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  1. I liked him immediately. Best correspondent debut since Trevor himself!
  2. Well done, Dan Casino, for forcening @David T. Cole to watch Australia's Utopia, which is, as noted by @Yoshi, made by the Working Dog production house. Basically, just about everything they have ever done (TV, movies, books) is gold, Jerry, gold! Their very first 'mockumentary' series, Frontline (1994–97), was a razor-sharp spoof of tabloid TV current affairs shows, and episodes have been (and still are) on the high school English and/or Media syllabus in several Australian states. Well worth seeking out. As for Utopia, it's a 'water cooler' show here in Australia even in this digital age. In episode 3 of season 3, the office was adjusting to a new IT system, and it was so hilariously true that it was excruciating. Everybody who has ever worked in an office was talking about it the next day. If you only ever watch one episode, make it that one. :) ETA: Utopia won Australia's equivalent of an Emmy (an AACTA Award) for Best TV Comedy Series for season 1, and Celia Pacquola (who is also in Rosehaven) won one for Best Performance in a Television Comedy for season 2.
  3. As far as I recall, she was transferred to another prison. We don't know - you're right in thinking they never followed up on it. It's very frustrating!
  4. Hoorah! I've just been invited to the launch on 27 October in Melbourne of the new Corinna Chapman book, called The Spotted Dog. (Kerry Greenwood is an old friend of mine.) A new Corinna book is exactly what the world needs. :)
  5. Hee! There is so much discussion about the Colbeard here that it needs its own thread!
  6. Thank you for that canon submission, Adam Grosswirth. It brought back how much I loved Alias back in the day - it was a deep, deep love that I haven't felt for a TV show since. And what a cast it had! And @Tara Ariano, your recap of the Beard episode is among the funniest recaps I have ever read. You started with this and it just got better from there: If anyone hasn't read this masterpiece, go here right now and do it!
  7. Did anyone else hear the 'Stephen! Stephen!' chant at the Emmys when the nominees were read for Outstanding Variety Talk Series? It was won by Last Week Tonight, but there was obviously a lot of love for Stephen in the theatre. :)
  8. The makers of this series have taken a LOT of liberties with the plot and characters of the book. For example, in the book Appleyard is middle-aged and doesn't have the backstory that the TV series has given her; Marion isn't Indigenous and neither she nor Miss McCraw has Sapphic tendencies; and Sara never visits Miranda's family.
  9. @BusyOctober, I'll have a go at answering your questions. Partly. I think she also wants to have a 'position' in society and mix with people at the highest levels, which she was never able to do in England. That seems to be the implication. But she also plays games with her up in the tower. Sara represents Appleyard's old self, when she was a poor unwanted orphan, and so Hester treats her alternately with love and with disdain. Neither. I'd say it's more a 'good school' that is mid-level - not as expensive or well connected as the top schools, but better than many others lower down the social totem pole. Most of the students at the school are average white girls whose parents are comfortably well-off but maybe not particularly notable. The school is situated about 80 km (50 miles) from the nearest big city, which is Melbourne. Miranda's family are on a remote cattle station in Queensland, at least 3000 km (1800 miles) from Melbourne; Irma's family are travelling in Europe (or is it South America?); and I'm not sure where Marion's family are from but I assume it is some distance away. Even to send a representative from Melbourne would have been a big undertaking. As for the teachers, Mademoiselle de Poitiers' family is presumably in France, Miss Lumley only has her creepy brother (who does pop in every now and then), and Miss McCraw, at least in the books, is from Scotland and has no family in Australia. Mike's is hinted at - I won't say what it is for fear of spoilers. There's no scandal in Irma's past, but her mother has remarried and it is insinuated that her stepfather has wandering hands and so Irma has been sent off to Australia to get her out of harm's way - or just out of the way because her mother doesn't trust her. (I may be misremembering that last part.)
  10. LWT won three Creative Arts Emmys this week (out of eight nominations): Outstanding Picture Editing For Variety Programming (for the 'Border Patrol' segment) Outstanding Interactive Program Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series
  11. Check out Duckie's reaction to being chosen to walk in this year's Victoria's Secret show. She's pretty happy!
  12. Yes, a great storyline for Celia Ireland to play. I hope she is nominated for lots of awards. Oh yeah. It's a mouthwatering prospect. She sure was. I kind of loved her bat-shit crazy ass and really enjoyed watching Sigrid Thornton play her.
  13. From this week's 'Little Victories' FFwSB newsletter:
  14. History Talk: The Victorian Era

    I haven't seen Australian author/scholar/journalist Julia Baird's book Victoria the Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire mentioned in here. It was published in 2016 and has been very well received. It's available in all the usual places.