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  1. This advanced directive storyline with Marlena could've been really interesting if they hadn't rushed it and botched so many details. I mean, we're soap viewers, we know not to expect 100% accuracy but they could at least make half a damn effort at it. And knowing that Marlena isn't really going to die (not a spoiler, just familiarity with how soaps operate) makes it hard to get too worked up about any of it. That being said, the cast has really been turning in some dynamic performances, especially Drake, Greg, and of course Ali. I actually teared up when she finished her song and laid her head on Marlena's lap sobbing "Mommy!" She is a gem. So.... was that it for Stephen Nichols? Wow. We expected a crappy exit storyline but they really outdid themselves. Bad show, bad! Belle, remember how last week I asked you to STFU? This week I'm telling you. Can it, for the love of all that's holy. Greg Vaughn continues to be super hot and have inappropriately super hot chemistry with his onscreen relatives. This Marlena storyline may be a dud but at least it's giving us lots of front-burner Greg without the lead weight of Jennifer. Really, the man is super hot with practically every woman on the show except for his designated love interest. How does that even happen? Loving the descriptions of Hope's eye-bleedingly awful outfit. It's so garish there are probably boxes of Crayola crayons telling her to tone it down a bit. Yikes. She's so awful she's making Rafe seem likable in comparison. Rafe, people! I also loved Ben's comment about her friend dying in a hospital, a psycho on the loose, and she decides to go hiking in the middle of nowhere to "find" evidence. Go Ben. Seriously, it's so fucked up but I'm really enjoying Ben and RSW's performance this time around. I hope they don't turn around and trash him in two months. (I know, I know, but I can dream, right?) His brief interactions with Sami at the PD were gold. "What did you do this time, sweetheart?" "Good seeing you, Sami!" Ha! Dear Show, When the serial killer is my favorite character, you're doing something wrong. Sincerely, Maelstrom
  2. Yeah, the anti-Juliette sentiment was so, let's say pervasive, that it drove me away from two Grimm boards and the online fandom in general. And don't even get me started on the whole "let's randomly turn her into a hexenbiest 'cause of reasons" mess. Ugh. I agree, it is surprising that they cast her for Lois simply because of the age difference. Not that I have much (or any) interest in watching the crossover without the Legends. *sniff*
  3. I can feel the hate building already... (For the record, I never had a problem with Bitsie Tullich on Grimm, but I was definitely in the minority).
  4. Thoughts for the week: Brady telling Will off - I can understand both viewpoints that have been expressed in this thread. Honestly, though, I loved the hell out of those scenes. I mean, if Brady of all people is telling you not to be such an asshole, then you've royally forked up. Just sayin'. Also, even if the writers rarely remember that Brady and Paul are related, I enjoyed seeing Brady's concern for his brother. It was quite a nice change to see this side of Brady - the friend, the brother, instead of the rageaholic caveman that just thinks with his crotch. If only they'd let this side of Brady show more often. Also enjoyed Gabi giving Abby a piece of her mind, though I still know without a doubt that the Salem gods will smite Gabi sooner or later for daring to tarnish Saint Abigail's halo... no matter how deserved it was. Belle, kindly STFU. Thank you. Boy, Kristen didn't have to be back in town long before the Salem Stupids kicked back in. Why in the world did you think Stefan would let you just waltz around DiMansion knowing the cops would be breaking down the door to look for you? Sheesh. Though I loved Lani and Eli's expressions after Stefan refused to let them search the tunnels - "This seems really suspicious but I can't quite put my finger on why." Loved Lucas and Will's scenes, they were quite heartwarming. This is the stuff that makes me love soaps. Greg Vaughn continues to be smokin' hot. Adrienne's haircut continues to frighten me. Bonnie may be the human equivalent of Doritos (fun at first before quickly leaving you nauseated) but her hair is much better looking than Adrienne's. TV gods help me, I hope there are some Ben scenes next week. How low my standards for entertainment have sunk!
  5. Question of the day: how did Kristen not fall out of her dress when she fell out of that window?
  6. Spent a lot of this week FFing, but my two cents FWIW... Still loving Stacy as both Susan and Kristen. I'd be happy if they continue using her for the roles. Can't stand Belle's shrill, self-righteous screaming. And that slap. What, when the writers couldn't come up with a way to include Abigail they decided to have Belle channel her spirit by randomly slapping Sami in the face? GMAFB. Feel free to leave anytime, Belle. So tired of Sami being written as the eternal pariah/screwup. She didn't mean to shoot anyone, people. She was drugged out of her mind. Sheesh. But when Paul tried to stop her from going after Brady at the Salem Inn, I *loved* the look she gave him. It managed to convey "Oh really? And who's going to stop me? You?" in one elegant glare/eye roll. Nicely done, Ali. Wow, Kristen, that's a whole boatload of crappy, conflicting BS you're selling. Not even Brady is stupid enough to fall for it and go to bed with—oh, never mind. He is. No surprise there. Why do so many women fall over themselves to fight over him anyway? Maybe that knock on the head Sami dealt Rafe will turn him into some sort of supergenius. Ha, I know that's too ridiculous even for Salem. Really enjoyed the scenes between Eric and Will (at least what I got to see of it - news broke in and ate most of the episode). I love it when the writers remember that all of these interrelated people should share scenes and act like family now and then. Greg Vaughn and Ali Sweeney continue to have inappropriately smokin' hot chemistry. Damn. Also, he looked far hotter in the chapel scenes than he probably should've been.
