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  1. "The View" Week Of 6/25/2018

    I can’t stop laughing at this...someone send this post over to the artist at Gallery of the Absurd and make this interpretation of Megzilla happen 😂
  2. "The View" Week Of 6/25/2018

    So much YES to both of these! Articulate and forward with her views while still being objective and open to other’s views, and not screeching like a howler monkey. If they can’t get Ana to replace Meghan (which they probably won’t, I’m sure she doesn’t want to move from Miami), then they should hire her instead.
  3. "The View" Week Of 6/25/2018

    I have to say how much I love this forum, because it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who is screaming at RBM during one of her ignorant diatribes. When Meghan snapped at Whoopi, “I know how poor people feel, I’ve talked to them!” I wish Whoopi would have shouted, “I’ve LIVED it, Meghan!” Whoopi also grew up pre-Roe vs Wade so she’s seen and maybe even known women who have died or had serious complications from a back alley illegal abortion. Age doesn’t always mean wisdom, but dammit, give some credence to the older women (Whoopi and Joy) who lived through civil and women’s rights of yesteryear. Same to the woman who has extensive knowledge of the law because she’s a lawyer with an extensive legal career (Sunny). I always feel like Meghan is one second away from slapping her hands over her ears and screaming “Lalala can’t hear you!” when the other women are talking. But because I am too empathetic for my own good, there’s a tiny part of me that feels a bit sorry for her. I had no idea that her FIL was part of the Trump administration, and we know her husband runs that gawdawful Federalist site, so the compassionate part of me says the reason why she pushes these republican talking points so hard is because she has to live and breathe that other part of life the other 23 hours of the day. Her husband and FIL don’t have a platform as big as she does aka a syndicated talk show, so they probably push her to say this and that and double down on the ridiculousness she spouts every day. Kind of like the “reluctant” wife who sides with her asshole husband because she has to go home with him.
  4. There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

    This happened about 15 minutes from where I grew up and it was huge news. I’ve firmly believed that Diane intentionally killed herself and those kids. The alcohol and weed she consumed (no matter how much her husband and SIL tried to deny that) gave her liquid courage to do what she needed to do. Why she chose that day and that time will always be a mystery, unless by some miracle Bryan remembers what happened and decides to share it with the world. But I truly believe she intended to take her life that day. Neither Danny nor Jay are sympathetic characters, at all. It’s very clear that Danny was fuming underneath a not so calm surface with Diane by having the audacity to die and leave behind all of these adult responsibilities and a child to raise by himself. And I lost all respect for him when I found out he had the balls to sue Diane’s brother because he was the one who owned the van(so it was the VAN that made Diane drive two miles in the wrong direction on a busy parkway, Danny?). You have to be a pretty big asshole to sue someone who lost both of his daughters and his sister. Why Jay was so invested I don’t know...I want to say it’s because she loved Bryan and wanted to make sure he was taken care of, but for some reason I don’t feel that’s the only reason. I do believe the reason why they pushed this “it’s everyone’s fault but Diane’s” narrative is for life insurance purposes. A lot of the policies will not pay out if the holder commits suicide, and Jay mentioned that Diane was the breadwinner. Long Island is a very expensive place to live, so they were going to go to their graves saying that it was an accident in order to get that money. I do wonder where things stand now, almost 10 years later. I googled and nothing new has come up. It’s just sad all around, and I hope that Bryan, Diane’s brother and SIL, and the families of the men in the other SUV have some peace in their lives.
  5. Unsolved Mysteries

