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  1. S09.E07: Down Like the Titanic

    In five minutes, too.
  2. S02.E07: The Feminism Part

    Absolutely! I just got chills! That would be so awesome!
  3. S02.E07: The Feminism Part

    CC's viciousness coupled with his ignorance and insecurities is so well done and unnerving. I'm worried sick.
  4. S02.E06: We're All Beasts

    Yeah maybe we're watching her sour on the idea.
  5. S02.E06: We're All Beasts

    I don't see Abby as depressed I see her as smug and I'm always wondering why she is where she is since she seems to think she's so much smarter and all round better than everyone else. Also don't think she's actually cool with being in her open relationship so why pretend to be.
  6. S02.E06: We're All Beasts

    God I love Larry.
  7. S02.E04: What Big Ideas

    I had no sound (on HBO only I tried other channels) and had to watch using subtitles! Anyone else?
  8. S09.E03: Weirdo Gallagher Vortex

    Same here and there have been times where I found it downright disturbing. Especially this early in the game after he's been playing hard to get/sperm donor to millions. I knew he was trouble from the moment he started bossing Fiona about some woodwork and how it needs to be dealt with. Even when she buys property some asshole is right there to push her around.
  9. S09.E03: Weirdo Gallagher Vortex

    I'm annoyed because I get the impression I'm supposed to be swooning over Ford. Not only is he dull and unattractive, I think he's a stealth-"negging", concern trolling asshole. Of course the ridiculous sperm donor storyline is just a non issue now, too. Somehow his jealousy over Fiona having a drink with some guy is supposed to be a squeal inducing sign that OMG he wants a relationship after all! What a win! I don't care about anyone's storylines at this point other than Liam's and to a way lesser degree, Fiona's.
  10. S03.E07: Obsessed-Like

    I swear I held my breath the entire time Issa was going through Nathan's things! In her pyjamas no less! I was sure he'd come out of the shower or something and walk in on her going through his drawers/ trying to sign in to his laptop! The friendship between Lawrence and Issa is nice to see but I still say she has way too much pizzazz for him as a romantic partner. I'm finding Molly even more frustrating than ever to watch. She is starting to remind me of a few people I've known who were always talking a big game about how ambitious and capable they were and all the lofty goals they had for their professional and personal lives but ultimately it was just talk. When the chips were down they didn't want to do the necessary work and curb their self-sabotaging tendencies. She doesn't seem to want to take responsibility for her part in things: how the whole Dro situation even happened, that she told Jason about it, the enemies she's making at her new job etc. Jason seems like a good guy she was way too rude to him and it wasn't ok to just bail on him at the restaurant like that. He thought she had a sense of humor about the Dro stuff he joked about and frankly she needs to know that any prospective romantic partner is likely to pay attention to something like that about her. After all she was totally ok with dropping the guy who told her he had same sex experiences and was just fine with judging him for that.
  11. S02.E03: Seven-Fifty

    If Twin James Franco and "Abby" never showed up again I wouldn't even care. As much as I see problems in the show I found myself able to enjoy it because each story line was mixed in together and relatively short. I am bored beyond tears with the bar/mobster storyline. I think it would have been better to just focus on that if that's what they wanted to do. I think the problem with the viewership is it's all over the place who this would appeal to. Too many small groups. Candy's journey is kind of a niche interest. Porn historians would be knowledgeable and interested but is it really an angle something that survived to this day? Is she supposed to be a Nina Hartley type? What I'm saying is it's not like that's what revolutionized porn as we know it today. I love the character and MG's acting is breathtaking. Really her reactions when the creep wanted a blow job was incredible. I think she felt disappointed and degraded but remembered she used to do this for way less money and zero opportunities for what she was working towards but then again thats exactly what made it so crushing to her. Even if she refused to have a pimp her days were filled with danger, disrespect and depressing grossness. Now she is trying to rise above all that and is hearing that she's still gonna be seen as "just another whore". She presented this man with her ideas, ideas she's excited about and wants to see made real and he just evaluated the condition of her body/fuckable status. He let her know in no uncertain terms that she was just garbage to him only to be used. I hope this didn't break her and that she can compartmentalize and keep her eyes on the prize. Of course she's gonna cash that check. I can't help it I love Larry and Darlene. They help me deal with my rage about what a hateful creep CC is. I'm so worried about Lori. I am still mourning Ruby. I don't want Lori to get the Star 80 treatment or just have her spirit crushed for good.
  12. S03.E06: Ready-Like

    He always did seem way too calm to me for someone who was trying to start a new life in a city like Los Angeles. Wasn't he a freelance barber? I also kind of can't believe how badly Kelly was treated. Why insult her and act so ungracious and unappreciative about her cupcakes? Also maybe I blinked and missed a condom ever making an appearance on this show so I'm surprised everyone doesn't have a raging case of the clap. Only Lawrence? Has she ever been to his place? Does she even know where he lives?
  13. S03.E06: Ready-Like

    I guess the night Issa met Nathaniel in the party Lyft scene a second guy came aboard and started to smoke weed and he and Nathan got into a bit of a fight but I don't remember anything over the top happening. I have no idea what it all means let alone as you say the scrolling she did! It's making me crazy not knowing! ETA I think he may be a scammer and somehow got money from Lyft because of the fight? He was new in town and "looking for work".
  14. S04.E08: Episode 08

    And then next season he's fine again like nothing happened!
  15. S04.E08: Episode 08

    I kinda had to go with similar but it's really unsatisfying!