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  1. He lost me with his opening bit about private space exploration. Though I do understand the anxiety of the future being planned while excluding large numbers of people, I just didn’t find his argument compelling or even coherent.
  2. This movie made me so mad. If they had just spent some time write a better script, it could have been amazing.
  3. S08.E12: The Hurt Soccer

    So many Home Movies references, I almost cried. Not kidding. I choked up.
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    I was absolutely surprised at how much more I liked this movie on the second viewing, and I really loved it the first time.
  5. As a regular watcher of German TV allow me to suggest you watch any film starring Vin Diesel, Sam Jackson or Sylvester Stallone dubbed in that language.
  6. You should watch some German dubbed American films. The voices often sound just as incongruous as what your experiencing with BB.
  7. Viceland would be a much better channel if they had a few shows about obese rappers getting high and overeating.
  8. There is an option for dubbed English dialogue on Netflix.
  9. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    The feed glitches from Joe are getting really annoying and disturbing.
  10. S05.E03: NRA TV

    How did I watch tonight’s episode? On a Roku.
  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat myself now: Bill, STOP TALKING OVER YOUR GUESTS WHEN THEY’RE ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS! That is all.
  12. All Episodes: A Galaxy of Episodes

    He should have been cast as a dark side master for the films. He would have killed it.
  13. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Did Joe mention that he was once a member of Congress?
  14. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    That Hugo Gordon had a strange, contorted take that seemed to lay the fault of Trump at the feet of Democrats. It was an odd shift to see Joe & Peggy chime in approvingly when they’d said very different things only minutes earlier. It’ll be interesting to observe if this narrative gets traction in the months ahead.
  15. All Episodes: A Galaxy of Episodes

    Was that Malcolm McDowell voicing the Imperial archaeologist?