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  1. she seems to think of herself as some type of goddess, she is not that pretty--I still dont understand why she dumped that really cute guy from winter games....
  2. UGH hated him on sight when he wore a sweat suit to a rose ceremony. Blech.
  3. Well Trista was on the first dancing with the stars .... people forget that ! I loved Trista even with that baby voice :)
  4. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Trista had some pretty great contestants too! Charley, Jamie, etc some really great guys !!
  5. The Bachelorette in the Media

    so now Rachel and Bryan are on Access? I will say Rachel is very poised, but I thought she had a really great job as attorney ..
  6. I still remember the final 2 on Jesse palmers season, and when he let her down, she said "then what happened last night was completely inappropriate". I do think a lot of people feel sex is meaning a deeper commitment.
  7. oh yes brett and daya---she came off so badly that she refuses to be filmed anymore. I was apalled because he expected her to babysit his daughter all day and they hadnt even met yet. but last I read they were very happy so good for them--he seemed like a really nice and sweet guy.
  8. Pao to me is a classic mean girl. and yes, Anfisa behaved disgracefully at times, but has really gotten her act together...Pao has allowed Juan to disrespect Russ more than once and just is such a nasty person. You can tell Anfisa cares for Jorge and is frustrated, Pao only cares about herself. Ugh. Russ is an idiot.
  9. my take was Bev was jelous on some level--Mel was getting some action and is much more attractive than her sister. Plus I think production prodded her, maybe with booze :)
  10. I did read that - i figure the truth is somewhere inbetween :)
  11. he reminds me of a big, messy, overeager labrador retriever and I like those dogs. He annoys me!!! ha! remember Jillian in the hot tub on Jasons season? lol OMG. and then there was Andrew Firestone and Tina Fab and the sounds.
  12. Yeah there is a lot of fake drama and “ storylines” but i just can’t believe Hunters dad was ok with the repeated “ father figure “ which suggests the absence of one. I hope it works out for them since they are 2 minors involved and a bitchy sister but i was surprised to see them on tv as well. I’m going to fast forward through their parts 😂
  13. Im one of those folks who hate the recycled contestants, but as long as they take the grease out of his hair, I find jason to be so handsome and I think hes got a decent job--I wouldnt mind him as bachelor :)
  14. Ack!! My DVR cut off the last 10 minutes, right after Molly (who I just cannot stand her whiny voice so I fwd through her interviews). So what happened?? David was calling Luis?? Did David do the ugly cry we saw on TV or is that next week. And wow, Pao is such a nasty witch and the hair is awful. WTF is wrong with Russ? She treats him like crap. yeah that voice tho, lol. but yes i liked her outfit. I just hope she will not move in another guy in with her kids:(
  15. S06.E20 Lupe & Brittani 2018.07.18

    I agree with the poster that a good plastic surgeon could do wonders for brittanies legs and i mean no disrespect to dr now. I hope maybe someone who can do that type of specialized surgery sees this show and will offer it to her. That part was discouraging to see and i also think she deserves it .