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  1. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    I was feeling a bit ashamed that I had thought that Courtney was faking the shyness. Glad I came on here and saw that my gut instinct was right. Apparently, they (the producers? her and her father?) figured that she could get some sympathy votes with that "oh, I am so shy" routine, but it was too over the top and stereotypical, including her long hair hanging in front of her face and then her suddenly belting out the song. I think that was part of the act of shy girl who communicates through music. I think the theory was that music frees her from her shyness so well that she doesn't even care how awkwardly she dances Every dance act comes from some place where they would probably have been murdered if they hadn't found a way to dance. Are there no dance troupes in middle class suburbia? I have often wondered if there is something really wrong with the sound on my TV
  2. Roseanne: Aftermath

    She wasn't the draw for me in watching the reboot. I don't remember if she originally was the draw when the show first started - She probably was because she was the only one I knew beforehand (although I vaguely remember not tuning in at the very beginning, but starting later, after friends started commenting on the show), because of her stand-up routines. However, she was not the reason for me to continue watching the original. I never thought she was a very good actress and I find her voice a bit annoying. I would say that the reason I continued to watch was the writing and stories were good and there were enough good actors in the rest of the cast.
  3. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    It didn't occur to me until now, but I wonder if that lottery comment was a shout out to the last season of Roseanne. I suppose they could have had Frankie/Debra wake up next to Ray and tell him about this dream she had where she was living in Indiana and.... I thought is was exactly the sort of dress Sue would wear. I am glad it didn't have a picture of an animal or rainbows on the front of it.
  4. S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    Now that I know what happens when there is a tie, I would think that, when the jury votes at FTC, they would also have each of the three finalists vote between the other two in case there ends up being a tie. They could even have the finalist vote first so the really don't know that there will be a tie. Then at the reunion, they could read the votes, declare a tie, and then read the tie-breaking vote.
  5. S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    If they didn't switch to a fire making challenge at Final 4, we wouldn't have ended up with Dom and Wendell int he FTC.
  6. Face Off in the Media

    Final season! Darn! Maybe they mean it is the final season for Face-Off, but not for Game Face?
  7. S04.E23: Dream Home

    Well, I am glad that is over. Although it would have been rather groundbreaking to have a sitcom marriage break up after four years of being a (usually) happy couple, it was dreading the eventual episodes of Dre spoiling the kids (trying to buy their love) and Bow imploring him not to.
  8. S04.E22: Collateral Damage

    I liked the old kitchen better. I'm guessing they only remodeled it to show that Dre and Bow did the nesting thing for weeks, not just a fews days. It might also be symbolic - the old kitchen, part of happier times, was bright and cheerful and the new kitchen is dark and dreary. These "marital troubles" episodes are depressing. Since they are putting 4 episodes on this arc and since their relationship has deteriorated so much, if Bow and Dre ending up staying together, they won't be able to just have them be happy immediately. In real life, it would take some time to heal this marriage. I am hoping they make up next episode, then, when the show comes back in the fall, they jump ahead a few months, and they are back to being the show I like to watch. . However, my hunch is that they are going to have them split.
  9. S03.E02: Better Angels

    That would be a horrible way to die. Was the window of the car rolled down while it was submerged?
  10. S03.E02: Better Angels

    Thank you.
  11. S03.E02: Better Angels

    So many things confused me about the congressman and his mistress/student/aide/intern/staff person and his wife - Dr. Lowe goes through a window of a submerged car to rescue the woman whose head is still above water - how is her head still above water? - Was the congressman or the woman driving the car? I thought, based on the bruise left by the seatbelt that the congressman was a passenger in the car - are we supposed to think he made her drive the car into the water or was it just a "happy accident" (happy because it gave him a way to get rid of her. - Did I miss a part where they explained that he took off the bracelet and that wife was the woman's teacher? Mama talks to the woman and mentions something about the wife being her teacher. Then Mama goes to the wife and asks who was supposed to get rid of the bracelet. But I don't remember them ever mentioning the bracelet before then. We also had to watch the part where Mama talks about coffee twice to understand that he was telling the wife to leave the congressman. I don't know if I should be paying more attention to this show or less attention - am I missing crucial information or should I be suspending disbelief?
  12. S10.E04: Eggs Over, Not Easy

    Jackie's pronunciation of Faberge was a joke that was beneath this show - seems like something they would have done on Beverly Hillbillies. I can go along with Andrea giving Becky a Faberge egg - Becky was giving Andrea one of her eggs, so Andrea gave Becky an egg. It being a Faberge egg jsut highlights that Andrea is wealthy. Besides, what other sort of egg could Andrea give. That said, the timing of giving her an egg was weird - who would give such an expensive gift so early in the process. Most would wait at least until there was a pregnancy. The whole thing just seems like it was only done to be the set up of a "Beverly Hillbillies type" joke. I think it is already too late. Darlene - snarky mom without enough money. Becky - lonely aunt who sleeps around and drinks too much.
  13. At my house, we way that you divide people into two groups - cake lovers who think the only purpose for frosting is to keep the cake from drying out and frosting lovers who say that the only reason for cake is to have a place to put frosting. Naked cakes are for that small percentage of cake lovers who don't care if their cake is dried out. It cannot be said too often Perhaps, instead of replacing the hosts, they should replace the writers for the hosts. And replace the hair stylists too If you haven't heard, The Great British Baking Show (or Bake Off, if you are outside the US) does just that - bakers baking with enough time, no twists, and the challenges weren't ridiculous. It is wonderful. Past Seasons can be found on Netflix. ABC had and American version called the Great Holiday/American Baking Show, which also had no twists or ridiculous challenges, but, unfortunately, it did have a judge who was a sexual harasser (not on camera) and they pulled the show after the first episode of the most recent season. You may be able to find earlier seasons online.
  14. Man With An All Seasons Discussion

    This show is not on my short list of "shows I just can't wait to watch" so I saw the birthday party episode yesterday. It highlights why this show is not more watchable - they write the details to fit the plot they want, and the details do not always make sense in real life. They needed everyone to be upset about the birthday party in order to prove that Adam can't plan a party. There are many ways they could have done this, but they went with some "rule" about "if one person can't make it to the party, you have to reschedule the whole thing." I do not know anyone who would follow that rule in real life. However, I could overlook that if Adam hadn't scheduled sleepovers for the kids. But they decided to put that in and now, thanks to this "rule," they have to inconvenience the families that where the kids were to spend the night just because Marcy can't make it? Why did the kids have sleepovers anyway? The oldest one is old enough to babysit. And most parents I know would have their school age children at their birthday party (since it was at a restaurant and not some non-kid-friendly place).
  15. S09.E16: The Crying Game

    I think they are trying to bring back as many of the past characters since this is the last season - maybe the doll was one of those "characters" We probably would have heard about it by now, but I am still hoping that there is a spin-off with Sue and Sean, who would hand out with their best friend couple - Axl and Lexi