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  1. S02.E08 Plan B 2018.07.24

    I don't think it was common knowledge yet that the CEO of the cosmetic company was super terrible, though. From the way Pinstripe talked, it sounded like there was a story that was about to break, but hadn't broken yet.
  2. S01.E20 Go Pirates!: Girls On Film

    I want to say it was episode 2. I think that I as their first encounter. I never considered him starting to groom Veronica like he did Lilly. That’s a really interesting perspective. I really don’t think Keith ever found out Veronica had put Lianne in rehab. At least not in season 1.
  3. S02.E10: FUBU

    This episode gave me such stress flashbacks to teaching sixth grade. I only made it a year and a half teaching in Baltimore before I couldn't take it anymore. The kid asking like a jackass when the sub came in. The girl sleeping through class and then being super excited the next day. That was every single day. It still is that way every single day.
  4. S02.E07: Day 450

  5. Season 2 Discussion

    We are not going to be doing individual episode threads because there just isn't enough traffic to warrant it.
  6. Discuss every episode of season 2 here! If you haven't watched an episode, prepare to be spoiled.
  7. S02.E15: The Car

  8. I'm right there with you. I think they're setting it up for Nathaniel to be her first truly adult relationship. She almost got there with Greg, but she kept getting pulled into Josh's vortex. Now, Nathaniel has been there to support her through 8 months of therapy without really being in a "relationship." But first, Rebecca needs to love herself because she can let someone love her. That last scene between her and Dr. Akopian broke my heart. When she was talking about being afraid of herself and what she knows she can do when she's feeling abandoned, I was completely riveted. I can't believe there's only 2 episodes left this season.
  9. S02.E02: Manhunt

    I love that they mentioned the America's Most Wanted episode with Cunanan. I remember watching that with my mom and being absolutely terrified Andrew Cunanan was going to come to Missouri and murder me in my sleep. Granted I was a 7-year-old girl at the time and not at all his target, but to this day, I still have that weird fear whenever Cunanan has been mentioned. And then my biggest celebrity crush ends up playing him in the TV show. I'm so loving Darren's performance thus far.
  10. S02.E01: The Man Who Would Be Vogue

    They definitely need to tone down the score. It's overpowering in a lot of ways. As a long-time Darren fan, I am so excited to see him getting such a meaty role. I found myself smiling at how amazing he's doing and simultaneously being disturbed with myself for smiling at this psychopath.
  11. Benji: He's Like Jewish Annie

    Your Benji topic!
  12. Season 1 Discussion

    I really liked it. I love the actress that plays Esther. She's fantastic on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, so I'm totally on board.
  13. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    As a reminder, here at PTV, we treat our discussions like a dinner party. Having a thoughtful discussion over the social implications of describing different characters of various races? Fine. Calling other people racist because they disagree with you? Not okay. Several posts have been hidden for crossing over from discussing the show to discussing other posters. Let's keep it on topic and keep it civil. Love, @AmandaPanda, @Mudra, & @Lady Calypso
  14. If you ever get a chance to see Trevor live, you should absolutely take it. His hour set flew by. I could have listened to him for another 2-3 hours.