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  1. The Neighborhood

    And if the leak was in the basement, why did they have to make a hole in the wall in the kitchen?
  2. S10.E10: Stuck in a Moment

    This. They managed to tie everything together but so much of it was based on things that were not believable.
  3. S10.E06: Episode 6

    Amazon has them for $30-40 (not sure which models). Other companies have similar beer bottle coolers for under $20. I wonder what TSA would think about these small packets of powder in the suitcase. Put them in your carry on and you are almost guaranteed to have to go through an extra security check. I hope the packets are labeled well. I think they said something about how there is less waste because the packet material is dissolvable, but don't they have to wrap the packer in something to keep it clean? Would people really take an unwrapped packet, that has been sitting in the bottom of their gym bag, throw it into some water and drink it? Why not throw your gym socks in with it for flavor?
  4. S10.E07: Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    I forgot to watch the show until I noticed it way down on the DVR list. If Cam threw the chicken over the fence, how did the egg et in the backseat? Remember, this show also thinks that Dylan could get into nursing school, let alone do well in it. There must not be anyone in the cast or crew who knows anyone in the medical profession.
  5. Season Five Episode Talk

    Everytime Loraine mentions that she can't taste something, I say "Maybe you should try taking a bigger bite" If you are tasting food, you need to have enough food in your mouth to actually taste it and, if you have been tasting many dishes, you need to taste enough that you no longer taste the food you tasted earlier (I wonder if she eats or drinks anything to cleanse her palate).
  6. S10.E02: Episode 2

    I don't know if the baby carrier handle is really necessary but it would be a vast improvement from the way Robert said carriers should be held. I tried Robert's way with a friend's 7 month old (weighs only about 15 lbs) and it was extremely uncomfortable. You put your dog in a onesie so they don't shed everywhere, but what happens when you take the onesie off - the fur will be flying. I would think the Ta-ta Towel would be a pain in the neck - literally
  7. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Well, they could have done what they did with Becky - have a similar looking actress take her place, then, if the real life Roseanne improves her image enough to be asked back on the show, they could have her come back and make a snappy comment about how she looks different. I'm kidding, i think her dying was the right decision. I find it interesting that the first season of the reboot ended with Rosie taking pain killers. It was almost as though the show thought there was a chance they would have to write her out at some point.
  8. The only reason I taped this show this week was to see if Alana wears another fringe dress and spends most of her time doing that shoulder-roll-that-makes-her-body-shimmy move again. Yes, she did. I will tune in again next week to see if she has learned anything different. I figure the only reason she is still in this thing is because her entire family is in the audience voting and the kids who aren't as famous aren't getting any votes.
  9. Kids Baking Championship

    The top two both had meat lasagna - the easiest to imposter - a strawberry/raspberry sauce with some sort of chunks (like the brownies) for "meat." The bottom two had veggie pesto lasagna - the most difficult one. It is hard to make something that looks like pesto sauce - green food coloring is the wrong shade, aand so would be a sauce made from limes. Mint might work, but using enough mint to make it look like pesto would be overpowering. And that is only the sauce, they would also have to make different veggies to go in it. The two that were safe both had the spinach and mushroom lasagna - more difficult than meat, but not as bad as the veggie pesto. I have eaten calamari, but it was never the size of a donut. Sorry to see Davey go, but he was the overall weakest of the bakers.
  10. S13.E08: Judge Cuts 2

    Sorry that Lioz didn't make the cut. Not surprising though, since Heidi didn't like him. If I were the guest judge, I would have given him the golden buzzer. However, I get the feeling that the guest judges are told who to give the buzzer too (or maybe given a choice of a few acts). They always buzz acts that would make it through anyway instead of buzzing acts that they loved but are at risk of going home - like Lioz.
  11. S14.07 Can You Host an Icon?

    My favorite part of this show is laughing about how the challenges, which are supposed to help prepare them for doing their own show, aren't something they will ever do if they win. How many time has Bobby showed up for work and was told "We want you to make your favorite family recipe, but you have turn it into a soup" (last week's challenge). I really doubt that they ever had Giada preparing Alton's recipe by being given instructions live on air. Well, It can't be Christian or Manny - How many Guy Fieris does the Food Network need?
  12. The writers and I are not on the same wave length - - They want me to feel sorry for video doctor because his father is a jerk and that I should be happy that the other doctor sees the potential in him and inspires him - meanwhile, I am just wishing someone would punch video doctor in the nose. - they want me to be happy for Mario getting the promotion, meanwhile, I am just wondering when Mario became a great doctor - they want me to be heartbroken about Mario and Noa splitting up, meanwhile, I am thinking it would never have lasted anyway. - they want me to be worried about Ariel, meanwhile, I am thinking about what I need to buy for a get-together we are having this weekend. Well, when your incredibly busy hospital only has one or two surgeons on the staff, they need to be well-rounded. Not surprised that the soldier was a hallucination, but I was surprised that Willis really was at a military hospital. I still can't figure out when he changed into fatigues.
  13. Match Game

    I can understand Ellie saying "McDonalds" for the Bill Clinton question, but don't know why the Millennial Guy would say "Pottery Barn." I thought everyone would say "Viagra" - it seemed the best, most obvious answer to me, when they read the question. However, I think best answer award should go to Amy for "Stain Remover"
  14. S03.E10. Change of Heart 2018.06.27

    This show is becoming a parody of every hospital drama that has gone before. Can't just have a celebrity patient, the celebrity patient also has to secretly be gay, and the secretly gay celebrity patient also has to have a daughter who didn't know he was gay, and, since that isn't enough, he also has to have something incurable and does not have much time left (although, they seemed to have put him on the road to recovery at the end). Yeah, her mom died, her dad died, her boyfriend died, and she might not get to stay with Leann, and I still don't care about Ariel (it would make me heartless, if she were a real person, but if she was real, I would probably care)
  15. S14.03 Summer Bite Bash

    I agree. The part that never makes sense to me are the "twists." I highly doubt any of the other Network Stars are told , after they got the ingredients for their dish, "Your dish has to be Morrocan"