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  1. I partly agree with you, but also note that the first four challenges have been performance-heavy. While Bendela was by no means expected to win the Divas Live challenge (and even Shangela was an outside favorite, given the skill sets of Kennedy and Chi Chi), I think it's not at all surprising to see these two in the top in challenges where comedy and charisma are what they're looking for. Next week, where you have to sew and put together looks, should put the two of them at a competitive disadvantage, based on what they did in their original seasons, while hopefully giving one of the other queens time to shine. That said, the two of them have been doing so exceedingly well that I agree that they're the clear front runners, and I hope someone doesn't take next week as an opportunity to boot one of them. Except for an outfit like Shangela's hair dress from season 3, no outfit would warrant sending one of them home right now.
  2. If someone had told me "there's a lip sync/dancing challenge, and an improv challenge, and Kennedy wins one and sucks at the other," this is obviously not the outcome I would have predicted. But wow, what a surprising and deserved win by Kennedy, and a strong performance by Ben. I actually didn't think Milk was quite so awful, but her placement as one of the bottom three was correct, and I think Kennedy made the right decision, since Milk really deserved to be in the bottom both of the first weeks (I'm still mad about her stupid, boring af Velcro dress "talent"). I really have to praise the way Aja has, um, *condoned* herself. Not only has she grown as a performer, but she also seems much more mature, and in not a lot of time. I guess we should all watch ourselves be awful on tv. Like Michelle, I worry Bendela is being set up to fall hard, and she's done so well that I'm worried the first time she's in the bottom, someone will take her out.
  3. I know she couldn't be given the win for it, but Bendela had me absolutely howling during her lip synch performance. Like, I couldn't breathe. The brilliant thing about it is someone hasn't done it on this show yet, and it can never be done again. Milk sucks. She was never great, but at least on her season she seemed like she was okay with being criticized as long as she stayed true to herself. Now she demands praise and you KNOW Ru hates when people think they deserve a trophy for showing up. ChiChi had that Patti posture. She should have been safe, with Milk in the bottom. I think not knowing the words--especially as badly as Kennedy didn't know them--is a faux pas deserving of elimination, but I wasn't mad about Thorgy going home, since I didn't want to see much more of her constant freakout. Besides, the show might as well have just flashed "THORGY GOES HOME" at the top of the episode, for as obvious as the editing made it.
  4. What a blast! I'm glad to see most of these queens back. I always thought Aja was awful in every way, and I feel like I got enough Kennedy, but I'm okay with seeing what else they have to offer. Aja already seems seriously improved, and any time we see Kennedy dancing is worth it. What's so baffling about her is how can someone who talks sooooooo s l o w l y move so fast! I'm actually very excited for Shangela! She's had enough time to bake and I expect her to be great. Of course, every time I rewatch Season 3, I like Shangela for the first few episodes, and then get really annoyed with her by the end. Milk was charmless and mean in her talking heads, and her ego was on full display. I liked her the first time around but really hated her this episode. I hope she gets better or goes home. The basically spoken word with very predictable (because they were right there on stage) costume changes did nothing for me, and I thought she was worse than Morgan, although I'm not particularly sad to see Morgan go home. At first, I didn't remember Thorgy very much, but she sure hasn't changed at all, has she? Girl, Bob won. Get over it. My money is on Trixie or Shangela--the former because she's clever and it would be good for the WoW brand, and the latter because I'd imagine her to be the most improved since her original season, and it would be great to add a little dancing charisma to the existing all-stars HoF.
  5. Season 4 was available on Amazon Prime until they started airing Season 9 (because Prime only makes a certain number of seasons available), so it can't be a super hard and fast rights thing.
  6. S09.E14: Grand Finale

    I was spoiled as to the format, and who win each round and the finale, and I still found the finale riveting! But I've had the very unpopular opinion that this has been a really great season. Watching Peppermint v. Trinity, I spent a lot of time thinking "how does Pep win?" But what I love is that she held onto her reveal until the exact right moment, and made me forget about Trinity. In retrospect, I kinda thought we've already seen Trinity do this exact same performance to a Britney Spears song. Sasha really took the costume destruction to the next level. She won via gimmick, but ultimately, those gimmicks weren't cheap and I think that's what drag is about. I love Shea but was disappointed with her lip sync. We haven't had a Whitney song since Shannel, right? I've been wondering for years when we were going to get "It's Not Right but It's Okay," which I love for. When Ru announced that song I was hollering. Sasha did not disappoint.
  7. S09.E12: Category Is

