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  1. Milk looks amazing in the promo. I'm looking forward to this!
  2. What will it take for Dean to actually end up in jail, and will Candy be ok with that?
  3. I think Tori can still get credit cards, somehow, and she runs up massive debts that Candy pays off every now and then. Will Candy extend to keeping Dean out of jail? I don't know.
  4. Yay for Julie; you can catch a lot of Julie and Brandy on Youtube on Hey Qween, in case anyone here didn't know that.
  5. Oh, and look for Bobbie Lee from Mad TV in the crowd in the "NewYork" scene at the end. I saw but didn't recognize him. I was surprised to see a non Caucasian in the crowd. I also loved "Baseball is boring". Detective Ginger wasn't so bad after all, too bad about his partner.
  6. The last episode was the weakest I thought, but I enjoyed this series and I'm sad that it's over. It was really well done.
  7. Yeah, he's rich in magic beans, damaged kids, storage sheds of crap like the bouquet from Tori's first marriage, and...I can't think of anything else. Treasured memories, I guess. Maybe bean dip; if your crazy wife gives you magic beans, make bean dip. Men/Women, don't breed with the crazy! Sometimes you can't tell someone is crazy until it's too late, and some people are a Russian parade of red flags. Do not have children with these people! If you figure out someone is crazy, stop having kids with them.
  8. On the other hand, how happy is Mary Jo that she only had one child with Dean, and he's now college and and presumably she doesn't have to communicate with D&T much, if at all? I don't think she's happy about how her marriage ended, or that the IRS took Jack's money, or Dean owes $100,000 in back child support (I wonder if she'll ever see that money? Did Jack get his money back?). And financially raising her daughter was probably hard, but she didn't have to coparent with Dean or deal with Tori. The daughter is younger and home longer, but Dean might be just about out of her life. T&D are tied to each other with their 5 kids, the youngest whom they'll be raising for the next 18 years. But yeah, Tori is probably freaking out about the idea of menopause specifically, and aging/Dean leaving in general. Possibly TMI, I'm now 4 years older than my mother when she went through menopause and I'm not there yet. I've never wanted bio kids (I have cats, that's enough) since I was 13 I've wanted to throw my uterus into traffic each month, and it just won't retire. I'm not freaking out, and I may have some pangs when it does stop, but I will also be so happy to have that era over.
  9. Oh, and having bio kids was something she had over Mary Jo (in her mind anyway). Menopause can only be for the good (stop having high risk pregnancies for kids you already neglect and can't afford for the wrong reasons!), but the idea of it might push her to an even darker place.
  10. Tori and Dean had their little reality shows, and I think those were pretty good for them, financially, and in terms of what they had to do for them and the attention it brought them, I think the kids fared ok on those shows too. But then they did the last reality show where she publicly punished him for cheating, and that completely destroyed the brand. I'm not sure people even tuned in to that last show, but it revealed her to be the broken mess that she is, as well as the cracks in their marriage. They can't go back to the cutesy family stuff from that, and they can't change or resolve their issues. They, Tori mainly, killed the golden goose, is what I'm saying. Neither of them really has other prospects. They might do the occasional guest spot, but I don't think they'll really work in t.v. or movies again. She just had to let everyone know that the cheater she cheated on her first husband with cheated on her (duh!) and that she was the victim more than she could play the long game for their marketability. Not to mention what filming that show probably did to the kids, and of course they'll be able to find it later.
  11. The show is losing in the ratings to the weather channel!
  12. She does look weirder above, there is too much more space between her nose and her upper lip. The ratio was already off, but it's more pronounced now. She was such a lovely woman with her original face. I wonder where she's going to end up. Not that looks are everything, the personality was always lacking.
  13. The last GIF must be what it feels like when people who do nothing ever, then go on vacation, and then they get criticized for not paying their child support and The Man threatens to put one of the deadbeats in jail, and they don't understand why everyone doesn't support them in going on vacation instead of paying their kid's tuition and rent. Or something metaphorical and completely unfair like that...
  14. C'mon, kids don't need purses at all. Besides, North is the real accessory here. Poor kid.
  15. We watched the fourth episode with the NYC flashbacks, it was well worth it. I'm sorry more people aren't watching this. Only two episodes to go.