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  1. Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    Irritated as heck that I am missing out of some good JJ episodes because normal news time along with maybe top and middle of episode updates aren't enough for the news people to report "no change!! Be scared!!". I bet there won't be any "we never have any clue where hurricanes are going but you are quite welcome for having your idle distraction while waiting it out shows disrupted" reports. I am 70 miles from Wilmington, waiting to come out on the other side sometime tomorrow. No worries here, not my first rodeo but y'all keep up the good chatter about my beloved JJ episodes while I am without power. I hope others who are dealing with it do okay. Don't worry! Just get through it and it will be a chapter in your life experience book. eta great minds @SRTouch and all that. Cross posting with you, the same sentiments.
  2. From a while back discussion: I read during the time, that the big fight in the street between JohnJohn and Carolyn was a put on to throw people off the scent of them getting secretly married in a few days/weeks. Carole looks really good in the above video. She needs to stop the filler crap, and use minimal makeup. She is really quite beautiful to me when she doesn't go overboard on the two things mentioned.
  3. S11.E01 A Series of Unfortunate Flips

    I love his relationship with Chaz and that they can get irritated with each other and yet also be ridiculously stupid with each other and not get mad over it. I mean the hashtags he does are hilariously deadpan/serious/loving in a picture of Monroe's hair on twitter: What are you waiting for @chazdean? #endorsement #wenkids #godfather #wenheiress #wenpire I only watched bits of the show while doing other stuff. Jenni looks haggard, Jeffrey looks a bit older. I quietly freaked like he did with the "she's choking" scene. Loved how Gage just stepped right in and took her.
  4. @Koalagirl Maybe Sonja's hair extensions are from this photo shoot? Not sure if this will be part of the upcoming season: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6155505/RHONY-star-Sonja-Morgan-flashes-skin-Paper-magazine-fashion-spread-featuring-Teflar.html I am back and forth on the pictures in a wow great pics! whoa freaky pics! kind of way.
  5. Flipping Out In The Media

    @SunnyBeBe Hey there, I can't remember where you posted about sleeping through a hurricane but to respond, I did the same thing! I am 70 miles from Wilmington, right in the path it seems now. And my youngest (grown) son is irritating me because he is leaving with his girl buddy and her family in the morning to go to the Boone mountain area...and the storm is showing as headed that way now by Saturday! Gah! He won't change his mind. We have our generators ready for hook up so we won't be miserable afterwards but will still have a lot of work to do when it is over. I just hope the flooding is minimal (Matthew was horrible two years ago, you know since you are in Raleigh) and our house doesn't blow away.
  6. Flipping Out In The Media

    @Bossa Nova @crgirl412 I have pared my Bravo down to MDLNY/LA, Flipping Out (or anything with Jeffrey), RHNY/BH (although Rinna and Erica are ruining it for me, I haven't even watched last season yet), Top Chef and Imposters. Shah's Of Sunset is on my Oh a marathon is happening, let me record it category. I only see Jerry O'Connell's new show later this month being a new add on for me. I do take on a lot of "oh no, I don't want that to happen to them" and I don't even flipping know these people so I do get the I need to find some real issues to worry about mentality (worrying if Jenni and Jeffrey are really on the outs), haha
  7. S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    I took Carole's upsetness about b contacting Adam as: Carole and Adam broke up. They weren't angry with each other but were probably working out some kinks on how to deal with the emotions of it. Carole thought that b's loyalty should have been to say Carole, I know y'all are broke up right now but I could use Adam's help. Would it bother you if I reached out to him for help? I never took it as Carole thought b was making moves on Adam.
  8. Scene set up: I say: Pay attention! The descriptions say it is shark torn, not chihuahua. And you say Pay attention!! Pay attention??? and then you flip a table...
  9. I am confused about the dress designer/maker name. Is it Jovani or Giovani? Are they two different things or spelled two different ways depending on who is writing it (on tv)? On the show it was Jovani, closed captions and also written when Dorinda was shouting it out. Don't remember if it was Jovani at the store. Then on WWHL, it was also Jovani but also Giovani. Is one a store (Jovani) and one a designer (Giovani). I am confused as heck about it.
  10. S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    I thought the point Carole was trying to make during the booyah moment was not that the text (setting Carole up with rsg) didn't exist but that b was lying about the timeframe of the text being sent. She said (on the show) it was sent that night after the speed dating vs it really being sent a few days later and that was the point she was trying to make. Andy even said that and it was lost under b's overtalk/distracting him by shoving the phone in his face while looking for text. eta I also thought Ramona was referring to b when she said softly you don't see yourself clearly comment. All I know is that Ramona and Sonja are a good duo, hated when b was trying to make Betonja happen, it was painful. Ramona, Sonja, Luann, Dorinda, Tinsley, while they might get irritated, argue, lash out, as friends do, they are believable in their interactions with each other. b is just a paper cutout in scenes, there is not much depth to her interactions with the others other than fulfilling her filming/promotions/tearing someone down obligations.
  11. Flipping Out In The Media

