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  1. Season 8 Discussion

    Whitney is well on her way to becoming the overly emotional pivot piece. It's probably time for her to consider gaining some emotional control during filming unless she wants to become the dramatic point any time the next bride on deck falters.
  2. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Wow, they seem to have increased the Sunday audience. I'm a bit surprised.
  3. Mykelti

    She's in one of those dime a dozen "customer service" positions opening new accounts it looks like. At least that's what they're called where I bank.
  4. She thought that pose was good, how?
  5. How long before Israel is bigger than Josie?
  6. And another five year old pose. Although I may have to start calling them three year old poses.
  7. My goodness those poor boys run riot climbing and getting into dangerous situations.
  8. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    That makes sense because my mom's dog was super, super sick from a chocolate chip cookie that she slipped him. He'a a small dog though.
  9. Season 8 Discussion

    Because that's the script she was given for the episode. Reality shows are planned if not scripted word by word.
  10. He needs space to run and explore, puzzles to solve, and interaction with peers at a minimum.
  11. No, as Grandma, I'd be Israel get off there NOW. What were you thinking?
  12. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I do Kindle and have zero problems reading the local library books. The Kindle option which they now have shows up first.
  13. He did. It was issued 9/27/16.
  14. Is anyone watching for the Honor Roll/Dean's List or whatever it's called to be posted? Also given how much studying most of the law students I saw while our relative was in law school did and how they placed, I feel like Derick has 50/50 odds of being allowed to remain after the end of the first year. I'll be shocked if he does really, really well.