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  1. Small Talk: So What Are You In For?

    New Wentworth merch! I LOVE the slogans/sayings on the T-shirts. They include 'I don't eat sausage - I'm a vagitarian', 'How big is your slot?', 'Queen Bea' and 'I'd do time with Franky'. The tote bags are awesome too, especially this one.
  2. Wentworth in the Media

    Fantastic interview with Leah Purcell (who plays Rita Connors in Season 6) on a community radio show called Urban Dreaming on Melbourne community radio station JOY 94.9. She talks about her work on Wentworth as well as on other TV shows and in the theatre. What a woman!
  3. I really, really hope that some of Sam's fans do what her team did: show up at Spicer's book events and ask awkward-but-totally-fair questions. If I lived in the US, I would!
  4. Maybe take this stuff to the Season 6 Speculation thread? Thanks for posting this - how great to see the original Freak and the original Rita Connors! I'm loving Leah Purcell as the Wentworth Rita. As always, they are using her physical presence really well. She's tall and imposing, and absolutely towers over Marie. I didn't realise Rosie Porter was such a teeny-tiny woman.
  5. Yes! I first remember seeing Rarriwuy Hick as one of the 'hairies' in the ABC's Cleverman, and was delighted when she showed up on Wentworth. She and Allie are cute together. Hee! Word on this, too. Good old Smiles.
  6. Yes ... but last night's episode was fantastic with the prowler and the suspense and the looking-under-the-bed. I was on the edge of my seat! Kate Atkinson gets better and better as Vera.
  7. S04.E08: Episode 8

    So happy for Drake and Morwenna. I loved them in the books, and I love them in this show.
  8. Does Making It Work?

    RIP, dear dishevelled Richardson of Deadwood. (The actor's name was Ralph Richeson, and he died way too soon.)
  9. I appreciate your point of view, @Victor the Crab. It's a sorry situation and I wish Trevor would be better. Cheers.
  10. Yeah, but for me (and many others) that's just not good enough. Here are some tweets from Australian Aboriginal women that explain why. First, a few from feminist writer Celeste Liddle: From playwright and satirist Nakkiah Lui: From writer and activist Nayuka Gorrie: And here is an excellent open letter to Trevor from writer and academic Summer May Finlay, which gives vital historical context to the issue of why his 'jokes' were so bad and why he needs to apologise for them.
  11. This right here, from the peerless @Sarah D. Bunting, is why I continue to listen to these podcasts: 'Fill your fucken condo pants with rocks and walk into the sea already, dick-smack.' Bwah!
  12. Short video of Ashley Nicole Black interviewing young people at the Youth Climate March in NYC last week.
  13. Trevor did an interview on Australia's national youth radio network yesterday and IMO failed to apologise sufficiently for his 2013 'jokes' about Aboriginal women. Goddammit, Trevor. I want to love you. How hard could it be, as one Australian tweeter said, to 'Just say sorry and never use intention as a criteria for racism'???
  14. Scaling The Walls Of Castle Rock

    'Monkey in a Basketball' will be the name of my next band.
  15. Loved the Jason Alexander cameo!