  7. My DVR had this set to record, but all I ended up getting was the last ten minutes of a talk show. Booo. A quick search revealed that someone recorded the preview on their phone and kindly uploaded the video to the youtube, so at least I got to sort of watch it. Hopefully NBC will put the real thing up somewhere soon.
  8. I've never really been much of a John/Marlena fan, and I couldn't give less of a crap about their umpteenth wedding, but I have to appreciate the show focusing on a longtime legacy couple this way. Finding a soap that still gives its vets screentime and lets them drive story like this is a rare thing, so I have to give kudos for that. Also, many of the cast members seemed to genuinely be having fun with each other, which I enjoy watching tremendously. I've never cared for Kristen or Susan (I didn't watch back in the day and have only seen Kristen/Susan in recent years) so I have zero attachment to Eileen Davidson. Much to my surprise I actually really enjoyed Stacy Haiduk's portrayal of both characters quite a bit. Though I take offense to her calling Eric "Father Doofus." I personally would've gone with "Father Hottie," but to each their own. There was too much stupid going on at that wedding to list, especially since everyone else here has already covered most of it (why couldn't the several dozen guests manage to get the drop on one woman? Why didn't someone take the gun from Sami right away?) but I don't really expect much else at this point, so whatever. It's a classic old-school soapy catastrophe, and it's given us a break from the Vortex of Abigail which has engulfed the show recently, so I'll call it a win-win.
  9. Dammit, I want more Leverage so badly! This is awesome, though, it makes me smile that even all these years later they're still friends. Love, indeed. Thanks for sharing! :)
  10. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully that trailer wasn't the extent of the Atom suit FX budget.
  11. I hate to miss any of SN's remaining scenes, but the obvious telegraphing for him leaving town because he won't be able to forgive Kayla is just so painful. I really hope that they mix it up for once and don't split them up because of it, but this show's track record isn't so promising in that regard. Ugh. It'd make more sense for Steve to leave town to go be with Stephanie (she could have an accident offscreen and he'd go to take care of her). I always wished that's what they'd done with Bo when PR left - have something happen to Chelsea that Bo leaves to take care of her. It would've make a hell of a lot more sense than what they did, and give a reason for Hope to be upset with him. But I digress. The remotely controlled iEye (ha! thanks for that, Sandman) app thing sounds incredibly stupid although, in comparison with some of this show's past storylines, almost tame. Makes me glad I FF any scenes involving StefanO. I could do without seeing Bonnie again, but if it helps the writers remember that Steve and Adrianne are related and should interact once in awhile, then I'm all for it. I found myself actually looking forward to Ben and Ciara scenes. I feel strange even typing that. I don't know if it's good or bad, but at least I'm curious to watch again, so that has to count for something, right? The Cereal Killer scene was pretty good, especially the way Ben just sat back and munched and watched the others like it was a made-for-tv movie he was snarking on. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who saw a spark of chemistry between Claire and Ben. How is it that a former serial killer has made the obnoxious teen triangle one of the the most interesting parts of the show? Either DOOL has finally zapped the last of my brain cells, or the world's gone crazy. Still not really liking the Wrath of Gabi storyline, only because of how it will inevitably blow up in her face (since it is somehow an immutable fact of the Salemverse that Abby is never in the wrong). But CB is playing it perfectly! And I'm glad she and Ari are reconciled again. Random thought for the week - how is it that the men's eyebrows are better manicured than the women's? Compare Ben and Brady's thin, carefully trimmed brows to the caterpillars most of the women are sporting. And why yes, my attention may have wandered a few times while watching.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    I had to laugh that one of the machines in Trevor’s shop had “Mr. Squishy” painted on it! Yet another overcomplicated first challenge with too little time, and yet another catastrophic failure in round three. Disappointing. Both of the final blades were beautiful looking, though.
  13. Thoughts for the week: Hope’s hair is distractingly dark, especially compared to Rafe’s now that he’s laid off the black shoe polish. Also Hope, kindly STFU. The entire world doesn’t jump at your every command. I’m going to miss Stephen Nichols :( Ben and Ciara continue to be shockingly interesting. I’m all for someone giving Abby a little bit of comeuppance, and Gabi certainly has reason to be peeved at her, but I can’t say I’m really enjoying this revenge storyline. We all know that Abby will always come out smelling like roses, no matter what. FFS, Abby cheated with Sami’s husband and Sami is the one who was vilified for it. So it’s hard to get into watching Gabi’s revenge knowing that she will be made out to be the antichrist for daring to hurt poor sainted Abby. Watching Marlena giggle-pout about her umpteenth wedding to John like she’s a twenty year old bridezilla is odd. To say the least. But at least it means less screen time for Abby, so bring it on, Show.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    To me it's getting frustrating and tiresome to consistently watch tests that exist solely to break blades. We all know what will happen if you try to chop a giant nail (or an antler, or a steel bar, etc) with a knife. We all know it's not good. I want to see bladesmiths make cool weapons, not watch J Neilson gleefully shatter blades against things that no one would ever take a knife to. Be better than this, Show. Especially now that Face Off slunk off into the great unknown.
  15. I have Dish too - must’ve been a widespread glitch. So frustrating! Even though the show’s been underwhelming this year I still wanted to see it off.