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  1. S01.E03: Y Not 2018.06.11

    I know. Me too. I really expected someone way larger to be cast but this is Hollywood's version of monstrously fat the same way that a cardigan and glasses will render Megan Fox "plain". Plum seems perfectly healthy and mobile. She wears cosmetics, combs her expensive looking haircut daily etc. And there's plenty of women her size in NYC and bigger and I've never even heard of a car of young men slowing down on a Manhattan street to note this. Working in fashion though? That all rang very true. Keep her invisible but use her brain with minimal concern for tact. She really is an emotional eater. Instead of surgery why hasn't she tried something like CBT or the other things recommended upthread? Instead she ditches her meds. Very dangerous and she should know better (also, the elaborate hallucinations were ridiculous). I'm sure he told his wife that Plum is huge so she's not worried.
  2. S01.E03: Y Not 2018.06.11

    I am a fat woman and I've lived in NYC for a significant amount of time. I have been all over the map weight wise. I've seen it all heard it all at ANY size. Unwelcome, rude abusive comments. Absolutely it's still the last group people feel ok saying outrageously horrible things to and about. The scenes that really bothered me were the one where she walked down the street and a group of young men bothered to follow her to bug her also the scene where again a group of young men were following her in their car just to insult her about her size. She is an exceptionally well groomed woman. She carries herself with dignity as far as I've noticed. She walks with purpose. She's well dressed. I didn't find it believable that these men would take the time and energy to go that far. Maybe yell a fat comment or say it too loudly as she walked by? Sure. The guy in the bodega? SURE of course he'd say something like that. Of course the women she works with offend and humiliate without even really giving a damn. Unhelpful family and friends? Yep. Let's unpack it all. THOSE are the things I want the show to explore. How does it all affect her life both romantic and professional? I feel that fat women have enough trouble being taken seriously so I had high hopes for this show. While I'm at it the cheesy animation needs to go.
  3. S02.E08: Women's Work 2018.06.06

    So most of us were thinking about Harlow's Monkeys yet the top baby specialist didn't? I get that her brain and spirit have been broken by peeling potatoes all day and witnessing the horrors around her but she ruled out everything else how did she not then say well there's nothing physically wrong with her and not think there may be failure to thrive due to neglect? The scenes with her were for me the most heartbreaking in the series so far. The actress is incredible and I loved how the younger male doctor was Stanning hard. Yvonne Strahovski is a genius. Her face completely changed in this episode, it opened up like a flower all dewy and sweet at times. Am very nervous about what Emily is going to do next. Could I hate Fred more?
  4. S01.E03: Y Not 2018.06.11

    My thoughts so far. I'll definitely keep watching but there's a few things that are already kind of off for me. First of all my consistent reaction to the way Plum is treated is all over the place. I think I'd really find it more believable that total strangers go out of their way to be so over the top shitty to her because of her size if she were way larger and not so well groomed and dressed. While I appreciate the things she has to say about how painful it can be to be heavy it's just weird to watch a show where this stuff is cartoon level hostile while the rest can be realistic. I buy it more when she's being insulted in her work place for example. The tiger scene really bothered me. I guess the bestiality vibes were too much for me if the show is trying to humanize a fat woman.
  5. S02.E07: After

    True but what I meant was is he connected to the internet? Is there even an internet?
  6. S02.E07: After

    I KNOW! That was ridiculous! I wouldn't care if I never saw Luke again and wouldn't even need an explanation for his disappearance. I realized this week that I haven't been clear if the rest of the world is online, gets tv etc. Someone mentioned Waterford working on his laptop what does that mean?
  7. S02.E07: After

    I'm assuming Gilead isn't that far in our future and everyone we are watching in the show was not that long ago online etc so they still KNOW, like we all here know, that exposure to nuclear waste means no healthy babies/pregnancy. That and the general horrific conditions in the Colonies are at odds with Aunt Lydia's green smoothies etc. It's not like the world was bombed back into the Stone Age (or eveb the Middle Ages or e the Victorian times) and started over hundreds of years later with zero basic scientificl knowledge retained. Everyone including Aunt Lydia knows all this. So this is either sloppy writing or we're about to see how healthy babies are Gilead's Fake News.
  8. S02.E07: After

    WOW June "detonating" her editor's pen the same way Ofglen detonated her actual bomb! Wonder what that means? I'm a bundle of nerves during any of Rita's scenes she seems like the most intense at expressing her feelings: fear, dread, loss exhasperation. Why would they put someone who was poisoned in The Colonies back in baby making handmaid's position? How are they supposed to have healthy children that is if they can even conceive anymore after all they've been poisoned with?
  9. S02.E05: Seeds

    She seems to have a negative reaction to just about everything! Yeah why *was* sex between a man and wife of the Waterfords' status outlawed?!
  10. S02.E04: Other Women

    Not only do I need to know Aunt Lydia's backstory I DESPERATELY need to know how she spends her "off time". Does she secretly read a favorite book or is she not a rule breaker to the core? Does she kick off her prison matron garb and take a deeply relaxing hot bubble bath? Or is she happy to merely come home and get in bed because breaking spirits is hard work?
  11. S02.E04: Other Women

    Yeah I get that people aren't perfect but this episode left me unsure of how to feel about June. I never thought of her as a superhero genius just the average person suddenly finding herself in this horrifying situation but there was too much unlikeable piled on in this episode and I don't know why they did that. I mean I never cared much about Luke as he always seemed like the standard issue douchey bro. Annie definitely said that she was HIS first. I cringed at her behavior but it would be interesting if she turned up as an Aunt or something. I too want to know Aunt Lidia's backstory. I really have no idea what she's actually thinking. Is she really a true believer or just in it to survive. I have a question who sanded off that carved in message in the closet?
  12. S02.E03: Baggage

    I think I have to keep reminding myself that June started out as a deeply average normal person. She's not suddenly going to become James Bond or McGuyver or Cleopatra etc. For example, last season, I was shocked that she told Mrs. Waterford that she wasn't pregnant right away instead of pretending to be until she figured something out. Agree that the actor playing Nick seems bored. I think we're supposed to read it as mysterious, but.
  13. S02.E03: Baggage

    I can't face what happens next I really can't! I also binged the first season and caught up with the second and as grim as it was this feels worse to me. So bleak. I still can't fully process the cold torment of that photo of her mom in the colonies with scenes of her mom as the vibrant joyful strong feminist she was. Shit I'm crying again. I was freaking out about how she was acting on the train (looking at the guards etc) bit frankly it's a wonder she can function at all given all she's been through.
  14. S24.E14: Next Level Fierce

    That shitty horny designer was looking at Khrys as if she was living her 600 lb life! He even compared her to a horse! She's GORGEOUS and was robbed but like everyone said already it's for the best. I don't want to see Law anymore.
  15. I'm still not over that one Playboy pic of Jeana. I actually can't believe it. Easily Googled - I can't post it I'm sure I'd be banned for life.