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  1. Big Love

    Oh I think Bill absolutely liked the polygamy thing. I think if Barb never got ill there would have been some reason he would have gone back. He could have got a carer from anywhere but Juniper Creek - there was definately a reason he went back. I think for him it was a matter of time. It fit his grandiose sense of self that also came through from multiple franchises, a casino and the (stupidly plotted) political run. Joey was the only Henrickson male that didn't like polygamy and took it on after a sense of obligation. I agree Barb hated it and would have left Bill if she hadn't been raised Mormon. I agree Nicki liked it until season three and she met the DA (Ray Henry) and actually saw the Joy Book. (I also would have loved more Barb/Nicki and Nicki/Sarah). I think the Joy Book was more of a turning point than the bloke. I think Margene never bought into the religious side of polygamy but loved a big family. I think she viewed Barb & Nicki and sisters, not sister wives. Especially if she was only 16 when she married Bill, she was as brainwashed as the other two, to some degree. I think the only one who hated polygamy from start to finish was Sarah. Certainly Ben wasn't convinced until he realised he could marry twins. I do wonder how Teeny would have gone. And Nicki's kids. I would have liked to have seen more of Don's wives. I still can't believe he is Scully in Brooklyn 99!
  2. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Cameron was special - she was modeled on, I want to say Alison(?), who was a part of the inner resistance I believe. I think there was an episode about Alison and explained how that came about - now I want a rewatch haha! This show was a casualty of the writer's strike is that right? I think it was going in a really interesting way. Plus Shirley Manson and her slicing necks down a hallway. I loved Lena Headey in this (saw it before Game of Thrones which is why I always expected Cersei to have weapons hidden in her walls haha!) as Sarah Connor. Plus the redheaded child was also great and not....like some children in tv shows. I wish the writers would have released what they were planning for season 3. Would have been a good show I feel.
  3. I agree that more aspects were shown, but to me, they verged on a different character. While yes, in the Closer she was in one the one role, she was also shown to be sharp, direct and did not suffer any of the squad's nonsense. Rusty aside (assuming she gave him a break on...all the issues he had) I still feel there is no way the person who could stand up to Brenda without any underhandedness (Taylor) or playing on past relationships (Pope) is the same one who needed her kid to tell her she was dating Andy. There were shades - the Ricky beatdown, the Jack stuff, the Sanchez investigation which showed she could be both the nice protagonist Duff wanted but still of the Closer shades but the personal - not really obtuse - confusion seemed not the same person. I still love both but I just see them as different Maybe they overcorrected too much, ensuring people liked her as you said and that might explain it. I still love both shows and rewatch them often so its just an observation I guess.
  4. Does anyone else feel that the Sharon Raydor of Major Crimes is not the same character as the Sharon Raydor of The Closer? I do actually love both shows and there are about 4 episodes from both shows that I rate as completely equal on merit. But they are different right? I mean, I love the MajorCrimes!Sharon because I'd love her to be my mum but it feels like they (the showrunners) felt like TheCloser!Sharon couldnt hold her own show so they changed her so drastically they do feel like separate characters that did not come from the same show/writers. And while I love Sharon, I wouldn't have minded a show based on TheCloser!Sharon either Which, is really to Mary McDonnell's credit because Sharon from The Closer & Major Crimes are nothing at all like Laura Roslin or Stands with a Fist, despite being the same actress. Except for the hair...which I completely envy because my god
  5. Dawson's Creek

    I hate Dawson and never understood why Pacey or Joey or Jen or Jack or anyone kept falling all over themselves when he was angry. Not to mention his own parents catering to his every whim. Even about their own relationships. I am an only child but my parents would never ever even think of giving me a say in anything not my business. That said (and totally unrelated) I just watched Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 and JVDB is hilarious.
  6. Xena: Warrior Princess

    I think it was pacifism...although maybe that is a form of attempted suicide. But I think after the Hercules episodes we were supposed to get that she hated herself too much for suicide, or at least to do that before seeing her mum. I think rewatching it now and seeing the things like the "she'd never let a man close enough to do her" lines lends more credence to the cast later saying that the subtext was intentional by the writers. I always thought it was just the actressess running with it (and never shooting it down ala Rizzoli & Isles cast/crew) but I'm starting to buy that it would have had to come somewhat from the higher ups (or at least they participated more than I originally gave credit for)
  7. My work does this though. But only in the conference rooms and they have conferences at least 2 times a day and the people attending are very busy so I think it gets used and isn't a waste. But at home? Yeah that is not happening.
  8. Xena: Warrior Princess

    I love Callisto, loved Autolycus....even Salmoneous. My ultimate favorite is One Against An Army. Can't explain it.
  9. Xena: Warrior Princess

    Regardless of whether the India arc was good - the controversy about it was over the top. Didn't it also start the christ/eli stuff? I liked it because it was different...and it looked like they had bought everything from Bali I want in my house
  10. Major Crimes in the Media

    Has there been any word on the Major Crimes book being written about the show and behind the scenes? I hear it has Duff's approval and/or participation so who knows how.....honest (if that is the right word) it will be (particularly about the ridiculousness) but the author has apparently had frank conversations with at least some people involved. I think Robert Gossett was mentioned but I am more than willing to be corrected.
  11. Major Crimes in the Media

    Thanks Bastet!
  12. Major Crimes in the Media

    Is there any point in watching any season 6 extras other than the gag reel?
  13. Battlestar Galactica [2004]

