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  1. S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    I think it's the correct conjunction because the point is they want both but can't have it. Now I just went out of town this weekend and took a friend two bottles of Vanderpump Rose so that she could have one and drink one :)
  2. S07.E03: Robin's Story

    I think both of these are true - and Garrett was an interesting case study with regards to this. They didn't give any of his "story" until the end - where we find out that he hasn't graduated from high school, has always been interested in welding as a career that runs in his family - yet at the age of 20 he had dropped out of school, and his life consisted of fast food and grocery store runs to eat in seclusion with his obese aunt, and from what we saw his family deemed that acceptable. (After the grocery store trip she said that while it was hard, she and Garret had a car full of lovely food to look forward to eating at home.) Without this show he likely would have continued that sad existence until his dad and his aunt died, and he was bedridden with a relative bringing him the bags of food. It wasn't until after the surgery that they even found out that they could do fun things like game night, which they certainly could have been doing at 600 lbs. but they had other things on their minds. I feel hopeful for him that he wants to learn a trade, get a job and a place of his own, and support himself and help his dad. At his age a proper sense of purpose and responsibility and the opportunity to have a life might be more motivating than a sense of urgency that an older and more debilitated person would be feeling. I liked James and found him to be more supportive than most family members we see on this show, and I noticed he had a job besides caretaker, but I wonder what he was escaping from. To be in your late 30s and able to move to another town to marry a woman you met once is suspect (and that's without factoring in the fact that she was morbidly obese and already needing help with normal life activities.) I will be looking for the "where are they now" on these guys. I liked them and wish them the best :)
  3. S07.E06: Love Thy Mother

    Once you eat it you won't have it anymore :)
  4. S05:E03 Caterpillar to Butterfly

    Hahaha! I'm sure MoNique and Sharon Osbourne could teach her so much about being a lady :D. I wonder if the twins are being given a storyline because 3 week of filming is taken up by Jazz recuperating and that's kind of boring?
  5. S06.E03: Old Habits Die Hard

    Yikes! After watching that instagram post, I have a new perspective: I think they are all a bunch of performing arts school misfits who have found unlikely fame and are going to ride it to the end. No "storyline" will be too demeaning. No wonder Todd hates her - he was in on the original Fat Girl Dancing thing and now she acts like she's his boss all the time! She didn't even take him to Fat Boy Dancing in California!
  6. S.08 E.04 Strangers in Paradise

    Here's the deal with the smoking: 1. she lied about being a non-smoker 2. she believed she could take it or leave it and found out she was wrong 3. If she were into Luke he would never have known she smoked; at some point she decided she'd rather enjoy a cigarette because he wasn't worth it I'm going with #3. (This is all based on my/my friends' dating and smoking experiences in the 1990's)
  7. S.08 E.04 Strangers in Paradise

    And he sounded dickish and sort of aggressively challenging when she asked a question about the sloths - “Look at you acting interested”. Agreed that his sloth love is part of his hipster doofus personae. 🙄
  8. S05:E03 Caterpillar to Butterfly

    Jeanette is gross. However I am LOLing at Greg’s vision of himself as one who likes to keep personal things private, and one who would find it difficult to be a “yes man” 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. S06.E03: Old Habits Die Hard

    You have to tape it and fast forward! It’s the only way 😄 Yes there was so much fake at that party. I’m also calling BS on Babs not knowing she was going to the gym, and Heather’s devastation about Buddy. We will see about this so-called girlfriend.
  10. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    I'm not arguing with any of this - but it still seemed to me that Debra wanted her daughter to see that she hadn't actually hurt his family. Is Debra a sane and reasonable person? Is that something normal people would do? I don't think Debra herself is normal - I'm just looking at what seem to be her motives.
  11. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    I felt like Debra was insisting that Denice meet Terra in the hospital to reassure her that is was okay that she had killed her brother, and I thought Denice responded in kind. But it bothered me that not one person - family, police, hospital- ever ever said to her "It's not your fault - you did what you had to do."
  12. S06.E03: Old Habits Die Hard

    Let's all just remember that in another week or two Whitney is going to be begging him to kiss her. So if it's a relapse he's going to get sober again real fast! (Unless that is the cause of the relapse and they're filming out of order - haha) But isn't he also then bringing his new 'girlfriend' to town and hinting at moving in with her or getting engaged or something? If they want to build suspense about their stupid made up stories, they shouldn't show the whole damn season in the previews.
  13. S07.E05: Ice Queens

    So true! IMO the masks slips almost every time she makes one of her bawdy remarks - she gets @1 out of 20 right, and the rest just make her sound like a foul-mouthed teenaged boy, rather than the master of the double entendre that she fancies herself. I've been checking out episodes from past seasons, and the number of references to Jax's "nuts" and "balls" are staggering.
  14. You're right - my bad :D
  15. Boorish asshat kind of describes Sam. Mia I would call a sweet humble felon.