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  1. She says she wears her older sister's hand me downs so she likes to wear Jana's cast offs? That could explain her looking like she dressed from the clothes basket look.
  2. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    As are a really large percentage of people in assisted living. They view it as storage until they die and resent it. I can't say that I blame them in some ways, but hope I keep trying to make the best of things. She may be depressed and this is her way of coping and she probably is attention seeking. I see it with several of the residents every time I go see my mother. She went through a stage like that, but at least for the moment has come out of it.
  3. Jon Gosselin and The Children

    At 18, the person is an adult so isn't governed by judges or child custody arrangements. As far as children deciding where they want to live, it varies by state what age a child is "officially" allowed some say and it further varies by judge and case how much weight is given the child's wishes. It can get really messy if the parents don't agree. In one case I know young children's wishes were considered because when the judge asked what can I do for you, one of the kids asked the judge to make daddy stop drinking when he was driving them.
  4. Ratings: 973 K viewers and a .28 rating. 18th cable show of the day.
  5. Ratings: 1.345 M viewers and a .29 rating. 17th cable show of the day.
  6. Is Derick so bad he'd get a 1.49 or lower the first semester? It's possible I guess. People have to do it or they wouldn't have the rule.
  7. I'd be not quite horrified, but definitely wouldn't think it was cute if daughter posted a pic of grandkids like that. But then, I'm fairly sure no pic like that will ever be taken in her house.
  8. I think she mainly needed to stand up straight so the dress could fall naturally. She seems to be leaning into Derick with her foot popped up doing that toe pose thing.
  9. So they missed the part about the Johnny Jump Up should be repositioned or removed when more than the child's toes touch the floor? His knees were on the floor! I believe we are going to see a recipe from Jill on making plain toast or ice cubes before she's done. Or next week she'll discover green onion dip.
  10. While looking to see if Michelle still had the recipe up on their blog for the tater tot casserole, I came upon Michelle's enchilada casserole. She uses enchilada sauce not that mess Jill posted! http://duggarfamily.com/2018/5/enchilada-casserole No canned soup in sight.
  11. I don't think they began it for money, but I think they've gotten attached to or used to the money and attention. Jen wasn't shy about wanting to appear on various TV talk shows and Bill has never turned away from attention either. Families with dwarfism have become a thing for TLC over the last few years so that tends to dilute the idea that they're doing it for educational purposes.
  12. Having walked the path of childhood abuse (not sexual), forgiving is to help the abused person go on with their life not the abuser. Having done it, it did help me. Forgiving and forgetting are two very different and separate things. I forgave, but I'll never forget. I also didn't really "get over it" until my father died. Unexpectedly I was given a great gift of peace.
  13. Average height for a US woman is reported as 5'4" so it doesn't appear 5'3" is too dreadfully short.
  14. S13.E08: The Toilet Exploded!

    You don't get disability income while you're working or running a business generally. There are a few exceptions usually for people just returning to the workforce in the first few months.