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  1. S05.E01: Gap Year

    Yes, the show hints at it, then it's dropped. When Junior told Dre that his words hurt and one of the things Dre charged him for was "his time." I was like, really? I would've liked this storyline more if Junior was pushing Dre and his family out of his room and thrived on his own. Make his family miss his presence and realize how much they depend on him. What Junior should do is either intern at the marketing firm or at the hospital. Give him something to do besides loaf around the house. Junior's been written as an academic, but emotionally immature. I'm going to hope that the show grows him up this season.
  2. S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    HEEE!!! Does it look like: or Hahaha. Depending on my mood, it's mostly the first one, but when she isn't on some bullshit, which is rare, I'll give her the Rihanna wink.
  3. S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    Ha, nothing wrong with that since that's your thing. But if Julian went full DJ Khaled, then he's expecting it without reciprocating and that's a hell nah. Nanceford can get the entire fuck outta here popping up on Issa's birthday with flowers after he's been gone for a month. Acting as if he just came back from vacation. Y'all know he had a spring in his step too when he rolled up to Issa's house. Molly did the right thing by telling him to step. The nerve. However, I am here for the show exploring mental illness next season if that's where they're going with Nanceford. I'm annoyed that Issa is just now starting to apply for jobs, but anytime she makes a step in the right direction, I'll golf clap.
  4. S03.E07: Obsessed-Like

    On the real, I can't stand Molly for this. She said last week that she wasn't interested in Andrew, so she was looking for a reason to bounce. Because God forbid she actually have a good time with a single, interested man. I have to accept the fact that Molly doesn't want to win. She doesn't want to win at work or in love because there is no excuse for this stupidity. She's unhappy when things are a mess. But when she gets what she wants? Nah, she can't handle it. She's too used to dysfunction. I like Issa and Lawrence's easygoing friendship. They seem to be on the road to reconciliation, though I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. Issa needs to get herself all the way together first. At least she's taking steps, so it's a start. Sigh, anyone who ghosts needs to have a fiery case of diarrhea. It's such cowardly, trash behavior. Especially since Nanceford was the one who brought up "how do you know when it's real"? Ugh. Loser.
  5. S03.E06: Ready-Like

    Yeah, I'd be more into Issa's professional glow up if she'd get a job first. Hit up that guy at Beats Kids, search the site for job openings, something! A block party is too much to take on right now; especially since her funds are limited. Yes, always and forever, to Dro not being shit. Lawrence and his hotation. I just, my dude. This ho shit is so not for him. He knows this. I just hope the STD was the alarm bell he needed to get it together. At least he caught something curable. Molly, stop.blocking.your.blessings. What is it with this woman that makes her turn down available, interested men? No one is saying you have to marry the guy, Molly. It's just a date. See where it goes. Nanceford probably got scared off when Issa mentioned the future. If so, he's a punkass.
  6. S05.E10: When this is Over 09.09.2018

    I was about to comment on this. Masculinity so fragile, indeed. It's perfectly fine to bang Angela for years! Pack a bag in front of his wife and tell her that he's going on a business trip and they have to talk when he gets back. Knowing good and damn well he was going with Angela. Tasha finally moves on with a man who takes her seriously and wants the best for her, and he can't handle it. How dare she not want my garbage treatment! I'll show her. Typical fuckboy. That being said, it was a good season finale. I thought the first half of the season dragged, but the show made up for it with the finale. I don't know how Angela is coming back from this. She caught one in the chest. Unless that school is next door to the hospital, she's a goner. She'll bleed out before he can get her to the car. It's about time Keisha told Tasha where to go. The friendship would've been over the moment drug money ran through my shop.
  7. S03.E05: High-Like

    I.fell.out. when Kelli got tased. Ha, I knew Lawrence was coming back. The hive is going crazy. Well, I hope Issa is on birth control. Her and Nanceford getting it in on the ferris wheel was beautifully lit.
  8. S05.E09: There's a Snitch Among Us 09.02.2018

    Ugh, yes. Tara going back into that mess never rang true for me. Jax was fine AF, and the sex was bomb, but that is NO excuse for throwing your future away. Definitely creeped out with Tommy and his mom. That's some extreme mama's boy, Oedipus shit. You know she's one of those "no woman is good enough for my son," types.
  9. S05.E09: There's a Snitch Among Us 09.02.2018

    He reminds me of Lauren London's character in ATL. She had all this privilege, yet she wanted to be in the streets. I'm paraphrasing, but her classmate told her that she had a Picasso in her house. "You can take the pissy elevator, I'll take the Picasso." Tariq is a dumbass. All of this to get back at his father? I thought seeing the cops get clipped would've scared him straight. He came thisclose to being killed, and nothing. Speaking of foolish, Keisha is another one. "You never killed anybody, right?" Girl, Ghost and Tommy are major drug traffickers. This is not the type of business where you make deals on the golf course or sit down, have a beer, and discuss issues. Tommy isn't selling dime bags on the corner. Of course, he's handy with the steel! Keisha was never about that life. She has no problems being a moll, but when it comes on to actually putting in work, she balks. I don't blame her for valuing her freedom, but you always have to sit on ready when you're dealing with criminals.
  10. S03.E04: Fresh-Like

