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  1. S01.E01: Pilot

    Thank you! I spent the whole show thinking the same thing, and actually came to this board to make that comment!
  2. S01.E11: Safe and Sound

    I liked the episode, and appreciated that Zoey was dealing with a "privilege" of her own. This show dips into some very real topics, and I often find that the episodes end too soon. But why does the show insist of following the path of every teen-oriented show ever made and making the adults such idiots? Between Charlie (the professor, a crossover from blackish that I STILL don't understand) and the Dean, I would choose the Dean as the worst character, but only because we see him more.
  3. S02.E18: The Wedding

    So did I. I loved the speech; it just seemed ill-timed in the middle of a reception. It would have been just as poignant (maybe more so) as a private moment before the ceremony, just the four of them in the cabin that they all loved (which was such a connection to Jack, as the episode last season showed). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And then there's Deja. I'm going to TRY to be charitable and see her current brattiness as a possible guilty feeling. As if feeling or showing any "love" towards the Pearsons is being disrespectful to her bio-mom somehow. In fact, Beth's cousin's (sorry, I'm blanking on her name) talk seemed to break Deja's mood; it was Toby's mother's innocent comment about her looking like Randall that seemed to REALLY set her off. If Show wants to continue with this storyline, I hope next season shows Randall and Beth investing in therapy for this girl. Just so it doesn't suck up too much airtime.
  4. S06.E10: Slamigan

    The only thing missing was a sign around her neck. She's crushing HARD, and I hope this doesn't become a "improper contact" storyline.
  5. S02.E05: Entente Cordiale

    I have a slightly different take on Ernst's "snippy" treatment of Miss Coke: I think he was fully aware of her interest in him, and was actually being "cruel to be kind". He knew that she was a young woman looking for a husband, and while he liked her, he knew he wasn't that guy. If he hadn't put her down that way, she likely would have spent a great deal more time mooning (and wasting her time)over him.
  6. S03.E07: Over Troubled Water

    Good on Goodwin for keeping things professional in the face of her ex-husband's complete lack of class. And as far as Lyla goes, I'm not sure I ever wanted to smack a dying woman before; I'm pretty sure this was the first time. Did she really form her lips to tell Goodwin that Bert was really a good guy, and to ask her to take care of him after her death? Once again, good on Goodwin for saying nothing, instead of what I imagine any woman in her spot would have to have been thinking. Help me with one thing that I can't remember: Did Bert leave Goodwin to be with Lyla, or was she just coincidentally his first girlfriend after leaving his marriage?
  7. S15.E13: Family Ties

    And yes, there's PLENTY of trouble that a 17 -yo can still get into, even though she might not actually go to jail, especially if she ends up with a judge who decides to " make an example " of her. Vance really needs to teach his daughter some home truths about how the world really works.
  8. S02.E03: Warp and Weft

    I love Dash, and nearly did the ugly cry myself during the "double death" scene. But OMG, that new puppy Isla! I almost couldn't stand the cuteness!
  9. S5E04 Monica Potter Home

    This episode confirmed for me what I thought of Monica Potter's business when I first heard of it a few years ago- it's more of a vanity project than a true business for her. And she certainly wouldn't be the first celebrity to go down that road. You can swing a cat and hit a "used to be hot" celebrity who now fancies herself a fashion designer, jewelry designer, or that all-inclusive "lifestyle brand." I've only seen three people pull it off successfully (so far)- Jessica Alba (The Honest Company), Jessica Simpson (I know, but that company of hers is doing really well), and Gwyneth Paltrow ( goop). For Potter's employees, it's real- but for her, it seems to be mainly an ode to her adored, dearly departed father. Of course the partnership wasn't going to work; everything Marcus tried to implement to grow Monica Potter Home as a business, and not just an extension of Monica Potter, was getting shot down. I would be curious to know how many of the employees on the episode are still there in a year's time if the company still exists by then.
  10. Just saw the Budapest episode. They seemed like a nice enough couple. Yes, the wife was a little "exuberant", but it actually seemed to work with the husband's more low key personality. Budapest looks like a beautiful city; hope to see more episodes.
  11. Raleigh to Manchester: I fell in love with that second apartment, the one with the adorable little private garden. I'm with doodlebug- when you live alone, having a private place to study isn't an issue- it's the whole apartment! And the only reason to reject it was because it was too small? What? And then I had to remind myself that they had to come up with something, because of course she's probably been living in her "choice" for a year already.
  12. S03.E02: Nothing To Fear

    Anyone else think that Noah ( April's brother) is bordering on sexual harassment at this point? You get to ask a colleague out once, MAYBE twice, but if she ( or he) says no, then you back off. That's it- game over. Reese should be able to do her job without some guy constantly trying to get her to go out for a drink, or dinner, or whatever. I wonder if this storyline is going in that direction, given the news of the day. I doubt this was the writers' original choice for the characters.
  13. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    No snark here-are you all really being serious about the "stoned" stuff? Because I've noticed that they both seem a little ODD this morning, and I guess that could explain it. But would they really be that unprofessional? Unless everyone's just kidding, in which case-nevermind...