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  1. Lily is in no way the “first homeless muppet.” #justiceforoscar
  2. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Did I imagine Mika using the term “butt boy,” just now? I’d like to think I misheard her.
  3. S02.E10: Total Onslaught

    I really love how this season ended. With the DDR so mired in shady dealings that compromised their lofty ideals, Martin making the tough choice to stay and be a father (as opposed to absconding to the West with Max) was an amazing act of defiance. He stuck it to his dad, to Lenora, the Stasi, his baby-mama, and is still standing. No small feat for anyone living in his country. I do feel bad for Brigitte Winkelmann, though. She got everything she wanted BUT Martin. Their reunion in ‘89 should be interesting.
  4. S02.E03: Dragon Rouge

    Question: Why would a person from the DDR be referring to their hometown as “Chemnitz,” when it was called “Karl Marx Stadt” at the time?
  5. They made the episode a whole hour, and they still ended it too early.
  6. The DeSantis people were stupid for allowing cameras into their debate prep. I’m glad they did because it was hilarious, but it wasn’t a good decision for the campaign.
  7. S02.E01: Tar Baby

    I really like how they mapped out the ideological dissonance, and moral ambiguities all the players are engaging in.
  8. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I like Mika & Joe, but I’m siding with Deutsch on this one. The man has his moments, and today was one of them.
  9. S02.E07: The Feminism Part

    It reminds me more of that time Vito was outed, ran for his life, and hooked up with Morgan Spurlock.
  10. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I know the news is depressing, but waking up to the people on this show kvetching about all being lost constantly isn’t exactly inspiring.
  11. Deutschland 83 in the Media

    I’m so happy we’re finally getting season 2 this week, but I wish the listings weren’t still calling the show “Deutschland 83.”
  12. S02.E07: The Feminism Part

    Moral of this week’s episode: never go to Vermont when you have business with the mob.
  13. Dragon Finkelstein is cool, but I was a little disappointed we didn’t get a “Nuke the Whales” shirt.
  14. I’m really looking forward to Rusty & Billy’s time travel adventures.