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  1. I have the wonderful(?) issue of being able to watch something even when it turns bad, if I adore the actor. I really like all three of the main characters on the show so if I am able to catch it, I will probably watch the whole series to finish. I mean...Do you think I am still watching The Blacklist because it is still good? Nope, I am one of those **ahem** James Spader freaks. I will watch anything he does, no matter how bad.
  2. Is Amazon prime that you use for shipping and Kindle different from what you would use for tv viewing? (sorry to sound so stupid, I can barely understand my son's Netflix when I keep my granddaughters while they work).
  3. Yes, that was my thought about it so I was surprised when it just fizzled into so much angsty stuff. OT: What is the show you are looking forward to seeing? I won't discuss to get off topic, just interested. Another show I hate is Hot Bench, from the beginning. It also should be a show I like. I don't like any of the other court shows except for JJ because they all seem so cheesy and contrived. I had hopes that Hot Bench would be a smarter show but it irked from the beginning. The judges are appealing to me so it's not that. I hate the way they make the decisions, the I don't know, folksiness? of the way they interact with each other. It seems a little to pat. I am not explaining it very well but I hated the show from the first episode.
  4. I fell into the whole hype of This Is Us during the first season and enjoyed it a lot. Then I got to the second season and watched maybe two episodes, still kept recording it but not watching. I was saving it for binging. And there I was in the spring of the second season, remembered that it was turning kind of sappy from the episodes I did catch and one day I just deleted the whole season. I hate when a show I start out liking, turns sappy, preachy, too something I can't define. So I now hate This Is Us. A show I loved from the beginning was Mom. I still love it, hope they get back on track a bit more with what I do and don't like (it seems to be losing its way a bit) yet I find when I try to watch the endless repeats being shown now, I don't find it interesting enough to finish a repeat episode. So it is borderline hate I guess, for repeats.
  5. The Office and Barefoot Contessa are two shows I will watch anytime, anywhere, over and over. Show I wish I could find again, Burn Notice. I stopped watching about half way through the series and I can't find it anywhere now. "They're like doll clothes".
  6. I am pissed because I specifically remember making sure there would be NO math and real estate law involved before I got hooked on this damn show and now, here we are, four pages of math and real estate law. Haha, I just can't figure out which side to pick, Luann's or the trio.
  7. Pet Peeves

    Yeah, they are, as long as... they get this reaction.
  8. Pet Peeves

    Dwight Schrute has to be involved somehow.
  9. Holiday Food Traditions!

    Thank you. I will be alone this weekend and I am going to fix a small batch of it. I might leave out the celery. I have quirks with it, like it certain ways and other ways make me gag. I want to focus on the cabbage/corn combination because it never occurred to me to put the two together in a slaw. I am a slaw person, in that I like a cold sweet sour component to most of my meals. I love spaghetti with meatballs on a plate with green beans and slaw. I had a teacher at work (I don't work there anymore) ask me once about it when I was eating it (I had brought my slaw from home that day) and I said my Mama always did it that way and she exclaimed Mine did too! so it was a little "we're weird" moment, haha. Something that I put out for a dip and chip item is a dip made of a jar of Heinz Chili Sauce (no generic brand, it doesn't quite work and no! salsa substitution ), bag of finely shredded cheddar cheese, finely diced green pepper (very fine, almost minced but not). Mix it all together and serve cold with tortilla chips. Some people go bananas for it, some want warmed over the chips (I never do it that way). It is one of those things where you either like it or hate it. Someone brought it to a pig picking once and I loved it so I make it sporadically.
  10. Holiday Food Traditions!

    Can you give a cabbage/corn ratio? I think I can do the rest on a to the taste basis but the cabbage/corn part seems important. And is the celery chopped or matchstick style? eta I will use frozen white/shoepeg corn which is a small kernel if that helps give a ratio.
  11. Well where the hell am I then because I thought it WAS Sofia Vergara?
  12. No snark, you need to be a writer on the side @GHScorpiosRule Tell your recruiter to start finding you some writing gigs at newspapers/magazines/websites, etc and start writing your life for money. GHScorpiosRule Files can be a working title for your daily escapades
  13. You will be wearing panties!
  14. Chit-Chat

    Hmmmm, I just updated a new email address for my Amazon and Kindle account earlier. I don't think I busted the site doing it. I couldn't have, right?
  15. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Yes the "Isha's"! She was equally as stupid as the vocabulary guy from a recent previous episode. Man, her son did not want to have any attention placed upon him, did he? I bet she embarrasses him everywhere he goes. And she kept fiddling with her hair which was annoying. What probably happened is the insurance adjuster came to her house, gave her as little money as they could, she accepted it. Then she spent the money. When she finally took it to a mechanic they found the actual damage costs. If she had taken the car to the body shop and had the insurance adjuster meet there, the adjuster and body shop person would have gone over the damage and she would have probably gotten the correct amount at the start. I'm like JJ, I don't even care because she was so stupid. I am glad the defendant didn't have to pay anything and I believe her version of what happened (from the hallterview). This case was also a bonanza of gallery people! I actually watched a whole segment of just looking at the gallery, the rewound to watch the actual case. Googly eyes is back, with a makeover and new glasses! She was on the defendant's side. And "reaction face" girl was sitting next to "I can't stay awake" girl on the plaintiff's side. They need to change places because reaction face girl keeps trying to get can't stay awake girl to notice her reactions. I hated the Paris case. I also hated the culinary school kid case, being sued by his mother. I do think the son owed her the down payment for the car. JJ really picked at her over her other sons and she said she gave one of them a down payment but it was actually rent money that he had been paying her. She saved it and surprised him so she really didn't do any more for him that the son she was suing. I don't know, the case just struck me wrong. I hated vocabulary boy case also. Bub is way too into his feelings.