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  1. The Zoo

    Animal Planet's The Zoo Third Season Premieres Sunday, February 10 at 8PM
  2. Pit Bulls And Parolees

    If you have the opportunity to read Tia's book "Life Among The Underdogs", you should. I listened to the audiobook version, which is narrated by Tia, and it was terrific.
  3. Buddy Balastro vs Duff Goldman Series Premieres Sunday, March 10th at 9pm ET/PT
  4. Chopped 2019: Put Down the Chopsticks

    Ever since Martha became a recurring judge on the show, I stopped watching consistently but I recall she mentioned she is now cooking Japanese cuisine so I assume that is why Martha now uses chopsticks. Chopsticks and soup spoons are the utensils for Asian cuisines so the food is prepared in bite-sized pieces or easily separated into bite-sized pieces and individuals use bowls for holding their portions. Knives, forks, and flat plates are the utensils for European cuisines, which is the predominant cuisine on Chopped, so the large pieces of meat and vegetables are cut by the individual. Using chopsticks to manipulate large pieces of meat dripping with sauce from a flat plate is a disaster waiting to happen. Whatever image Martha hoped to project with the chopsticks, she missed the mark and only ended up looking like an idiot. I hope Martha leaves the Chopped judging panel.
  5. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    Last Chance Kitchen E05 : Restaurant Wars Comes To LCK In his intro TH, Pable said Nini and he were two of the strongest competitors. Pablo is delusional about his own ability. All of his dishes have had execution problems. He attributed it to being over ambitious but one of the qualities of a good chef is to understand what can be accomplished within the given time limit. Last Chance Kitchen E06 : One More Win And You're In
  6. Amanda To The Rescue

    I think her name is Iceland.
  7. The Incredible Dr. Pol

    Last night, I saw a commercial that said the new series will premiere Saturday January 12, 2019 so all I can say for certain is the new season premieres in January.
  8. S16.E04: Surprise...It's Restaurant Wars

    Oh tell me more. What season was that? I love to watch RWs because I'm evil and love to watch at least one team crash and burn. Season 3, Miami.
  9. Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    Animal Planet is premiering 'Hsnging With The Hendersons" Saturday January 11, 2019 at 9PM.
  10. The Zoo

    New Elephant Rights Lawsuit Demands Liberty, Sanctuary for Elephant Confined Alone at the Bronx Zoo IF Happy is lonely, I wonder if the elephant keeper's retirement is a contributing factor. After all, I doubt Happy understands the concept of retirement. All she is aware of is someone she saw everyday and who spent a lot of time with her is no longer there. it may appear to her as a death and elephants do grieve.
  11. [Not A Bug] Forums missing

    I have lost the forum "The Zoo" (Animal Planet). It use to be listed on my customized homepage but is no longer there. Enlightenment would be appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.
  12. GBBO and the American Baking Show are both produced by Love Productions, who moved to Channel 4 UK, so Mary, Sue, & Mel would not be available.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Under The Tent

    After watching the post-BBC seasons of the Great British Bake Off, I miss the Masterclass episodes BBC produced for seasons 2 through 6 and the Class Of ... episodes where they looked at what the bakers of the previous season were doing after the show ended. In the masterclasses, Mary and Paul provided detailed explanations on how to get the best results for each product they chose to demonstrate. I enjoyed the camaraderie between Mary and Paul and were excellent instructors.
  14. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    S16E02 : When Life Gives You Lemon
  15. Season 16 (Kentucky) Last Chance Kitchen

    S16E01 Three Vets And A Newbie (posted by Bravo)