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  1. I'm pretty much done myself. If there is a fifth season and Kathryn is still a cast member, I won't be signing up.
  2. Whitney may have been contractually obligated.
  3. This show has been in a death spiral for a while and in my opinion, Kathryn's story line is what ruined Southern Charm. I think the producers (and Andy) thought she would bring the drama in an enticing way (we all loved that fur coat #thomaaaaaaaas), but really her life situation is sad, pathetic and completely sucks the energy out of the show. You missed the target Andy, and hit the tree. The show was so much more entertaining before every major conflict was centered around or overshadowed by the histrionics of the red headed tornado hillbilly femme fatale. She's flat out uncomfortable to watch. I don't want to see her crazy eyes and her fake crying. I don't want to see her lying through her teeth about her sobriety (sorry folks, gf is not on the straight and narrow). They shouldn't have brought her back. She's literally been the pink elephant in the room since she became pregnant with Saint. IMO, this show has done nothing to help her except to line up the tragedy whores who inflate her ego.
  4. I didn't hear it either - maybe Thomas threatened the producers because such a statement could be considered slanderous.
  5. I think Kathryn is in love with herself and the idea of Thomas and the children (no offense).
  6. I *think they are talking about Jennifer having been called to testify in the custody hearings. I'm not sure though. ETA: maybe as a character witness?
  7. Yikes!! Thank you @Major Bigtime
  8. So wait a tick, there have been several mentions of cast members not speaking to Kathryn after Cam's birthday trip, which we are all discussing now. Have we confirmed whether this is due to incidents that took place on the trip? Or is it due to incidents that took place shortly after the trip when they all returned home to Charleston?
  9. I agree with you - I don't like Landon but I didn't see anything wrong with how she looked in her bikini. I thought she looked good. The main difference for me was just that she wasn't as tan as the other girls. I liked her long flowing cover up. I just bought one this year after having seen women on various Bravo shows wearing them (sad but true).
  10. Maybe Whitney has an autoimmune disorder like Lupus, whereby you need to cover up and stay out of direct sunlight.
  11. Craig is such a douche. He needs to quit trying to make himself happen. He's never going to happen.
  12. That's how I always greet doggos and puppers 🐾😊
  13. To this day I do not drink beer from a bottle because my dad always told me it was very unladylike. I also think a bride should never be photographed with a drink in her hand unless it is the champagne toast. I have to check out the photos of LuAnn to see if she followed that rule of etiquette :)
  14. Throwback to Bethenny Ever After and Gina the Nanny!!
  15. #boom 👍