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  1. I watched the episode again and two more things stuck out at me: Steve was pretty condescending to that waitress, telling her to smile big when comp'ing the champagne to the 5-yr anniversary couple; And I don't think we've ever seen him yell at a team member the way he yelled at Tani to "figure it out!" (Regarding finding a way to get out or attention). ETA: Oh, and I bet the shooter is one of the family members of a victim from NJ that Danny promised to solve, but was unable to. He had no prints in the system, so he couldn't have been a perp. I doubt he's related to his late partner Grace, as Danny would likely know them.
  2. Yeah, Adam asked why he wasn't resting in bed, they also showed a "previously on...", so his shooting was mentioned.
  3. Except they weren't fired. And Grace still is close to the entire team working on the show. DDK recently gave an interview where he a the stated that he was ready to move on.
  4. The one thing that confused me abt this was the female vet saying she was a Marine medic. The Marine's don't have medics. They use Navy "docs", as they're called. My Son in Law is one. He had to sign an additional contract w/the Marine's and then went to the 'Stan, and LeJeune when he was done/his tour. B4 that he was assigned to Bethesda. But he explained how it works, w/the Marine's & Navy. And they don't call them medics, they call them "doc". She should know all this, that's why I thought it was odd.
  5. Intense, well done episode. When Steve was basically begging Grover to get them out, I swear there were tears in his eyes. Everyone was on their 'A' game; the restaurant part was fabulous, of course Tani's married to Junior; adult Charlie looked like both Danny & Rachel & adult Grace looked like older Teilor Grubbs - so well done casting; Steve & Tani's future phones were a nice touch. But old Steve & Danny? That took the cake. I loved them squabbling like old men do (over each other) and apparently they're living together?! Danny's granddaughter calls & Steve answers! No mention thru all the episode of Melissa or any other wives/girlfriends. "If my finger wasn't in you..." Be still my McDanno heart. The only thing I thought didn't fit was Steve smoking a pipe.
  6. I doubt it. But the Comm Specialist and the Mall guy, were pretty good actors. Charlie was a typical 5-6 yr old. Asking question after question. My grandson's 5, so Charlie actually was calmer than most kids that age at Christmas. I thought the idea behind the episode/story was cute. Oh, and Junior got his badge! Probably for saving Steve in one episode and helping to keep Danny alive in the next.
  7. Just a note, she's not QM, but reverted to Princess Beatrice upon her abdication.
  8. Back to Meghan, people apparently are not aware that Queen Charlotte (wife of King George III) came from a branch of the Portgugese RF that was black. So no one's "tainting" anything. I find such talk abhorrent, myself.
  9. And don't call [us] Shirley!
  10. I've been debating watching it, thanks for the critique. I might check it out now.
  11. I wouldn't classify Bernadette in their. She was only "tormented" by having to watch her younger siblings (her backstory) . She appears to be her father's favorite, too.
  12. Ugh....I told hubby that even being up by 14 they'd still find a way to lose.
  13. Congrats to Army. First time in over 20 years they've won the Commander In Chief Cup. Tho, I wouldn't necessarily be happy that I won a trophy under this Commander In Chief, but that's me. It was a good game.
  14. Presumably the Noshimori name is still golden in business circles. Vials can break in padding. Esp if Marco banged the case climbing up the ladder to get onto the yacht. I wondered abt the cell phones, and presume that Monique threw them overboard, but they should've had a throw-away line abt them. Marco could've confessed or apologized, but that was one GLARING plot hole, I agree.
  15. They did check the guy. Danny & Junior went over his clothes/body, while Steve checked the case. We should hope they checked the dingy aft they realized Monique as involved, but just never said anything. Or they assumed she likely didn't have it on her since she & Marco were probably inoculated b4 they arrived on the yacht.