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  1. Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    I Get Lonely - Janet Jackson I Get Lonely - Kodak Black Crybaby - Mariah Carey Crybaby - Paloma Faith
  2. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Chile, if she's still knocking boots with Ozzy I'm surprised she doesn't have critters in other nooks and crannies... No, but Ozzy threw a rotten ham over the neighbor's fence for playing their music too loud. I remember when Christina Aguilera bought their old house and Sharon said she saw the makeover pics in a magazine and made fun of it for looking like a "cheap brothel". Because the piss and shit-stained carpets and rugs of old screamed "elegant".
  3. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Sharon, let a man slap one of your daughters in the face with his penis and we'll see if you think that's "fabulous". She's such trash.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    And even when she's not there her name is still brought up and they have to kiss her ass. I'll take that over Sharon getting her ass kissed in person with her fake "aren't I the best?!" expressions. I liked Charlamagne today. Especially him calling Lisa Lampanelli out for repeatedly using the N word. I never really cared for comedy anyway. Not only is she mean, her "I love chocolate daddies" act is so one-note.
  5. In the Fasten Your Seatbelt interlude on Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope record I thought Janet and her friends were chanting "Put your arms, put your arms in position", but it turns out they were saying the famous "But ya are Blanche, ya are in that chair!" from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?. Lol.
  6. Too jealous and insecure. A dishrag on a stick could sit in the purple chair and Wendy would see red. I'll say it again and again, it's only a matter of time before a similar show with a better host, knowledge of hot topics and interviewing style comes along and scares the living hell out of Ms. Wendy. Jerry wasn't my cup of tea, but the way Wendy dismissed him was disrespectful. I wouldn't blame him if he never came back on the show.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Yay to Toni Braxton guest hosting (I'll be praying for your finances) and no phony Sharon! Sara, you're a sweetheart, but you know good and damn well that Sharon's not a walking poster for plastic surgery that makes you look good without looking weird.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Agreed. I also like that she wears her heart on her sleeve and, next to Sara and Eve, she's the most genuine. The co-host in the center of the table is the epitome of phony imo. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't hear her say she apologized to Nicole Kidman for making fun of her when Ozzy introduced them. Not surprising since she was nowhere to be seen when Susan Boyle performed on the show a few years back. She thinks she can say and do as she pleases and shouldn't be held to the same standards as everyone else. I detest that woman.
  9. Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls All Night Long - Faith Evans
  10. Lazy, lazy Wendy...
  11. Today's episode was new and live for me as well, but my local FOX affiliate has aired a rerun instead of a new episode every blue moon for the last couple of years. Including the one with the Cat Sadler/Jim Carrey you mentioned in your last post. No idea why though. Wendy, you say you would've left Kanye a long time ago if you were in Kim's shoes yet you're still married to man who lives with his mistress and pays for her lifestyle with your $$$....
  12. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Never in a million years did I think I'd ever say this, but I'm thankful Trump interrupted that in my neck of the woods.
  13. Sara Gilbert: Darlene Wants To Talk

    They did? Trump's press conference interrupted the middle of Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley's interview so I missed the rest of the show. Weird that they'd rerun the Roseanne cast interview during a new/taped show.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I hope she doesn't cry. Every single time Sara gets emotional it makes me tear up. :( I don't know about the rest of the week (early thanks to Jaded for posting next week's lists of guests!), but they'll have an anchor from one of the CBS affiliates as a guest host. As silly as it looks having six people sitting at a table when five (or better yet, four) will do, it's better than Julie being gone and the inept Mrs. O stumbling her way through moderating. Those damn jazz hands!
  15. I rolled my eyes when she said that. They usually take off at about the end of July and the taped shows air throughout most of August. I remember one particular season of Wendy when she took off at the beginning of June and didn't come back until September (she might've been changing studios at the time) and she said the same old bullshit about how she just loves her job and just could not wait to come back. Sure... Exactly. And I'm sick of her saying "I don't care!" at the end of every other topic. Go back to your craft room with Lifetime playing in the background then.