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  1. S02.E09: Summer Should Be Fun

    This is amazing. Also it reminds me of when Bethenny made a HUGE deal of getting a special bra fitting on RHONY because she's like a 32G, and she wound up in Body by Victoria anyway. Hehe
  2. No reunion last year. This one should be interesting 😬
  3. Dude. Lindsay is on her Insta stories right now saying "guys I'm black!" After having a spray tan. That is so bad. I think she has a serious substance/alcohol problem. Wth.
  4. S02.E09: Summer Should Be Fun

    @Mahamid Frauded Me omg. I am DYING at your name and profile pic 😂🤣😂🤣 Love it!! "Hullo?"
  5. S02.E09: Summer Should Be Fun

    I've been Amanda in that situation. The best thing to do is ignore them and do your own thing for the night. You can't reason with someone who's being a drunk asshole and his behavior is no reflection on her. Unless she accepts it and stays with him for the long haul. This is wandering into Naomie and Craig territory. She's mature and has a good head on her shoulders, he wants to party and not grow up. She leaves. He lost a good thing.
  6. S02.E18: The Wedding

    What was the thing in Kate's bouquet that was her something old?
  7. S02.E08: Say It With Flowers

    Lindsey acted like a TOTAL nut bag and even though I don't like Everett, I thought he handled it pretty well. Considering. When she was just like okay will you F me, GROSS. In the trees? Come on!
  8. S02.E08: Say It With Flowers

    Lindsey's meltdown though. I immediately pictured Christina in a giant tub of popcorn! If that's the kind of irrational behavior Lindsey is capable of, I feel worse for Christina for what she had to go through last season. Lindsey is a regular steam roller and she was really immature about the beautiful flowers Everett sent. Even though I'm not an Everett fan at all.
  9. S02.E08: Say It With Flowers

    I don't know @Fiero425 ☹️ I know a lot of people don't like him but a little piece of my heart breaks. He seems so down a lot of the time. I thought hot tubbing in costume was hilarious though!
  10. S02.E08: Say It With Flowers

    Stephen in the hot tub wins the episode 🤴🏻
  11. Le sigh. Remember Gina? I loved her. "No tip."
  12. I agree - I like the way she used to look so much better. But those eyebrows, omg. In the talking head she was fine but the actual clip where she's with Julie, horror!
  13. Wait can we talk about Bethenny's crescent moon eyebrows in that clip??
  14. Yeah....it is that bad.
  15. I'm surprised she hasn't found a way to capitalize on Cookie's passing. I guess Brynnygirl isn't THAT bad but man, Bethenny will try to connect anything to her brand and make money off it. I guess that's what entrepreneurs do. Ugh.