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  1. I cried laughing when I saw that one.
  2. All Episodes Talk: The Absence of Light

    I watched it on Netflix and was able to change my defaults for foreign-language shows. I forgot how though.
  3. All Episodes Talk: The Absence of Light

    I watched in German with English subtitles too, because the stereotypical American accents were jarring.
  4. AoS is one of my favorite shows (not this season though). It did have its hiccups, but I really enjoy the way the team works together. For me, it wasn't until the second season it found its voice.
  5. Thank you!!!! I was thinking the same thing.
  6. I vaguely heard of the show but none of the actors on it except Wendell Pierce (The Wire).
  7. Honestly, if this is the 200-person private reception the supposed call was made about, I think it was nice of him to personally tell her. If this was the 600-person reception that many were invited to, then it was shitty.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I don't think this particular horrid case was ever on Dateline, but it was on a crime show on ID or something. A grandmother hired a hitman to kill her seven-year-old granddaughter, because the next week she was going to testify that her father (the grandmother's son) was molesting her. Luckily, the hitman had a line he wouldn't cross and contacted authorities.
  9. I was not a fan of Oprah's dress or Serena's mainly due to the color.
  10. I am amused because in my head William and Harry called Charles "pa" or "papa" and not "dad" or "daddy." That maybe is not unusual for the royal family, but have always pictured this as so for those two.
  11. I really don't think the majority of the public following this wedding thought not inviting her toxic, jealous, and insane relatives made Meghan look bad. In fact, it has made Meghan look poised, graceful, intelligent, and strong to most.
  12. S05.E12: Drug rehabilitation clinics

    I am one of those people who hates talking on the phone. Of course, I will do so when needed. If it is part of my job duties, or if I need to get or give information via the phone, it would be ridiculous not to do so.