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  1. The Wendy Williams Show

    RuPaul gets my vote! And since it'll be a Lifetime flick, do fuck it up, Ru! Right? This is the first I've heard of his mother or anyone from his family.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Schedule for this week: Monday - Actress Vanessa Hudgens; actor Lil Rel Howery Tuesday - Actress Sarah Chalke Wednesday - Singer Michael Bolton discusses his next album and performs a medley of his hit songs. Thursday - Actress Sonequa Martin Green ("Star Trek: Discovery"); guest co-host Brooke Shields. Friday - Actors Rachel Brosnahan and Michael Zegen ("The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"); guest co-host Brooke Shields. Please let Brooke Shields fill in for the Mrs. PLEASE!
  3. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    She raked a bit at the start of today's show. Lol. And she cheated yesterday when they did the "10 years ago vs. now" side by side bit. Everyone else had photos of themselves on the red carpet while Sharon put up an obviously photoshopped publicity shot. And of course they were kissing her ass about how "you look exactly the same". How they managed that without bursting into laughter, I don't know.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    It reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8Y-3BPfUf4. Is it me or did Patti LaBelle look like she's has something done to her face? She wasn't looking as waxy as Sharon (thank goodness), but something seemed off. Probably the blonde hair. Anyway, that woman can still sang her face off.
  5. The Wendy Williams Show

    Agreed. I don't mind Don or Faith (who I didn't recognize until Don introduced her), but I've never cared for Heather McDonald since her Chelsea Lately days and the fourth woman was a non-factor. If E would let Nina Parker catch the first thing smoking to NYC that would certainly liven up that panel.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    This week's schedule: Today - Patti LaBelle Tuesday - actress Anna Camp Wednesday - Jamie Lee Curtis Thursday - Nina Dobrev Friday - Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin
  7. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Right? Very Zaddy-ish. ;) She's so sweet when she does that, but did they ever get around to talking to about Judith's Lifetime movie? Lol. The campy part of me loves a crappy Lifetime flick, but this new one looks like it'll be good. And not in a "so bad, it's good way". Good luck on your session with Sharon tomorrow, Dr. Mike Bayer. Watch out for the rotten ham and box of feces!
  8. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Schedule for the rest of the week: Tomorrow - Judith Light; life coach Mike Bayer Thursday - Mark-Paul Gosselaar (my inner tween is SQUEALING!); Mike Bayer Friday - Model Ashley Graham; Sharon Case, Kristoff St. John, Joshua Morrow and Jess Walton from The Young and the Restless; Mike Bayer
  9. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Today's show was boring with all the awards talk and I zoned out during the Keanu Reeves interview, but did notice they didn't conduct it at the table. They need to get that couch back and have two (or three, at the most) co-hosts handling interviews. Preferably anyone but the Wicked Witch.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Happy Belated New Year, everybody! :) The set is newish. I like the glass table but not feeling the new chairs. I liked the older ones better. I missed most of today's show due to a press conference but did see the last 15 minutes. Where the hell was Mel B.? I was looking forward to her interview.
  11. Carrie Ann Inaba: And the Winner Is . . .

    Yes. She said that since she's just a judge she can show up for DWTS after finishing this show so it works well for her.
  12. Was just about to post this. So sorry to hear about his passing. I hope his relationship with Trina's sons improved before his death.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    And I didn't care for the style. Too Kris Jenner-ish for my taste. Hair aside, I like Kathy. Always a great interview with her.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I figured today's show would be pre-taped since Shania appeared in the promo with Sheryl on Friday. I'm not a huge fan of pre-taped shows since the topics aren't current, but today's was ok. I enjoyed Shania (highly recommend her memoir From This Moment On for those who are interested).
  15. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    This week's schedule: Monday - Shania Twain and Carnie Wilson guest co-host. Tuesday - Kathy Bates; Pentatonix performs; Sara Evans and Angie Martinez guest co-host. Wednesday - Wayne Brady and Maile Brady perform; actor Dolph Lundgren; Jodie Sweetin and Valerie Bertinelli guest co-host. Thursday - Angela Bassett; Maddie Ziegler; Jodie Sweetin guest co-hosts. Friday - Leslie Mann; Carrie Ann Inaba guest co-hosts.