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  1. Sidebar I carry a bottle of Secret Santa poo pourri in my purse at all times. It kind of smells like vanilla and cloves and it is a godsend if you work in an office or have a boyfriend. I don't go anywhere without it.
  2. With the utmost respect, I don't agree. Symptoms of NPD include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others' feelings, an inability to handle any criticism and a sense of entitlement (Mayo). To me, Bethenny fits all of those characteristics.
  3. Just like she exploited Jason and her divorce from him. I've never believed any of her caterwauling about Jason and the divorce any more than I believe poor Cookie, her companion of 17 years, had her medical emergency in the middle of the night and Bethenny couldn't call her friends. She's very sick. Very, very sick. She will never not be sick. The saddest part of all is there is an innocent 7-year-old girl that's stuck with her. I believe she drove Jason to the edge of insanity and it's magnified 1,000,0000 times because he loves and wants to protect his daughter. She has proven that she'll say and do ANYTHING for sympathy. It disgusts me.
  4. She might have been right at the very end of her last season (2012-2013) - Cannon just turned 4. I kind of remember that.
  5. @Alonzo Mosely FBI I totally forgot about lost at sea!! Sidebar I would LOVE to be homeless in a chauffeur driven luxury SUV. The Ballad of Bethenny Frankel.
  6. Hi Alonzo, Yes :( Happy Camper posted the link on page 107 of this thread. ETA, she said something to the effect of it's the middle of the night and I can't call my friends because they're all asleep. I wondered the same thing as you, with a big side of WTFffffffffff.
  7. Tell you what, I wish MY arms looked like hers!! I think the Skeletor thing came from when her hair was really dark and of course she's so thin. I liked her fashion much better this season. She tends to be very edgy in her casual looks and that's not my taste. But I thought she looked lovely on the tour of the Star.
  8. I totally agree with you @ZoloftBlob. I'm confident I would have the same emotional response (and probably then some). I know for me, my whole thing is why on earth her very first instinct was to broadcast it on Instagram. And now she's got some weird autopilot thing going on, which I also don't blame her for, but I don't understand her driving need to post it all on social media. I tend to forget sometimes how different people are.
  9. The fact that she couldn't call said "friends" for help in the middle of the night says a lot. I don't have a ton of friends but I can't think of one who wouldn't get right in the car if I needed help, and same for me if they needed help. That's what friends are for. I also thought it was disgusting when she posted the video tour of her apartment saying "Cookie's gate used to be here" etc. It felt like showing off and I'm confident it was. Then when she was bitching about the WWHL set looking like a funeral, you could tell the staff folks were very clearly OVER IT. Good lord.
  10. I was thinking about this the other morning when I was getting ready for work - this season was a total shit show!! All's well that ends well but good lord. It really does make me miss the glamour girls of the mid-2000s. I think the team does better when the girls are more mid to late 20s and even early 30s rather than 18-19-20 years old, just in terms of overall maturity. And then there were those high neck tops..
  11. @ByTor That is kind of you to say :) And I'm with you, I have zero patience...I'm not good at connecting with babies or the little ones! I'm much better with teenagers.
  12. Seriously!! I was pretty cute as a kid and people made a fuss over me. I EFFING HATED IT and hated being the center of attention, even now as an average looking adult. Seeing a little girl cry like that makes my heart hurt, no matter what the circumstances. I know it's cute to have a mini-cheerleader but she is clearly intimidated by 36 adults she doesn't know :( That being said, I'm totally not a kid person. Maybe because I was so uncomfortable all the time when I was one. Ugh.
  13. Hi Unicornkicks! If you look at the photos, especially the squad photo with Lennon, the materials are exactly the same texture and the shade of blue is exactly the same, as is the collar, the sleeves, the rhinestones on the cuffs and the crystals on the fringe and the stars. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely adorable. But its also easy to figure out where it came from :) The difference is very noticeable in the photo of Lennon and Brittany Evan's daughter standing together. I don't understand why she can't wear the play costume like all the other little girls who don't have access to the team seamstress.