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  1. Season 5 General Discussion

    another Christmas in July show! yeah! because they don't know calendars and things like that.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksIXqxpQNt0
  3. S14.E01: Battle Lines

    what a blurb. change a couple of names, and it could fit a "real housewives" episode.
  4. I was not thinking of live streaming. some shows would put videos up a few weeks after they aired. better than nothing.
  5. general comment: if you cut the cable cord, check your show's website. they might put shows (videos) there. maybe.
  6. All Episodes Talk

    how about a merge? alaskan gold bush rush family!
  7. Season 5 General Discussion

    wait till this new info is confirmed. very confirmed.
  8. Season 5 General Discussion

    maybe they moved to the "L" area. for "Lower 48"
  9. Season 5 General Discussion

    apparently, all of them were living out of state.
  10. Season 5 General Discussion

    remember when they did Christmas in the rainy summer in Alaska? good times.
  11. it was. and, iirc, it was from a standard glass. not a fancy wine glass.
  12. Season 5 General Discussion

    that should support a bush lifestyle. :) they need this show to continue. last time I watched, I wondered what the boys would be doing for a living in ten years (if show-money dried up). think they all could hold a regular job?
  13. All Episodes Talk

    did not watch the preshow. I watched the beginning of the regular show. they immediately started the "todd vs parker" thing again, and I am tired of that stuff.
  14. S10.E07: Oh My, Versailles

    I found it very distracting.
  15. S10.E06: Baby's First Move

    some timeshare 'owners' will pay a middleman-business to take their timeshare from them. just to get rid of it.