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  1. Well, that’s that. There are some stories I wish could have been wrapped up a bit better, but otherwise I was sad to realize that I won’t miss this show AT ALL.
  2. I was actually hoping that Avila’s documentary would be well-received, leading him to the realization that he really wants to be a filmmaker, not a doctor. I guess that could work even with his project not going well. One more episode, it could still happen.
  3. Season 5 Discussion

    And to make matters worse, he wasn't Barb's ex when the sister slept with him. He was still her husband, and he in fact left Barb for the sister. That's why I got giggly when Sister (anyone remember her name?) got in Barb's face over Husband's lie about Barb seducing him in a school bathroom. First of all, does that even seem like something Barbara would do, and second, Bish- you slept with your sister's husband, broke up her family, and married him. You're lucky Barbara hasn't KILLED you.
  4. I like the way Sally tried to steer Hope back to talking about the job she was going to be doing, when Hope started grilling her about Thomas, Liam, and Wyatt. When will Hope learn that Grown Folks' Business is just that- their business and not hers? Sally and Wyatt can do what they choose to each other, whenever they choose. Neither of them owes Hope an explanation, and neither has to listen to Hope's opinion about it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As far as Pam and Charlie are concerned, PLEASE let them be married off and sent into the sunset as their happy ending. Those two village idiots have always been a weak spot on the show for me, and they cant be written off quickly enough. Let the writers bring them back for fashion shows and holiday dinners if they can't bear to get rid of them completely. But just as scenery; no lines, and for Goodness' sake, no lemon squares!
  5. S05.E04: The Talented Mr. Ridley 2018.06.26

    Oops, nvm.
  6. Except that Kasey went way beyond "embellishing". Saying that you've worked 10 high-end charters (whatever they're actually called) when you've only worked 8- that;s embellishing. Saying that you're Silver Service trained when you don't even know what that is- that is straight-up lying, and that's a real problem. At this point, Kasey's real issue seems to be more about her unwillingness to work hard. Maybe being so cute is enough to get you by on day charters, but at this level, everybody's got to get elbow-deep in the nooks and crannies, so to speak. It's an entry-level position, so keep your nose clean, follow your chief stew's lead, and learn and work really hard. And Hannah. I don't blame her for being angry, but it was obvious a few charters ago (okay, maybe not the first one since she spent most of that one with her head in a bucket) that Kasey needed more guidance. It's not the end of the world, she just needs more hand-holding than expected. She's part of your crew for the season, so suck it up and make she ends the season a better stew than when she started.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Who Pays the Price?

    I get that teenagers can be real snots just by waking up in the morning, but is it so ingrained that even a teenage girl in trouble can't have enough sense to not willfully insult the people (although it seemed mostly directed at Oliver for some unknown reason) whom she called and are only there to help them? I needed somebody to remind that kid to show some common decency and respect.
  8. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I remember that episode. That "woods people" thing was laugh-out-loud stupid.
  9. I just saw the rerun of last Saturday’s episode. The Monte and Cade show aside, I thought that Candace looked really lovely for her wedding.
  10. I’m with you both. Kid or adult, he was in someone else’s home and should have just kept his trap shut. This house has almond milk- eat it or go home and have whatever you prefer there. My larger point was how he always seems to be angling for a fight, even when he’s not wrong, but especially when he is (Like the incident in the school cafeteria).
  11. Micah's new group of friends: I admire their passion, but their methods are just wrong. Yes, Ant was rude to Charley, but he wasn't wrong about the environmental impact of the almonds. He made a good point about the 250-year old chair being built by his ancestors, but he was way too "ready" for someone to say something to him about it. Constantly provoking confrontation is someday going to be responded to in kind (or worse), and those children will be in way over their heads.
  12. Are RJ and Coco still on the show? And how did Sasha leave?
  13. S03.E04 No Haven in My Shadow 2018.06.13

    From the very first scene of the series. The production values deserve Emmys. Seriously.
  14. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    If I remember the episode correctly, the mother kept going on about how she wanted her daughter to have a “ family home” that she could grow into, instead of a townhouse. I think she even touted a room as a possible future nursery. That’s probably why you’re thinking a boyfriend was involved. But the daughter was focused on her friends, her cute little dog, and a townhouse that she could maintain. She mostly rolled her eyes at her mother’s “future family” spiel.
  15. S03.E03 Your Distant Destiny 2018.06.06

    Or even more so, the prospective publisher? Even if we buy Nova being weirdly naive about such things, the book publisher definitely wouldn’t be. Her articles were published in the paper, weren’t they? Seems like a no-brainer. But why publish a book of previously seen articles anyway? I thought the point of the book (of any book, really) would be NEW work from an established voice.