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  1. S01.E10: It's Here

    My take on the show was that it was more Stephen King than Sybil-mental health. I guess that’s why I liked it more. Anyway, I’ll never know what 1111 meant to the Creators.
  2. S01.E10: It's Here

    So bummed that this show was canceled- thought it was mysterious and provocative. Ensemble cast was also exceptional- why was this not picked up?
  3. S06.E13: Making Fashion History

    Perfect, except I would add “hot young woman who couldn’t sew, and whose design was all “halter dress”
  4. S06.E13: Making Fashion History

    Loved Stanley’s show, but ok with Anthony getting the win. Do we really know that PR won’t be back? That would be such a shame. Hey - Harvey Weinstein & Co. running the show finally explains to me how Anya won! Light bulb moment 💡
  5. S06.E12: History in the Making

    Purely from a design perspective, I know 0.00 women who could look good in Fabio’s look. Both of his silhouettes were frumpy and made the model look heavy. I think the judges/producers just wanted to keep him in for the eventual win.
  6. S06.E11: Nina's Crushing It

    Oh snap - on closer examination that’s NOT an ankle strap - it’s a prison tat. ☹️
  7. S06.E11: Nina's Crushing It

    Agreed that Edmund should go home because his jumpsuit had a room for a peen. Also agree with Ken’s win. Alyssa looked great this week (minus the ankle straps on the yellow shoes). I keep thinking they’re editing for Fabio to take all.
  8. S06.E10: Rock Your Face Off

    I love you for raccoon-art
  9. S06.E09: Posen on the Red Carpet

    I am petite and curvy (not model thin). The very worst thing I could wear would be those culottes. Lots of things are flattering on me, but no culottes or odd-length bell sleeves ever.
  10. S06.E09: Posen on the Red Carpet

    I know what you mean about the “too skinny”-ness of that model. They should bring back Joshua’s model (Aminah) because she can rock anything. Just saying - it was super flattering, and the choice of fabrics worked and wasn’t overwhelming. Red carpet gowns should highlight/showcase the person wearing it. I think it’s an art - just my two cents.
  11. S06.E09: Posen on the Red Carpet

    I agree that Helen’s should have won (and I don’t love her work). The model wearing orange is so thin that it’s hard to tell whether the dress is flattering. I’m jumping on the “Alyssa needs a better stylist” bandwagon. Someone help her,
  12. S24.E09: Beauty Is Movement

    Sha-Nasty all the way - especially since Sandra was (unfairly) booted last week. As gorgeous as Jeana is, she’s too short to actually model (other than beauty shots). Top Model used to say they wanted a winner who would excel in all facets of modeling, but seems to have strayed from that Erin is the same age as Tyra (not subtle at all).
  13. S02.E06: Descent

    Just figured out that the guy playing Red was Terry Sweeney (from Saturday Night Live). He was so real and fabulous in this role.
  14. S02.E06: Descent

    Can Red have his own series please? Also one for Andrew’s Mother?
  15. S06.E08: Mizrahi Madness

    I would only wear Helen’s or Edmund’s to an actual Spring party. I thought that the others didn’t flow. I hate to be hard on the designers though - they just don’t get enough time to edit and finish. Is Josh sleeping with one of the judges? How does he get through each week?
  16. I can’t get behind Joshua’s look (even though the fabulous Aminah was wearing it). I did like Edmond’s and also Helen’s look. Im not sure why everyone is hating on Betty Boop
  17. S06.E05: Fashion's New Superheroes

    I loved Char’s - they pass her by each week, but this week really stood out. Way to give a thin model a belly via bad darts, Merline. Josh should’ve been in the bottom, but Aminah rocked it out and saved him.
  18. S06.E04: Balls Out!

    Loved Merlines look, worn by the fabulous Aminah.
  19. S02.E01: The Man Who Would Be Vogue

    Thought this was compelling. I had imagined that Andrew’s burn mark shown in the ocean was from kaposi sarcoma. Also imagined that Versace’s medications were for HIV. Beautiful sets and costumes (duh). Only downside was that scenes with Donatella seemed a little slow-paced.
  20. S06.E03: Perfect Pairings

    I thought the same thing when I heard she was judging, but she actually had thoughtful feedback. Still, I miss the Duchess for Helen’s toilet-paper dress.
  21. S06.E03: Perfect Pairings

    I am sounding super negative this week, but whether it was the time constraint, or the premise of “based on your meal pairing”, there were more fails than usual. I’m okay with the elimination - Melissa (usually very talented) made a Grandma-at-Easter dress. Not sure why the judges liked Ari’s from the back as I thought it was worse than the front. Josh and Amanda’s looks we’re unflattering and had no relationship to the challenge. Helen’s dress was kind of awful, but given that they had one day for this, I thought she had a design at least. Merline’s was a hot mess (again), but the judges seem to love her. I want/would buy Candace’s top (say thank you, Merline) or Ken’s gown in a heartbeat. I’d buy Anthony’s if I were 5’11”, and Fabio’s ❤️
  22. S06.E02: Damsels in Distress

    Bottom (IMO) were Amanda, Char (nobody wants a moose knuckle); and whoever did the Prince knock-off Black mini with the purple appendage near the ear. Anthony deserved the win, but there were other designers (Melissa, Candace) who should have been top three id wear a gown after the apocalypse because I’d want to ‘catch’
  23. S24.E01: The Boss is Back

    Can Rita come back? Please? Props to Tyra for working herself into everything (did you know I was 15 when I started modeling, so you will be model number 15?). I can’t see most of these girls modeling in the real world. Sadly, there is a “shelf life”. The runway clothes were super fun though.
  24. S06.E01: Rookies vs. Vets

    Yes, Helen...the team dragged down your remarkable talent. Way to take ownership...at least Ken admitted to his mistakes. These pictures illustrate that Georgina's tasted in clothes is about as good as her taste in husbands. I am sure all the actresses that were forced to wear her clothes are laughing their asses off. Totally agree. Love both these looks, especially Candace’s, and not sure how she missed top three. I don’t want to hate on Georgina because her husbands a bag of garbage. A lot of women have spouses with “hidden life styles”, or at least hidden from them. It can be sad.
  25. S06.E01: Rookies vs. Vets

    Who made the brown crop top with the fabulous, long, flowy multi-colored skirt? I loved that and was sure it would be top three, along with the roll-disco jumpsuit. Didn’t like Justin’s look, but watched this show enough to know they’ll keep him for the fireworks.