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  1. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    @EVS, great memory! It is from either episode 1 or 2 of Season 1.
  2. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Allie and her sister Arin started the company, naming it after their two dogs.
  3. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Yes, it seems you can do fine with 3 of the 4 parathyroid glands. It's amazing such a small body part can result in so many problems if left inside after it malfunctions.
  4. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @jynnan tonnix, it sounds like your doctor wants to check for a problem with your parathyroid glands (because of the elevated calcium levels). The parathyroid glands have nothing to do with metabolism (like the thyroid gland), but regulate the amount of calcium dumped into your blood. They are four tiny glands next to ('para') the thyroid, each the size of a grain of rice. Four years ago, I had to go to the ER for intense abdominal pain. Passed a large kidney stone and they found I had several other large ones in my bladder. I needed to have a parathyroidectomy (one of the glands was enlarged, for no known reason) and for me, there is no additional medication I take. Well, except Tums daily to add calcium back since the condition was leaching calcium from my bones. The endocrinologist I saw after the kidney stone passed (and I've subsequently passed a handful more, none nearly as painful as the first) said a problem with a parathyroid gland can cause symptoms like fatigue, depression, joint pain, brain fog, kidney problems (like kidney stones), muscle aches and digestive problems, which will improve after the surgery. Ironically, I found out a friend from church had the same procedure a couple years before me. We have matching tiny scars on the front of our necks at the base of the 'divot'.
  5. To me, the most disturbing emotional aftermath was what Leah's mother said. She said that "anything that happens to you, is because you created or did something wrong. So, I feel, because of that, I don't have compassion for others." That is so sad.
  6. Could the answer to the riddle be ‘a future’?
  7. S08.E10: The Final

    Just finished binge watching this. Am happy Sophie won, but also loved Steven, Liam, and Yan. I didn't care for Stacie, and thought it was telling that her follow-up was only about her love of pink increasing. God I hated her use of bubblegum colors. Also, Sophie's boyfriend is a slightly shorter Nicholas Hoult.
  8. Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    Which of them said 'Ew' when JB and Michelle kissed at the beginning?
  9. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I looked up Treehouse Sales & Solutions. It was founded by former Walmart employees (including Cathy, who joined in 2007). Their mission statement says, 'We provide retail consultation and representation for you to the Walmart and Sam's Club markets throughout the world." One of their clients listed is Dillard Family Ministry. I don't see where Dillard Family Ministry would need their services, except they list areas in which they can help, such as to "assist clients with questions & issues they may experience in the areas of Accounts Payable/Receivable, Deductions, & Paybacks."
  10. Yes, and this gem, regarding Mackenzie: "...the kids pile around to enjoy in her animated storytelling." Who is writing this crap??
  11. I completely agree. But I am enjoying the thought that Jill Rodrigues is jealous as hell that the Duggars released this CD!
  12. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Same person who sold Karen Pence her dress.
  13. Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    When Jessa went over to Joe and Kendra's to bring snacks and hang banners with several of the Lost Girls, she stepped in the front door and immediately said, "Don't touch that Jos ... Don't touch any glass. We're not here to make a mess. We're here to hang banners." Josie was touching something on a table next to the front door, and pulled her hand away. As they were exiting, Josie was moving pillows from a chair to the couch.
  14. So out of curiosity, I looked up the Moody Bible Institute (Aviation) website. Home page photo shows a woman - back to us, but still, that’s good. Watched the embedded video. A woman is in a scene showing students from years 2 and 3 (maintenance) sitting at work benches. Then, most surprisingly, when showing students from years 4 and 5 (specialty), they interview Eleanor Hanson, who is a pilot specialist. They also show a couple women instructors and/or administrators. They explained that the two years of mechanics are necessary for all students as missionary pilots are going into remote places and will need to do their own basic maintenance on their planes. Makes sense but I hadn’t thought of that need. Does Jill realize Tim might be alongside female students?
  15. It has to be their real IG account, as Austin and Joy, and Si just commented on it, and it is being followed by Jill. The first (and only post so far) says: So, I reconsidered the whole "bachelor to the rapture" thing.