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  1. That one always has me scratching my head because they're advertising for a free weekend.
  2. Flove.
  3. I couldn't agree more, and I too am left of center. Finally having consequences for these actions is hopefully the start of a cultural shift. If it weren't such a grim subject it would almost be funny watching men 'get it'. "...but it was no big deal, ...just a little grab...she got angry but I don't see why------oh...." As for Al Franken not going in front of the Ethics Committee surprisingly may have been the kindest thing he did for the women who accused him. It would have required them to testify and re-live the trauma.
  4. In this age of Harvey Weinstein I feel particularly bad about saying this, but my first thought was that I wish he had hurled it at Kat Dennings instead. She's so annoyingly arrogant. No need to book my place in hell, I have a long standing reservation.
  5. This was just on yesterday and it's very different watching when you know it's a dog right from the start. Made me a little sad that I could only watch that surprise ending once without it being a surprise. On the other hand, you can catch SO many clues.
  6. I don't know if this is even a good app, but I'm loving the music in this Wish commercial. The flamingos make me chuckle. Wish does amazing things song
  7. Clearly you are number 10.
  8. GaT, I stand corrected. Please accept my apologies for misinterpreting your comment.
  9. Even if it did work, I wouldn't advise spraying anything like that on your dog as it can be at the very least irritating, and at the most, toxic.
  10. It was interesting (and disturbing) to finish reading this thread with the accusations that basically women are at fault for whatever happens to them by dressing "provocatively" and then immediately reading in the Misc. Celeb News thread that the women at Serena Williams wedding were showing too much boobage.
  11. If it was Subaru, they would be carrying their dog's ashes.
  12. Ironically, when Febreze was first marketed, it had no scent and sales tanked. It was only after they added scents to it that it sold well.
  13. It's just as likely that attendance is down because the stadiums have shitty food like Papa John's pizza.
  14. "Why would I replace this? It's not broken." Makes me miss my dad...