    These particular returnees don't interest me in the slightest. I really don't care about the twist one way or the other. With all of the idols and advantages, this isn't Survivor anymore anyway. I will probably watch the upcoming season just like I watched this one: check in every other week or so for about half an episode each time.
  4. General True Crime Shows

    As someone who has several African-American friends whose sons have been killed by police, I have to say that it must be nice to live in a bubble.
  5. S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Christian. I remember the days when "big moves" were something other than just finding an idol that would get you out of your own mistakes. This show is so much trash these days.
  6. S12.E3: Lords of the Deep

    I, for one, am glad you're such a repository. I knew I recognized her, but couldn't figure out from where. I was too lazy to check her name and go to IMDB.
  7. Veronica Mars Revival

    He is trash. Not romantic at all. I so wish the dude who tortured the homeless, thought procuring date rape drugs was cool, and tormented a rape victim would take a long walk off a short pier. There was nothing cool about the show putting him and Veronica in a relationship, and I wish they would just stop. You would think in this day and age Hollywood would have learned something, but I doubt it. Besides, Thomas has always been about the fanservice to the loudest group of fans, so I know he won't let her permanently move on to someone who isn't a creep. I think I will skip it.
  8. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    Damn. Gabby finally does something to make me like her, and she gets screwed. I just can't take Christian's pretentious ass, which is why this hasn't been appointment television for me this season. Too bad.
  9. S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    Dan might be the biggest idiot ever, and I can't wait for his ass to be gone. Your name is going to be mentioned, dipshit, especially when you decide to flaunt your puppy dog relationship. All of these people are stupid. Angelina's right that Christian is a bigger threat than Elizabeth was. But Dan's Big Man Feels were so inflamed that he can't see who's actually dangerous and who's not. His ridiculous obsession with Angelina not being in the military just made me despise him all the more. Nope, Dan, no one else can use battle metaphors. Seriously, dude, you're not that hot and you're definitely not that smart. Fuck off back to Florida. But Elizabeth is an idiot, too, and deserved to go. She had an opportunity to try to build something before the vote, but she and Gabby are too dumb to live and go with the "throw shit at the wall during TC" ploy that's just not going to work, and rarely (if ever) has. There's not enough time then for people to switch votes. That shit is always just petty loser tactics of intentionally torpedoing someone else's game because you're not smart enough to save your own. Bye, Elizabeth, you fool. Hope Gabby follows you soon. I think all of these men except John are terrible. Annoying. Super impressed with themselves for no good reason. Bad at the game. Each one suffers from one or more of those afflictions. I am fine with Angelina, although I don't love her. She has a better view of the state of the game than the other women and many of the men. That dude worms his way in with the dudebros constantly. He's done it on every tribe. He has a huge need to be liked by the jock type, so women are dumb if they think he's on their side. His petty insecurities are on full display, and they would be wise to think about what that means for their games. Of course, women like Gabby are equally insecure and won't have the guts to go against the dude who pats her on the head once or twice, even if he's made his ties to the men obvious. His bromances are as obvious as Dan's showmance. Wake the fuck up. Anyway, don't necessarily love Angelina, but don't dislike her in the way I am starting to dislike others on the tribe. She was dumb to trust Elizabeth, though. Probably let her emotions get in the way, which is a killer. Doesn't she know that only men are allowed to argue for a target? The women are just there to provide votes until they're not useful anymore.
  10. S37.E06 Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?

    Useless crybaby is fairly accurate, IMO. I think the thing that bugs me the most about her endless sobbing is that I have to wonder what kind of pampered, bourg life she lives if not getting her way in Survivor causes her to dissolve into tears so often. Some people have real problems, and some people whine and cry over a TV show. Gabby needs to grow the fuck up. She just needs to do it somewhere other than my TV.
  11. Star Trek: Lower Decks

    The only thing I found interesting in that article was that they are making a new ST with Patrick Stewart. I think I will skip animated Trek.
  12. The Dream Door (Daily Episode Watchers)

    That baby thing was so squishy and worm like . Tom needs to be careful what he wishes for.
  13. S37.E06 Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?

    I don't know who's more tiresome: Nick with his stupid buddy movie alliance names or Christian with his studied, pretentious nerd persona. Almost looks like Christian pauses sometimes as if he's expecting some audience reaction to his "clever" proclamations. Hint, dude. There's no live studio audience. Well, one more annoying person. Gabby and her sad sack tears over the game. Get some backbone, child. There are things worth crying about. Alliances on Survivor don't qualify. These three are eating up my patience.
  14. S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    Bi was such a waste of space. A recruit and a quitter. Would much rather see someone out there who gives a damn about being there. Everyone's body is important to their lives, especially their knees. I see nothing special about her. Oh, well. At least she's gone.
  15. The Dream Door (Daily Episode Watchers)

    All I can say is that this season is very in love with both saying "fuck" and showing, well...fucking. Very loose for a non-premium cable channel. Very creepy so far.