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  1. S06.E17: Closet? You'll Love It!

    All along they've made Haley the younger Claire. And Andy is the younger Phil. If I was a betting girl I bet many of the same folks who say they don't see why Claire is with Phil, don't get the Haley- Andy pairing. He's sweet and goofy and willing to go the extra mile for his girlfriend. Haley has watched her dad be just like that to her mom her whole life. Makes sense to me.
  2. S06.E17: Closet? You'll Love It!

    It was funny and made me laugh. I'm not looking for realism here! There are a number of custom closet companies out there, Closet Factory and California Closets come to mind. We used one of them when we redid all the bedroom closets in our previous house. DIdn't see any TV advertising for them, true, but lots of flyers and magazine ads. Those aren't as funny to film though!
  3. S06.E16: Connection Lost

    Thought it was a lot of fun. Thought Mitchell looked like that self portrait of Van Gogh in the straw hat.
  4. S02.E18: Tempus Fugit

    Excellent episode. I wish Abby had a moment to tell Grace we have a black president. She would've liked that.
  5. S01.E17: Red Hood

    Well, that was disturbing. Didn't, ahem, see that coming.
  6. Season 3: Get Your Spoons!

    First episode I've caught this season, but has Vanessa been this stalky over Anthony Bourdain the whole time? She's kinda scary.
  7. S01.E10: Black Santa/White Christmas

    Awesome twist!
  8. S01.E09: Colored Commentary

    Very funny episode. Many lol moments.
  9. S06.E08: Three Turkeys

    The first episode explains about the show being a documentary being filmed, but, like The Office, it's gone on long enough and it's too complete (bedroom scenes?) to be credible. But that's ok, I love the talking head parts best!
  10. S06.E08: Three Turkeys

    Luke put the turkey in the oven while Phil's back was turned.
  11. S06.E07: Queer Eyes, Full Hearts

    I really enjoyed this one. We had a lot of lough-out-loud moments. Thought the end bit with Hailey losing it in the car was great.
  12. Lily ripping up her poster "Mrs Plank doesn't tolerate mistakes!" "Blello?" Funny stuff.
  13. S01.E05: Crime and Punishment

    When we lived in CA the school cutoff was Sept 1. We moved to CT the year before my son started school and the cutoff was 12/31 of that year. My daughter had a bunch of late-year-birthday kids (who were 4) in her Kindergarten class. Often parents delay starting school for their sept, nov, dec bday kids, especially if they're boys, to give them time to mature. I assumed Jr turned 13 at some earlier date (since they didn't show a family party for him) but just learned about bar mitzvahs or just decided then he wanted one. His school maybe a grades 6-12 school, (especially if it's private, divided into a lower and upper school), so he may have become aware of bar/bat mitzvahs from a child in the lower school.
  14. S01.E05: Crime and Punishment

    I loved the debate about the pros and cons of and whether Jack was responsible enough to care for his imaginary-homeless-person-didn't-get-spanked dog.