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  1. No, that doesn't mean what he's trying to say. He explained that he meant people who refuse to kill. Calling it morality assumes that Jesus is taking the moral position, which is what is being debated. Using the term "pacifist" in this discussion for not killing, means not killing. Whether it's moral, or even compassionate, in this case, is the question. The writing is terrible because Jesus was all about killing these same people in their sleep...getting other people to do it FOR him, actually, so I hardly see him as more moral than anyone else.
  2. Wait, for THIS show? Oh, wait, it's for the stunt people, not the actors? That's gotta sting. lol
  3. Well, I'm a little sad that there is no episode this weekend, because I want to keep this conversation going with you fine folks!
  4. And ICE. And the medicine that saved her life! You couldn't have dragged me out of Woodbury for anything. I liked the scene when she went to see them at the prison (and was so happy to see them again, and they all acted like assholes, never mind they left her behind in the first place), and she was like, omg, you live HERE? Come to Woodbury, we have cookies. Now I have another sad about Carl and how they're ending him, with the life is precious bullshit. Carl's life was precious, idiots.
  5. Well, if he survives it somehow, it's a good thing he didn't let Negan kill him. lol But seriously, I think he's a goner. He went ahead and cut his hair for a new movie role, he's moving on.
  6. Omg, I was just talking to a friend and it suddenly occurred to us that maybe Gimple thinks he'll be forced out if TWD when they move him over to this was an act of spite to ruin the future of the show. Didn't even think of a punishing Kirkman angle. Seems plausible. It definitely seems like they WANT to tank it.
  7. It seems to be they've turned Negan into the superhero, and Rick into Charlie Brown. THIS is what makes it so damned aggravating. If Negan is going to escape Rick's clutches, then at least make it believable. Why on earth would they construct a scene where Rick actually gets a hold of Lucille and doesn't HIT HIM WITH IT. Rick is the first person in history to use a bat to hit something with the handle. And the part he's holding has the barbed wire on it. Then two seconds later, he does get his gun back...and...runs away. A point I've harped on numerous times because it's so terrible! He later says Negan's still out there somewhere. SOMEWHERE LIKE YOUR HOUSE? And in the big picture, Michonne and company are just standing around in Alexandria and don't know Negan's coming til HE KNOCKS ON THE GATE. And then nobody fucking shoots him. There are no words for how dumb it all is. Chandler will probably be glad he's gone when watches the remaining seasons.
  8. I think maybe they didn't want Chandler getting pestered with questions about what will happen before Carl dies, I mean, he could go kamikaze to save the day or something. And they want to make sure people come back and watch the Feb episode of both shows. I mean, I will watch TTD if Chandler is there to say his goodbye*. If it had been this week, I would probably forget this show even existed by Feb. So they are keeping us on the hook, like they did with Glenn. I'm sure, though, he doesn't want to have to sit next to Gimple and lie about what a great, courageous writing decision this was. *I'm sure we will have to rely on some random youtuber to get any kind of proper Carl montage, however.
  9. I thought this was kind of interesting, in Chandler's remarks. That they've all seen the spoilers as some kind of attempt to damage the integrity of their product, that they work hard on. And then him discovering that it's just another niche of hardcore fans who actually LOVE the show and are completely invested in it. Certainly the Spoiling Dead Army makes an effort to keep from literally "spoiling" it for people who do NOT want to know. I used to hate being spoiled, I avoid spoilers like the plague. I even avoid trailers of movies sometimes because they give too much away. But my goodness, the way the stressful and infuriating way this show operates drove me to this board, and I'm all about spoilers now! lol
  10. Thanks for sharing that. What a great kid. I feel sadder now, but sure wish him the best post TWD. too funny
  11. It was a seemingly normal 40 something man. I was left speechless, really. True, but that doesn't make Negan good! lol My sons are 18 and 21 and they think this show is garbage and can't believe I still watch it. And they think the writing for Negan is childish and stupid. lol And redundant. Case in point: "I hope you got your shittin' pants on..." okay that's dumb but not that bad... but then he just has to spell it out for you like you're an idiot..."because you're gonna shit your pants." O RLY? I couldn't guess that from the whole shittin' pants line. They hate it. They moved on to Game of Thrones a long time ago. And the younger one is into Riverdale, because that's what the kids are into these days. Certainly not TWD.
  12. You never really see any of the Darabont people, except for Lori, she did a video chat, and that's it. But Laurie Holden is also NEVER mentioned or appears on these things, and neither does Dale, who specifically asked to be written out when Darabont left. So maybe Jon is in that camp? Shane is my favorite, too. I want him to haunt Rick now when Carl dies.
  13. Right. He's a pretty humble kid for all the attention he gets, and I'm happy with Chandler/Carl getting "a last request" esp since he got blindsided by this.
  14. So, I've finally talked to a friend who thinks Negan is a great character, funny and "unpredictable" (??), and much better than Rick. So there's one at least. I just kind of wonder if the show wants to get rid of Rick and keep Negan as the main. Because they also seem to treat him as the hero of the show. I guess this one guy would like it.