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  1. Time spent with Ford is time spent being continuously "negged". I'm fine with Ian having a cult. It's for a good cause. Is Trevor ever fucking happy? Now he's pissy about Ian not having enough time to play go away/come back/go away. I miss Micky.
  2. Ok Alyssa basically wore sleep shorts and a see through, way too tight, white undershirt!!! I'm still recovering from last week's catfishee induced eye trauma outfit at least let me catch my breath! As usua, l I kept wondering if Tyler looked like the fake pic if she'd be willingtongive him another chance. Nev's wife nerds to stsy off my tv. Her "figuring" out the phone # thing was a total setup too. I don't care that he has a wife and baby! Big deal and it's not what this stupid show is about.
  3. If only.
  4. This mom is how serial killersbare made. My heart breaks for her son. I hope he'll defy the odds and be okay in spite of the crushing disappointment and humiliation he has to endure woth each new of hos mom's "boo"s. This episode was fake as hell. Except for the burning ruination of that young man's life. I continue to love Max. No more of Nev's family please.
  5. I could care less about Ford's stupid mind games and his lesbian fertility cult. He's not all that either. I wish Fiona would just focus for a minute on improving her life instead of wasting her time on him. Leave him to his woodwork or whatever. Still not buying Ian's burning love for Trevor. Not as bored with it as Lip trying to micromanage everyone around him. I wish he would see Lea DeLaria daily I cant get enough of her. She's like a much needed breath of fresh air for this played out show. I want Frank to have a massive redemption arc before the whole series ends. The Svetlana/Kev/V thing is really problematic for reasons others here have described better than I could. I have a feeling Carl is going to deal with his crazy little girlfriend/fiancee in a really funny but awful way.
  6. I was actually pretty annoyed about this. Ship and yacht are not the same. Given the times I felt the judges riled no when they should have ruled yes in the past made it unfair. Also the questions in the second group were way more open ended than they were for the first 2 contestants. I mean the tool guy gave more dumb answers but still. They need to try harder with making the difficulty equal because people are actually trying to win money amounts here that obviously would make a difference in their lives.
  7. I'll never forget my shock and awe when I realized she was using globs of Elmer's glue on those cheese sail appetizers!
  8. Still loving this show hope it gets renewed. I could watch entire hour long episodes of the lady who lives in the woods seething passive aggressively at her quiet companion. Seeing Esther's delight over the older visitor's insults was sublime then there's a seamless transition to how they bond when the old lady hits a tree!
  9. Oh! I think you're right. He was all eyes glazed and said I'm about to fall asleep or something to that effect.
  10. Agree, the Fatwa was the least interesting thing for me this season. I kind of love being annoyed with him for agreeing to insanely inappropriate requests such as letting Lin's cousins stay with him yet constantly risking everything to voice some stupid hard line opinion he has on something totally avoidable.
  11. As in what are the odds this thing ended up in my butt ie. "I tripped and fell on this cucumber what are the odds?" etc etc etc Also a Fusili Jerry shoutout there I guess.
  12. I feel like both Ian and Lip are not really people anymore. They're not fleshed out characters. They're just vehicles for tasteless gags. I mean pretty much everyone on the show is but I used to feel like they were more engaging and complex and there was stuff going on. I don't buy their motivations for anything they do anymore. I want Fiona to succeed and I want Frank to stay sober and decent and continue to get rewarded for it. I doubt he will because this show trades in cynical disappointments. Debbie is gross I can't stand her and worry her baby will meet a bad ending or at the very least be taken away from her which wouldn't be the worst for the baby probably. I don't know anything about at risk youth programs but why would they need a gigantic decrepit church to house 3 teens? And how would they even fix it up that's like a decade long project that would cost tons of money to boot.
  13. OK so about Ian and Trevor. First of all they're both tops. Would two tops want to be together? Also, Trevor is a guy but still has a vagina right? So what was that sex scene about last night? Ian is gay but we've seen him have sex with women so he can technically perform but he's gay. I'm just not buying his burning desire to be with Trevor at any cost.
  14. I can't imagine saying yes. My mom did once in her previous house and regretted it.
  15. Agree! That's what makes him so funny to me. He can really do whatever he wants but puts up with really ridiculous stuff. Remember, when he was still married to Cheryl how he kept giving in to her pushy family at Christmas time even though he's Jewish and they treated him like crap!