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  1. S03.E04: Vietnam

    I don't think I was bored by this episode because I didn't live through the Vietnam era. The only part that really interested me was the draft lottery part and how that could have been a much richer storytelling device than it actually was. As has been pointed out, most of the stuff we learned about Jack isn't something Kevin is ever going to be able to find out. They could have had this be more from Kevin's perspective where he's talking to people who served with his dad and they're telling him the stories. That would have furthered the plot in terms of Kevin finding out about his dad. For the overall story, this episode won't really matter. I don't think we really learned anything about Jack that we didn't already know. We knew his dad was abusive and an alcoholic. We knew he had a younger brother who he tried to protect. If they wanted to go for full fantasy in terms of other characters not being to know this information, then I would have so much rather have had an episode from Nicky's perspective. That would have given a whole different perspective on Jack. Though, really, with these writers, it would have been another person thinking they aren't even worthy to breathe the same air as Saint Jack, but oh well. I was disinterested because in the grand scheme of things, this isn't going to pay off to a conclusion. My frustration is the writers just seem to be spinning their wheels. It doesn't feel like there is a plan. They're just kind of meandering along and seeing what characters people like the most. It feels like a lot of fan service at this point, which is very irritating. It's clear that NBC is going to keep milking this show for all its worth and the cast and creators are totally on board with that. If I were them, I would be the same because it's job security. The problem for people who are enjoying the story, though, is that they're writing to sustain. They aren't writing to an ending, which makes everything feel like filler.
  2. S15.E04: Momma Knows Best

    I like Maggie, but breaking HIPPA in that way is straight up a fireable offense. That was beyond ridiculous. I'm curious to see how Linc knows Jo.
  3. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    It was handled decently. I also just had an atrocious day, so basically everything rubbed me the wrong way tonight.
  4. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    This episode was just such a cloying, emotionally manipulative show. It contained everything I hate about the show all wrapped up in one big bow. I absolutely detest storylines where the character is in surgery and is being visited by past versions of themselves. It's almost painful to watch.
  5. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    I felt terrible for that Lyft driver. Kate and Toby were being completely inappropriate in that moment. I have absolutely no reason to believe Kate wouldn't have said that if Randall was standing there. Kate has repeatedly shown herself to be incredibly insensitive. She has always acted like she has the monopoly on grief for their dad. No one is allowed to miss Jack more than Kate is. It's by far my least favorite thing about her. Toby's behavior was completely on point with a person who is in withdrawals from an antidepressant. I took an antidepressant for 10 years. At various times, I went into withdrawals, mainly due to not being able to afford medicine until my next paycheck came in or because I was between refills and couldn't get the doctor to respond to my phone calls. It generally took about 3 days before the withdrawal symptoms were in full effect. Total irritability with anyone and everyone. Increased sex drive. Coming across as happy and elated, but flipping script in a moment's notice. They're actually handling this part of the storyline fairly well, as infuriating as it can be. It's true. She just handled it in a really bad way. Though it's also true that Kate kinda pushed her into handling it in a poor way. I totally believed it. After Kate's miscarriage, I can see Rebecca falling into a Google rabbit hole of questions about fertility and how it would look for Kate and Toby. I don't see it as something weird. I see it as her wanting to figure out how she could help her daughter, with whom she already has a rocky relationship. Kate absolutely would have flipped if Randall or Kevin tried to use Jack's name for their child. It goes back in with Kate's feeling she's the one who loved Jack the most and who was most deeply affected by Jack's death. If Randall was going to use Jack, I doubt he would have told Kate about it. I know I wouldn't have if I were in his shoes. I can see where Jack would have been the one to connect more with other parents. He was always more of the life of the party than Rebecca was. I always think Rebecca's relationships were probably more superficial. They saw each other at school events, but didn't have any close bonds. When someone dies, people don't know how to react. I'm sure there were plenty of people at Jack's funeral and even ones who came over to the house for about a week with casseroles and such. But as it gets further from the death, people drop off. It makes perfect sense that Rebecca doesn't really have anyone at this point. Yes, it is stupid. I also don't think Kate would have noticed the prescription bottles missing. Or even noticed that it was the same one for months.
  6. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    I felt for Randall. I feel like he has always been othered by his siblings. Kate's comment was extremely hurtful for both Kevin and Randall. The fact that she didn't immediately realize that upon seeing Kevin's reaction shows she has very little regard for other people's feelings. For Randall, all he hears from that is "Well, you're not Jack's real son." His children may not look like Jack, but his entire parenting style is straight-up from his dad. He carries on Jack's legacy in his children every single day. I find Randall's problems to be more complex than the others, so I'm not as tired of his. I would like to see more emphasis on his relationship with Tess and Annie, particularly with how Deja being there affects them. I'm 1000% tired of Kate's problems. She has become so grating and insufferable. I keep trying to find something redeeming about her and I really can't.
  7. S02.E02: 7.1