    They have the original series on Amazon Prime, and watching it made all sorts of childhood memories come back. I used to watch it in my parents room when they worked late, the only room in the house that had cable. I would watch it in the dark (stupid me) and being terrified to leave the room in fear that the killer was just outside the door and he had murdered my entire family. I also learned what strychnine was thanks to this show, and the theme song still gives me knots in my stomach 😳
  6. This came up as a “suggestion” on TV queue...I heard about it, but couldn’t imagine how much more O.J. could say about the murders other than deny, deny, deny...I really didn’t imagine how much closer he could get to a confession outside of flat out saying “I did it.” His entire attitude toward Nicole was textbook classic abuser behavior. Too attentive to their kids and not enough to him, dressing too provactively, she was “combative” so clearly she had it coming, etc. That description of the details of the murders, him constantly slipping out of the “hypothetical” position, it gave me chills. I was 14 when the whole trial happened, so I didn’t feel any type of way about it, but now rewatching all of the coverage about it again...I understand WHY he was found not guilty, but is clearly guilty and has absolutely no remorse about it. Without veering too far off topic, I watched the Made in America doc about him when it was on Hulu, and I just have so many questions. His football career was before my time, and I just barely remember him from the Naked Gun movies. I had no idea he was such a big celebrity, and I wonder how someone who built such a great life for himself and someone who was so focused and driven would do something so awful and throw it all away. At what point did he veer off course? I also wonder where he would be if he hadn’t done it and the trial of the century didn’t happen. What kind of life would he have now? The whole thing is just sad.
  7. Ticketing: MFW It's Not A Lottery Ticket

    I’m watching this episode now, and I still get the same rage watching this jackass bitch and moan and Marilyn and laying a guilt trip on her. It clearly upset her. I wish she had snapped back at him that her job is how she feeds HER kids and she’s not going to put it at risk by not doing her job and writing tickets for cars parked in front of fire hydrants. I never understood how anyone could try to argue down that violation in any way 🙄
  8. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    So, I say this as a long time Wendy fan...I’m done. This little 3 week break, between watching old reruns and having Jerry fill in, has done nothing but accentuate how nasty and crude she has gotten. She snaps at Norman because he “gave her wrong info” about Cardi B(saying she was 27 instead of 25)and he looked so embarrassed. Then the final straw for me...someone had the nerve to cough and she THREW a cough drop at the audience in disgust. The same woman who digs at her eyes and nostrils with a q-tip, constantly clears her phlegm throat and belches on camera almost daily, has the nerve to be offended by someone coughing? I really don’t foresee her being on the air much longer, and either the network or her team is working to find a loophole in the contract that renewed the show for x amount of seasons. She is clearly over doing the show, is barely phoning it in, and is not interested in playing nice with anyone, not even her guests. She wasn’t even this nasty in her radio days. I think it’s a combo of all the stress in her personal life and just being older and over it. Retire already, Wendy. While you still have a legacy to hold on to.
  9. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, as well as the audience members who have attended her show. I find it hard to believe that in the nearly ten years she’s been on TV, no one has flat out confirmed the rumors about what they’ve witnessed. The only one I can think of is Nicole Spence who sued both of them for harassment and a a hostile work environment back in the day, but they settled out of court, IIRC.
  10. All Episodes Talk: How You Doing?

    This. I’ve been listening/following Wendy since her radio days, and Big Kev’s boorish and cheating ways have been common knowledge for years, long after the “one” time Wendy actually acknowledged, while she was pregnant with Little Kev. But there have been talks of payoffs to staff that he’s sexually harassed, how nasty and mean he is, how controlling he is and how no one has access to Wendy except through him, etc. The difference between them and now is that they could try and sweep most of the drama under the rug. But thanks to social media and long lense cameras, the dysfunction that is Hunterville is out and loud for the world, and it’s clearly taken a huge toll on her. I honestly don’t miss the new episodes, because she is a shell of the powerhouse she was before. I hope that if she does come back, she’ll be in the process of finally dumping that scumbag, moving her son into college, and getting that hi rise apartment in Manhattan that she always talked about.
  11. S08.E11: Fauxpology

