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  1. Book 4: Lethal White

    I loved the book. Thought that it added depth to the characters of Cormoran and Robin. I agree with @GraceTX that the ending was rushed. The particular tactic used occurs often in mysteries and I usually find it disappointing. As with all of the books in this series, I think that the journey is better than the destination. Can’t wait for the Lethal White episodes to get to the US.
  2. S04.E10: Winner

    I like your theory, too. This is a universe where the characters slowly descend into their worst instincts. Character arcs don't play out overnight. I agree that Jimmy still intends to still be "Jimmy" when he is not working. I believe that what drives him finally and completely into Saul is the loss of Kim. Now, I don't think that she dies. Or is thrown into jail for her misdeeds. The tone of either of those "ends" doesn't fit with the story telling of the show, IMO. I envision one of two scenarios: Kim will finally be done with him. Failed relationships don't necessarily end with massive arguments, tears, etc. Often, one partner just reaches their limit. Splits can be quiet and gradual. We already saw the beginning of that this season. Or, and more likely, we see another confrontation between Kim and Jimmy similar to the scene on the roof. Rather than Kim walking away, it is Jimmy that ends the relationship. Despite his charm, Jimmy is a destructive force. Jimmy doesn't have an anchor without Kim. Why not submit to the Saul persona in full? That's what we see in BB. And for that reason, I don't believe that Kim is around in the BB timeline. As for Gene, he is defined by regret, guilt and fear. I would love to see Kim reunite with Gene and live (somewhat) happily ever after but that's not this show.
  3. S04.E10: Winner

    Not passive, necessarily. Defeated perhaps. I like @Penman61's description of the scene as "lyricized." I also think we were supposed to be watching Mike more than Werner (who was doomed weeks ago). I forgot about poor Margarethe. Guess she could be considered a loose end since she showed up in Albuquerque. Frankly, if I were Margarethe, I would be suspicious of the phone call from Werner saying - suddenly - that he didn't want to see me. I would probably file a police report. While that would not accomplish much, it certainly would qualify me as a "loose end."
  4. S04.E10: Winner

    Apologies if I missed this discussion... I'm interested in knowing what others thought about the scene between Gus and Gale in the unfinished meth lab. I'm not 100% certain it served a purpose in this episode (or season) beyond reminding us that Gus was in a cranky mood. Gale was his usual talkative, enthusiastic self until he caught that look of doom. BCS is very good about including links back to BB...reminders to essentially say "pay attention." However, in this instance, I'm not sure why Gus showed Gale the unfinished lab. Gus didn't seem open to conducting a "cook" in those conditions. Maybe it was a way to demonstrate that it remained unfinished and Kai & Company were either sent home or buried in cement somewhere. Regardless, don't we need confirmation about what happened to them? Mike told Werner that they would be sent home. Not sure if I believe him. While I would like closure on what happened to the German engineers, I would not mind if the next time we see the meth lab, it is finished.
  5. S04.E10: Winner

