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  1. Nitpicking

    Eh, I suppose, but I tend to think that's not the case, it was just sloppy writing. If her family had their own bakery in Star's Hollow, where it's established that they lived, why would she start her own bakery?
  2. Nitpicking

    I don't know if these have been "picked," but I have two I haven't noticed before: 1. When Rory and Dean breakup (after he tells her he loves her), Rory keeps a little list of days when Dean isn't in Doose's. Lane goes in, and comes out and reports that Dean isn't in there. Rory notes that he doesn't work on Wednesday. Rory later discovers that Lorelai and Max are back together, and she and Lorelai fight. Lorelai starts to go to Doose's, and she says, "I assume you're not coming in," to which Rory says, "is it Wednesday?" and Lorelai responds "no." Rory runs away to the Gilmore's home after the fight, then went to school, and Lorelai came and got her at the Gilmore's after school. As they leave, Emily says, "we'll see you tomorrow at 7 for dinner." Which means "tomorrow" was Friday, that day was Thursday, and the day Rory ran away after refusing to go into Doose's because it was not Wednesday, it was indeed Wednesday. 2. Fran and Westin's Bakery. In season 2, when Lorelai was tasting wedding cakes Fran says they've been doing this for 112 years. Lorelai makes a joke about her only looking 106, and she clarifies that her family has been doing it for 112 years. When Fran passes away, her friend says in her eulogy that Fran opened the bakery during one of the world wars. World War I began in 1914, so it's not even 112 years from today, and the eulogy implies that Fran started the bakery herself, whereas Fran implied that her family opened the bakery and she was just continuing the tradition.
  3. Nitpicking

    I assumed because they paid the tuition they received some sort of information on the important dates. Plus, Richard is an alumnus, so he may get a newsletter. I get an alumni newsletter from my college. After Rory starts Yale (I don't remember the specific episode) Dean calls her and ask her if it's ok for him to work at the Dragon Fly. He mentions that he "finally broke down" and got a cell phone. Except in Season 1, in That Damn Donna Reed, he calls Rory from outside Babette's house. Unless Babette had a pay phone in her front yard, he had a cell phone then.
  4. Nitpicking

    True. She said a couple times in the series she wanted another kid, so that isn't an issue, and even if she and Luke didn't work out, the chances that she would be left raising the baby alone are roughly 0.0%.
  5. Nitpicking

    Two new ones (for me): When Rory first discovers Paris is her roommate at Yale, Paris says she "lost" her nanny. Nanny had moved out west somewhere to start a restaurant. Yet, when Paris returns to her dorm room and finds Doyle sick in her bed, Nanny comes to the rescue. Did she fly back to CT, leaving her family and business, solely to care for Paris's undefined male sexual partner? Seems unlikely. In the episode where Sookie gives birth to Martha, Lorelai thinks she's pregnant because she and Luke had unprotected sex - 2 days before. I know it's been a while since she's had a child, but anyone with a basic grasp of biology ought to know that you can't know if you're pregnant after two days; the fertilized egg isn't likely to even be implanted in the uterus at that time. And then she used her craving of orange soda and a moon pie as evidence she isn't pregnant. Just silly for a woman in her mid to late 30s.
  6. S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    I wonder how old Sean was when his parents separated. If he was young, I wonder if his mom focused on raising him and over compensated, continuing to treat him as a baby/small child, even though he was an adult. I haven't seen his original episode (it's on next weekend, so I will watch then), but they showed a clip of her creating some kind of a chart for him with hand print cutouts on it. It seemed like she was making goals for him to want to lose weight. Not dissimilar to the charts we made for our kids. When they were potty training. When they were preschoolers.
  7. S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    I actually think Sean would be attractive, if he took care of himself. And if he wasn't a giant helpless baby.
  8. S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    That neighbor was a nice guy. And he cracked me up when he made the comment about the handsome guy in the mirror. I don't think I saw Sean or Dottie's original episodes, but it's clear that Sean's mother has really handicapped him. Where was Sean's dad? He was at the beginning of the episode, but not later on. He didn't help Sean move or even when his apartment was flooded. What happened to Dottie's son? Was he ill or in an accident?
  9. S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    I think Dr. Now's thinking was that Sean had to prove that he was motivated enough to lose some weight on his own to get into a care home. Here in Ohio the average monthly rate for a facility is $6570. That's a very expensive and valuable resource to give someone. He probably wants Sean to prove he's not going to waste it.
  10. Nitpicking

    I love that scene, though, if you watch Michel in the background trying not to laugh while Lorelai is teasing Emily (say it was a used present, like something she got at the junk store). But you're right, yet another inconsistency.
  11. I'm confused about what's happening in the last hour of the show. Some people I recognize, some I don't. I am glad Devar and Melanie seem to be doing well and their baby is cute. Melanie's hair looks nice, too.
  12. Maybe he gave them to her on credit, or she had a tab or something? I mean, it's a small town, everyone knows everyone, he probably thought there was no way he wouldn't get his money. And I think stores in small towns might still do that sort of thing, if they know people. What I've always wondered is who paid for the $100s worth of makeup that the girls at April's birthday party took? Did Luke cover it? Did Lorelai cover it? Did they just give it to her because Lorelai is their queen?
  13. It is annoying. I make a good salary and I <3 coupons. I am not ashamed to save $2 on laundry detergent.
  14. My former supervisor is in the same kind of relationship. His wife worked with us, too, and she is AWFUL. She treats him terribly. She's quite a bit younger than he is, and I think he thinks that he's punching above his weight (he really isn't), so he puts up with all her nonsense. He's a very kind, sweet man. He could easily be married to a lovely woman more his age.
  15. Random thoughts: River is a douchecanoe. There isn't much Pedro could do to him that would make me think Pedro was in the wrong. Pao needs to let her hair go back to her natural color and gets some bangs. You could show movies on her forehead. I really think Russ needs to cut his losses his and find himself a nice but less "glamorous" woman. I question whether Jorge is the father of that child. If she's 10 years old, why hasn't paternity been established already? They weren't in a relationship, fine, but the kid deserves to know who her father is and she damn well deserves some child support. Even if the mother didn't want/need it, the support is for the kid, she's entitled to it and the mom should have sought it. I like Anfisa. Yes, her plastic surgery makes her look like a scary ventriloquist dummy, but she seems smart and I don't think she's a bad person. Olivia seems to have her head straight. I liked her. She's very pretty, too. I loved her freckles. I have no comment on Molly. I feel terribly sorry for Annie. She's so sad.