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  1. S24.E14: Next Level Fierce

    That shitty horny designer was looking at Khrys as if she was living her 600 lb life! He even compared her to a horse! She's GORGEOUS and was robbed but like everyone said already it's for the best. I don't want to see Law anymore.
  2. I'm still not over that one Playboy pic of Jeana. I actually can't believe it. Easily Googled - I can't post it I'm sure I'd be banned for life.
  3. I've been meaning to comment on this forever. He's been making very inappropriate comments. Speaking of. I also Googled Jeana's Playboy pics and I have to say I'm pretty shocked. Wow. Sad. I'm no prude but how bizarre to show the world your butthole this early in the quest for modelling success.
  4. The panel situation was ridiculous. First of all that designer was really gross and I knew he wouldn't be into Krys because she's not rail thin. Second of all they were really trying to do a lesson about meeting your clients needs so not too sexy means not too sexy but that's all scrapped because a horny old dude needs to tells us all how much he LOVES SEX so tough shit.
  5. Eva dropped theb"Pigford" but picked up about 50 lbs. Is she pregnant, maybe? As much as i couldn't stand Rio I have to agree that it's ridiculous to bring back someone who was eliminated to kick out someone who has lasted longer.
  6. S03.E09: Basque-ets

    I was finding Christine pretty obnoxious for most of the episode. It didn't really feel like her to me. I want Chip and Martha to end up together.
  7. S01.E09: Namaste Muthafucka

    Whoa so the murdered basketball player's mom was given to Q by her junkie parent? And that's why Trice is in the trunk! I remember her exchanging a weird look with Q. Maybe during the block party scene? Reg all proud about spending the day teaching the kids how to be men. I loved Papa and Kevin as always but my heart hurts for Jake.
  8. S01.E08: Wallets

    The kids are mostly why I watch this show. I thought I couldn't love Poppa any more than I do then I find out he has special "whittling music"!? I'd happily watch a spin-off show with just the kids.
  9. Season Two All Episode Dicussion

    I think Pete was genuinely caught off guard by her hostility and lack of support and was rushing, as usual, to fix things. Maybe she didn't know exactly how it would be but once she heard the rules and chose to break them then she shouldn't have been so shitty to him for doing well. I felt bad for him when he tried to hide his good news texts from her. That's not right.
  10. Season Two All Episode Dicussion

    I loathe Whitney Cummings and was livid when they had her play herself as some sort of a big deal. I don't care how much money she makes or whatever she sucks. I love John Mulaney and how bizzarely dickish he was playing himself here. I guess we got the Very Special Episode tonight. Ot reminded me of the Doug Stanhope playing Greg Giraldo on an episode of Louie. I'm wondering if it would have been better to have Artie die in the end.
  11. S07.E02: Rebel Rebel

    Nope not just you at all.
  12. S07.E07: Traves & Candy

    I think someone with her deep behavior problems would need more time and professional help to turn that ship around. Instead she's all "oh I'm ok now and ps I suddenly have a cute boyfriend"! Likelier scenario boyfriend some guy who wanted to be on tv even off for a few seconds and she's still Catfishing. I forgot to say about the sending her money issue. He didn't have enough to do it "next month" yet thought he'd be able to move her down to LA and finance her dreams of becoming a model?! Another really disturbing thing about this guy. He's clueless and probably needs round the clock supervision before someone takes seriously damaging advantage of him. I also thought Nev needs a better pep talk script than the BS laden "any girl in the world would love to be with you you're a total catch." Uh no.
  13. S07.E07: Traves & Candy

    Once again I think he simply couldn't get over his rage that she didn't look like the girl in the photo. If she did I really think he'd be willing to talk it out. ALSO: I really wanted hear more about the "things in our water" conspiracy theories! Now that's something to confront her about.
  14. S03.E04: A Night at the Opera

    TIA x a million to your entire post! I yelled at my tv when those nasty hags had the nerve to complain about the fireworks!
  15. Is this really coming back? If so then please what/where? I looked online couldn't find anything.