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  1. From S0414-"The Man Behind The Shield" Coulsen's conversation with the guard "I am to come from the UN for take the item found up your premesis" "It is for the protection of all your cats"
  2. The Best Of S.H.E.I.L.D

    I think the Framework pod was the best part of Season 4 (granted I think the whole season was damn good). No one could have predicted that one change in someone's life, changing one regret, would change so much about each person's life, the roads that each did not take, etc. One might quibble that in Daisy's case, Lincoln would have shown up, but having Grant Ward showing up in that context made sense-even by the end Daisy had to concede this version of Ward was not the person all of them once knew. And of course, what happened to Fitz when his father was a big part of his life-it brought out everything bad in him to the front, which was still having an impact on him on season 5... I agree. That episode followed the tried and true method of storytelling-show, don't tell. Spending the (almost) entire episode on that planet was much more effective than hearing Simmons explain it to Fitz. I tend to like when shows completely break format for an episode, and this case it wasn't a gimmick-it was important to the overall arc...
  3. I read quite a bit in these forums about how supposedly bad the show has gotten, always has been etc, etc, or people don't like certain characters no matter what they do, etc, etc. I feel like asking the question "why are you still watching?" But this is for the people that like, and have liked S.H.E.I.L.D., and will gladly keep watching. What is it that you like about the show, the characters, that makes you keep watching? The show was starting the 3rd season when I decided to binge-watch the first two seasons on Netflix. I wasn't really sure about what to expect from it. But I just liked it from the beginning-and I would agree now that the first half or so of the 1st season might have been a lilttle slow, but the show had to take some time to get to know these people, before the shit hit the fans-and hit the fan it did, from "Turn, Turn, Turn" onward-and the show hasn't really looked back since. Unlike seemingly a lot of people, I liked the character of Daisy "Skye" Johnson. The put out dozens of hints in the first season that Skye was a wee bit more than she appeared to be. And in season two, they made her just that, revealing she was an inhuman with latent powers. I think that's the best thing ever done for the character. Daisy went from being scared to death and having no control over her power, to becoming more confident about who she is in season 3. Then in season 5, when everyone is thinking that she is the one that eventually destroys the earth, and she loses her abilities for a spell, and seemed to revert to that girl that hated having powers in the first place-at least until Fitz reversed that against her will. Coulsen-just liked him from the beginning. The "everyman" type with a weird sense of humour. I liked his intial arc about discovering exactly what happened to him after he "died". I liked the relationship between himself and May. Some may think their eventuall hooking up came out of nowhere. It had been hinted at for a long time how May felt about him-she always seemed to stick around not for SHIELD, but for him. FitzSimmons-two peas of the same pod, who have literally gone through hell for each other. Ward-I agree revealing him to be a bad guy was the best thing done for his character-he made for a formidable enemy, although I think his character stuck around a little too long.. I like the ways the writers have shaken things up almost every season. Usually they manage to zig when I expect them to zag, and pull more than a few surprises out of their hats. Like many, I feel that season 4 was a creative high point, but I also thought season 5 was pretty good too. If the finale had been the last episode of the series, they left things on a fairly satisfying note. And now that there's a season 6 coming, I have absolutely NO idea where the writers will take us-but that's part of the fun..
  4. The Best Of S.H.E.I.L.D

    I just re-watched Self Control (S3E15)-that ep was fucking amazing...
  5. S05.E22: The End

    I don't think we've seen the last of Talbot. So Coulsen slipped Daisy the serum and she supercharged up so she could, as Coulsen so elequently put it "beat his ass senseless". Is she all juiced up now? So the difference maker was Coulsen himself, in that he made the decision that no one else wanted-using the serum to save the world, against saving himself.
  6. So, what, for you, are the best moments you've seen on SHEILD? They could be silly, filled with action, emotional....what would be your top ten? These are five I can think of just related to the first two seasons; 1. The one where Coulsen first tells Skye the story of her parents-we know what horrible stuff he's telling her, and, intercut with an incresing storm outside, her expression gets progressively sadder 2. The moment when Phil discovers where a crucial part of his resurrection came from-the music, and the horrified look on his face say everything.. 3. The Terrogenesis scene in the middle of Season Two-actually, pretty much any of the scenes where Skyle realizes she's changed, and her initial horror at discovering here powers and what they could do-the time where pushed away all the agents running after her, and her "oh shit" look afterwards 4. The scene where Coulsen defiantly explains to Skye they did not fail their mission, and how, while Hydra was scrambling for another hand "I WILL CRUSH THEM!" 5. The weirdo flashback scene with Coulsen following the progressively worse conditions of the agents who had gotten the alien blood treatment, who are at first happy and optimistic, then insane-and then Coulsen sees himself in a straitjacket.
  7. S05.E22: Sutton Ross (No. 17)

