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  1. I live in Tucson a couple of miles from where Isabel Celis was abducted from her family home and murdered. I never believed her father hurt her, and I wanted to disprove some claims made by know nothings on the Internet. So, I drove through the alley in the strip mall by her house and down the streets in front and on the side of her house. It felt wrong, but I satisfied myself that I was right. And the indictment of her killer last month proved it.
  2. S37.E02 The Chicken Has Flown the Coop

    Except they don't care about "brute strength" when it's some dude who gets kept around. They kept fucking Donathan because "we might need someone light to lift in some challenge." It's just assholes being assholes, and Christian is a self-satisfied asshole.
  3. I briefly watched this when it first came out. Just found it on Hulu today and decided to watch the whole thing. Was kind of irritated that this thread is hiding in the forum of a completely unrelated show. Cole is such an overwhelming evil. I am not sure if the world was ready for a villain like him to be the main focus of a TV show, though.
  4. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    This is my problem with Survivor these days. It's that we don't get to learn who these real people are. Instead, we get characters. Save a very few cases, I am prone to liking people that editing tells me to hate and disliking the Great Guys. Wanting to get to know these people is why I had zero problems with the group talking about their backgrounds. I mean, they're stuck in that tiny space in a downpour. That's exactly the opportunity to share stories and get to know each other as human beings. People say they want to get to know the cast, then complain if that actually happens. And, no, not everyone's life is petit bourg banality. A lot of people, especially those from working class or immigrant backgrounds, have been through shit. I have zero problems with them talking about it, because that's what makes people who they are. Thoss aren't "sob stories." They're real fucking life for a lot of people in this world.
  5. Survivor In The Media

    My problem with this is that his idea of "compelling" sucks. I don't find either Rob or Cochran compelling. There are plenty of compelling winners out there. He just does a shitty job of recognizing them.
  6. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    Loved the premiere. I don't dislike anyone, tbh. I wasn't looking for reasons to dislike them, though. I am just fine with liking everyone in the cast. I thought Mike was a bit too anxious for the "experience," which may be his undoing. I don't hate people developing crushes on fellow Survivors, but that's probably a bad idea, game-wise, too. The biggest problem I have with the season is that so many people don't understand that "David vs Goliath" isn't "Brawn vs Brains" or "Jocks vs Nerds" or any of those easy explanations. It's more about "Obstacles vs Privileges." Even though it's not strictly accurate, I view it as closer to "Blue Collar Background vs White Collar Background." Growing up working class and rural, I relate to that. When I went to college as the first person in my family to attend a university, I had challenges that my white collar friends just didn't. Everyone worked hard, but those from my background struggled far more, both financially and socially, which made academic success more difficult. It matters.
  7. Channel Zero In The Media

    Can't we have individual episode threads? Just don't go into the thread for episodes you haven't watched, and don't refer to future episodes in early threads or, at least, spoil tag it if you do.
  8. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    It's not about being physically imposing. This isn't Brains vs Brawn. It's more Blue Collar vs White Collar. Underdogs vs Privileged. People who have been in control or had easy success vs people who have struggled to get where they are. It's been pretty clear in all the media.
  9. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    I skipped last season because of the theme. I am tired of twists and idols, and that was the core of the season. I am going to check this one out, though.
  10. Survivor In The Media

    Very good advice. It doesn't surprise me that a young woman would get that kind of hatred for just existing. I have blocked people in more than a few places because of the absolutely disgusting bile spewed at young female players. It's not just jealousy. It's something much deeper and systemic about how women in the public eye are treated.
  11. Compare & Contrast: CZ vs Other Anthology Shows

    Thought I would make use of this thread. I watched the first season of American Horror Story, then got bored. It just tried to be too "naughty" and got tiresome. I just watched the first season of Castle Rock. I admit that I liked it quite a bit, even with some things left hanging. Still, I think this is my favorite of the new horror/suspense anthologies. It's creepier than Castle Rock. It's less self-conscious than AHS. I think the stories are just stronger and more thought out.
  12. Channel Zero In The Media

    I just got caught up on the series. I hadn't seen all of the 2nd or any of the 3rd season. I have to agree. It's my favorite anthology. I will take my reasoning to the comparison thread.
  13. S01.E10: Romans

    I don't think pushing his dad over the cliff was evil at all. The man was threatening to murder Ruth. Henry was protecting his mother, IMO.
  14. All Episodes Talk: That's Freaky!

    I was. That's too bad. I would like to have seen them at least wrap up the story with one more season.
  15. S01.E03: Local Color

    The sedation provided by opiates is why people tend to abuse them. The painkilling gives physical relief. The sedation gives some emotional relief, especially under great stress. Depresses the central nervous system.