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  1. LOL. Best comment on the internet today, on any subject.
  2. I think they're just stealing from A Quiet Place since it was a big hit.
  3. True, but I think Norman putting that photo on Instagram of him hugging Andy is a silent confirmation that he is really leaving.
  4. Aw, man. I can't believe how emotionally invested I am in these characters. :/ Also: See how good Norman is at social media. $$$
  5. Let me guess. They will have an 18 month time jump and then have a day last 8 episodes. Right? "This is boring but at least there's Grego---"
  6. And for me, it isn't so much that character X or Character Y is important to me on their own, it's the group dynamic, the group connections that make them matter. They're supposed to be a family and they're scattered about while the show focuses on a dozen other stupid ppl and puts Negan at the center. Maggie without Glen, and living with Hilltop ppl is just another person. Daryl without Rick will not be the same, and Rick without Carl doesn't even have a point now, obviously. It's already so botched up. Carol shrugging off Carl's death really aggravated me. I'm just rambling before I've had any coffee. Lol
  7. Don't forget Tara! The writers can't seem to get enough of her.
  8. Oh, for sure. At the beginning of TWD, he was still doing cons for Boondock Saints. A friend of mine sneaked a pic of him while she was at a con, and he was a lower tier $40 photo guy. A couple years later, he's the VIP guest. $125 photo op. And he's going to make the most of it. And he also wasn't married with a couple little kids for the last 8 years. It's also easier for him because there's some similarity between Daryl and Norman. Andrew Clutterbuck is NOT Rick Grimes like at all. lol I think Andy doesn't get enough credit for his acting, honestly.
  9. I remember seeing Andy on a panel years ago, and someone asked what he thought about the funny memes about him saying Stuff And Thangs, and poor Andy didn't even know what a meme was, much less that he was the subject of them. Or that throwaway lines he doesn't remember about stuff and thangs were "a thing." He doesn't even watch the show. lol
  10. Andy is an actor, and Norman is a brand. This will always make it tough for Andy in this industry. Regardless of whether people think Daryl is deserving of a lead role, Norman is a huge asset in promoting the show. He works social media, he loves the fans, he is always accessible, while Andy wants to have a private family life, in England, as much as possible. And that's a laudable goal. But in this era, being an Instagram star and having a high profile life is integral to big money success. Edited to add that I think a lot of Norman's success in that area is that he seems to genuinely enjoy all of that and it's not all calculated hustle.
  11. This was in the Daily Mail, quoting the Hollywood Reporter: the time jump is apparently a quantum leap. <me rolling my eyes> It's like it's a spinoff of itself.
  12. Jadis is driving the wagon.
  13. I think we all know TWD can't have too many seasons left to be locked down on. And The Ride seems like his baby and he just gets to ride around with friends and fo his own travelogue which looks fun. So, yeah, he's got a really sweet deal at this stage in his life. Andy is the one getting ripped off after spending a decade on this. Norman is the rare individual NOT getting robbed by AMC.
  14. But they can afford giving Norman 20 million dollars. It has just occurred to me that Norman getting an AMC contract for 20M might include him doing two shows, TWD and his motorcycle show.