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  1. I'm kinda surprised with all the access they have to really good athletic wear that they don't put Kitty in better outfits. I think she has an age appropriate figure and looks pretty good, and she would look even better in some flared yoga pants and nice tops. The stretched out polo shirts and wind pants don't do anything for her :( I actually like Kitty. She's tough but she knows what she's doing. I could have done without throwing the chair, but I loved it when she was in the tower above the field :)
  2. I think Gina looks like she walked face first into those plate glass walls in the rehearsal studio.
  3. I'm also curious, can anyone provide a rundown of the stickers? WW and WP are clear (weight warning and weight probation), but what are the rest from the show group spread?
  4. Oh gosh I don't even remember, it was definitely ages ago, but I do recall the chatter about it. It's a sticky subject because we see K&J so terribly judgemental of some girls God given physical characteristics with terms like "thut". In some cases it doesn't seem fair. Overall there is a lot of body judgement. I don't think the scar is ugly but I do find it to be distracting and I think Jenna's a little full of herself. That's all I got.
  5. No worries! 😊 I have to throw out the disclaimer that I'm so over Jenna, so my thoughts on the matter are overshadowed by that. I remember reading somewhere that some little girl said something to the effect of Jenna makes me feel better about the scar that I have, and then suddenly Jenna became the role model for body positivity. I want to be clear that my comment/reaction has nothing to do about the little girl, and everything to do about eye rolling Jenna because I think she has an overinflated ego to begin with. Sounds horrible, I am aware.
  6. I know we're supposed to be body positive and all that, but Jenna's scar is huge and distracting. I just don't think keeping the scar makes her the role model for body positivity that she imagines it does, and I get the impression that's why she's never had it revised. I would have it stitched up pronto. JMO.
  7. Totally agree with your post and I loved Sunni Cranfill! I have this three year theory. To me the third year is (in theory, does not fit all) when a DCC is at her best. They have some added natural confidence that comes with seniority, they have the dances and the protocols down pat, they haven't yet ruined their joints with jump splits. We've seen a lot of really good girls call it after three years. Four years they're hanging on to make it to that 5th year charm, most of their rookie class is gone and 5th year they're kind of lone rangers and in some cases just ready to be done. Third year is the golden year in my mind :)
  8. Ooooo, this could get interesting!!
  9. I think once they made Taylor "edgy" it became clear there was room for only one "edgy" girl on the team, and one only. Just a snarky opinion. #bitchstolemylook
  10. @bigskygirl and @LadyMsJay I feel your pain! I am on my second night guard (from the dentists office) and I sleep SO much better with it. I'm a side sleeper and I think part of my clenching/grinding is trying to keep my head straight so I can breathe. Really I should just sleep on my back! re: CPAP masks, our patients have had wonderful success with the kind of mask that is just a small shaped pad with two cannula instead of a mask that covers the entire nose. Something like that would be great with your eye sensitivity. I'm so sorry you are having troubles :( re: Grave's, I was diagnosed a year and a half ago and I'm back on the methimazole after a brief period off when we were testing to see if I was in remission. Unfortunately I wasn't. Part of me thinks that I developed the disorder as an autoimmune response to the IUD I had. I think my body rejected it and the rejection flipped the switch for the autoimmune response. I am aware there is no scholarly research to suggest this might be the case but I've read up on autoimmune disorders and I don't think my theory is that far fetched. It is horrible. I am like a Michelin Man version of my former self. I am the small percentage that did NOT lose all kinds of weight with Graves, rather I gained it like crazy. Best of luck to you and I hope you're feeling good!
  11. I think Christina is a one-year girl like Kat; she's got that element of desperation about her.
  12. Kalyssa reminds me of LaLa from Vanderpump Rules.
  13. @bigskygirl what brand CPAP do you have? It sounds like your mask might be too big for your face if it's bothering your eyes. Is it a bad seal and the air is getting out? If you can try something new, Philips Respironics Dreamwear. I don't know if the connections are universal to any machine but I can find out. Also, I can't remember if it's you - do you also have Grave's? I do and I HATE IT.