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  1. S03.E04: All Stars - Snatch Program

    There's a bonus clip of ChiChi packing to leave and she is a sweet and gracious as can be. She does observe that the current formula of the top two lip syncing meant she wasn't able to do what she does best on the show, but she doesn't say it as a criticism. I think she was philosophical about leaving and probably somewhat relieved.
  2. S03.E04: All Stars - Snatch Program

    I had thought going into this season of All Stars that they were just going to hand it to Trixie like they did Alaska. I was clearly wrong. Tonight was hard to watch. Willam spilled some tea somewhere about a queen having a nervous breakdown during AS3 filming because they were also working on their other projects while filming AS3. Everyone is pretty sure he was talking about Trixie, filming the Viceland show or UHHnnn. I hope this show doesn't hurt any of the participant's careers, even Milk's. If it wasn't for Shangela appearing to be about to send Trixie home I think we'd be talking more about Aja, who did a fabulous Crystal Labeija. I was happy to see someone acknowledge the roots of Drag Race, too.
  3. RPDR: In The Media

    Reddit has a very blurry glimpse of next week's Snatch Game. I won't post any of the guesses, but the thread on trying to peer at the blur and guess not only which queen is where, and who are they playing, but how many queens are there? There are some blurry shadows of the Snatch Game contestants which get counted as contestants, which throws the number off. Although they might have brought back an eliminated queen. Who can say? I'm enjoying how little actual facts there are to be gleaned from this blur.
  4. The Quotes Thread: The Library Is Open

    Kennedy in The Bitchelor, falls down, deep voice,"I'm a man!" Jeffrey to RuPaul, "Will you accept my eggplant?"
  5. S03.E03: All Stars - The Bitchelor

    If Kennedy had gone home last week we would have missed her wonderful performance this week; not to discount Thorgy, maybe she would also have done something amazing. People keep saying Chi2 has been in the bottom three times, and that is true, but I think Milk should have been in the bottom instead of her the first episode. Which would mean they were each in the bottom twice. Plus, if Kennedy wins the lip sync she gets to send home whomever she wants, or save whomever she wants to save. Milk would have sent her home, I have no problem with this. Maybe Chi2 goes home next week. I was one who thought they were saving Milk for the Marc Jacobs episode, I'm pleasantly surprised to be wrong. I hope Milk watches these and learns something. It would suck to go through life that completely delusional, but only in regard to your own actions.
  6. S03.E03: All Stars - The Bitchelor

    Kennedy gave Milk a well deserved trip home! Woooo! Kennedy deserved her wins, too, she was funny in the Bichelor, too. I saw a thumbnail this morning for last season's Whatcha Packin' with Aja and thought it was from this episode; I may literally be delirious with the flu but so glad I was mistaken!
  7. S03.E01: All Stars - All Star Variety Show

    Todrick has recorded a video on YouTube responding the the criticisms about the choreography that he gave Thorgy. I'm not even going to talk about the content; I want to remark that it's 16 minutes long, and the whole time Todrick is wandering around someplace under construction, with jackhammers and everything else. Regardless of what he's saying now, I don't understand why he recorded this in this loud place.
  8. S05.E03: Game Changers

    I haven't watched this yet, but I'm so looking forward to seeing Questlove; I enjoy seeing him in anything. Best moment of Parks and Rec - him dropping the microwave.
  9. Another Episode Thread: Discuss All Episodes

    I'm glad this show is back, I need to catch up on some of the episodes. I was glad to see Jemaine Clement as the priest sponging off Dodo and making everyone listen to his music.
  10. S03.E02: All Stars - Divas Lip Sync Live

    I have liked Milk in the past, I like the alternative drag and I love figure skating. But I don't think I have any sense of who Milk really is, which might work in her favor. In season 6 Milk got into huge fights with both Adore and Gia, which they left out, but I don't think Milk is as mellow and cerebral as she'd like to be or as she'd like us to think she is.
  11. S03.E02: All Stars - Divas Lip Sync Live

    Aja and House of Aja are on a recent Hey Qween episode, and at the end when they played Look at Huh! They showed Milk, and Johnny said Milk was a bit mysterious and asked Aja to tell them something they wouldn't know about Milk. Aja was complimentary about Milk, and said they'd worked together for years, but she also said that Milk is a big crybaby. I wonder if this episode had anything to do with Aja saying that, because I think Aja might have been trying to soften the bad impression Milk made tonight. I'm not sure how long ago Hey Qween was filmed though. I recommend the whole episode, Aja came off pretty well. She said that "Hey, Sis" "brings warmth", like it's a friendly greeting.
  12. S03.E02: All Stars - Divas Lip Sync Live

    I forgot to say earlier that I think throwing a lip sync challenge is a talent. I think Dela did it this episode and Katya did it in AS2, and when the rules are that the winner chooses who goes home I don't blame them a bit. Although we could someday see an AS lip sync where both queens are trying to lose and they both end up just lying on the floor. Anyway, I think Dela didn't try to win the lip sync and that's fine.
  13. S03.E02: All Stars - Divas Lip Sync Live

    Kennedy was funny this episode, and I was so proud to see it! Glad she's still on the show. I was thinking Thorgy was in the bottom last week, but no, she wasn't. Not too disappointed to see her go. I wish she'd gotten some really good therapy between her season and now. Bitter and paranoid isn't entertaining. I'm really liking Dela and Aja. I guess there isn't any reason why alliances shouldn't be formed, but I be Shangela was counting on Dela winning. Although they reveal later who they chose. Hmmm.
  14. She forgot about her other bio kids a long time ago, but Kris is ok with that.
  15. Link Caitlyn being a jerk about her bio kids while just about denying her step kids.