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  1. Temptation Island (2019)

    Omg your screen name made me collapse in laughter 😂😂😂. Ok so again i say, if big teeth woman ( forgot her name already)wants a ring and marriage so badly why did she move in with him ??? Pretty much all of my friends who wanted a ring and wedding never got it once they moved in. Or some got the ring and as soon as they moved in with the guy that was it. I like them together so much but he will probably marry the next girl he gets serious with. It’s a shame they are very sweet together. But in my opinion you can’t insist on a ring and then play house. I know sometimes it works but usually it’s not a way to get a ring or a wedding. I understand she wants to have kids and it’s perfecrky fine that he is the one for her and she wants that commitment and legality.
  2. Temptation Island (2019)

    I sort of feel a bit sorry for Jordan...so his Dad had an affair and was murdered because of it? Thats very sad and sordid but not sure it explains his fear of commitment. as far as his girlfriend--heres the thing--they seem like a very happy solid couple, but if her endgame is a ring, why did she move in with him?? I dont see him giving in, which is too bad, because from first impressions, they seem to be really in love. he keeps saying "why does she need a piece of paper" and i wanted to ask him why would it hurt that bad to give it to her??? sad. and Shari...OMG LOLOLOL.
  3. S23.E01: Week 1: Live Premiere

    the worst premiere and I have watched EVERY season and look forward to it--I didnt mind when they used to cut to a viewing party here and there but for the first time ever I turned it off at 8:45 and will fast forward through all the crap today or tomorrow so i can see the show. "bacheloer Nation" has run away with itself. Just show the show!! lol.
  4. Wentworth

    Lol i meant when in 2019:)
  5. Wentworth

    when does it come back???
  6. S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    hahah that part made me laugh--she does seem sooo sad and insecure tho:(
  7. S10.E04: Episode 4

    enquiring minds want to know--was Billie a guy or a girl? I honestly couldnt tell. I was very interested to see this product but 480 calories is wayyyy to much!! Id rather have a small blizzard :)
  8. S05.E11: After Paradise

    yes but it did seem the whole time that he was blinking "help me" so why go the fantasy suite? he know how nuts she was. A night of sex, i imagine is not difficult for a guy like Kamil to get. But it was disturbing watching annelise "fall" for one guy after another, kind of sickening.
  9. S05.E11: After Paradise

    I wish they had shown Annalissa madly giddy in love with Jordan and then Kenny , i feel terrible about the break up but seriously — the girl will date and fall in love with anyone - she reminds me of Heather from Aaron’s season- just wants the picket fence < insert man here >. But horrible of him to do that on tv. Ugh.
  10. S05.E11: After Paradise

    I just realized how refreshing it is that Krystal hasnt messed with her body and gotten implants--looks so unatural when a tiny girl (coughtia) gets them. I think krystal has a fabulous body. Not saying anything about her personally since I didnt care for her on aries season.
  11. Im also impressed that Jordan saw her messing around with Benoit and was able to get past it--so for him, I hope this lasts. Even though she irritates me, I like them together and they would have gorgeous kids:) ewww. had no idea she was on that show. sheesh.
  12. my impression of marriage boot camp (I have never watched it) is that even happy couples go on there because its good money for them, and for others a way to stay relevant. From what I have seen of Desiree, its probably for the money.
  13. I went from really liking John to really disliking his behavior on bip--nice guy turned player. You cant believe a word he says. its a shame. nothing wrong with datind around, but he just came off a lot like bob guiney, jmo. I like that Chris and Krystal actually appeared to have deep conversation about their pasts, unlike Annaliesse who came off as so desparate and scary, honestly she would get engaged to anybody there. pathetic. I think evan and carly picked up on it immediately.
  14. wow thats so sad about mr trimarco. Ok so todays show (I rarely get to watch), but this woman says I moved my boyfriend and his 4 year old in with me and my 2 kids a month after we met?? Not to sound like Dr Phil but "are you kidding me??" Why do people have to move someone in with innocent kids a few weeks after meeting. I just dont get it. 6 months-a year-maybe--but a few weeks???
  15. S05.E08: Week 5: Part 1

    lol the most creative part was when he was asked about why he told her he wouldnt date anyone else he said "he spoke the truth in that moment" He is a piece of work. Just admit, you lied or said what you had to say to get the rose and then you screwed her over. Im disapointed Cassandra gave him a second chance, I was liking her reaction and her self respect. tia for me would be up there with super annoying insecure ashley and Deanna for annoying contestants. Please Tia go away!!