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  1. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

  2. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Huh? I kept slowly shaking my head in bewilderment while watching the Rhode Island episode tonight. They were just...stupid.
  3. Top Chef in the Media

  4. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Haha, yes! I had an "It's Carrie!" moment just at the time you posted and I was coming to edit.
  5. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Hmmmm. Jim! One of my favorite contestants. Meh on Brother, now and during his season. Loved Carrie on her season and love her now. Yay biscuit lady is gone. She irritated me for some reason I haven't figured out yet. This is my first season of watching LCK. I have been against the second chance format, being a once you are out you are out kind of gal in games, but this was enjoyable just for watching them cook quickly, small group, and a lot of Tom. I still don't like that they are working their way back in but I might continue to watch, especially since it is short.
  6. S16.E01: The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

    Weighing in on the is it WF discussion. Is this the first season where the Top Chef knife logo is used on the (reusable) grocery bags? It was plopped down prominently (in slow motion I think) at the end of the shopping. I am in the group that is confused by the low key branding of WF in this episode, if it is WF. Also, Caitlyn isn't the first to go down for signature biscuits. There was another guy who went down for them when he was supposed to be an expert with them (and I think it was for biscuits and gravy).
  7. S16.E01: The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

    And the soothing warm towel on top of the balm was seeing a starting date commercial for my beloved MDLLA. I just watched today and I am glad tomato lady is gone, she was irksome to me. I hope the private chef does well just because he is kind of self aware about being portrayed as the jerk and seems to want to overcome it. The two Asian ladies are winning me over more than the two southern ladies. During the "keep the pastry chef secret" quick conversation between the two southern ladies, which one is the pastry chef? I caught two things between Tom and two chefs that stood out to me, in a mentoring way: When the beets/ricotta guy was saying what he should have done to improve his dish, Tom was shaking his head yes and I think that struck a chord with him, the chef being able to accept what was wrong and figuring out what needed to be done to make it work.Tom likes growth. The second thing was when he threw out the do you need flour for gnocchi? comment. He was giving input to him and I found myself wondering if there might be a flourless gnocchi in a future challenge for the guy. As a lover of pimento cheese and deviled eggs I love that it won a spot on the board. I remember a past chef doing an array of deviled eggs and I can't remember if she was praised or not then. Over the summer I watched chef Edward Lee on Mind of a Chef and I hope he is showcased this season. He has an interesting simple eventful life. I can't remember if it is still a thing but found myself wondering if the wins the first elimination challenge lead to taking the TC title is still a thing.
  8. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Frank Costanza living Del Boca Vista...or something I feel for him because I can't for the life of me say shiplap and it is everywhere! I have to actually pause when I hear it being said, say it, or try to spell it. JJ really had it in for that jeweler in the Cartier watch case. I wish there had been more discussion in that episode to figure out why. So. In the case where the bloated belly woman in the "medical field" I kept wondering if she was the official pill stealer or something of that medical ilk? I would love to have her, the airline stewardess who got a refund from Costco for her engagement ring and the HOA jackass to live in the same HOA neighborhood. They could take turns being the president of it and keep others from being miserable.
  9. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    It wasn't "shroomed" that she wrote on the postits it was "shermed out" and Byrd was correct in what it meant (I think he did a quick google somehow because when JJ first asked him he didn't know) and yet the defendant quickly said it meant drunk, not high on whacky spiked cigarettes. I can't remember the case but in the hallterview the defendant said "I wish her well and also hope she gets hit by a Mack truck".
  10. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    @Ohwell I agree, and looking back at my two posts it seems like I was contradicting your two points which was not my intent. In a roundabout way I was agreeing with you. The mother, daughter, boyfriend, Lola episode had all the makings of being an episode I would not like but for some reason I liked it. I wish like heck that the Lola would have been on the show to give us a better perspective of what really happened with the money and boyfriend!
  11. Flipping Out In The Media

    Catching up on the threads/season and on one thread there is a bit of discussion about Meghan. I came across these two things in searching for a reason to figure out why I went from hating her at first, to a complete turnaround and liking her immensely: https://www.lahomemag.com/portfolio_page/meganweaver/ http://meganweaverdesign.com/about-megan-weaver/ A random thought occurred to me just now. I would probably watch a Meghan show. Huh.
  12. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I paused the screen when they showed the spare bathroom in the NM adobe house because that was the prettiest tile floor I have ever seen. It had such a nice pale blue mixed in and the size and pattern was just pleasing to the eye. I think they picked the best choice, glad it wasn't the new build. Hated the modern museum house. I love that style but the whole house was just, I don't know, something was off about the design choices made me dismiss the whole home. I could see Jeff Lewis coming in and making it a worthwhile purchase though. I didn't think the wife was as bad as mentioned here. I thought they were both just kind of geeky and trying to play up a less geeky persona, which came off as even more geeky. ha.
  13. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I have this episode to watch but a bit off topic quickly: Just finished (over the course of two weeks) three seasons of BCS (next up BB) and it made me want to move to Albuquerque, the scenes were so beautiful. I got married at 19, had my first kid at 25 and that kid had his first kid when he was 22 which put me at being a grandma at 47. --- Bliss??? Also, I thought the artist wife in that family kind of sucked at "unique" portraits, at least in the one they showed. They were a cute family but had a bit of affectedness to them (the parents). I did like that she wanted separateness from the family, actual rooms to escape to instead of always being in one big room.
  14. S03.E06: Off Brand

    @SoMuchTV I am completely enjoying BCS and enjoy coming to read a bit of the posts each episode to see what BB things popped up that I don't know about (along with BCS discussion), and think I will have a different (better?) experience when I finally get to BB binging by doing it this way. So I am going to take your advice (except for the rewatch of BCS after BB) and possibly report back (it might take a while since I only watch a couple episodes at a time).
  15. S03.E06: Off Brand

    I am in weird late to the show twilight zone at Netflix binging because I am starting with BCS, instead of BB. My reason for the above quotes is that since the Mike reveals his part in being a dirty cop scene with his DIL I have felt that the DIL is using that against Mike, in a blackmail way. She always has an "innocent" request, with underlying threats (it seems that way to me) and then Mike has to go further into the dark zone to pacify her or pay for his past. If anyone wants to msg me or spoiler tag it for me: Is that the end result? Is she using his past to get what she wants? Huh. I guess I need to go read that recap and decide if I want to continue with BCS (I am up to this episode now) or quit and start BB first.