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  1. RPDR: In The Media

    Click here for part one! Hey, all, Pearl has a three part episode on Hey Qween, and a two part episode on Look at Huh. I'll admit I've never liked her much, but she actually shared some interesting experiences related to the show and life after the show. Pearl said that efore filming started they had to lipsync one of Ru's songs (which they never used, I think). Pearl told Ru about being so grateful to be there, thanks for having her on the show, she's always admired Ru, etc. Ru replies with "anything you say that isn't filmed on camera, doesn't matter". Pearl says that she'd literally admired RuPaul since she was two, and after this she felt like her spirit was broken. She also said that the "do I have something on my face?" conversation was much worse than what was shown, it lasted 30-40 minutes, and she knew nothing she said was going to make a difference. I came away with a very different view of her, so you might want to check this out. The first story about Ru telling her nothing matters if it isn't on camera literally left Jonny McGovern speechless. For a few moments anyway.
  2. RPDR: In The Media

    Derrick Barry roasts himself Hey, all, I went back a few pages and didn't see a link to this. At the hater's roast Derrick Barry was incredibly drunk, and rambled for 12 minutes, including three or four attempts to tell a golden showers joke. You can see Trixie, Eureka, Ginger, Latrice, Alexis and Thorgy in the background. I always love to hear and see Latrice laugh, and there is plenty of that here. Krothotkin at Reddit transcribed this, HERE! A sample, " I am gonna congradulate Miss Trixie Montell Woooooo Trixie? Where? [Trixie is highly visible, behind Derrick] I can't find you. Trixie, listen. Idc if people congradulate you or not- you are the winner of season 3 for me. Yea! And if you think cogr congradulated Shangela, ShEs NoT hErE tonight so FUCK YOU!" The delivery is serious and hilarious. At one point she calls Kim Chi "Chim Key". I thought I'd toss this out as we head into the months between Drag Race shows.
  3. S10.E14: Grand Finale 2018.06.28

    Tammie is touring with Trixie in Australia.
  4. RPDR: In The Media

    I like Drag Race Thailand, but they use "you've got she-mail", which needs to die an international death. And it was created in the last year or so. I think Ru still doesn't think there's anything wrong with that, or the season 6 mini challenge judging whether body parts are male or female. I think Ru wants to be acknowledged as a pioneer but he refuses to continue to evolve, and that's a huge problem. Ru can be both; a pioneer and someone who is extremely problematic with regards to transgender issues and other things.
  5. RPDR: In The Media

    I wonder if she'll think that AS2 Roxy needs to have a can of tomatoes thrown at her head, or just season 5 Roxy?
  6. S10.E13: Reunited 2018.06.21

    From Justanotherprettlie from the Reddit RPDR drama thread,"Ru loves to get you to a certain place and then yell/preach at you for being there." I'm pretty disgusted at how The Vixen was treated, and the incredibly ham handed mining for emotional trauma. Not even anything organic or sensible, just straight up exploitation by Ru. Oh, a rumor has it that filming the reunion lasted nine hours. I can't imagine being there for nine hours of this.
  7. RPDR: In The Media

    Leslie Jones' Twitter Leslie Jones from Ghostbusters and SNL has recently discovered Drag Race! I think she started with Season 4, she's just started Season 6, and she talks over clips of the show on her twitter account. She is a newly minted super fan. And she's concerned that the Pit Crew never wear shoes. Give yourselves a treat, check it out! Ok, she's watching the first Untucked and she just said that Laganja is like a "terrible parrot". I want to quit my job and just hang out with Leslie Jones watching RPDR.
  8. Tori & Company In The Media

    You are correct, ARW. It's like she stuck someone else's similar head onto someone else's body. Super fake.
  9. S10.E12: American 2018.06.14

    The puppet mini challenge is gone but the emotional porn of talking to photos of their younger selves isn't? This isn't the way to go.
  10. S10.E11: Evil Twins

    I'm going to quote samburger88 from reddit, because I don't know what to say about this episode: "What a fucking bizarre episode. The mini-challenge was some Adult Swim anti-comedy disaster, AGGRESSIVE music played during the entirety of Ru's walkthrough, Ru herself was loopy, no one's narration was funny or memorable and we had a boring lip-sync that somehow still incorporated multiple flips and splits. Like seriously what even happened." I think being down to just five personalities makes it less interesting. Or, the desperation to push some weird narratives isn't working. I'm looking forward to the finale, I guess, but at this point I don't trust them to make a good choice.
  11. Tori & Company In The Media

    Does Candy mind being sorta shamed by association like that? Will she pony up if they're on an actual public list? I hope Candy is leaving all of her money to charities that provide education to girls around the world.
  12. Heh! A roomba and a sloth! They might have a fresher reality show, too.
  13. Oh, yeah, Estonia's opera singer is really good. Why are so many of the entrants/songs so bland this year?
  14. Thanks for starting this thread! I haven't heard all of the entries yet, but so far I don't really like them much. Netta from Israel is better than most I've heard, as are Spain and Iceland's entries. I hope things imrove.
  15. RPDR: In The Media

    The whole thing just makes me so uncomfortable. And then Tyra is making threats about Drag Con. I know there is some sort of mental evaluation to get on the show, but maybe they should select out those who are this troubled. And I think WOW should give the contestants some sort of media training. They want the increased profile and the money that comes with it, but I don't think any of them are prepared for what that really means.