    Yep - but Boomer is dead by the time anyone asks Athena if she has her memories. So I think Athena having her memories is a combination of Boomer transmitting memories while she is a sleeper, which no other cylon has been and so may not have had a reason to transmit anything, like the Leoban and D'Anna and then her memories as a bulk download when she dies - that do go to all the Eights. I think given the Cylon bend towards unity, they don't have individuality or individual memories while they are all connected. So what happens to one model, happens to all of that model. I think the Gina!Six was different because she couldnt download and so the rest of the Sixes don't know - like a computer file lost forever. Ahh right. Well, the network should have stopped meddling. But I think, from vague memories of cons, that the actors were well aware of the bias toward sci-fi and never really bothered to go for it hammer and tong - like the big networks did. Should he though? Was there a rule against it before the attacks? It isn't mentioned on the show from what I can tell. Doesn't seem to be a rule against two pilots going at it - and they get to arm themselves with planes. And as much as holding onto the old way of life is realistic, there would naturally be some bending after 2-ish years. I know that Tigh came down on Tyrol and Boomer in season 1, but that seemed more about her being an officer (and bad pilot, and sketchy) and he being enlisted - but there is no mention as to whether two officers or two enlisted are against any rules. Hell, Helo knocks up a cylon - if that isn't grounds for treason or consorting with an enemy I don't see them getting bent out of shape by a commander and an XO. Or it could be like Major Crimes - as long as it is disclosed, no problemo. But also - I do love Adama so I say this with love - there would be no way he'd come down on Lee even if it were against the rules. Considering what he lets both Lee and Starbuck pull, Adama would probably just be happy Lee is only shagging his XO. Adama has giant blind spots and this would probably come down in that. I think it is the Zephyr. Not sure if the interior is ever seen though. Razor is more about the Cain of it all. The Plan is more cylon-focused. Not sure when that aired. Neither is really required viewing for the series as a whole IMO.
  14. Battlestar Galactica [2004]

    I loved the Pegasus/Resurrection Arc. I also loved the Home arcs and all that came before (Especially the blackbird being dedicated to Laura). But when Cain showed up it felt like things were back to the brutal 33-esque show. And obviously we were supposed to think that Cain's way of life would have happened with Adama if not for Laura demanding the fleet be protected (Nice touch having Tigh be appalled after his foray into military rule) - but a lesser show would have made that explicit (and probably said by Apollo!). And then spinning it around so killing Cain is Laura's idea. And she talks the military man into it. And clearly Billy is not involved in that! This arc also cemented Tricia Helfer as awesome - no way you'd ever confuse Caprica!Six, Head!Six or Gina. Hard to watch but she was great in it. Also Sharon. I just love love love all three of those episodes. I think after the Cain arc, the network demanded more standalones (I may have got that off the commentary). And I resented it. Although season 2 had double the episodes so who knows if the creators would have sped things up if not or what would have happened. I also loved Epiphanies - I love Roslin though, so not a surprise. Especially seeing her pre-attack. I think MM broke a rib while dying so more power to her. I knew the cure was a Duex Ex Machina but it kept Roslin so I didn't care that much.... I hated that Billy died - I wanted him and Tory to be Roslin's voices of conscience (I mean, Adama has Apollo and Starbuck, so I felt it appropriate Laura also bring two kids to the relationship!). I both loved and hated this. But, this show sucks in that you fully understand why Roslin bans abortion, that Baltar makes a good point in opposition. Only by seeing Roslin hate it makes me still like her, even if I get that pragmatism wins out. I probably side with Baltar on this issue. But still. And also the baby out the airlock line is pretty gold. I liked Downloaded - less for the Anders and more for Caprica, Eight and Three. But I do love Lucy Flawless, so there is bias there. I think mine was something like "The f*ck waiting a year for season 3" (I am in Australia and it takes a million years for anything to happen. Also, I was in uni, so I don't recall being particularly eloquent). I don't think there were any spoilers, and it was before twitter so the conspiracy theories abounded. I hated that Roslin lost, that she lost to Baltar, that she tried to steal it. Thought Adama was a bit OTT with the whole "cancer will spread to the heart" thing but I got it. No one did - I think it is bias but also I don't think any actor actively campaigned for it (Don't know if MM campaigned for an emmy for The Closer but she did get a nom there I think?) From what I understand - Boomer died and her memories were uploaded (or downloaded) to the rest of the Eights, including Athena (who may or may not be connected constantly, but who may have been with the whole virus thing). It's how I figure Caprica didn't have memories of Gina in Downloaded - Gina didn't die - and Boomer/the rest of the eights don't know Sharon is pregnant onboard Galactica/that Hera "died". I think mainly that....not that many people are around anymore and who would judge? Adama? He'd never take Lee to task for that. I think you might mean the Zephyr? Bastet - Do you have the movies Razor and The Plan as well as the series? (Also, sorry this was so longwinded - only just now getting back from the holiday holiday-ness)
  15. Battlestar Galactica [2004]

    It does hold up well, I agree. Probably helps that there are no aliens so the show can't be dated by CGI like other shows have been. I mean there is some CGI but it wasn't a show that relied heavily on CGI. Although I never really understood where they kept getting paper from but that is neither here nor there. I like Colonial Day also - pretty much any episode where Roslin is featured heavily works for me. The finale was great. I started with the second season but Adama getting shot remained a holy shit moment. I guess her religious bent is slightly different and not reminiscent of any of our god dogma that helps. And I like Greek mythology so that helps. I know she has the breast cancer and the whole dying factor is the big draw but I do wonder if she would have gone that religious that fast if there was no dying leader but, I don't know a reference to a leader with red hair or something. I absolutely love Billy. Billy is just, well, Billy. Do you have a favourite? or MVP?