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  1. Yes, but Max also expressed concerns that he might come in on a situation when Lorelei wasn't home (Rory being drunk, Rory and Dean making out in the dark on the couch), and how he should handle it, and she told him he wouldn't, he would wait for her. It kind of feel like she wasn't going to allow him to have any sort of authority in the household.
  2. Nitpicking

    That whole scene was weird. There were clothes in Lorelei's closet; there had to be something other than the rodeo cowgirl outfit she picked. She and Rory frequently shared clothes, too, Rory was wearing a Chilton uniform so her entire wardrobe should have been at Lorelei's disposal.
  3. Nitpicking

    Tiny nitpick - I was watching the episode where Rory graduates from Chilton. I always choke up. :'( But, at the end, Richard and Emily led Rory out to the parking lot to see her graduation gift. He says, "it's the one with the bow," not noticing that the lot is full of cars with bows. When Emily points it out, he says, "well it was the only one there when I drove it up." Cue Rory saying, incredulously, "you bought me a car?!" Now, of course the car was unexpected, but when they'd been standing there for two minutes discussing a parking lot full of vehicles with bows, it seem like she should have put two and two together and not been so incredulous. It's not as though he bought her diamond earrings and left them in the parking lot with a bow.
  4. I really want to sing it - babeeee balooooga. I don't know why. It should be her theme song. I couldn't deal with her shrill, "I like so pretty!" No. You look awful. Chantal's family continues to be the worst.
  5. I missed what was "wrong" with her blood?
  6. Chantel's family is horrible.
  7. I am 100% Team Chris's Wife in that scenario. Has Nicole embarked on a career selling Lularoe? Several of her outfits looked like Lularoes. I wonder if she's on Meri's team from Sister Wives.
  8. S01.E14: Total Eclipse of the Heart

    I was totally Team Logan on GG, so this show in our house is referred to as Logan Huntsberger, M.D. I was excited to see Coach Biest from Glee in this episode. I've always liked her. I knew Bell was going to turn against Lane. Why wouldn't he? He had no idea what she was doing, and by helping her he would have made himself an accomplice. By turning her in, he preserves his reputation and the hospital's. And, she's a monster. Having seen multiple people IRL struggle through chemo, the idea that she could give someone that poison to boost her own reputation. Ugh. I liked the little look between Logan and his dad at the end of the episode. I like Dr. Theo. It seems like that might not be a popular opinion. I liked his character on Major Crimes, so maybe I'm just projecting.
  9. Nitpicking

    I don't think it's a basement, it's a crawl space. Luke and Kirk both go down there when Lorelai has terminates. The house I grew up in had a crawl space, and there were windows like that.
  10. S06.E14: Jennifer & Marissa's Story

    I didn't watch closely, but this episode seemed boring. I thought Jennifer was really pretty.
  11. Christian & Sasha

    I found Christian very attractive, physically. He seemed like a bit of a dick, though.
  12. S07.E04: Episode 4

    Me, too. That whole situation made me angry. That poor woman.
  13. Nitpicking

    The same reason why Lorelai's huge garage couldn't fit Rory's tiny twin-sized Yale mattress? I never noticed that, but you're right. She was just wearing regular pants on the bottom.
  14. Rory Gilmore: Poor little rich girl?

    I get it, and I don't hate Lindsay. I was 18 when I got married, and I worked 40 hours a week and went to college FT. So did my husband. It's difficult to imagine being in a position where my husband dropped out of college and worked three jobs without jumping in to help. Most people who stay at home work first. I don't think anything justifies an affair though.
  15. Lorelai and Luke

    An adult trying to force another adult to eat something they don't like is unreasonable and obnoxious, regardless of the reason.