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  1. Omg, did you see the MOUNTAIN of clothes in the background of the season 1 finale breakup scene??
  2. Seriously! She looks fleshy in those photos compared to the way she looked in S1.
  3. ITA. Except for the mascara running down her face, she looked pretty and natural in her mugshot from several years back. The lighter red hair was so much more youthful. The Ariel red she was sporting for a while there was way harsh Tai.
  4. I immediately pictured Gia Carangi :) Because she could show up in jeans and a tshirt and blow it out of the water. Kathryn's definitely no Gia Carangi, although it seems like the path of her life might be headed in the same direction.
  5. I am not enjoying this season and I love this show :( The fact that Kathryn would even consider capitalizing on her children for her own gain (i.e., getting them into modeling so she can book jobs) is horrendous. I always enjoy Cam, Shep and Whitney (I know). I have strongly disliked Craig from the moment in Season 1 where he said he "felt bad" not participating in daytime partying with the others because he had to work. You feel bad because you have adult responsibilities? You think you're letting people down? That guy has no ambition and he never will. He's just a dumbbell from Delaware. There's nothing wrong with being from Delaware, I just mean he's not even a native of the area and is such a poser. #runnaomierun Thomas is old and disgustingly gross. Landon is one of the most repellent cast members on Bravo besides Dorit. I wish they had found better mid-series replacements. I miss the old days before Kathryn got knocked up. Now she's just washed up and it's low tide.
  6. I was surprised to see the return of Allison Williams chin dimple. I thought she had it surgically removed.
  7. The Marnie FaceTime sex scene was so silly in a bad way. We could have had the Marnie/Lorene scene without it. Lorene in this episode made me cringe. The only other thing I can come up with is Zosia Mamet legitimately is and will always be bigger/better than Girls, so she got no screen time. Allison Williams will never transcend Get Out, so she needed at least something with which to feather her cap. I am so disappointed in the ending of this series. No Lena, we didn't get it.
  8. This is truly bad. I stopped watching 15 minutes ago..
  9. I still like Shep *hangs head*. He is a hundred million times nicer than the men who do the same thing in my little vacation town. You want to talk Peter Pan Sin-drome (title of S1 Ep 1) come sit by me! I don't care if he sleeps with a lot of women and dabbles in recreational drugs. I enjoy his talking heads and I wish I had mailbox money 😊
  10. Amen @Sun-Bun!!
  11. What blows my mind (pun intended?) about Kathryn is that in the first season, they made such a huge deal about how she was the "scion" of two prominent South Carolina families and even then she was a massive dumpster fire with no manners and no couth whatsoEVER. With all of the opportunities to turn herself around, what would she be turning around to? She's never not been a total mess. I can't stand Craig on the basis of his whiny ass voice alone. Run, Naomie, run. Unless it's just that you need a cat nanny.
  12. I'm among the multitudes re-watching Season 1 and I am amazed that Kathryn: a) is drinking, drunk or hungover wearing the clothes from the night before in every one of her scenes b) delivers most of her lines with food in her mouth (Cam you don't get a pass on this one because you're the cutest) Didn't they teach her any manners in Tri Delt? c) the clothing in Whitney's room in episode one, which we are eventually lead to believe belonged to Kathryn, those shoes were HUGE.
  13. Whitney, Whitney, there is no X in espresso. ETA: Nobody actually said that. But Whitney does pronounce it expresso. Season 1.
  14. I wonder if Jack's childhood home had a Pittsburgh toilet :) I live in a town that was formerly working (now it's tourist) and some of the old homes have stand alone toilets in the basements from when the man of the house would return home from the yard and clean up in the basement before sitting down to dinner with his family. It's so rando but that's what they were for!
  15. Coming on here and reading everyone's different opinions - I love it. I really enjoy reading all of the different perspectives. My thoughts on this and the last couple of episodes, it's like we're finally seeing Lena Dunham "act" instead of just being herself on camera. My comment is meant to be critical, not necessarily a compliment. There was one line in particular a few episodes back, when Jessa comes over to Hannah's apartment, where Hannah's line and Lena Dunham's delivery of the line, sounded like a high school play. Hannah's 180 (okay maybe it's only a 90) feels unnatural to me and like it is too much crammed into a few short episodes. Girls is an ensemble series and I would have expected the character closures to be more evenly allocated. That being said, I continue to watch and be entertained by the show. But my burning question is, WHY DIDN'T ELIJAH TELL HANNAH ABOUT SHOSH'S ENGAGEMENT??