    @biakbiak I think current time was wrong word as a time frame. She posted about the show on Sept 4 and has posted a couple times in August about the show. Reading the links, it seems like Jeffrey's house business is a real thing, the show is a bonus for his business versus Jenni was not interested in his business beyond filming for the show and the show was supposed to be a bonus for her to get other tv gigs. During her maternity leave, Jeffrey continued to grow his business, adding new employees as you would do for a real business and Jenni felt coming back that there was not a place for her in filming if she didn't have a "part". The rest gets murky for me as to what was agreed would happen (her filming still or leaving on good terms while still being a producer of the show; when she got it in her head to cause trouble for Jeffrey and the show). I do think I have it right in thinking this: The quote about losing the show now (after this season) is a bit of hyperbole because he states that people probably won't want to watch if she isn't on the show, not that the show is cancelled from the allegations, which he says were investigated and dismissed. Oh, well, we shall see I guess. I will watch Jeffrey until he is tired of doing tv. I would follow Jenni to a show of her own, if she had someone else on with her who was a "lightning in a bottle" phenomenon like Jeffrey is.
  12. Flipping Out In The Media

    I think it has to be for show, the falling out. I went to her twitter and she is promoting the show in current time, showing no signs of a falling out. I adore both of them but there is a little bit of a "gotcha" under the surface for me with Jenni. A little bit of a sneak. Jeff is upfront, in your face, no holds barred, no "gotcha" under the surface to me. He sees all, is nobody's fool, and doesn't like being played and when he is he goes full throttle "get the heck out of here" mode, bridges burned. I think he has to be that way because there is always someone who is going to do the "gotcha" with him. The article says she reported him and there was an investigation and he was cleared so who knows if it is real or "real".
  13. Pet Peeves

    @Mindthinkr Yeah only about 75 miles inland which seems to always have a target over it for hurricanes in NC coming in at the lower outer banks. I am about halfway between Wilmington and Raleigh in a triangle way, closer to the eastern part of NC. Last time was Matthew, with floods for three weeks here. Major floods, historical ones. I have never been so frightened in my life because I live with dudes and they had to cross a flooded bridge daily to get to our farm (their side job for them, they also had to go in for their regular jobs). We were on a large, high rollback truck. I went one time across it with them and just wanted to live at the farm until the waters receded instead of having to venture back across.
  14. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Just watched the Phoenix episode so that cleared out the irritating San Diego couple. These two were pretty cool with a super cute kidster. I love that they got the new built home and went far below their budget anyway, upgrades wise. The house was nice for them and while couponers irritate me, I admire her way with money/budgets, so I don't begrudge her a place for it.
  15. Pet Peeves

    No we're not, no we're not, no we're not! That hurricane is taking one of those two spaghetti lines that curves well before NC! We have our generator, supplies, plans in order just in case though, gah! If she comes through here it will be our sixth major hurricane we have dealt with over the last 20 years.