    Woooow...I thought I knew almost all of the “insider” stuff for this show but I had no idea about the Scores deal. All I could think about is that article Christine wrote about the hard times they experienced because of the show, but it sounds like most of their hard times were because of Danielle’s choices. And deep down I think Christine knows that, but she also knows how fragile her mother is, and I noticed that she coddled her even as a young teen the first two seasons they were on. And she knows if she truly placed the blame where it was supposed to go, her mom would completely fall apart. I also agree that she adds nothing to the show. There’s nothing organic about her “friendship” with Melissa or Teresa, and there’s nothing entertaining about her bragging about how much sex her and Marty have. Stop trying to be famous, Danielle. Edited to Add: agreed that the show either needs to bring a whole new set of HWs or just kill it all together. It sucks that most/all of them basically rely on the show for income, but clearly their finances were in the shitter before the show came along, so really that’s not Bravos problem. I don’t think a Teresa spinoff would do well either, I know I wouldn’t want to watch her bratty daughters disrespect her for a half hour. I know she’s a big reason why they are like that, but it’s not entertaining.
  12. Still watching this, though I'm not sure for how much longer. The show is a shadow of what it was...I enjoyed the gritty, non-gentrified early episodes about a couple of kids from the hood trying to grow a business. Now it's just a booty shaking, drunken fighting mess with someone getting tattooed once and a while, SMH. Anyway, here we go... Ceasar...I swear every time he was on screen, I would catch a mild waft of budissy emanating off of my TV. How pathetic and and painfully insecure on his part. Like Teddy said...he's not over Dutchess and is staying in ATL and drowning himself in Hennessy and vagina to avoid any memory of her, because he's hurt. I do believe he really loved her, and even though she had her issues, she did push him to be a better business man. Now he's surrounded himself with "yes" people that are condoning his behavior (I'm looking at you Sky) and letting him neglect 2/3 of his "empire." Getting drunk and sleeping with anything that moves is not going to help you. Shake it off and keep it moving. Sky...I like her when she's not "on." She's smart and seems to have a decent heart when she's not putting on an act. But when she is screeching at the top of her lungs, flashing her boobs and yanking off her wig, she is absolutely unbearable. I refuse to believe she owns that McMansion either. Money goes further in the south but not that far, especially in a big city like ATL and even in the outskirts. Also the whole storyline with her kids...her giving them up for adoption is not my issue. But I DO understand her son not wanting to reconnect with her. It doesn't seem organic...she all of a sudden wants to connect with them after all this time, with cameras rolling and a paycheck from VH1 waiting to be signed. What happened in the past 15 years? I'd be put off too, if I were him. PS, I have no explanation as to why that interview was conducted in Dutchess's shop, however judging by that boy's twang, he probably lives and was raised in North Carolina. My father is from a rural area in NC and in his 30 years of living in the northeast, his accent has never left him, so I recognize it when I hear it :-) Melody...when she first started on this show, I really thought she was going to be the meek and quiet hippie chick, but boy was I wrong. I like her and I like that she doesn't put up with anyone's shit. I friggin LOVED when she clapped back at Walter, when she was late because she was dealing with contractors and a sick baby, and he tried to come at her with the "I have three kids" and she shot back, "are you a mom?" I feel like she wanted to say, "yeah you have three kids but do they live with you? Are you with them, dealing with them, raising them 24/7 like I am with mine? No. Why? Because they're WITH THEIR MOTHERS." Having three kids doesn't mean anything when you're a part time dad, so sit down over there, Walt. Stick to being comedic relief. Donna...seems like Donna has softened her look a bit, I like her wigs and her wardrobe has improved. But girl...you might want to reconsidering tattooing as a career, because you aren't that good at it. That tattoo she did on that poor girl's ankle looked like gangrene. I'm not sure what else she can do, but I still want her to win, though. And hopefully she can stay safe away from her ex. Domestic violence is no joke :-(. Dutchess...mentioning her because she was mentioned about 200 times this episode. This chick sure had a helluva impact on this crew, because she's not even on the show and the damn episode was named after her. I'm sure she's cackling away watching this mess and glad she walked away from it. O'Shit...mentioning him because I honestly think he's a talented artist, and from what I heard, he works at Black Ink ATL but isn't featured on the show, and travels to NY to do tattoos there too. He's still with Nikki, they just had a baby girl she has her little interior design business as well as an office job, and they seem to live comfortably in a modest house in ATL with her son and his daughter part time.. Not gonna knock the man for choosing a stable family life. This show would mess with his sobriety something awful. I also think part of the reason that he walked away is because all of his wife's skeletons were tumbling out of the closet, and they're desperately trying to keep things private. Can't really knock them for that either.
  13. S01.E01: A Box of Dunkies & Two Squirts of Maple Syrup

