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  1. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I find it hilariously ironic that this is a movie they would see - Elastigirl is out working (fighting crime) and Mr. Incredible is the homemaker.
  2. mwell345, I just came here to say the same thing. I just finished watching the second season of Doctor Foster. Such a good series. The finale of Season One has to be the best culmination of a woman's slow-burn at being betrayed I've ever seen. Loved loved loved Doctor Foster.
  3. Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    You could see J'Tyler wanted to go in for a full frontal hug, and got blocked by Michelle.
  4. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Please tell me the person who posted this to Jill's IG is being sarcastic: "Do you have tutorials on how to make the signs? I love the ones on the car and on Izzy's birthday cake! You could sell them!"
  5. You're right! Paired with the same godawful shoes.
  6. I noticed that too - think it's Jenny. I commented on it in one of the other threads where the pics are being discussed. It's such a perfect basketball-shaped pooch she's got, making her look pregnant.
  7. I think it's avocado toast. Jesse posted a 'story' on instagram showing her plate with avocado toast at Magnolia. Literally the easiest thing to make at home, so why is it special enough to post from a restaurant?
  8. That’s Anna next to Jana. Anyone else see how Jenny’s (?) little pooch stomach in the picture outside makes her look 5 months pregnant? It’s kind of freaking me out!
  9. What struck me about the beach video is that they let all the boys eat the coconut first, and then made a point of saying ‘now that the boys have tried it, it’s the girls’ turn’.
  10. I first watched with sound, then without (as some of you suggested). Oh wow, her flinch at 22 seconds in. So sad.
  11. I just saw that - immediately came here to see if others had heard. When I saw the story about Ashton and Mila on the red carpet last night (first time in a long time they both appeared), I thought he must know the heat is on, and is in spin control/deflecting from scrutiny about why he hasn't come out to comment on Danny's crimes.
  12. S16.E14: Finale, Part 2

    I finally watched the finale parts 1 and 2, after reading everything here first. So, I noticed that although they never mentioned the hurricane's name, they placed the following words on the video when Tim visited Margarita in San Juan: "6 Weeks Before Hurricane Maria". So, it's understandable that the viewers would think it was that hurricane (more destructive than Irma) which hit during NYFW. All I could focus on was the mismatch in the sleeve lengths!
  13. Has anyone heard why Winona Ryder did not appear on Beyond Stranger Things? They were able to have David Harbour, Sean Astin, Paul Reiser, and Shannon Purser interviewed remotely. Only Matthew Modine and Winona Ryder were absent.
  14. L&O: CI Actors in Other Roles

    I finally binge-watched Stranger Things and loved David Harbour as Police Chief Jim Hopper. He was so memorable as the antique silver thief in Silver Lining and the creepy Christian father in Family Values. Also, took me a while to figure out VDO was in Magnificent Seven. His accent is very different, with a high pitch to his voice.
  15. Project Runway In the Media

    But this nbc article about her talks about her 20+ career in modeling, with this excerpt: Crosse played sports throughout high school and embarked on her modeling career at 16. While attending modeling conventions, she met agents and magazine editors from across the country that mostly encouraged her to lose weight. So, I think she is on the upper end of 36 or 37. Also, she was in the JayZ video Do It Again in 1999, and if she was born in 1983, she was only 16 in that video. I doubt she made that immediately upon starting her modeling career.