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  1. Just saw the Budapest episode. They seemed like a nice enough couple. Yes, the wife was a little "exuberant", but it actually seemed to work with the husband's more low key personality. Budapest looks like a beautiful city; hope to see more episodes.
  2. Raleigh to Manchester: I fell in love with that second apartment, the one with the adorable little private garden. I'm with doodlebug- when you live alone, having a private place to study isn't an issue- it's the whole apartment! And the only reason to reject it was because it was too small? What? And then I had to remind myself that they had to come up with something, because of course she's probably been living in her "choice" for a year already.
  3. Anyone else think that Noah ( April's brother) is bordering on sexual harassment at this point? You get to ask a colleague out once, MAYBE twice, but if she ( or he) says no, then you back off. That's it- game over. Reese should be able to do her job without some guy constantly trying to get her to go out for a drink, or dinner, or whatever. I wonder if this storyline is going in that direction, given the news of the day. I doubt this was the writers' original choice for the characters.
  4. No snark here-are you all really being serious about the "stoned" stuff? Because I've noticed that they both seem a little ODD this morning, and I guess that could explain it. But would they really be that unprofessional? Unless everyone's just kidding, in which case-nevermind...
  5. I thought the scenes with Dmitri and Stevie were awkward and kind of cute- much like real-life first dates can be. But watch out, Dmitri. Stevie seems to be going by the advice to get over her ex by getting "under" someone else- she's a rebound girl on a mission, and Dmitri just seems so fragile in a way.
  6. They’re clearly romantic partners, married or not. I can’t remember another HHI episode where the agents are so obviously shilling for their business. Their first “talking head” shot had the name of their company on the wall behind them, so of course I looked at their page during the episode :)
  7. Except that there wasn’t any question about his not wanting to be in a relationship with Vasilia anymore. At some point, Hugh had to be VERY CLEAR about that. This wasn’t his first time telling her-it was the umpteenth.
  8. Oh gosh. How did I manage to fall in love with Leslie? He's become absolutely adorable! Run Donald, run. Margo's a cutie, but if that awful handsome Turkish guy is what she even THINKS she wants, you would never have been happy. That last scene and closing shot were MAGICAL. I want to book a flight right now.
  9. I thought the same. I actually had to stop and think back to my first teenaged "love affair". Was I that insane? Because Jason was a little scary in that talk with Henry.
  10. Will Ross NEVER learn? He keeps turning down opportunities offered, KNOWING full well that George is scheming to fill the gap, and then is shocked(!) when George does in fact, benefit. And the people around him suffer even more. Both men are full of pride and arrogance-I'm starting to wonder whose is more dangerous.
  11. It was nice seeing Zola-she's such a cutie! Would have been nice to at least acknowledge Mer's other (2?) children, even if we weren't going to see them.
  12. Did something happen to Callie? That scene with Sofia saying she missed her "mama" and Arizona saying she missed her too, and then the closeup of the picture of Mark, Callie, and Arizona with baby Sofia- it just felt so sad. It just felt like Callie is gone. Did I miss something?
  13. I've been wondering if the show is headed for a Dmitri/Stevie pairing. Twice now we've seen them meet and interact, sort of (?) checking each other out. Now with this latest development with Jareth, I say, "Watch that space..."
  14. Holy cow! Just took a look at his picture on IMDb! Because misery loves company...
  15. France to Budapest: I wonder why it wasn't mentioned at all that we saw this couple years ago when they first moved to France, looking for a place with a gitte. If I remember correctly, they were also in a "Where are they now?" episode. I liked the third house best, but the location of the second house was better for them, and it was an okay house too. Interesting business model.