    I also thought JLH did a decent job showing the anxiety over taking that first call. I know some people thought it was unnecessary for her to start going through the checklist, but if that's the first call she's ever taking, it makes perfect sense she was going to go completely by the book. The person training her is sitting right there and she's nervous. It'll take time before she can just know what to do.
  8. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    You have to submit to a health assessment in order to be approved to adopt by most states. However, the purpose of the assessment is basically to state that the adoptive parent is likely to survive long enough to raise the child to adulthood. You don't have to be in perfect health. You just have to not be about to keel over.
  9. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    I thought the connection to the football player was that he was the one who threw the Immaculate Reception, which was the night that Jack and Rebecca met?
  10. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    I'm hoping that Deja getting to say her peace to her father was her way of getting to move forward. She's definitely going to continue to resist Beth and Randall because she doesn't believe they're going to be there long-term. I'm hoping this was the turning point and we're going to get some happiness and lightness from her character now. I want more interactions between her, Annie, and Tess. How do they fell about the adoption? How is this going to affect their place in the family? I'm so interested in all of that.
  11. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought so! I was trying to figure out if The Resident was made by the same studio as This Is Us to see if he could have been allowed a cameo or something like that. I already hate everything with the IVF storyline. I was so glad when Toby was able to say that he was uncomfortable with the procedure and that he didn't want to go through with it. Naturally, though, it's all about what Kate wants, regardless of how it will affect anyone else. I wish they had let Kevin and Zoe develop more and we could have fallen in love with them as a couple. Instead, we're again just told they are in love and the best couple ever. I get so frustrated with the show's tendency to tell and not show.
  12. S02.E01: Under Pressure

    I'm just not into Bobby and Athena at all. Maybe it's because I think Athena can do a million times better than Bobby. Angela Bassett can act circles around Peter Krause and I don't see any chemistry between them at all.
  13. S01.E08: Inshallah

    The best parts of this season were: Hanin's storyline and how they made her a real character, instead of just a McGuffin for Suleiman to chase. She had believable motivations for her actions. Her willingness to fight for her children made her compelling to watch. The Jack/Greer relationship. Maybe it's because John Krasinski and Wendell Pierce are both super charming and magnetic actors, but I loved their relationship more than anything. Their banter was great. Whenever Jack would stand up in a meeting and Greer would just brace himself for the fallout, I always cracked up. The fact that Cathy's job actually connected to the overall plot, rather than just having her as a doctor be a random character fact. She could have easily been a nothing character who was just there to stare adoringly at Jack, but they fleshed her out some more. The worst parts of this season: Everything to do with Victor. Starting with his random ass threesome in Vegas and how I was supposed to care for him. He was so extraneous and nothing would have been lost if he wasn't there. He brought literally nothing to the plot. Not wrapping up everything with Suleiman. I'm hoping he doesn't end up being a ridiculous Big Bad who is tied to every season. I'd rather see this as more of an anthology series where each season is a completely different case they're doing.
  14. S01.E02: French Connection

    I totally agree that it was way too easy to figure out. However, at least it was that and not like his birthday or something that I would totally have as my password.
  15. S01.E08: Inshallah

    Really liked this finale. I loved that Cathy's job isn't just some random happenstance, that it actually ended up being a part of the overall arc of the season. Interested to see where next season goes, though it has to have Jack going to be with Greer in Moscow. I need them to be reunited ASAP!