    As usual, the acting was incredible. Unlike many shows, BCS doesn't feel the need to rely only on broad, emotional scenes for impact. The small, quiet ones work just as well and that's a testament to this cast. Bob Odenkirk really delivered in every scene in this episode - from his little smiles to Kim to the rant to his scholarship candidate and then the full-on breakdown in the car. Having said that, I am going to be a dissenter and say that I was a bit disappointed in this episode. Way, way too much time was spent with the search for Werner. Yes, I understand that Werner served his purpose primarily in Mike's story line to gradually become "Gus' man." However, it was a long run for a short slide. IMO, the entire meth lab story line was tedious. It was just a matter of which engineer was going to go rogue and doom the completion of the project (Kai or Werner). I'm curious to see how this gets addressed next season. I was also sorry that we didn't see more of Nacho, both last night and in the season has a whole. His story line seemed to stall out in the last third of the season. Perhaps this was just me but I was distracted by Jimmy and Kim's activity early in the episode: crying at the grave, the library dedication, the scholarship committee. I was confused on the timeline (unnecessarily) and kept asking myself questions like "where did he get $23,000." Anyway, I spent too much time on the details and didn't step back to look at the broader plot. However, I loved how the groundwork was laid for his transformation into Saul and how he will carry his disrespect for the legal community with him. Jimmy/Saul wants to practice law but not uphold the law. All in all, this is a wonderful show and I dread the long wait before we see Jimmy, Kim, Mike and Nacho again.
  6. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    Saul is/was such an outrageous, flamboyant character that I never took anything he said at face value. In retrospect, this serves BCS well because it is easy to retcon some of his claims by saying, "Come on, can't believe everything that Saul said to Walter, etc." However, I don't understand why retconning a plot point cannot also equate to making sense and why making sense equates to something less than entertaining. These writers are quite skilled. They can make this plot point believable, logical, and entertaining. There is no reason to sacrifice one in favor of the other. I would find it perfectly logical and entertaining (in a dark way) if Howard forces the name change. And that was precisely my point. Once we hit BB, Saul is practicing and advertising his services. IMO, it would be taking the easy way out for the writers to say, "well, maybe the bar association won't notice" especially if it is because of a few throw-away lines in BB. I am a marketing director for a law firm. Local bar associations notice everything. And lawyers - even shady ones - pay attention, if they want to keep practicing. Jimmy/Saul wants to practice law. He does not want to uphold the law. He wants to stick it to the legal community.
  7. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    Entertaining and logical do not have to be opposing forces. Of more importance is that the explanation makes sense within the context of what we are now watching.
  8. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    I don't know for sure but I imagine that the name under which you practice has to match the name on your license. That's why I posed the question about whether Jimmy legally changes his name to Saul.
  9. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    No one is suggesting that a lawyer cannot change their name. However, the question arises about whether their name has to match their law license. It is why I linked to a short but interesting article from the ABA Journal: http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/second_identity_lawyers_may_use_a_different_name_socially_or_when_writing_n/
  10. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    Very interesting suggestion, @PeterPirate. Howard steps in at Kim's insistence to re-instate Jimmy but with the condition that Jimmy not use the name McGill going forward. I know that some see Howard as the ultimate bad guy but, if this speculation is true, I fully understand Howard's reasoning here. I'm also done wondering about Werner and his fate.
  11. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    I agree. Not quite sure how it is done or who pulls the rabbit out of the hat but Jimmy's law license will be reinstated next week. There is no need to drag out this plot line into next season. Here is a question: By the time we see Jimmy in BB, he is practicing law under the name of Saul Goodman and is advertising his services. So, its not a secret. Presumably, his original law license was issued to "James McGill." I am curious how he is able to practice under a pseudonym. It is hard to imagine that the local bar association wouldn't be aware that a previously suspended attorney is running a TV ad schedule under a different name. Here is a related article from the ABA Journal about attorneys using a different name: http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/second_identity_lawyers_may_use_a_different_name_socially_or_when_writing_n/ This makes me wonder if Jimmy legally changes his name to Saul Goodman and, if so, if it happens in the finale. (Forgive me if this point is revealed in BB. I binged that entire series in a matter of weeks and have forgotten some of the details.)
  12. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    Agree, LR. I'm not sure that I will recover from it. I understand Kim's frustration with Jimmy but...wow, that was harsh. Alternatively, I adore Kim and her easy-going nature. I think that she would be a great friend.
  13. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    Well said! With acknowledgment to @nodorothyparker, I pulled a few comments from that excellent post that describe how Jimmy's arc is playing out: I, too, assumed that his law license would be reinstated. Never thought twice about it. I'm also surprised that the shenanigans with Huell never came up since the Asst DA identified Jimmy as the "scumbag disbarred lawyer selling drop phones to criminals." Jimmy may also have been surprised that it didn't come up either since others in the legal community knew about his disbarment/suspension. In retrospect, it was a teensy bit too convenient that 1)Kim and Jimmy didn't review/rehearse his responses at the hearing before he went in. This would have given Kim a chance to say "You have to reference Chuck rather land crabs" OR 2)One of the attorneys at the hearing didn't pointedly ask him a question about Chuck since that's a reaction that they were seeking. The hearing and its outcome as well Jimmy's responses to both were established to push him further down the path of becoming Saul. In Jimmy's mind, he was screwed again by the legal community and by Chuck from beyond the grave. The show gave us little incentive for Jimmy to try and re-establish himself as an honest, diligent attorney. He most cetainly is his own worst enemy.
  14. S04.E09: Wiedersehen

    Another visually stunning episode. Gilligan and his colleagues have a way of making the most mundane shots look unique and interesting. Loved Mike and Werner sitting on the couch with only their heads visible above the couch in front of them. Speaking of Werner...I’ll extend a RIP a week in advance. Poor guy! Guess this is the other shoe finally dropping in the meth lab storyline. I’m tired of it and not the least bit interested. This was about Mike’s character arc and the choices he makes between dignity and ruthlessness. It really didn’t work for me. The less I see of Hector Salamanca the better. At least we know how that bell came to be. I’m getting concerned that the “when/how will Jimmy and Kim split” question will not be answered this season. Probably not surprising since everyone wants Rhea Seehorn in the show for as long as possible. Despite their shenanigans, they are a great couple. They have a deep bond with each other but I don’t think it’s love. I’m not sure that Jimmy is capable of it right now.
  15. S04.E08: Coushatta

    Here is why I think that all or some of the Germans are doomed: Werner was hired because he was cautious, practical and discreet...everything that the French engineer was not. Then, during R&R that Werner suggested, he suddenly is none of those things. While his behavior may be understandable, it was kind of alarming. Then, we have Kai who seems to have a big red arrow pointing at him. He is shown to be a bit of a rogue - loud, brazen and perhaps a bit reckless. Kai's plot line could go one of two ways: 1) he will do something stupid and call unwanted attention to the meth lab project OR 2) he will be the one to "save" the project when someone else goes rogue (Werner?). Knowing Gilligan, the first option seems much too obvious. At the outset of the meth lab project, I don't think that Gus planned to kill the crew once it was completed. However, these little hiccups - including the delay in completion - indicate that something ugly and unexpected is coming, IMO. For the most part, the "building of the meth lab" serves its primary purpose in Mike's story line. I don't think we are watching it because tons of BB fans wondered how it got there. How Mike manages this project and any crisis that develops will presumably solidify his role in Gus' empire. Maybe Mike screws up and lets his emotions dictate a response to this crew. Maybe he doesn't and is coldly efficient in his management role. Watching this top secret project unfold is a way of developing Mike's character arc and, simply put, giving him something to do. I would be surprised if it all goes smoothly and Mike's only purpose in it was to be a benign personnel manager. That doesn't mean that the entire crew will be killed. The project has to be completed and it would prove difficult to bring in a new crew because the previous one is buried in cement somewhere. And frankly, I'm already a bit bored with this story line and would hate to watch a "do-over."