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  1. S01.E01: I Saw the Sun Rise

    Yeah, but they were leaning toward Lori & McGarrett when she got fired. Not to mention Catherine & Steve. I don’t see how it can’t be Kawika. If he were in a different Lenkov show (ala Ian Anthony Dale), it would be the latter. But in Hawaii, w/close ties to 5-0 (Steve was a seal, too), and as leader of the surfer gang, I can’t see how it wouldn’t be anyone else. They had Noelani, after all. They should show Duke, IMO, as well.
  2. Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    Kaveeka was there, too. He was the “informant”; who gave Rick the GPS info on the ambulance.
  3. S01.E01: I Saw the Sun Rise

    This is boring. “Sullivan” is boring, and he’s not a good actor. Juliet seems okay, and I like TC, but unless there’s an H50 crossover, I won’t be watching. Oh, and Kamekhona is the one to see abt what’s going on in the Islands. But it was nice to see Noelani and Kaveeka.
  4. NFL Thread

    WTF Minnesota? Today has been a weird day for 1/2 the NFL. And Detroit is dominating the Pats right now. Both the Squealers & the Patriots have got some internal shit going on that’s distracting from field play.
  5. Characters We Hate

    Winchester was fabulous. There was so many layers to him, and DOS acted w/such depth. RIP sir.
  6. Maybe the Ducklings were heroes for putting up w/him. Chase and Wilson (tho not a Duckling), the most. Then Eric; tho I really didn’t care abt him.
  7. Characters We Hate

    I disliked Mary Ellen. But I liked the rest, except maybe Ike’s wife. Speaking of Adam’s, I didn’t care for Adam Cartwright, and for some reason I also disliked Jarod Barkley.
  8. I want to know and hang out with Doria. She seems awesome!
  9. NFL Thread

    Personally I don’t like Prince’s music and I enjoy Maroon 5. I’d like to see Imagine Dragons, tho.
  10. NFL Thread

    I’m feeling like the 7th game of the 2016 NBA Championship!! Tears of joy, shouts of ecstasy!!!!! ETA: We have a better record than the Squealers- icing on the temporary cake!
  11. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I disagree. He’s actually a fine character actor. It’s just his personal life distracts from his abilities.
  12. NFL Thread

    Wow, Janikowski for Seattle has been in the league almost 20 years - even before 9/11. I knew it had been a long time, but not that long. And he can still kick 50+ field goals. And lately these young kickers can’t even get an extra point.
  13. NFL Thread

    The Browns signed a new kicker (hallelujah) - Greg Joseph, who was just cut from Miami. Apparently he had a spotless pre-season record, but he’s never played an official game yet. Gordon might have a hard time fitting into the Patriots scheme.
  14. College Football

    If PA beats tOSU and wins outit might be more difficult since they barely won vs. App St.
  15. MLB Thread

    The Tribe clinched yesterday, but I’m sure they’ll disappoint me in the post season, again.