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  1. Was the toss bouquet a half of a foam ball with rhinestone brooches in it? You could see foam peeking through all of it! Kristen "helping" was annoying the crap out of me. Ariana looked better at the rehearsal than the actual wedding. Loved her rehearsal lip color. So. Much. Booze. Everything was drink in hand.
  2. I totally agree Allison Williams = not sexy. She's a pretty skeleton with a flat bum. Also in the scene outside of the New Jersey club, when Desi was on the ground, you could see her feet in the background in flesh colored flip flops and she became noticeably shorter later in the scene because she wasn't wearing the tall heels she was shown in earlier when they were outside. Re: Adam in the movie, I felt like there was a degree of emotion in his eyes that we did not see when he and Hannah were actually dating. Maybe he's romanticizing their relationship on film now that it is gone, more so than he ever did when it was happening. And it's driving Jessa crazy. I never liked Jessa and I never liked Jemima Kirke. To me, smug is one of the worst personality characteristics. I was cheering for Hannah in that scene. Jessa just needs to be off my screen. I really like Ray and Shoshana as friends. I'm looking forward to her happy ending and I want it to be Shosh from here on out, even though it probably won't. I really enjoy Zosia Mamet. I don't need to see anymore Jessa and I'm so tired of Marnie. I actually don't mind the Desi scenes because he's so good in his role. That's all I have for now.
  3. I'm pretty sure she has implants bc they were quite roundy in her bra.. Also the guy was Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect 😂 ETA: oh wait I'm thinking of the summer camp guy - same guy?
  4. I have to give Cristina some grief. I am amazed, AMAZED, when people put their germy suitcases right on the bed with nothing underneath it. No towel, nothing. Towels are easier to sanitize however even that bothers me, but less so. The last time I had girlfriends stay with me one of them did that on a white down comforter on the guest bed. She was never invited back.
  5. I kinda feel like she's trying to be Lena Dunham, comedy wise.
  6. Ya, strike that/reverse it. She posted some stuff about extreme push-up bras which would explain it.
  7. I think LaLa got new boobs during her three week hiatus.
  8. Jaclyn you're such a cool girl for loooving fat.
  9. Lindsay is an ugly eater. Close your mouth when you are chewing. Gross.
  10. Finally got caught up last night. Lauren is such a DUMB F*CK. I cannot believe she had the audacity to sit at that table and tell Cristina that she wouldn't speak to her until she received an apology. FOR WHAT. They ALL owe Cristina an apology for being a gigantic group of entitled @ssholes. I give C a lot of credit for being mature and handling herself well. I agree she's the only cast member who hasn't made a complete embarrassment out of herself. She doesn't have a strong personality and she definitely comes off as a little meek but FFS, look at the collective dumpster fire she's up against. For the love of god Wirkus jerks, put your bosoms away, drop your air of entitlement and grow the F up. Put some clothes on. Tuck your collective @sses back in and quit trying to fake thigh gap. Get a goddamn clue. Lindsay you might consider detox. Alcoholic rage is not a good look on you.
  11. Futurama? :)
  12. I thought there was some blanket statement somewhere that in the beginning of the series when they were all super skinny, they were on Adderall, and that Kristen is still on it and that's how Scheana got so thin.
  13. I had uncontrollable giggles in the first shot of Kyle on the scooter going from one side of the screen to the other. That was silly funny which I love.
  14. SO gamey! Lauren really, really needs to stop trying to make Carl happen. Everett continually and blatantly lying to Lindsay about going to bed with 4 people makes me incredibly uncomfortable (because he's LYING), and the discomfort is only made worse by his lack of upper lip. Like he doesn't even look good when he's doing it. He's just gross. How come everybody wasn't wearing Birddogs for lizard lips 5k? Product placement Kyle.
  15. I'm waiting for the "All About June" People magazine article at the conclusion of the series. I suspect she will actually be quite pretty. I can't stand Alana and Pumpkin. I liked Chubbs on HBB - she was the only one who really seemed to have her sh*t together. I always suspected Chickadee was jelly beans over Alana getting all the attention. I don't think it was fair that the Duggars with their child molestation situation were welcomed back to the air with a spinoff series. To me they are just as, if not more disgusting, in a very self righteous package. I never really thought June was all that bad and I probably need to read up on the facts. I never 100% believed that Chickadee was really molested. I'm not saying she wasn't - I'm saying I haven't read up on it and at face value I didn't think it was true. I thought Chick was trying to stir things up because she was jealous.