    Ugh, yes. Molly is her own worst enemy. She feels as if she has to do all the things. Girl, you JUST got there. She could've leaned on Stacy and Felicia to learn the ins and outs of the office and get a professional leg up. Instead, she latches on to the office mansplainer. I have no doubt that he will take credit for Molly's work. A pretty face will have you out here making terrible decisions, I get it, but I'ma need for Issa to be more cautious. You have to vet dudes before you let them into your house. He could have a whole-ass wife and kids back in Houston.
  11. Just caught up with the reunion. Not cool to be interrupted constantly, eh, Carole? With that being said, I agree that Carole and Bethenny both took jabs at each other throughout the season. Bethenny's hit about Carole's lack of career/child/husband and putting it out there that Carole only got stamps on her passport because of her. As if Carole wasn't accustomed to customs before Bethenny came along. However, when Bethenny told Carole to bring her resume up to 2018, I heard that shot all the way here in Brooklyn. Tinsley, sis? A word of advice since I speak from experience. If a man feels as if he can't handle you and his career, dump him. No one wants to feel like a non-motherfucking factor in their relationship. He has time to date other women when you're apart, but he's on the bullshit when you're together? Time to leave. This break up to make up shit is for the birds. Tinsley is extra, but judging from what she says about Scott, he sounds as if he doesn't know what he wants and he's exploring his options. He's trying it because he knows that Tinsley is thirsty to get married again. All I can say is that these ladies don't want that smoke with Dorinda. I don't know know how else they can sit there with a straight face and gloss over her drinking problem. Anyone who goes from 0-100 when they drink needs to lay off the sauce.
  12. S05.E08: A Friend of the Family 08.26.2018

    Yeah, the whole "welcome to the family" toast didn't ring true for me, either. For exactly the reason you gave. Connie thought Keisha was the cook. I mean, if second-generation mafioso Tony Soprano called Meadow's black boyfriend "uncle Ben" to his face, then there was no damn way Teresi would've been polite. Judging from the previews, Tariq is still a little shit. Going on about how Kanan was the only one who looked out for him or some bullshit. I will never understand how Tariq nor Ghost realized that Kanan got the ball rolling on Tariq's ain't shitness by introducing him to "the life." Ray-Ray wouldn't have been in Tariq and Raina's orbit if it wasn't for Kanan. But everything is Dre's fault? Say what? I was annoyed at Tasha for even telling Tariq about the plan. I thought he would've snitched. I'll give Tariq credit for one thing, he knows how to code switch.
  13. S03.E03: Backwards-Like

    This. Look, I get that ego is a motherfucker. He worked hard on his Nordic track, and Khalil tweaked it. Khalil didn't do that to shit on him. He was trying to give him pointers as to what Spyder, his client, wanted. But in Daniel's mind, getting his track changed up meant that Khalil was trying to step on him and lowkey call his work trash. Molly, sis, I'm going to need for you to be strategic. I completely understand the bafflement at the firm being in the dark ages, technology-wise. But you juuuust got there. Go with the flow until you can speak to the senior partners about upgrading things.
  14. S03.E13 From on the Pulse of Morning

    I'm glad Charley's plan worked (for now). Wishful thinking on my part, but I hope all of the farmers that bailed on her apologize. I'm also happy that Remy didn't have to swoop in and save the day. This season was uneven, and I would've liked to see more calculating on Charley's part since there was all of this buildup in the season 2 finale about her being on her Godfather shit. Now that Vi's got her business and the restaurant, I'm ok with the show putting her storyline on the backburner next season. Nova and her eye-rolling when Charley stepped in to save Micah while he was choking were too much. Really, let's not act as if Charley stepped in while Micah was doing OK just to have the spotlight on herself. Nova can really be the worst when she wants to be.
  15. This pile on is making me pro-Bethenny. I always went back and forth with Carole. Sometimes I like her, sometimes I don't, but this reunion made me realize that I won't miss her. She is not coming across well at all. The constant asides and interrupting are too damn much. If she's so unbothered, then she shouldn't be getting this froggy. Dorinda is the type of person you never want to do you a favor. She will never let you forget it. Jesus, what does she want? A thank you written in blood? Ramona is going to stroke out if she doesn't chill. Like, if you're living your best life, then why do you give a shit if some frenemy shows up to your event or not? When you're being underestimated, it should light a fire under your ass to get your shit together. I would've told Ramona to fuck off too if I were Bethenny. Bethenny owes her nothing. And yeah, Dorinda is a drunk. Everyone knows this, but they're all scared to say it.