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  1. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Luke needs more to do than “exist” in Canada. Much like how the Gilligan’s Island BS with June is wearing thin, so is Luke’s moping. Free US army? Cool. Start working with the US State Department? Also fine. Just give him a purpose. Moira? Same thing.
  2. S02.E13: The Word 2018.07.11

    Yeah, but pulling this “Gilligan’s Island” stuff too many times is exhausting, and stupid. Yes, she’s the main character, but if the point is that she stays, then maybe don’t show a multitude of people putting their lives at risk to free her.
  3. S02.E13: The Word 2018.07.11

    So June decides to stick around Gilead a little longer? What exactly is she trying to prove? Show, you’re really trying my patience.
  4. S02.E12: Postpartum 2018.07.04

    While all the adults have been hiding their rebellious transgressions, Eden (a young lady raised to obey ROG) simply faces her death with more bravery than almost anyone on the show. It seemed a little out of character, but I still liked her gentle “Fuck you,” to the state. The only thing I didn’t like was Isaac hardly getting any time. I don’t like him, but I wish we had gotten a few lines from him.
  5. Is there a behind the scenes story to explain why Ben Shapiro wasn’t on Overtime? Was he kicked out? Did he wimp out? Did he have dinner reservations across town?
  6. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    Why did the Mosasaurus enclosure even have a gate that opened to the ocean?
  7. S02.E11: Holly 2018.06.27

    I need to see more detailed shots of those maps on the wall of that house. Those may have been some juicy clues about the war to establish ROG.
  8. S02.E11: Holly 2018.06.27

    Great episode, but fuck you, show runners for that ending. I don’t need any more dashed hope in my life.
  9. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    Supposedly the original idea for JP4 involved a commando team of human/raptor hybrids. We may be a few executive coke binges away from that becoming a real possibility.
  10. S02.E10: The Passenger 2018.06.24

    Did anyone else find it impossible to feel empathy for any of the characters? It just seems that all the bots are acting on their programming, and not from any sort of real existential awakening. The humans? They’re awful and can’t make the switch to bot because for all of their research, they cannot figure out how to bridge the soul’s “uncanny valley.” The show’s solution? Nobody has free will, and it’s a lazy route. Just because the programmers couldn’t figure out how to artificially create it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  11. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    I got really pissed when the clone girl set the dinosaurs free. Then I got angrier when my better half made an even more aggravating observation. Had Claire kept the dinosaurs locked up, but just pressed the red button, they’d still be alive AND not roaming our world. F this movie in the A.
  12. S02.E10: The Passenger 2018.06.24

    Note to showrunners: If your episode is so tiresome that most of the viewers are more excited at the prospect of turning off the tv than watching more, perhaps an end-credits scene is a bad idea. Also, if said scene is just another puddle of existential wankery? Eat a dick.
  13. How does Fred explain his way out of this predicament? His driver has been arrested after being caught on another commander’s property, and his handmaid is missing (AGAIN). I’m worried for June & Nick, but Fred’s failures (by ROG standards) have been too numerous to go unpunished.
  14. I’m going to hold my cat and cry a little now. That was heartbreaking.
  15. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    Bigger question that just occurred to me: why don’t more refugees from Gilead head to Alaska or Hawaii after escaping to Canada? Those people are still considered US citizens, and I’m sure the country needs all the help it can get.