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  1. S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Is Ashton and Laura’s “understanding” on overdrive? Haven’t they just previously cuddled? This is just her second charter, she basically just got there! I’m glad the girls are taking note of the chef’s creepy remarks, they are over the top.
  2. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I still think that Jer is being the father his father was to him. In other words, the mom does everything and dad shows up (probably) for events that interest him. Amy was the one running those kids to activities and school and trying to keep the house up while Matt was off on some scheme to get rich (which did work). Jer didn't see teamwork from his parents so he has no idea how to implement it in his own marriage. It's also probably why Beating 50 exists, he figures either he or Zach will get divorced because it happened to his parents. What's puzzling is that Auj seems supportive of the mindset that she should do all of the work. Maybe it's because she's very type A? She runs the house, Ember and the Always more crap. I'm guessing she wrote most of their book too. All the while Jer is trying to figure out his morning routine of hiding for 2 hours while Auj gets the baby up and starts the housework...
  3. S23.E02: Week 2

    Colton is a virgin!! Ugh Now one of the beautiful girls has never been kissed?! Give me a break. He’s a virgin by choice not accident. Are any of these women smart? Is Colton?
  4. If its 1848, Victoria's mother is very much alive. In fact, she and Albert die in the same year. It is curious that the sister has gone to Victoria's and not her mother's at Kensington. Victoria was clearly upset that she was "left" by this sister as a child. But was the sister really supposed to wait around to get married until Victoria grew up? Lord Alfred's presence without Willhemina is just odd. I would guess she's either at home taking care of children since there's been a time jump or they didn't end up getting married after all. As for Skerrit, I would've thought she and the Queen would be even closer at this point since Victoria's former nanny was sent away several years previously at this point. Skerrit is probably one of the few confidants Victoria has. I can also see why she wouldn't want to go from working in the palace to spending her days alone in a dingy apartment somewhere while Francotelli is away at work 24/7. I would guess they'll end up breaking up yet again because she won't want to give up her job. I do think at that time servants weren't allowed to be married, even the chef. If he has a room at the palace, where would they live anyway? I would like to see the family travel again. Didn't Albert build Balmoral? They also would've had Osborne house on the Isle of Wight by this point, which Albert did mention fleeing to in the episode.
  5. Zach and Tori

    “Really difficult things” would be more than going back to work. She could be needing to take care of parents in addition to her kid. She could be having health issues, J could start having growth issues etc. It’s worrying that she’s so vague.
  6. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    The real issue is, Auj wants to live in Bend. Guess what? They can! They moved back to be close to the farm for the show, they are no longer on the show, so why no move back to where you’re happiest?! I really do think Jer believes he makes all the decisions in the family and Auj’s job is to raise the kids. It’s because Matt and Amy had the same dynamic and as soon as the kids were raised Amy had enough. But that dynamic is all Jer knows which is also probably the catalyst for beating 50 because he knows how it ends. Its interesting that Auj is looking for advice on running a business with a spouse. She seems to do all the heavy lifting but it’s Jer’s last name that gets them in the door to begin with.
  7. S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    I thought Kate’s advice to Rhylee was great, essentially do what you’re told, let them worry about the rest. And she’s right, Rhylee’s not getting a promotion out of this gig. And she’s not getting a reference either after the on air sex. Just do your job and the show will be over soon. Ross never knows which Rhylee is going to show up so I don’t blame him for having her work alone. How was Laura unmotivated to do her job when she’s only been there a couple of days? She’d spent most of that time saying what a better cleaner she was than all of them! Kate, Josiah, Adrain and Ross all seemed over the bar scene. It would be nice if they could do some other activity, like hike to a waterfall or something.
  8. HGTV: Now With a Lot Less "G"

