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  1. The Walking Dead in the Media

    I liked the video, but I don't think the guy who wrote Clear, and The Grove and some other good ones is actually clueless. I think he's just lying. I believe there are other factors and behind the scenes reasons he does the shit he does. I think it's petty.The reason his excuses make no sense is because they aren't really the reasons.
  2. In an episode I actually enjoyed, when Michonne and Rick hooked up, it started with with him listening to More Than A Feeling on a phone or iPod. Which was cool. Maybe they meant "pornographic" instead of "phonograph"
  3. Where children are named Carl and Enid. Of course I realize some ppl still own vinyl, but it's still rare. Ppl barely even have CD's anymore. What's that, Sonny? Could you talk louder into my ear horn? Enid better say, "Wtf is a phonograph?"
  4. But..but..it's the key to the future. When all this time we thought Carl was the key to the future. It was phonograph records.
  5. I think this must represent a conversation they had in the break room after reading the scripts. "The people who are gone. The people who are still here. It ain't right." Danai is an award winning playwright. Can you imagine what she and Andy must talk about in private? lol This is so stupid that I...I...I can't even think of anything to describe it. It's so stupid! Who could easily find a crate full of "phonograph" records NOW, in a fully functioning society? Phonograph records? PHONOGRAPH? WHO CALLS THEM THAT? If I received this note, I would find them and kill them. We have enough problems in the ZA than to bother with anachronistic scavenger hunt pranks. This makes the garbage people almost make sense.
  6. I would prefer Rick to come face to throat with an adversary.
  7. <sniffles> This interaction is what I want. Why can't they do that more than once or twice in a whole season? No matter how stupid this show gets, I always want to ease Rick's pain. lol
  8. The Walking Dead in the Media

    I actually laughed through the first 30 seconds. I liked Simon squinting. That really added to it. Maybe we should all meet up somewhere to watch it on the big screen and throw stuff and jeer.
  9. The Walking Dead in the Media

    This is more of an Unfathomable Event. How great this would have been back in the first five seasons. Even the cinematography is gone now. They've lost more than half their audience. Who is going to see this? Back probably in season 3, I actually paid 15 dollars to go to a movie theater to see the Paleyfest panel of TWD. I went with my son, and we had a good time. I enjoyed seeing some clips on the big screen, and wished I could see more of that. I do not wish that now. I don't want to see a 20 foot version of Negan's mug.
  10. Fast forward reveals that when Rick and Michonne made their run out of Alexandria there was at least a whole row of houses that looked okay. Actually, I think their own house was okay. They went thru the front and out the back door. Because of course, Negan never kills Rick either and didn't even burn down his house when firebombing others. Got the gazebo though. That'll teach'em.
  11. The Walking Dead in the Media

    It's irritating that the tone the article is taking is that people have just naturally lost interest over the years. Instead of the show being destroyed by terrible management.
  12. I am legit LOLing. Good start to my day! More LOLing!
  13. I don't know why I just got my hopes up for a second. I must need to get some sleep. After the bat handle incident, I'm sure Rick will chase Negan down in a car, and then sideswipe him and raise his fist and shout, "I'm gonna KILL you!" and then drive away really fast. While Judith is eaten by walkers in some other location.
  14. S08.E11: Dead or Alive Or

    To be fair, I thought Denise was stupid from the beginning. I don't really mind Tara until they try to build half the show around her. Thanks, but no. Someone else made a great point that she was a lot better when Glen was around. I don't know anything about this background information. Who is Alanna and why is she important?