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  1. All Episodes Talk

    how about a merge? alaskan gold bush rush family!
  2. Season 5 General Discussion

    wait till this new info is confirmed. very confirmed.
  3. Season 5 General Discussion

    maybe they moved to the "L" area. for "Lower 48"
  4. Season 5 General Discussion

    apparently, all of them were living out of state.
  5. Season 5 General Discussion

    remember when they did Christmas in the rainy summer in Alaska? good times.
  6. it was. and, iirc, it was from a standard glass. not a fancy wine glass.
  7. Season 5 General Discussion

    that should support a bush lifestyle. :) they need this show to continue. last time I watched, I wondered what the boys would be doing for a living in ten years (if show-money dried up). think they all could hold a regular job?
  8. All Episodes Talk

    did not watch the preshow. I watched the beginning of the regular show. they immediately started the "todd vs parker" thing again, and I am tired of that stuff.
  9. S10.E07: Oh My, Versailles

    I found it very distracting.
  10. S10.E06: Baby's First Move

    some timeshare 'owners' will pay a middleman-business to take their timeshare from them. just to get rid of it.
  11. S10.E03: Well, Hello, Monroe

    I only saw a little bit --- Vanina and Jeff were having dinner and he was telling her he wanted her to stay. (was that this show?) wow. she really looked uncomfortable during that conversation! so ready to get out of there.
  12. maybe they could make a gold mining show. or a living in Alaska show. or sumthin.
  13. Season 5 General Discussion

    supposedly, "someone" promised "someone else" a house back 30+ years ago. I expect some Colorado emotional-drama about delivering on that promise. also, house will be complete about TWO WEEKS after they arrive. like magic. they will barter their bush skills for everything. next season summary: Colorado family with six adult men. none have a job.
  14. Season 5 General Discussion

    have not seen this episode. but I still want to comment. :D part of me thinks he wanted to "touch it". you know, because that would be extreme. hahaha
  15. S04.E20: Marijuana Millions

    I watched a show a while back about the marijuana business in Colorado. the federal law problem made it into a cash-only business. need a building remodeled? you need a contractor that takes cash. buy equipment? cash. one clip had an owner taking $25,000 in cash to city hall to pay some taxes. an owner of one of the bigger operations said he had one employee devoted to turning cash into money orders. as a result, the armed security business was booming.