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  1. Season 5 General Discussion

    he might have been gifted that house, no charge. too bad about that bullet hole in the roof. :)
  2. Season 5 General Discussion

    everyone-in-one-room B&B? (extreme) theme park?
  3. Flipping Out In The Media

    he thought it was fine to say certain things. maybe that was impulsive. then, later,......... he thought it was fine to put it on the show. that was not impulsive.
  4. Season 5 General Discussion

    another Christmas in July show! yeah! because they don't know calendars and things like that.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksIXqxpQNt0
  6. S14.E01: Battle Lines

    what a blurb. change a couple of names, and it could fit a "real housewives" episode.
  7. I was not thinking of live streaming. some shows would put videos up a few weeks after they aired. better than nothing.
  8. general comment: if you cut the cable cord, check your show's website. they might put shows (videos) there. maybe.
  9. All Episodes Talk

    how about a merge? alaskan gold bush rush family!
  10. Season 5 General Discussion

    wait till this new info is confirmed. very confirmed.
  11. Season 5 General Discussion

    maybe they moved to the "L" area. for "Lower 48"
  12. Season 5 General Discussion

    apparently, all of them were living out of state.
  13. Season 5 General Discussion

    remember when they did Christmas in the rainy summer in Alaska? good times.
  14. it was. and, iirc, it was from a standard glass. not a fancy wine glass.
  15. Season 5 General Discussion

    that should support a bush lifestyle. :) they need this show to continue. last time I watched, I wondered what the boys would be doing for a living in ten years (if show-money dried up). think they all could hold a regular job?