    Agreed. There's nothing appealing or quirky about Bridgette. I was absolutely disgusted when she attempted to have sex with some random guy while her kid was in the same bed. "Oh, I want to see if my vagina is still the same." Really, two years after your kid is born? Did you miss that part of high school health class? Single moms are some of the most bad ass women on Earth. It's hard enough to raise children with a partner, let alone by yourself. My husband's sister is the best example of one I have the honor of knowing...she raised her daughter completely on her own with no financial or emotional support from her daughter's father (she attempted to get child support one time a year after my niece was born, and when he didn't show up to court and then disappeared, she never pursued it again), worked two jobs to put herself through college and got a Bachelor's Degree, a great career, and my niece has never wanted or needed for anything. She is now getting ready to graduate from high school with a 3.8 average and her choice of great universities. Why can't we have a show about someone like her? Someone who busts her ass to make the best life she can for her kid, watch her navigate dating and a social life, etc.? Maybe the show will make that turn eventually, but I don't have high hopes for it.
  14. New York

    I wasn’t planning to watch this season because I can’t keep track of all of the new additions, but my husband is a ratchet TV addict and I got roped into watching the first two episodes. Agreed that Rich is entirely too old to get caught up in this mess, especially since he is having significant health problems. Diabetes in any form is no joke. And for a minute I almost believed that he was going to stay on the straight and narrow until he met Anais. I’d put anything on the fact that L&HH is his bread and butter now (whatever happened to Olivia and his other “artists” and that record label him and Yandy started?), so bring on the bullshit, I guess. Speaking of Anais, I had to Google her, and she does have a pretty extensive career. But man, does she look older and harder than her 33 years (according to her Wiki). She also looks like a walking advertisement for the discounted plastic surgery you get in DR. “Get a butt lift, new breasts and lipo for $1000!” All of these women looking like glued-together Barbie dolls, SMH. It’s like embracing your natural beauty doesn't even exist anymore. Her personality grates too...that whole exchange between her and her manager’s wife (her name escapes me at the moment) was ridiculous and the same old formula…man flirts with thot, crosses line with her, man lies to wife about it, wife confronts thot instead of cheating husband, fight ensues, wash, rinse, repeat. At least it doesn’t look like she’ll be interested in him much longer, and will be hopping on Rich’s diabetic dick soon. PS: her husband is a little scary, can’t say I wouldn’t have one foot out the door too. Brittany and Bianca need to do some sort of Ancestry.com thing, because they look too much alike to not be related in some way. Like sisters, really. They even have similar voices. I couldn’t tell who was who until I read the caption during the THs. Other than that, their beef is stupid too. “Chicken Noodle Soup” was popping for a hot minute over ten years ago, and if Bianca’s attitude has been the same over the past decade, there’s no wonder why her rap career hasn’t gone beyond that. No one wants to work with someone who is so damn stank for no reason. I really hope the BS with Yandy and ManFece’s mother is scripted, because all is going to happen is going to be a decrease in the checks coming into the household. Yandy is the breadwinner and her MIL is making her look like a fool, and it will affect her businesses. That is not only detrimental to their marriage (legal or not) but to their income. I actually felt bad for Yandy, and I don’t know if I’d be okay with putting up with that BS for the next eight years. Still have a soft spot for Mariahlynn, I really do want her to win. I see she got in on that DR special and got her some new boobs, and a new man who is quite handsome. So of course he’s going to be a dick to her. DJ Self can still exit his smarmy gwinnin face off of my TV screen forever. Love Remy and Pap but I hope they don’t turn the “will they/won’t they do the IVF” into a storyline, because that process is long and draining and painful and expensive, and it’s not guaranteed to work. It takes a toll on couples and a lot don’t make it through. The Mackies have been through a lot and have remained the only solid couple on this franchise, and I swear I’ll send Mona Scott Young a smack-o-gram if this show breaks them.
