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  1. I wonder if TBBT will address Mr. Hawking’s death in some way? Maybe he hasn’t played ‘Words w/Friends’ for weeks and Sheldon gets upset. Or he doesn’t respond to their wedding invitation.
  2. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Sheldon must be devastated. He lived 15 or 20 times longer than all ALS patients diagnosed in their 40s or later. It’s amazing what he did w/his life after his diagnosis. Maybe now he’s learning of the existence of God. Now Mr. Hawking can rest.
  3. THere are a few good really real Reality Shows. ‘Alone’, ‘Top Shot’, ‘Last Alaskans’ (which tells the story of Jewel’s family). Too bad ‘Top Shot’ doesn’t seem to be filming anymore.
  4. NFL Thread

    We all knew DeShawn was going to be traded. And at least Tyrod’s acquisition might prevent the Brown’s from drafting Baker Mayfield. He’s another Johnny Manziel in the making.
  5. Warm & Fuzzy TV Moments

    Okay, I teared up at this. Including his wonderful speech.
  6. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Mine, too. That and the orphan’s SS gift are my favorite (out of f many), MajCEW 3rd moments.
  7. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Noooooo! A voice and actor for the ages? I loved Charles, but I loved DOS acting & voice so much more.
  8. Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    I agree, re: Kono, Tani is a much more interesting character and has done more than just be an expert markswoman w/a bad-ass round off kick who gets kidnapped & pines over Adam.
  9. S11.E16: The Neonatal Nomenclature

    Every family has their reasons pro or con regarding naming. I was so positive our first child was a boy, I picked the name and just threw out the girl naming to hubby. Of course she now has one of his ex girlfriend’s name. But I thought giving Neil the middle name ‘Michael’ was a nice compromise. And it might go a long way to help that relationship between Mike & Howard. @Gothish520, Rajesh is a very common Indian name.
  10. S11.E16: The Neonatal Nomenclature

    They already did the vasectomy episode. It was the first episode Bernadette was bed ridden. Not me. Sheldon made an interesting campaign sound stuffy & “board”, as hell.
  11. Announcers we love and/or hate

    Really? And NBC still used him even after the Matt Lauer debacle?
  12. Announcers we love and/or hate

    I think that's odd, too. But maybe he means culturally? Regardless, hopefully many kids turning in saw him and didn't read anything he claims about his heritage. Especially for younger generations, sight has more impact than verbal or the written word. To them, he looks African American, so they too can aspire to good language skills and being the top dog in front of a camera.
  13. The Closing Ceremony

    I don’t no if anyone’s responded, but as an overall Cross Country medal, it’s actually the US’s 2nd. Bill Koch won silver at Innsbruck in ‘76. But for the women, it’s the first.
  14. Announcers we love and/or hate

    I caught him doing this once or twice. Part of the reason, IMO, is because he’s not a natural commentator, so he doesn’t have the timing down pat, hence his commentary bled from one skier into another. I also thought he showed quite a bit of enthusiasm for other countries participants - especially Hirschel and Goggje (sic). And he was very excited once they came back in the middle of Ledecke’s run.
  15. For me, best was Ester Ledeka and her 2 Gold/2 sports; US Men’s curling; Canada’s Gold Ice Dancers; the South Korean team that won Silver in 4 man bobsled; Diggan/Kikkan; The Cross Country announcer that went berserk: Chloe Kim; No more Lindsay Vonn stories (at the Olympics); Austria’s Teresa Weingarten continuing her family’s legacy; Norway’s dominance; Merit Bjorgen becoming the all-time winningest Winter Olympian; PITA - both for his costume and for his message. The worst was OAR singing the Russian Nat’l anthem at the men’s Gold medal ceremony. the Canadian group arrested for DUI & GTA; Lindsay, Lindsay, Mikayla, Mikayla coming from the media mouths. US Bobsled team... oh vey Ditto for US Skaters, minus the Shib siblings; the weather pushing back so many alpine events and for the extreme cold that left many events less than 1/2 full.