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  1. I loved the dresses in tonight's episode, especially both dresses the girl with the 2 uncles tried on. They were hard to choose between. So refreshing to not have a strapless dress in sight! I can't remember the last episode where at least one bride didn't want a strapless mermaid.
  2. I could have listened to another couple hours of the 2 of them talking. 2 of the best interviewers in the business!
  3. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    Nit pick - I really wish the VO wouldn't have said Sean Sue get together, break up, get back together, break up, etc.. Doesn't really fit the characters. Goodbye Middle! (Sniff...) But I won't have to watch TV anymore and wonder if your writers are peeking in my windows for story ideas!
  4. S01.E02: Part Two: "Little Women"

    I'll just say it, the Amy this version is a selfish little bitch.
  5. Watching the Royal wedding this past weekend, when I saw Meghan Markle's classy, simple, elegant dress, all I could think of was our crass American brides that wind up on this show... Like the one who wanted a dress that would show off her "crack". sigh....
  6. S05.E20: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

    As a Phillies fan (hey, we're rebuilding!) I loved this episode! Fun fact: WIP really is Philadelphia sports radio and the announcer they used is still the lead morning show guy! Erica singing AGAIN, though. Ugh. they need to stop trying to make Fetch happen.
  7. S09.E03: Feng Shui & The Golden Nook

    Hey Producers, THIS is the Trading Spaces your audience wants to see! Nice people, thoughtful design(ers) and to show creative use of space while on a budget.
  8. S04.E19: Dog Eat Dog World

    We told the ship-kids the only way we were getting a dog is if they were willing to pick up poop in the back yard. Junior missed an ample opportunity for a lesson there 😛
  9. This episode was just good fun! Between Rita's "Hate speech! She hates me because I'm white!", Glossner boy's tattoo parlor job and Nancy bringing deviled eggs to a fight, it had me laughing from start to finish!
  10. I normally hate all of the tacky theme weddings, but something about the half marathon runner and specifically her fiance made them very likable to me. I think it was because he is clearly crazy about her!
  11. If If there was a drinking game to take a shot every time one of the hosts of the E grammy pre show said "you guys", I would have alcohol poisoning. You would have alcohol poisoning. We would ALL have alcohol poisoning!
  12. Circus bride looked truly lovely, but was by far overdressed versus everyone else. The groom's shirt was even all wrinkly (seriously, take 10 minutes to iron it).
  13. S05.E01: Heroines

    Me either! I need to go back and rewatch it! I think Busy Phillips was the best reenactor. She had the lip syncing and reactions down cold! I adore Amber on Seth Meyers' show but here I thought she was just okay.
  14. S05.E13: The Hooters

    I think this episode wasted the Hooters, honestly. Any other Philly kids remember the big radio station postcard contest to get the Hooters come plat at your high school? That was cut-throat and was ripe for a Goldbergs/Hooters episode!
  15. I am watching E news with their coverage from last night and Debra Messing is nowhere to be found in any montages, etc.... Get over yourself E, your station isn't that important.