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  1. Samantha, I think. She’s probably off partying w/Grace.
  2. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    That was over 25 yrs ago, and people DO change and if they have, with no further issues, I believe deserve the benefit of forgiveness. Mr. Idol is very much a family man and even coaches his son’s baseball team.
  3. I thought that was a cool tough, too. And yes, Tani’s Lip syncing was terrible. So very obvious.
  4. And heavy drinkers, and all her uncles lived a hard life. Victoria’s grandfather lived a quiet, healthy life and lived to 81, which was a very long life for his time period. So the genes are there.
  5. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I concur. I don’t think I’ve seen any of Kevin’s movies, and I’ve only seen a few Spiderman movies, but any person in any field would be honored & humbled to have a eulogy like that. We should all strive for that.
  6. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    There are wild horses on some of the Outer Banks, and b4 Florence the people who tend to them said that they don’t do anything to prepare. Horses are ingrained with finding their own protection during disasters. Sure enough, a news crew went back and they were fine. Even tho they were delegated as food, over 3MM chicken and 500,000 hogs lost their lives during Florence. There are still many many pets being cared for by foster agents due to Florence and Michael. God Bless these people.
  7. NFL Thread

    Got my 3rd win! (Tho it could’a, should’a bee. 6th, aft 1st Steelers game, Saints & Raiders). Wow, when the NFL switches ur game off the TV, you know it’s looking bad.
  8. @ombelico, KingGeorge V had the right to veto royal baby names, and he put the kibosh on the Duke & Duchess of York (George VI & Elizabeth TQM), naming Princess Margaret, “Anne”. So no, people didn’t have a problem w/Margaret Rose, but it wasn’t her parents first choice.
  9. Good theory. You could be right in that if the series ended w/S8, Steve/Danny would “retire” from 5-0 (and possibly Lou), and start a new phase of their lives. But since it got renewed, they had to do something w/that storyline.
  10. I thought this was a great 200th episode. From the score, to the costuming, the smoking & atmosphere, the accents & gumshoe language, Jerry being normal & not conspiracy prone, Noelani still being a doctor & her correcting “Milton” on his assumption. Loved, loved the big band theme. The only nitpick I had was that the Whitmour Estate was still intact. And just because their isn’t a pool there now, doesn’t mean there wasn’t one at one point. Kind of a bad assumption of Steve’s , since it’s been 70+ years. And I don’t find the restaurant resolution to be that bad. Sometimes you have to go through the motions to find out that’s not the path you really want. But now it seems like all Danny’s dreams from his shooting are falling apart. No baby girl for Adam/Kono, no successful restaurant for McDanno. Does that mean they won’t spend their twightlight years together?
  11. I actually liked Scott’s hair. It makes him appear more youthful, and the dye job is 1000x better than it has been. I’m calling BS on Tani getting that gun back from her training officer. It was identified as a murder weapon by ballistics. It has to go into evidence! He was probably the one to call in the tip. But did Tani ask him to do so? She told Junior that she had “taken care of it”, when he reminded her that she was a cop and needed to do the right thing. I liked that the NCIS agent didn’t back down and followed through on her threats, but I hope they’re not settling her up as a love interest for Steve. I kinda like him alone.
  12. TV Star Crushes

    <spew!>. Me, w/a B.E.G.
  13. TV Star Crushes

    I think he’s more handsome, nay beautiful, now than he was several years ago. He’s so...<sigh>
  14. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Almost all he early music was stage & movie, so I can see where you might hear that. I love a lot of those old show tunes, so for me Barbra’s voice isn’t better or worse than Bette’s. Though The Rose will always make me cry, and none of Barbra’s songs make me cry.