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  1. I wonder which sister put her bouquet together. It's really ugly and is clearly just a bunch of stems thrown together.
  2. Not to mention, in every photo of this dinner party Thomas is sucking it in for all he's worth. Craig looks like Tony Montana.
  3. I think Craig peacocks. Look at him standing on his toes.
  4. Georgette's pearl clutching was ridiculous. It just made her seem even older than she actually is. We saw Patricia upright and ambulating! I was glad to see that. I think I'm the only one who doesn't believe Whitney is gay. I just don't. He's different, but I don't think he's into dudes at all. Again, he reminds me of guys from the film department when I was in college in the 90s.
  5. She also appears to be mighty high in her most recent Instagram post, sticking her tongue out with her pupils seemingly dilated. Even if she's not high in the photo, she doesn't look sober.
  6. It's not an opinion, and I'm not judging, but I can think of at least three past DCCs and one current who got pregnant before getting married. It's something that has always stuck out to me, probably because bearing le crotch fruit is not on my road map.
  7. Bah!!!! :)
  8. She is photogenic and seems like a natural in front of the camera. Thomas just looks awkward and old, trying too hard to act young. He kind of reminds me of my ex around the time he started stealing my concealer.
  9. I hope she keeps her doors locked at all times..
  10. Thanks Howdee! I think I saw Milan too - any others?
  11. Which rookies are not returning?
  12. It's Dodie Thayer - Tory just did a collab with her to bring it back but I'm confident Pat's is original!
  13. Craig is forever a whiny prick to me and he doesn't know how to manage verbal conflict like an adult. With such lack of skill I picture him being laughed right out of the courtroom. Grow up Craig.
  14. 1.) All of the Dodie Thayer. 2.) All of the food in Landon's mouth.
  15. I just don't like them - I think they're wonky looking and her dress is too. Bc of the spray tan it looks like she's wearing pantyhose with open sandals and I guess that's why it looks old ladyish to me 😊