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  1. S06.E05: Naked Smoothies

    Keep working on that joke, Bosawks! When Chandler griped about the slide saying, “It always ends up being a pain in the ass for 30 seconds of fun” I thought “Yeah, I bet that’s how your former girlfriends describe you (in bed) too.” That one was handed to us on a plate.
  2. Below Deck in the Media

    Since this is the most general thread I'm using it to post that there's a Season 3 marathon on now. Leon and his endless beef cheeks! Rocky and her mermaid tail over the rail! Fire in the galley! Who can resist?
  3. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Yes! I was completely expecting some sort of guest meltdown and Adrian having to toss the veal and quickly figure out a “non-offensive” substitute he could quickly fire up. Thought he might lose his zen a bit over that, but next thing I see, the guests are loving their baby animal entree. Nice surprise!
  4. What on earth is Candiace wearing?
  5. Not familiar with it but it’s located down in the somewhat soul-less Federal Triangle area of big marble government buildings. Like many places, you can rent it for various occasions. I guess it fit her budget. http://mellonauditorium.com/category/about/
  6. I also don’t see a reason for Candiace (and Chris and Dr. Mama) to be on the show. They are not “Potomac” in any way (although I guess maybe she can see the Potomac from the top floor of her and her mama’s condo) and she’s boring. I do. not. want. to see her wedding. ETA: Except to laugh at it, and her.
  7. I was going to say that also, that she doesn’t live there at all but Bravo paid to use it for location shooting. I also wonder if at some point in the past Karen and Ray got legally separated but not divorced. That would explain her statements that their money is all separate even though they are married. Perhaps they legally separated but chose to stay married for tax purposes and social considerations, and that they wanted to live under the same roof while Rayvin was a minor.
  8. Yes, they have a prenup and they also altered it once already, as shown on the show. If both agree the pre-nup/post-nup can again be altered. My musing was more about why this man who seems to no longer want to be married would stay in a marriage when an acceptable financial settlement to the spouse with less money would allow both to move on. I realize in order for this to work both spouses have to act like adults and not get domineering, petty, greedy, vindictive, etc. I'd much rather amicably agree and get my life re-started than waste years in a marriage that's clearly over. Why keep her around for sex if she's no longer into it? While he has most of the money he doesn't have ALL the power. He can't force her to sleep in his bed or have sex. Leaving might mean she doesn't get as much as she would like, but she can still walk out the door any time she chooses. (And remember, she has a pretty decent Bravo salary now as well as whatever she'd get in the divorce.) Besides, I find their last-legs marriage boring so I just want them to end it and give us a new story line.
  9. If he really wants to end the marriage he ought to say, “I don’t want more children. I’m sorry we didn’t work out. I want to free you up so you can find another guy and have those babies. Let’s do this amicably.” Then offer her an attractive sum of hard cash and give her time to think about it. Throw in Oz as well. If he’s smart he can figure out her price point and first offer under it so if she comes back asking for more he can give what he originally intended to part with anyway. Why would she want to stay with a man who was ready to pay her to go? I’d rather take the cash than go through a drawn-out divorce. She could stay on the show and make her story line about moving on from divorce, buying a swanky home, dating, and redoing the restaurant to try to make it successful. I’d much rather watch that than his pink-eyed obvious dismissal of her desire to have children or some ridiculous IVF “journey to motherhood” fakery. He’s rich and a bit of a Bravolebrity now it shouldn’t take long to find Ashley’s replacement. I’ve seen less-attractive, rich white men his same age catch pretty women in their 30s.
  10. Shep and Kathryn posted on Twitter and IG about a surprise birthday party for Kathryn last night. I think her birthday -- she's now 27 -- is today. IIRC Pat hosted. There's a nice photo of Pat, Kathryn, and Shep. Kathryn wrote a sweet message about it being her best birthday and a wonderful surprise.
  11. I read the part in bold three different times thinking Toothbrush left out words and meant to type "Guess Ashley has no other options [for an] ATM." And then I realized ATM meant "at the moment". Works either way. LOL!
  12. S05.E16: Reunion Part 2 2018.07.26

    Well, even if she didn’t, she did not get pregnant that time! (Uh, as far as we know.)
  13. Robyn's money pit indeed! Bravo would have to give me a big bonus to step one foot in that nasty, likely toxic house. Even with the hard hats, filters, masks, etc. I would not touch anything there!
  14. As long as she doesn't go to Candiace's mother for that therapy!
  15. Below Deck in the Media

    "Southern Charm" is also morphing into "Vanderpump Rules". Apparently that show is the one Bravo wants them all to end up emulating. UGH. I agree, give us a good, mostly competent crew and let the situations arise (more or less) naturally. I don't mind when they bring on crazy guests because that's part of the fun. I'm tired of underlings who can't listen to the bosun, bizarre love triangles, chefs who won't cook what the guests want, and That One Girl who can't seem to get her act together. Although, the scene where that one girl handed Captain Lee a bottle of aspirin when the guests ordered Painkillers was all kinds of awesome.