    I’m not a fixer upper fan, I like the couple, but all the designs look the same and don’t seem that inspirational. I guess I just prefer color to black and white and ship lap. Hgtv has really declined with absolutely no G now. New Years used to be about the parade and premieres but other than the dream home show nothing is “new”today. I cannot figure out why the would think putting wayfair furniture in an expensive to build house would make it desirable.
  9. It was shown on UP a couple of years ago. It’s my all time favorite tv Christmas movie. (I was about the same age as the girl in the movie when it came out). I haven’t seen it out anywhere this year either. I was disappointed wit Christmas in Grand Valley. How did Danica go from Crown for Christmas to this? Thin plot, thin cast, just not much there. I think the small cast and hardly any extras made it seem like something was missing. The leads chemistry was fine but they hardly spent anytime together before he was totally in love.
  10. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I've been saying all along that the publisher is behind the podcast--that Christian publisher will want them to "sell" the appropriate lifestyle, millenials having a podcast fits that lifestyle. Jeremy really has nothing to say, Auj is the driving force in everything and they dragged their feet on even starting the podcast. I'm guessing they went back to the publisher to ask for money for the "podcast office." They seemed panicked when they didn't get the podcast up and running by their deadline, if it was self imposed, why the panic? It's more likely they missed their first deadline and would be in breach of their contract if they did it again. Auj may have stayed off social media on Sundays but Jer regularly posts on Sundays... Interesting that they don't mention leaving the show, I would think that would've been the single biggest decision they would've made this year (unless it was one that was made for them...) I can see them not acknowledging show money, Jer wouldn't remember life without show money. That financial security will always be there whether in a nest egg or the farm he's been promised that apparently only has to be open 4 weekends a year to break even or make money?
  11. S06.E12: Check Yourself!

    So Kate calls Laura down to the guestrooms to show her how to do turndown since its evident at this point that she doesn't know how to and Laura tells her to check herself? That it's not Kate's job to check Laura? What? Kate made the right call in asking her to come down, go through the process and ask if she understood. She didn't call her out in front of anyone, she didn't have Josiah show Laura, she did it herself. I've had issues with staff like this too in my work and it doesn't end well. Some people cannot be supervised.
  12. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    What I can't figure out is why, after Ashton swam to the tender, the boat didn't slow down for the tender to catch up or at least for another deckhand or maybe even the first officer (who's apparently the safety officer) to jump on and check Ashton out before making him drive the tender alone for 45 minutes? What if he had been bleeding? What if he had passed out? That just seemed bizarre that they continued to their anchorage. I get that Capt said they were in choppy waters but initially when the accident happened they were still in a harbored area. The third stew sucks again but of course that's why they are bought in anyway, to provide drama. I would guess that Kate is so over it at this point. Josiah is just awesome, he does his job professionally and can handle deck duties too. Rhylee is a mess. Freezing with Ashton overboard, then lashing out at Ross. You could tell she was barely holding her breath with the Captain. Ugh.
  13. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I'm dumbstruck... Jer has been watching Ember solo for 3 days and 2 nights while Auj has been away. He says..." 6 naps, 12 diapers and 8 meals-mom is on her way and both Ember and I are excited. Thankful for this perspective so I can be even more thankful for how hard my wife works. It was hard work and my other work has take a back seat--doing both is tricky. This is something more fathers should do to gain perspective." What the what? I can only guess that this is how Jer was raised, Amy must've done everything for the kids. I'm shocked Jer just didn't take Ember to her too. He really doesn't think its his daily responsibility to take care of his child? That's kids are "women's work." Welcome to the 21st century. Neither one of them work outside the home (and going to the farm to record the podcast doesn't count as outside the home). How will they survive 5 years from now when no one remembers they were on tv, they aren't 20 somethings any more, and no one remembers the oil fad of the late teens of the 2000's?
  14. S06.E10: Man Overboard

    The thing is, even if he had made beef cheeseburgers, the meat would've tasted different that what they are used to in North America. Beef in Australia and the South Pacific atleast tastes more gamey, almost like deer. Adrian might've known this and gone with lamb, that tastes like, lamb they would be familiar with.
  15. S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    I wonder if the meds Caroline was taking for her foot and then her sinus infection interfered with her regular medication? She was completely paranoid for most of the season. It didn't help that Josiah and Kate were roommates and naturally worked well together. Caroline did have to bunk with Rhylee, who was immensely unhappy and probably fueled some of Caroline's paranoia. As for how she left, she gives notice right before everyone is set to go out for the night. She tells Kate and Josiah in front of everyone (except Rhylee and Lee) that Kate and Josiah are terrible people to work with. The next morning when she doesn't show up for work so Josiah checks on her and she states she's no longer working there. Kate tries to talk with her but is locked out. Caroline should've talked to Lee, Kate should've talked to Lee, but instead, seeing all the work that lay ahead to get ready for the next charter, Kate demands that Caroline leave the boat. ???? Should she have blasted music? No. Should Caroline have locked her door? No. I do think its interesting that Lee thought about firing Kate, but didn't because they'd be too shorthanded. Caroline makes things up, but not everything... Rhylee won't be happy until she's Captain, which, for her, isn't going to happen on this season. Also, what is Ross thinking, finding her attractive? What?!