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  1. S14.E03: Week 3 2018.06.11

    there in lies the issue of "re-using" past candidates. Im sorry, but Trista, Emily and maybe Meredith, it was easy to see the guys going crazy for the bachlorette--same with bachelor--Andrew Firestone was a huge catch--Bob Ginuey??Jason was a nice guy, but really? 25 women going nuts for him??? blech. the original premise of the show was that it would be an individual who would be very desireable. I still remember very early in the show they did a special where they profiled several men who were possible bachelor candidates. I do think it has become like other series (real world) where people go on just to get to the next series. Becca is a nice girl, but not someone who I see 25 men fighting over. I hope i dont sound mean. Im a huge fan of the show, but there are seasons that have been very difficult to watch. I still laugh at Deannas guys who mostly just wanted to hang out with each other.
  2. so how did Mike afford the fancy ring flown in from Beverly Hills??
  3. S14.E03: Week 3 2018.06.11

    I can— dentist Ashley’s season— then after that- Deanna’s season. Then you look back at Trista and Emily’s season, the guys were all crazy for them. Also, Jillian’s season, although i thought Jillian was a good bachelorette. I’m hoping they skipped some of th conversation because i would have expected her to straight out ask him “ did you apply to be on the show thinking it was tia”? But all of it is rather absurd, these women all became friends by dating and kissing the same guy so why is this so different ?
  4. S06.E16: Melissa Morris

    I agree with the poster who said she needs a refresher surgery--I know people who have undergone weight loss surgery weighing way less than 267 lbs. Hasnt it been 11 years?? I bet her stomach is all stretched out (or whatever you call it, pouch, sleeve, etc) I really could not beleive she kept having children with someone who kept cheating on her--but she does seem like a very loving mother.
  5. S06.E15: Bettie Jo & Susan

    OMG how did you do that?? lol
  6. S06.E15: Bettie Jo & Susan

    So why did dr now do the previous 2 surgeries if she was smoking ?
  7. S06.E15: Bettie Jo & Susan

    So here is my question- was Susan a smoker when she had her skin removal surgery before and that’s why she had complications ?? Or did she just start smoking?? I would be surprised that dr now would do surgery on anyone who smoked. FYI it was so obvious dr now was going to check on Bettie jos cancer:)
  8. to this day, I totally covet that baby blue mercedes Abby drove and that beach house that Abby and gary lived in. So sad when the character that played Frank passed from Aids, shortly before there was a good way to manage the disease.
  9. LOL. How yall doing. to funny. the breakfast--also funny.
  10. How can they afford all these plane flights at 3 seats a piece?
  11. I was going to say “ doe eyes” lol
  12. Why do they wear shoes to get on the scale???
  13. The commercial for Li medium kills me- is she really going to say anything negative about their son who comitted Suicide ? Any of us could do that reading < eyeroll>. tired of Jennifer’s constant pained look.
  14. S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    yes but ddnt she narrate the whole show??
  15. S06.E13: Schenee's Story

    the thing that bothered me the most was the ER visit---totally unncessary and a huge waste of funds that could have gone elsewhere. not to mention what hubby and I would have to pay to go to the er--then the month in the hospital. again, who paid for it?? wonder why Dr Now didnt do that awful baloon he did on someone else a few weeks ago with another patient who refused to stop eating.