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  1. I think Doc was driven insane with Angel blood lust. The implication, after he came back, was that Waverly did indeed heal him, hence he was no longer a vampire. And if that's true, then it's very interesting that Waverly did that NOT wearing her ring. The ring doesn't give people powers, it amplifies/unlocks abilities the user already has-it also appears to restore memories. I actually originally thought Charlie was Julian-turns out I was right. I'm OK with that, except I'm a bit iffy on how he didn't know who he was all this time-didn't he say Waverly crossing the GRT boundary make a light for him to find his way back to Purgatory. The curse appears to be lifted, so I'm curious as to how things proceed in season 4. They've given us a lot to chew over until then...
  2. S03.E10: The Other Woman

    I don't think it's going to be as simple as Waverly turning to stone to save the world. Perhaps this is another test-the fact Waverly would be willing to die to save everyone proves without a doubt she's worthy, and she'll live. Possessed Nicole was funny as hell. So many balls up in the air right now 1. Doc possessed by Mauve 2. Why didn't Mauve move into Charlie. He was the perfect candidate. Unless of course Charlie isn't human. There has to be more to Charlie's existence than to become Wynonna's love interest, and then just die. 3. Through Mauve, we found out Nicole is, in fact, fully human. But Jeremy is not. 4. Peacemaker was once a sword. Hmm 5. Juan Carlo was apparently an angel as well. 6. The sun wasn't setting, in fact, seemed to be getting brighter. Is this signalling Julian's arrival? I have no idea how the finale is going to play out.
  3. S03.E09: Undo It

    No, no it's not-although there are only three eps left...
  4. S03.E09: Undo It

    Well, that was a trifle weird....so apparently Wynonna gave up Peacemaker. But, also, she doesn't know yet her best weapon is Waverly. Interesting Wynonna couldn't see the stairway. I figured the ring would turn out to be Julian's. That last scene pretty much removed any doubt...
  5. S03.E08: Waiting Forever For You

    There was a lot to digest about that hour. Poor Waverly was all excited about getting proposed to, except it was just Balshar's ring showing up again. Although it appears to want to be around Waverly, not Nicole. No one got abilities after wearing it except Waverly, though-it probably unlocks her dormant angel abilities. I think it probably belonged to Julian, which is why it bound itself to Waverly. She's going to have a big role in what's to come this season, for sure. There has to be some reason Firefighter guy is around, other than to be Wynonna's fling, I"m sure of it. Just don't know why yet.
  6. S03.E07: I Fall To Pieces

    Wynonna and Nicole shenanigans together will never not be entertaining. Nicole drunk is awesomely funny. Despite the fact Wynonna cheated at the drinking game, Nicole actually did out-drink the revnant. Yay for Nicole's alcohol tolerance. The one part of WynHaught's bickering I didn't like was Wynonna's making fun of Nicole for being a survivor of a massacre. That was a very low blow. Although Wynonna did stop and say, yeah, that's "legit as F". I liked at the end Wynonna admitted that she was afraid Nicole might get too spooked about Purgatory, and leave her sister broken-hearted, and that Nicole was jealous of Wynonna being able to do her thing without consequences. But they're both in this town because they're needed. If Nicole is sheriff though, she's going to end up having a bit higher of a profile in the town. I wouldn't be surprised if more people like Mrs.Loblaw come out of the woodwork. It might be harder to keep her personal life personal. Of course Nedley was the one that rescued young Nicole. I loved that whole scene. I found it interesting that Nicole and her parents don't talk, not because she's a lesbian, but because she became a cop. I suspect since she barely survived the massacre, they couldn't understand why she'd want a career that put her trouble's way all the time.. Mama's taken off in search of Julian. So Daddy Earp pushed him out of the ghost river triangle? How the hell'd he do that?
  7. S03.E07: I Fall To Pieces

    Well, Doc did say to Bulshar he would do "whatever it takes" to help the Earps, implying that he'd be willing to do some unsavoury things to do so.....
  8. S03.E07: I Fall To Pieces

    It's a good thing all the funny stuff took up 2/3rds of the episode because there was a lot of tisse moments at the end...
  9. S03.E06: If We Make It Through December

    After being put through the emotional wringer last week, it was nice to see Waverly all happy and playful with Nicole. That last scene with her dancing and singing to Nicole was perfection So, Mom didn't tell much about Julian that we already know of-which is to say, nothing. Yeah, I'm certain she knows much more than she's telling right now. So everyone is saying Waverly's father is an angel. What about her then? Is there anything she can do that would prove she's any bit angelic? Can she die? Can she bring someone back to life? There's a helluva lot more about Waverly that we don't know. Why did her father just disappear the day she was born? And Papa Earp was really a helluva asshole. I almost thought they were going to reveal Firefighter Guy as Julian. I really hope things don't go that way because that's all entirely just wrong Doc is a vamp, now-didn't see that coming....
  10. S03.E05: Jolene

    Just wondering-remember when that guy chopped off Waverly's hand (during her possessed period), and it grew back-was that the demon's doing, or Waverly's angelic nature? Although there's been occasions where Waverly's been shot, etc, so it's not like she can't be injured. So, that theory's probably me thinking out my ass...
  11. S03.E05: Jolene

    My my, has Waverly gone through the emotional rollar coaster lately-and in this episode, made to feel like complete shit and almost giving in to it. Wait, Waverly's father is an angel? Say what? If that's true, what does that mean? I mean, is she capable of doing outerworldly stuff? I guess we'll find out.
  12. S03.E02: When You Call My Name 2018.07.27

    There should definitely be a separate thread for this Dolls-death discusssion, becasue very little of this post has been talking about most (if not all) of the episode. Having said that, I was kind of surprised Dolls was offed. There was a lot of story to tell for him, to be sure, but the actor wanted to go, and was given the choice of how they went out, and heroic exit it was. So talk of "lazy" writing and "killing the black guy first" tropes are irrelevant, becasue this was not the writer's decision to off him. Maybe they messed up his character, sure, I can go with that. Maybe the death was a tad anticlimactic, sure. Overall, it seems so far, the season (Dolls death or not) has taken an overall darker tone than before, although there is still some humor put in for some levity.
  13. The Best Of S.H.E.I.L.D

    I know a lot of people aren't a fan of Daisy Johnson, but I am. I really liked the arc where she discovered her inhuman roots, and gained powers after Terrigenesis. (Like Raina pointed out later on, I believe Daisy hesitated when confronting Raina in the temple, because she wanted to find out what the Diviner would do, seeing how she just found out she was able to hold it, like Raina said she would.) I felt bad when she was frightened of what she could do, and how she initially could not control it. I disliked how everyone but Fitz appeared to view her as being a dangerous freak. I liked her finding out Jaying was her mother (even though both of her birth parents were nuts). When Season 3 began, she was confident and in control of her abilities (although she was, and still is really, finding out exactly what she can do) In Season 5, everyone was telling her she would be the one that would eventually destroy earth-so often, after a while, she seemed to believe it. For the first time since Season 2, she appeared to not really want them-she didn't want Fitz to remove her inhibitor. It remains to be seen if being injected with the Centipede serum will have any lasting effects
  14. The Best Of S.H.E.I.L.D

    This forum was kind of created for people to say what they liked about Shield-there's plenty of other places to voice what you disliked elsewhere...just sayin'
  15. From S0414-"The Man Behind The Shield" Coulsen's conversation with the guard "I am to come from the UN for take the item found up your premesis" "It is for the protection of all your cats"