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  1. Unpopular Opinion Alert* I don't hate Billy. I know this doesn't apply to everyone who doesn't like him, but it seems that there are some that are still angry at JT for taking over the role that Billy Miller left. I liked Miller too, but I know that actors move on. Anywhoooo... The character has always been a bit of a ne'er-do-well. He seemed to have matured when he and Victoria got together, but it didn't stick. Oh well. Despite all that, purposely stoking a person's addictions is beyond despicable. For all of Summer's foolishness, she became really awful to me when she used Billy's weakness to gain advantage. And as much as I want to like Kyle (he had grown on me quite a bit since he first came back to town), the way he's picked up that torch and run with it goes beyond the pale. I'm glad that Ashley got angry with Kyle. As much as she wants Billy out as head of the company, she's drawing the line at intentionally stoking his addiction. Because no one deserves that. Unfortunately it may be too late to put that horse back in the barn, so to speak.
  2. I always though it was a "Frenchy" play on John's name: John Abbott= Jabot.
  3. Wait, that was HIM? Holy cow, I was really young when that movie was out, but that's one of the few scenes that stuck with me (almost in a traumatic way). Now I've got to find it and rewatch.
  4. All Episodes Talk: In the Beginning...

    Anybody thinking that Zora's weight gain might be from something more than just sitting around doing nothing at Grandma's house? And just as Sophia has lost her ability to have children? Coincidence? Hmm...
  5. All Episodes Talk: In the Beginning...

    I think Lady Mae might be one person who can get Zora on track. I commend Jacob for seeing through Zora early on, and being willing to call foul. Kerissa’s finally on board ( but maybe a wilderness boot camp is a bit of overkill), but sometimes parents can be too close to a situation to think and act logically. A grandmother is just far enough removed to not be as influenced by how adorable a baby Zora was. And Lady Mae seems just the type of woman to give Zora a good whack before she puts up with any of the foolishness. Just sayin’😗
  6. S01.E01: Pilot

    I found this show completely by accident, and decided to tune in, I have to admit, I thought it was cute and quirky at first, and then things started to turn a little creepy. Then a lot creepy. But I love it. When Ron tried to play "big and bad" with Joe, and Joe just stepped to him with no more than a look, and we saw Ron back down quietly, I swear, I almost thought I heard Ron whimper. Umhmm. CRAY recognize CRAY. That's when I knew that I had probably mistaken what Joe was all about. This should be fun.
  7. The Miniaturist

    I must admit, I thought that the "secret" was going to be that Johannes and his sister were lovers.
  8. I loved that penthouse apartment too. It would have been a great roommate setup with the bedrooms being so separate. But now I know I've become a HHI cynic, because I couldn't stop thinking, " That's not the one she's in. It's too perfect. That's an Airbnb." When I have time later, I'm going to check and see if I guessed correctly.
  9. And don't forget the 10-year old son, who wanted to be " near the restaurants and all the action." A 10-year old. Giggle worthy stuff.
  10. All Episodes Talk: In the Beginning...

    Well.... Zora has become quite the little manipulator, hasn’t she? I was just glad to see that Sophia was able to catch on fairly quickly and shut her down. I must say, for the cliffhanger of Zora running off with “whatshisface” last season, the resolution was awful. We didn’t even get a resolution- how on earth did they find the teens, and what happened to the boy? Did his parents come for him? Did Jacob give him another beat down? Hospital? Jail? Ran off and left her alone? I’m guessing the actor playing the boyfriend must not have been available for filming.
  11. Makes me smile every time! I always imagine Eartha Kitt, dressed as Catwoman, as the villainess in a Bond movie!
  12. Love is an All Episodes Thread

    ‘Cause we all know this had nothing to do with the prayer rug, right? Knocking heavily on the bedroom door of a couple enjoying their “private time”. Because he can’t find his prayer rug. Please. Obviously, that rug was still at Ruby’s place the entire time he was spending nights at Nuri’s, grinding it out on HER living room floor. It wasn’t all so fired up important then. Just get yourself another one, Yasir, and leave Ruby and her new guy alone. Brat.
  13. S03.E13 From on the Pulse of Morning

    I actually loved Vi and Hollywood’s wedding. It looked like Hollywood took all the money he was planning to spend on the big blowout bonanza wedding (that Violet really didn’t want anyway), and gave her the best gift ever- he bought her the restaurant (no more begging for kitchen space) and had a lovely, intimate family wedding, followed by a big party for friends. That spoke to everything those two are and love. I was charmed.
  14. Unpopular Opinion Alert, lol! i liked the Fl to Switzerland couple. We don’t often get to see the husband “playing “ the diva role, and he played it well. Despite that, they had an easygoing way between them. I liked all three places, and am always on board for the more practical choice. Like she said, in a few years, if she’s working, they can “upgrade”. I put that in quotes because I thought that apartment was just fine. Home is what you make it, and decoration can really make the difference. On a related note: There do seem to be an awful lot of yoga teaching HHs lately. Anybody out there with real world experience, can people really make a living teaching yoga? Or can you only swing it if you’re also married to a man who earns enough to afford nearly 3k/month on his income alone ( another common thread for these yoga teaching HHs)?
  15. Agree, Agree, Agree!! Especially as Billy is making it clear that he has no interest in her that way. Yes, he finds her attractive, but that’s where it ends. “No” means “No”, even if a man is saying it to a woman.