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  1. I'm in this mainly for Bart, and for Bart and Ken together, and I'm not liking the fairy tale stuff or the feuding families led by stubborn jerks who will not listen. Actually, no one is listening to anyone these last few episodes, I find impassioned speeches annoying. So, I'm not really enjoying this season that much. I hope they get a 3rd season and that it's an improvement over this. When Dirk said he's usually several steps ahead of whatever is going on, and he's felt like he's three steps behind I felt like that's a flaw this season. I do like the character that captured Dirk, and now I want to name something Bibbit.
  2. Must mention the llama in the haunted house, can't forget about the spitting llama, which was a great touch, nut has what to do with the old south, or with clowns.
  3. The old south is a rich source of haunted material. From the misery of the slaves that build and worked on the plantation, to those with mental illness who were later housed there, to the many members of the plantation family, to...clowns. Modern day clowns apparently haunt the deep south. Good to know, not that I was planning a visit. Loved Alaska being possessed, too. I can't believe I'm watching this awful show. Clowns, y'all. Clowns.
  4. NY got more time this week, and she did clash with Drita. I'm sorry that it looks like Drita will be out. Loved Alaska showing up in the bondage outfit. Also, Alaska leading them through the basement, telling them to ignore the suggestions of the "dead" Don. So little happens in these episodes, but they run out of time to eliminate someone? Anyway, I'm still watching. I'm not proud of that, though.
  5. I think she went to someplace that used a bicycle pump on her face. In positive, transperson news, Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. recently featured Janet Mock on his show, Finding Your Roots. All the episodes this season have been really well done, this one included.
  6. Me too, Lemon Soda. Over at Reddit they have supercuts of the episodes that are just the Alaska parts. I thought New York would also be watchable, but she hasn't done much so far. I'm willing to learn to like other members of the cast, but haven't taken to anyone so far. I don't think it's been mentioned yet, but this show is terrible. I'm wondering if it's going to get cancelled before the finale. I'll stick with it until Alaska leaves, but it isn't must see t.v.
  7. Are there not nannies? Poor Stella, if true.
  8. I'm here for Alaska! Drita looks like Brandi Glanville, and seems like a show BG would be on, so I keep being surprised when she's someone else. I also keep being disappointed that Safaree isn't Saaphyri from Rock of Love. This is pretty bad so far, but once the herd thins out I'll stick around for more Alaska. I'm out when she leaves, though.
  9. Thanks for the recap, Rai!
  10. There is a 10th queen, and who it is has been spoiled, if you want to spoil yourselves. Reddit has the spoilers, or you can wait and be surprised!
  11. Milk looks amazing in the promo. I'm looking forward to this!
  12. What will it take for Dean to actually end up in jail, and will Candy be ok with that?
  13. I think Tori can still get credit cards, somehow, and she runs up massive debts that Candy pays off every now and then. Will Candy extend to keeping Dean out of jail? I don't know.
  14. Yay for Julie; you can catch a lot of Julie and Brandy on Youtube on Hey Qween, in case anyone here didn't know that.
  15. Oh, and look for Bobbie Lee from Mad TV in the crowd in the "NewYork" scene at the end. I saw but didn't recognize him. I was surprised to see a non Caucasian in the crowd. I also loved "Baseball is boring". Detective Ginger wasn't so bad after all, too bad about his partner.