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  1. S06.E10: Benji & David's Story

    He was a Debby Downer before the hurricane, otherwise I would agree.
  2. S06.E10: Benji & David's Story

    The high protein/low fat diet is definitely intended to shrink the liver. It's even more crucial than it used to be since they are doing these surgeries endoscopically rather than opening the patient up. It's a really tight space in which to maneuver even in a healthy patient. Also, fatty livers are very friable which makes them prone to fracture and hemorrhage. That plus the importance of the patient being able to commit to a plan are both excellent reasons for a pre-op diet and weight loss. I'm with you. I thought Benji was kind of an Eeyore throughout the whole thing and was dragged along because of his brother. He lost weight in spite of himself, and was still a sad sack at the end. David was a delight! Still, I'm thrilled for them both.
  3. Favorite Commercials

    That's my favorite part! And he just gets more and more angry. "Is him a good boy?" Some Geico ads are meh, but some hit it out of the park.
  4. S05.E11: Buddy's Next Move

    If Piggy contracted Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae in the face of being correctly vaccinated that would be extremely rare. It's a fair assumption there was no vaccine. If they had other pigs on the farm, that's most likely where he picked up the bacteria. It wouldn't have been floating around the Thore suburban neighborhood in Greensboro.
  5. S05.E06: Underdogs

    Colin Hanks did a great job and I'm really glad. Mr. Rogers was my biggest childhood icon and I would have been really pissed if they fucked it up. He seemed so kind and really stayed in character, even when they had him curse. Totally loved it. Agree about the last narrator. She was kind of annoying and distracting, however the subject matter was great.
  6. S05.E11: Buddy's Next Move

    Yes, this. I blame them all. This is an easily preventable disease with a vaccine so I'm guessing Piggy never got any veterinary care. Either that, or Jenny McCarthy is running the rescue.
  7. I thought it was very strange to do an episode about Mary Tyler Moore considering they didn't do an autopsy. WTF? Dr. Hunter acted like it was breaking news that she had diabetes. By the same token, her life was interesting and I enjoyed learning more about her. Mindy McCready was a nutjob. I had no idea she was that cray cray. So sad.
  8. S06.E08: Robert's Story

    We don't know that he didn't have anything else prescribed for pain and I highly doubt they would have him do a cold turkey withdrawal from something as powerful as dilaudid. We also don't know if he had therapy, heart/lung monitoring or other tests, however I'd be incredibly surprised if that didn't occur since that would be a standard baseline. All we see is a snapshot intended to make for good TV, with the filler removed.
  9. S06.E09: Tamy Lyn's Story

    I agree. Tamy was mostly decent and definitely had some internal demons to overcome, but was annoying at times. Her full blown tantrum about James sabotaging her progress because he wasn't going to move her to Houston was a pretty childish and melodramatic. He's taken care of her even well past the time when they were husband/wife, lets her live in the house and really seems to care about her. Isn't he allowed to move forward? Yet another subject who made the world revolve around themselves. "No one is helping, woe is me!". However, on the spectrum of narcissism, she was only a little over the line so it was more bearable. That and the fact that she pulled herself together made me want her to succeed. I like these stories way more than the train wrecks, unfortunately we haven't even posted more than a single page whereas by the day after the episode aired Lisa had bout 10 pages. Not ratings gold, I'm afraid.
  10. S06.E07: Lisa's Story

    If you watch closely, the kid was trying everything he could do to distance himself, and was looking away most of the time. His body language screamed "get me the hell out of here."
  11. S05.E05: Civil Rights

    This little girl was fabulous! Add me to the list of those who find this is very timely. It's nice to remember that youth can make changes. The whole episode was awesome. Other than a few inevitable clunkers every now and then, this show continues to shine. I also loved when they signed and lip-synced Suzi Barrett saying how drunk she was.
  12. One is a contraindication (children <6) and one is a warning (children >6 - 18). Those are different vis a vis the FDA. The actual language is: Do not give LINZESS to children who are less than 6 years of age. You should not give LINZESS to children 6 years to less than 18 years of age.
  13. S06.E08: Robert's Story

    We really have no idea what really happens medically. They film for months and months, only to show a very small portion of the material. I agree with calpurnia99--I'm sure he was given pain control. However, compared to dilaudid , everything else must seem like water. That drug is about as powerful as it gets. I'm also a little suspicious that there was a lot more wrong with Robert that showed up in his tests, and that's why Dr. Now wanted him to lose that much more weight prior to a weight loss surgery than his usual candidates, and was vehement that he be mobile. Robert was on so many meds that had to have impacted his cardiovascular system, which based on his history and massive weight were more than likely highly compromised already. (By the way, someone asked why he wasn't on antidepressants--he was on Prozac, among a ton of other things.) This is the exact situation Dr. Now and other doctors who deal with morbidly obese people mention all the time. Once something goes wrong, it snowballs and quickly gets out of control. Add to that the fact that Robert seemed to stop fighting and you get the sad ending we saw.
  14. Favorite Commercials

    I don't know why I like this Esurance commercial so much other than I felt the same way when I damaged my car like that. Esurance TV Commercial, 'The Pain Won't Last Long"