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  1. All Episodes Talk: Freestylin'

    I can't watch the show where Frank's cat died. He totally needs another one.
  2. S06.E19 Nicole & Ashley D. 2018.07.11

    I understand the sentiment of your post and the whole situation is maddening to watch. Unfortunately, this is the downward spiral of being raised in such a dysfunctional environment. She hasn't had any other model of how life is supposed to work and so it perpetuates until someone can break away. Hopefully by seeing a therapist and trying to change her life it stops here and subsequent generations start to pull themselves out of the quicksand.
  3. Fast Food Ads

    I think that Jamoche was being snarky. It was a good one, too.
  4. The dog is actually at an excellent weight. Humans make dogs too fat because we read that as "too thin" and then overfeed.
  5. You all sure remembered the name, right?
  6. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Not to offend anyone, however $1.2 MM is a pittance as the net worth for his entire estate. Hell, I can reach that goal by my 60's without a TV show, book deals and any other major income related to his celebrity. The trust makes tons more sense. He should have a worth in the tens of millions at the very least.
  7. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    $1.2 Million? That can't possibly be his whole worth.
  8. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    She's young, she's in love, and she's a celebrity. Highly doubtful.
  9. S05.E10: Animals 2018.07.03

    I agree. The story was hysterical and I loved her level of snark, however I agree that all the 'likes' was irritating. Jack McBrayer makes everything just that much better. 'The rats can't come to court during the day, they may get killed by cats!'
  10. Baby's ice cream and Skittles pox immediately come to mind. The gross-out route is not a new phenomenon.
  11. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    That song has been a guilty pleasure on my playlist for years.
  12. He may refer to himself as Dr. Now. I know some people with more complicated last names sometimes do that.
  13. Who on the planet even reports a scratch to the insurance company???
  14. S05.E09: Heists 2018.06.26

    Just caught up with this episode. I thought the stories where kind of meh. There had to be better heist stories than these.