    For real, my friend said something about Kimora's look at the finale party, and I honestly thought "Kimora Lee Simmons was at the finale party?" Totally forgot there was a person on this show named Kimora (and I'm okay with that, frankly).
  8. S09.E12: Category Is

    I must be watching a different show, because I loved this season and I think all of the final 4 is great in their own way. Yeah, this episode was edited in a way to make it look like all of them did well, which makes us all able to say "I knew they weren't going to eliminate anyone!" which kind of pisses me off, but even so, I think it was justified. With that said, Trinity was the only one who had a final look that I like. Isn't the last runway supposed to be your best drag? Only Trinity gave anything that was WOW (Peppermint's dress might have been wow if it looked/wore a little more expensive), and she was the only one who looked better then than she had in the past. I was also a bit underwhelmed with Shea's performances this episode. As a Shea True Believer, I still thought she performed better than Trinity, and was arguably better than Sasha, but I expected her to blow them out of the water. I was wrong. Peppermint and to a lesser extend Sasha (although our expectations were appropriately lowered for her) are the ones who really impressed me with the choreography and really selling it. Shea's legs were too straight. Is that a thing? It was bugging me. She looked too stiff while she was dancing. I love about Trinity that she's really shown herself to be versatile and, despite the more sour parts of her personality, she's actually very positive when presented with something outside of her comfort zone! Many of the look queens we've seen on this show give up when presented with something they don't want to do, or they pull a Derrick Barry and look like absolute shit while doing it, but Trinity really excelled. She impressed me a lot, but I still think she's the weakest of the four, because although she's versatile, I don't think there's a single way in which she's better than all the rest. Nevertheless, I think she does a good job rounding out the final group, and I'm really pleased with the level of talent and professionalism that has made it to the end.
  9. S09.E11: Gayest Ball Ever

    I don't know, Rusty is pretty old. On further inspection, she was saying "there's no place like home." So I'm not sure why they didn't play the sound.
  10. S09.E11: Gayest Ball Ever

    Not to pile on, but Alexis didn't know the words, right? Or is she just kinda sloppy with it? Also, what do you think Sasha said at the end of her rainbow runway? Did she sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?" She was obviously doing something that referenced Dorothy that the show didn't want to buy the rights for. Shea is amazing. I like Sasha, but I agree with the critique that it wasn't ball drag. Shea may not have done rainbow, but it was so amazing that I didn't care.
  11. S09.E08: RuPaul Roast

    What I loved about Peppermint is that absolutely none of her jokes were "Michelle is such a slut..." which I think is the very easy, tired way to go. I know Michelle isn't bothered by it, and I'm not either, but she didn't go lazy with it.
  12. S09.E08: RuPaul Roast

    The tops and bottoms this episode were totally obvious. But I thought Alexis deserved to go home. Her lip sync was soulless. I'm glad to see Peppermint and Sasha do better.
  13. S09.E07: 9021-HO

    I see Aja took acting lessons from the 6th Grade Play School of Shrug Acting. Will not miss.
  14. S09.E05: Reality Stars: The Musical

    Alexis did great as Kris Jenner because like Kris Jenner, she's the worst. This scene in untucked where she summons everyone over to scold them for not telling her to put on a different outfit is about the most annoying thing anyone has done on this show since LaGanja. Girl, shut up. I really don't think Farrah is very exciting but she occasionally shows flashes of wit that makes me think there's something there that she's holding back. I think she won the lip sync because Santi Alley didn't know the words and also her mouth is insanely distracting. Valentina is probably what Farrah wants to be, and Farrah should watch her for tips. She's super fabulous, incredibly sweet, and every once in a while when she starts to veer into annoying territory, she pulls it back with some hilarious self-deprication ("it's not in the budget" re: covering her house in crystals). Valentina, Shea, and another queen-to-be-named-later for final three, please.
  15. S09.E03: Draggily Ever After

    In the first two episodes, I didn't like Eureka and Trinity personality-wise, and I didn't think anything of Shea, but I really appreciated all of them in this episode/untucked. Shea's rapid "I can fix that" to Nina's "I'm a born-again-virgin" had me howling. Aja's personality is one of my least favorite since at least LaGanja, if not all the way back to PhiPhi. She's crazy if she thought that ugly ass outfit with the busted make-up and wig line was going to put her in the top three. And she said she took a risk? Was the risk going out there with no cohesion? But she slayed the lip sync. Alexis is starting to get a little cloying, and it's turning her into a filler bitch. Is she the one who said there was a lot of astigmatism in the pageant world? Because it's the best thing she's said, and she didn't even mean it.