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  1. I’m very happy to have this show back, but I would like to reiterate that it needs to be an hour.
  2. Are we just going to continue to ignore Loomis seeing a dragon behind Ernie?
  3. Captain Marvel (2019)

    Only 7 more months!
  4. S04.E05: Quite A Ride

    He talked specifically about past jobs.
  5. S01.E07: The Boy

    Sykesville ain’t no Rockville. Can’t we just agree that they screwed up?
  6. S01.E07: The Boy

    I would give them the benefit of the doubt, but the cars in the exterior shot had Virginia tags.
  7. S01.E08: Inshallah

    I enjoyed the show in spite of the problems I have expressed in other threads. The cast is great, and I just want better writing and research next time around. The sloppiness with details really held the show back.
  8. S01.E07: The Boy

    “Annandale, MD.” Oh FFS, show.
  9. S01.E05: End of Honor

    My French isn’t amazing but Suleiman should have been tipped off by the chat being so formal. His brother was using a lot of contractions, and casual colloquialisms, and the CIA were translating straight to simple, grammatically correct French. it strains all credibility that the CIA didn’t have at least one guy fluent in French just hanging around within 20 feet to help out. If there’s a second season, I hope they get better team of writers and researchers.
  10. S01.E04: The Wolf

    I’m just not buying that nobody at the funeral looked at those dudes dressed as priests and didn’t get suspicious.
  11. S01.E01: Pilot

    He not only rides a bike to work, he rides it over 30 miles to get to a location 7 miles from his home in Georgetown. ETA: My original mileage estimate was ridiculously low now that I know where one scene was really shot.
  12. I keep wondering if we’ll get more follow through on the Arthurian hints they throw out. Not that Dud is Arthur, far from it. He’s more of an Amfortas (with his wound that will not heal).
  13. S07.S03: Arrears In Science

    I didn’t catch that, thanks for clearing things up!
  14. S07.S03: Arrears In Science

    The timeline became a little iffy to me in this episode. Though Blue Morpho died (and became Venturion) in 76-77, Rusty was still a little boy. Only a few years later (81-82) he becomes Vendata and Rusty is in college. Was he really 16 or younger when he entered college?
  15. I’ve been almost completely unspoiled for this season. I only saw one teaser (the magic circle one), and I’ve been staying away from all chatter. My opinion? So far, so good. My big wish is that they keep the story big, and end huge. If we don’t get another season until 2021, I want this one to fucking count.