  15. I watched this on YouTube after reading this thread, and it's stuck with me since. What a horrifying experience for Wendy and her kids. It's a miracle any of them lived as long as they did with that monster terrorizing them daily. It must have been quite cathartic beating him in the head and watching him slowly die. I Googled the hell out of this case after watching and a few thoughts and standouts: -The massive amount of holes in the walls that were covered by the boys' artwork. There was just so many of them, and you know each one equaled a fist or someone's head being slammed into the wall. Wendy and her boys talked about the abuse they endured, but those photos really brought it home. That gave me goosebumps. -The neighbors saying what they witnessed over the years vs. Wendy's family saying they didn't know what was going on. Clearly Aaron didn't make a it a secret that he was beating the hell out of his wife, so I find it hard to believe her family didn't know. I vaguely remember Wendy's mother saying she had been in an abusive relationship when she was young, and that can obviously set your views on relationships askew. So I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she told Wendy to try to stick it out and not upset him, at least in the beginning. Another comment thread I read about this documentary said that the neighbors called the cops numerous times, but Wendy would tell them everything was fine and turn them away. I know that there are police out there that do little to nothing in DV situations, but a lot of times, they can't because the abusers has made threats against the victim's kids, loved ones, etc. so they are understandably too scared to press charges(and I fully believe Aaron the wannabe serial killer and rapist would make good on these threats) and there's only so far the law can go. It's not an uncommon situation. The whole system is just frustrating and something needs to change, because too many women stay with their abusers because they are too scared to leave. -The look of sadness on Wendy's face when she wasn't aware she was being filmed, only for her to plaster on a fake smile when Aaron called out to her. That was heartbreaking. I read an interview that was done with the director of the documentary, and he said that the home videos were heavily edited by Aaron. There were moments he caught where no one was smiling, the video would cut off abruptly, and then go back to the same scene where everyone was smiling. God only knows what he did to make them put on the front of "happy family" on film. -Conversely, the look of true relief Wendy had during her last few days before prison. I know people disagree that she should have gone to trial and not accepted a plea, but I read that her public defender offered to go to trial and she declined, saying she didn't want to risk her son going to prison for 25 years, and she would gladly do 10 years because it meant her kids were safe. From the moment Aaron died, they were free, and I don't think prison could even take that feeling away. -I read that the autopsy on Aaron showed fresh bruises and cuts on his knuckles and forearms, which meant he beat them literally up until he went to bed and they bludgeoned him to death. SMH. -Anything and everything involving the dead deer *shudder* -I know that some people are sociopaths and wired wrong and whatever, but I really, really wonder how people like Aaron become who they are. What has to happen to a person to make them want to inflict such pain and terror onto another human being? I wish there were some sort of interview with his family or people that knew him. But judging by his brother sending Wendy and her kids to hell at the trial, despite the insane amount of evidence of his abuse, I doubt they would provide much insight anyway. I know that Wendy and Randy were released last year and have been privately and quietly since then. Wendy mentioned in her only interview after her release that she may talk about her story and do speaking engagements and stuff, but for now she just wants to focus on rebuilding her life and family. I truly hope the Maldonados have found the peace they so justly deserve.