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  1. Spoilers and Speculation

    No fist bumps. No Scientology auditing.
  2. Spoilers and Speculation

    LOL "Walking Dead fans split on recent Harlem Globetrotters crossover" https://entertainment.theonion.com/walking-dead-fans-split-on-recent-harlem-globetrotter-1830775810?utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=SF&utm_content=Main&fbclid=IwAR3CezVJ3sCUSQoSGBAoMt3NSQihHI4Pi5fBOCANdLBp3du-uY3xlj9xbG8
  3. The Walking Dead in the Media

  4. S09.E08: Evolution

    THIS is the worst part, for sure. If he was still alive because he was wily or even just lucky, it wouldn't be so bad. Instead he's alive because of a copious amount of nonsense, like nobody being able shoot anything but windows, or Rick hitting him with the wrong end of a bat, followed by an utterly unbelievable philosophical decision. The Governor remained alive by killing his own people and escaping into the wild, changing his identity, finding another group and taking it over to exact his revenge. I know a lot of people didn't like that storyline (I did), but at least it was plausible.
  5. Spoilers and Speculation

    Can't say I blame him. Tonight I happened to catch the first Star Trek movie tonight...it wasn't, like, great, but it just reminded me that you can take a well established, well-made group of characters and put them in any situation and have an adventure! Even going back and having young actors play the young characters. This is so where the show drops the ball, over and over again. You could take the example of Seinfeld or Friends, of Always Sunny, lol, or Star Trek or go back to something like Bonanza or Gunsmoke, and have the set group of well defined characters go into any situation and be either hilarious or courageous, what have you, and have a great story. TWD HAD THIS GROUP OF CHARACTERS, but they sacrficed all of them to stupid storylines and plot devices to drive some dumb idea they have forward. They have it completly backwards.
  6. S09.E08: Evolution

  7. Spoilers and Speculation

    I actually forgot to watch it or follow along. Halfway through today, I realized that it was Monday and it was on last night. I tried to read through last night's live posting thread, and even that couldn't hold my interest. I can see from the episode thread that the killing of Jesus certainly isn't going to KEEP any viewers. I'll keep reading the spoilers to find out what the X scars mean, and to visit with you hilarious people, but the show sure seems to be dwindling away. I guess next half of the season will be The Return Of Negan. blah. I wonder if Danai will be out after this year.
  8. Spoilers and Speculation

    I think it's been a struggle for them to make Michonne's character work, going from a glowering, caped, silent, katana wielding cartoon character into a real person. Her relationship with Carl did that, and was maybe the most natural relationship on the show. That's gone now, of course.
  9. Spoilers and Speculation

    Right? My mind is kinda blown that what seemed like a return to sanity, to featuring the people we love and care about, is apparently just preparation for their One True Love, the blowhard idiot MURDERER OF GLENN Negan. Also, Jadis is gross, and I never want to see her in anything again ever.
  10. Spoilers and Speculation

    So...no question about it then. Negan IS the main character. Team Family are just the "supplement." Good luck with that, Angela.
  11. Spoilers and Speculation

    So I guess this will leave Tara as head of Hilltop, and she will basically take over the Maggie role now. Yawn.
  12. Spoilers and Speculation

    Apparently the whisperers are Siddiq and Michonne. Someone is leaf blowing outside and I couldn't hear anything they were saying. lol
  13. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Maybe she was carving X's in people's backs.
  14. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    This sounds really boring.
  15. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    She should throw in a whole bath.