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  1. It's very nice but so bland and boring. It reminds me of my sister-in-law's style; she's gone overboard on the neutrals and whites to the extent that their house is one big bowl of oatmeal with tons of knick knack paddywhack and no real depth. I own some of the exact decor pieces shown in the photographs and I totally got them at TJX stores. With all due respect to professional interior designers, I do know they charge an arm and a leg but they get some of their pieces at the same places regular people do. I know, you're paying for their eye and aesthetic. It then makes me think of these real life bored housewives who suddenly become interior decorators, thinking they have taste, when really all they have is access to their fully stocked joint bank accounts. Ugh.
  2. a) I can't quit Dorinda b) I love Sonja's townhouse c) I will never, ever like Bethenny d) I think Bethenny set Dorinda up to create drama for the business dinner scene e) Victoria would look so much better if she wasn't wearing skin tight, super short clothes
  3. True, but Kashara is also super pale in that photo. That is the only major difference for me. A good tan makes everyone look and photograph better!
  4. S05.E04: All Talk No Action

    Same experience / effect. I've had some serious blowouts from all the thyroid testing I've had to do but nothing that ever looked like Kathryn's arm.
  5. S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    That's a really good point ☹️Why (narcissm, manipulation) are all the jerks like that? Its bad enough when it happens in real life let alone when you have to see it over and over on TV. Sidebar I really wish Thomas would quit putting sandwiches/socks/flashlights down his white pants. Before they both went private on Instagram, that photo Ashley posted of the two of them going to church, every article of clothing he's wearing is legitimately too small. He looks like the kid who threw up on himself at school and had to wear clothes from the nurse's office.
  6. S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    @Sherilea43 it's the Find My Friends function on iPhone. Not technically an app, but functionality that is built in to the OS of later iPhones that must be switched on in order for it to work.
  7. S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    To me Craig is a man child loser in the game of life. I see someone completely different than most see. I would never want to be with a man who's too lazy to pick up after himself or even try to keep a nice place. Sure, he's making repairs but he's living like a 10 year old boy who doesn't know how to work the washing machine. Grow UP. After the show is over he will have nothing because he has 👏no 👏ambition. If he were trying to start a legitimate business, possibly. But sewing is a h-o-b-b-y and very few make successful livings off of their hobbies. It's the exception, not the norm. I see no problem with him living off his earnings from the show. But after the sun sets on Southern Charm, which might be sooner rather than later, what is Craig even going to do with himself? ....that is a rhetorical question. I think he's a bum in a pretty package. I'm still on Naomie's side. Even though what she did was wrong, she didn't say anything that women aren't told by their girlfriends during a breakup. "You're so much better than her" etc. She just shouldn't have said it herself, out loud. I will say however I was very disappointed to hear her use the words "sh*t my pants" about Cam going into labor. Very déclassé.
  8. S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    I actually admire Naomie for having the balls to go at it like that. A little crazy, maybe, but I have a hard time believing anyone else wouldn't be thinking the same things or bitching to their girlfriends in the same terms. Humans are inherently curious. It's just a whole new ballgame in the age of social media. I think Peyton's gross. I don't like one thing about her. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  9. S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    Peyton is a terrible actress.
  10. S06.E21: Welcome to TomTom

    Ariana is so fake and gross. Now that Tom is doing something, you're all about him? Get a room, get a life. Ugh.
  11. S05.E03: Groovy Baby

    Party of two 🍸
  12. S05.E03: Groovy Baby

    Naomie is only 25. She's learning. She has her shit together more than any 25-year old I've ever known, excluding myself, because I've never not had my shit together. But I understand where she's coming from. I can't say she's made the right social choices, but again, she's only 25. She does not yet know marriage and babies. But she is a loyal friend and she was trying to stick up for Kathryn and Elizabeth, even though she did not go about it the right way. As for Craig, well, I understand her frustration. He was living under her parents right next to her and didn't have a problem with it then. Didn't have a problem driving their Porsche around either. If my parents were supporting my boyfriend and me by way of a home and luxury cars, I'd expect him to get out of bed in the morning too.
  13. S05.E03: Groovy Baby

    The lack of chemistry between Thomas and Ashley is downright painful to watch.
  14. Only Bethenny would make Carole's first marathon about herself.
  15. S05.E02: The Break Up Bunch Part 2

    I'm stunned that people like Craig as much as they do. I think he's a whiny man boy who doesn't play well in the sandbox with others. You can't tell him anything and he never does anything wrong. He couldn't even get along with Shep and Austen at the grill. I think he's a total loser. If anyone ever called me "child" in an argument like he did with Naomie, I would have thrown him out immediately.