    I agree the most shocking thing wasn't just that the bones are the real Red Reddington. The shocking thing is that Liz completely pulled one over on Red and make him think he'd gotten away with it. He doesn't know that she knows. Although how long she can properly keep that a secret is anyone's guess.. So, who is this Not Red? I'm kind of still leaning towards the "is actually her mom" theory-how else to explain Red's parental protectiveness of her...?
  8. S05.E22: Sutton Ross (No. 17)

    Well, people called that way back. I'm actually surprised the show went there, though. Will be an interesting dynamic next year...
  9. S03.E18: Shelter From the Storm

    I agree with what someone said before, that Lena has done absolutely nothing that should make us doubt her. Unfortunately, Supergirl has given Lena plenty of reason not to trust Supergirl. And whether Lena knows if Kara is Supergirl or not (I'm leaning towards yes), when it eventually comes out that she is, I doubt Lena will be that surprised. Exactly. Kara needs to be taken down a notch or two. One can hope that elevator conversation knocks a bit of sense back into her. Lena's the best ally she's had yet, and she's "this" close to fucking it up, if that hasn't happened already...
  10. S05.E21: The Force of Gravity

    Loved Daisy's reaction to the Phillinda moment; "Not a word Agent Johnson. That's an order!" "Copy that...hot lipsss..." "Soooo, you made out with May..." "Did I?" "Oooooh yeah...."
  11. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    The thing that really got me about the "dusting" is that, after all the noisy battles and hoopla, the characters start to disappear in an eeire quiet-I think we just hear thunder in the background-while others look on in stunned disbelief. Everything just.....stops...
  12. S05.E19: Option Two

    Couldn't have said that better myself...
  13. All Episodes Talk

    I liked this season. I'm not sure what I was expecting but the story took a few left turns that I did not expect. First off, the "big bad" of the season appeared to be IGH-and them offing people who knew anything about them. Of course, it turned that that Jessica's own mother was the one killing people, to protect Mr.Karl. Mr.Karl was more than a bit of a mad scientist, trying to do good things, and ultimately, falling short. I actually felt bad for him when he decided to pull the plug on himself. He tried and tried to fix Alisa's mood swings, but it never worked. Jessica found out her idyllic family life was a lot less happy than she thought it was. Her mother was more than a tad unstable, but Jess did get to know her a bit again, and was ultimately unable to do what Trish eventually did. Jessica will hold that against her for some time. I'm really curious what happens with the two of them next season. (I'm assuming there will be another). Basically the whole group of buddies at the start of the season are now at odds-didn't really see that coming, nor how it would happen.. A lot of people disliked Trish before, and absolutely hate her now. But I kind of understand her mindset. Her mother said it herself-Trish never wanted to be ordinary but extraordinary-and when she makes up her mind to do something, she'll do it. She sees Jessica capable of doing great things, but all Jessica wants is to "exist"-Jessica wishes she never had powers, and Trish wished for them-and it seems she might get that wish. And despite all of this, the season ends on something of a happy note. Jess doesn't really seem that interested in drinking the booze she bought. Then she decides to try and embrace the good spot in her life, goes and has dinner with the new love interest, talks about her newest robbery prevention-and the whole time, a smile beams on her face. She might actually have personally turned a corner...going towards happiness rather than wallowing in sadness.
  14. S05.E09: Ruin

    Well, that was different-a tad more entertaining that I thought it would be, since the whole episode was mainly Liz. Did they actually just make her look smart, or were those guys stupid? Hard to say. Liz did do away with them very efficiently in rather gruesome manners. And left a whole pile of bodies with no evidence tracing back to her. Not sure if I like yet this version of Liz, who's basically given in to the Dark Side, and essentially abandoned Grace-(although it was interesting that she left her with Tom's mother)
  15. S01.E13: Memento Mori

    I liked it. I didn't think at first I would be into an entire series of just Frank Castle-but his portrayal in DaredeviI convinced me to give t his a look and stick with it. really don't think that there's an actor that can portray Frank Castle better than who they got to play him here (name escapes me at the moment). It's a hard balancing act to portray such a man, a violent man, and yet make him still human. Man I have seen some violent gross-out scenes (especially in this series), but that mirror scene takes the cake. And, like a lot of you, I almost don't want to see another season-it's hard to see how this could get topped. The best part was actually, the ending. Here's Frank Castle, having gotten his vengence, and yet, looking as uncertain as he ever has-the fact that there's nothing left to fight against scares him to death. Perfect.