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  1. S11.E5: Edward vs. Lewis

    A couple of years ago Jeff flipped the house Gage wanted to live in. After that, I figured every house would be flipped to make a buck. Every house.
  2. Flipping Out In The Media

    growing fast!
  3. the last time I watched the show, I didn't think Jenni was actually working. she sat at the desk, watching the computer. then they visited a worksite, and she carried a notebook but did not participate like she did in the early seasons.
  4. Flipping Out In The Media

    red X story https://people.com/home/jeff-lewis-draws-red-x-jenni-pulos-flipping-out-season-11-premiere/
  5. Season 5 General Discussion

    snap! the poles are up and concrete magically appeared. gotta get me some of that magic concrete. if that belly gets showed *one more time*,.......... I will suspect some "personal problem". !
  6. Flipping Out In The Media

    All I know is what I've read in this thread, but I wondered if she finally called out an abusive environment.
  7. Season 5 General Discussion

    welded to the dozer, your hammer is. :)
  8. Season 5 General Discussion

    where was "The Last Brown" ® when the manual labor was being done?
  9. Season 5 General Discussion

    yup. I was making fun of their usual motivation.
  10. Season 5 General Discussion

    yes! let's lobby disco for a special episode. cut it the bush way. ....... before the snow traps them on the mountain (?). :) what would they make out of it? haha do they have a water source next to the house site?
  11. Season 5 General Discussion

    but the water was over the road when they went to the right. would you expect them to go to the left to reach that other town? :) it was gotta get some wild game, or else. (winter's almost here) wild turkeys are skittish. it's hard to stalk to within shotgun range. most people sit and call the turkeys to them. btw, that really dark mud sort of turned into a light brown mud. somehow.
  12. Season 5 General Discussion

    build a barn before a house????? this sets up the annual "winter is almost here!" crisis. bouncing on a felled tree with a chainsaw. good times. "vocal fry" is back! they are already collecting junkyard junk. I noticed Bam did not participate in the group howl at the campfire.
  13. Season 5 General Discussion

    one of the other sites mentioned the leather pants. haha. I noticed them but forgot when I was making my list of things. :) if they arrived when the snow was melting, it will probably be months before they can deer hunt. and where is the river/lake where they can fish? food will be a challenge. let's see how that is addressed. let me make a prediction: instead of wind power, they will "make" their own solar panels and batteries. cynical, cynical me. could those marks on the tree be faked?
  14. Season 5 General Discussion

    they are in the mobile home. :) I saw some poles on the trailer. where was their "luggage"? the tools, gas, chainsaws, food, clothes, and sleeping bags? that vehicle did not look crammed full of gear. where did that bulldozer come from? the lumber for the porch? I suppose the lumber for the tent floor could have been on the trailer under the poles. why didn't they use some pine trees for poles? I saw a lot of chainsawing, but no useful results. nice fire, considering the firewood was not dried. apparently, pines can grow there. good luck with that orchard. what's the name of that town? how far away is it? did the preview show "someone" jumping up and down on a 10-inch tree while holding a running chainsaw? looked like something pushed the snow away from their parking/living area. it was piled up around the area. think they will show their junk pile?
  15. Season 5 General Discussion

    he might have been gifted that house, no charge. too bad about that bullet hole in the roof. :)