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  1. @roughing it and the weird resting frown too. I don't get the weird resting frown.
  2. But seriously though, where is the guidance? I'll be damned if MY mother would support me continuing to date someone who so blatantly cheated on me and disrespected me like that!! Jax doesn't respect anyone, especially not the girl who keeps coming back to him. Here's an inspirational quote for you B: If someone makes you think they don't care about you, listen to them. They don't. They're all trash. Brittney, her mother and Jax.
  3. Lala is gorgeous without makeup.
  4. I kinda think maybe Ariana is embarrassed to be on the show and to be with Sandoval and it translates to the screen. She needs the money so she plays along (and fake cries, badly).
  5. Ariana is a horrible actress. The fake crying was painful. Painful! She seems incredibly insecure compared to when we first met her.
  6. Re: Jenna, my guess is she was absolved of a legal issue and because of that thought she was entitled to reclaim her level of status on the squad. I think her tenure, talent and maybe even her military family background is what prevented her dismissal. I do not believe she was directly or specifically involved in a crime, but there is something rotting in Denmark. Guilty by association perhaps. Or just plain old wrong place at the wrong time.
  7. I think the point hate is directly proportional to the advances in social media over the last several years. Tobie was the victim of a crime that took place long after she retired from the squad. KaShara could dance crop circles around Cassie Trammel.
  8. I totally agree. A perfect example of third year's the charm. Kash was lucky to ascend the ranks in three years. I would totally retire and hope for All Star if I were her. And let's face it, that 5th year charm isn't much to stick around for. It's up there in tackiness with Judy's satin jacket and baseball cards.
  9. She is pure evil. I don't care how many skinny girl decals she slaps on a fleet of chartered jets under the guise of doing good. She is depriving her child of a healthy relationship with her father who loves her and that is wrong. I'm confident that deep in her head she thinks that because she didn't have a true father, Bryn doesn't need one, and that is fucked up. And she just wants to twist the knife in Jason's back, hurt him and deplete his financial resources even more. At Christmas. She is evil. I hope they throw out the case.
  10. The girl who plays Enid is really becoming pretty as she matures.
  11. She also never got over the fact that she got fat shamed for her crop top wedding dress 🙄
  12. Hi Neurochick :) I see you in some of the other boards I follow! By coping skills I mean that it appears that Shep can't do anything without being drunk or high and it seems like he can't face everyday situations sober. At least that's how they make it look. And I guess I'm biased because I dated a few guys like that. Ugh. But you're right, if you're not taught, how would you know. With all the one night stand stuff, I'm agreeing, and he prob wasn't a willing student!
  13. I am hereby turning in my Shep card. I always used to defend him but this was awkward, totally uncomfortable and made him look bad. He needed his PRODUCER to guide him through how to end a 'bad' date? I hated his behavior, especially shushing the 2nd girl, and what seemed like an obvious bias towards blondes. And I am blonde. I also strongly disliked the fact that he was high as a kite in his talking heads. That to me was just gross. This guy needs to grow up and develop healthy coping skills. Oh and I think he's sporting a fresh set of veneers which do look better but they should be a more natural white. The startling white ones age him even more than all the drugs and alcohol he pumps into his body.