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  1. S03.E11: Your Passages Have Been Paid

    Everyone is woke and hard until the cops come knocking. Micah and the rest of the woke crew remembered that they're just kids, and they don't want to throw their futures away. When they all lied about not being with Ant during the fire, I immediately thought of this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ytOXXqHVQk I really hope that it's the last of seeing Micah's friends. I'd be OK with Micah being downgraded next season, too. Sigh, of course, old lady Landry played Charley. I wouldn't be surprised if she conspired with Jacob to get in Charley's head. And per usual, next week, the pile on starts. It's easy to get on your high horse when you offer no solutions. It's wishful thinking on my part, but I hope she lets those farmers have it. When she needed them, they abandoned her. She did what she had to do to save her mill, and they want to complain. Agreed that the pacing was off. We have the Charley/Landry scene where Charley gets egg on her face, and the next scene cuts to Vi's interview. Vi's scenes made the episode feel disjointed. Darla needs to grow a spine. I don't agree with either one getting sole custody, but she has got to stop letting RA walk over her. If he can turn his life around doing criminal shit and be applauded for it, then so should Darla.
  2. S05.E06: A Changed Man? 08.05.2018

    I really hate him. Like, what a dumbass. The mere fact that he doesn't realize that fucking around with Kanan is what put him on the collision course that is his life, and oh, got his sister killed is baffling. There would've been no Ray-Ray in his life had Kanan not introduced him to Tariq. I'm going to chalk up Tariq getting into Choate the same way Angela became head of crim although she's been marred in scandal since Day 1. Suspension of disbelief. Raina getting into Choate I could believe because at least she went to class. We all know Tariq was out here being an idiot and cutting school. Yet, he gets in? Favor ain't fair. Now he's going to get kicked out. I loved Tasha not even being slightly fazed when she went to Angela's apartment and saw Ghost there. And even more so when she hit Ghost with the "Terry loves me more than you ever did." Too bad she's going to end up either getting Terry disbarred or killed.
  3. As others have said, it's the attitude that bugged. Accidents happen, but to not even be slightly mortified is telling. Plus, I get the vibe that they thought it was fine to leave a mess because "it's Colombia." I'm sure if they were in Milan or Paris, they wouldn't have pulled that shit (pun intended). And yeah, I really hope she tipped well. But with this group, I doubt it. Cartagena looked beautiful. I like that it's a colorful city. If I ever get the opportunity to go, I'd be interested. Also, the food looked awesome. Eh, I don't think Carole was fired, either. All of the storylines are lagging because real life is boring. Most people don't have adventures during the day-to-day hustle. I go back and forth on how I feel about Carole, but I'm sure she'll be fine. The show was successful before she came along, and it'll chug along after. I'm fine with the core group.
  4. S3.10: Here Besides The River

    Yeah, all of this. Darlene had a lot more restraint than she should've. What you're not going to do is come up in my house and insult my child. Darla has a lot to atone for, and good on her for getting herself together, but the reason why they're in this shit is because RA couldn't be mature about splitting custody. Darlene was wrong for calling ACS and not letting Darla in on it before she made the call, but RA missed out on Blue's life because he was involved in fuckshit that had nothing to do with Darla. He needs to accept his own responsibility. I don't think that he should lose custody because Blue will be the one to suffer for it, but it should definitely be joint. Yes, Charley! Continue making boss moves. That 1% has now grown to 11%. Lawd if it ain't frustrating but true to life about how the older generation views depression. Nova shouldn't have to run her articles by Vi, but a heads up would've been nice. If Nova and Remy are done, then what was the point of even putting them together?
  5. S05.E05: Happy Birthday 07.29.2018

    He was. I was skeptical at first since I'm not crazy about stunt casting, but he flowed in nicely with the story. I didn't pick up a trace of Kendrick Lamar the rapper. Ghost needs to get it together. This is the second time he's showed his ass in public. Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life. And yes, where is the security in Angela's building? Tommy should've been announced. Tariq talking about how he doesn't want any of Ghost's money? OK. That's when you get dropped off in the hood and told to survive. I really can't with him.
  6. Finally caught up on the episode. The issue with Bethenny and Carole is exactly what Bethenny compared it to -- an erosion. There isn't one thing that ended the friendship, it's a small, series of things. They were getting on each other's nerves, didn't discuss it, and the friendship never recovered. Unfortunately, friends grow apart. It happens. Just be civil to each other and maybe there will be a reconnection or not. Bethenny is exhausting and extra AF, but Carole is cold. I'm not sure if Carole was always like this, or if the deaths of Anthony, John, and Carolyn made her put this coolness up because she's no longer interested in getting close to people like that. So when/if things go south, she's like, whatever. Once you deal with such a monumental loss like that, what's a blowup for Bethenny, is not a big deal to Carole. However, Carole was on some bullshit during her conversation with Sonja. Sonja was flat-out telling her why Bethenny was upset, and she's like, "what? I don't understand." I'm going to need for them to stop with the Colombia drug "jokes." Phew, Dorinda is such a mean-ass drunk. It's only a matter of time before someone claps back at her. Didn't she hit a guy with her shoe at the bar last year? As I wrote last week, when Ramona is the calm presence on the trip, you know you fucked up.
  7. S03.E09: The Tree and Stone Were One

    Ugh, his tone bothered me most of all. Not even an ounce of contrition. "Our relationship wasn't working for a while." So, that's why you set your sights on her sister? I get that relationships can be messy, and they don't always start out on a linear path, but still. I was proud of Charley for calling Remy out for his self-righteousness. She's such a good woman. Davis nor Remy deserved her. I still don't care about Micah and the woke crew. They better hope that place doesn't have security cameras.
  8. S03.E08 Come, Clad in Peace

    I'm OK with Vi telling the truth about her illness because it's slowly cracking the "strong Black woman" facade that I hate, but what's bugging me about her business plan is that she didn't even have Charley look it over! Like, you have a successful businesswoman in your family. Before you sign/pitch anything, have your niece look it over to make sure that your interests are being met. Good on Darla for checking RA about her parents helping her. She doesn't know what it means to be tired. Um, you put yourself in this mess, RA! He had the same opportunities that Nova and Charley had, he just chose to go left and make his life harder than it should've been. He can miss me with his self-righteousness.
  9. Jesus, Bethenny. She was an asshole the ENTIRE episode. When Ramona is slightly less of a beast, then you know you're all the way fucked up. I can't stand when these women travel. The trips are wasted on them. For all their worldliness, they're so provincial. Bethenny complaining about the house reminded me of the Atlanta women bitching about the place they stayed in Spain. There was nothing wrong with the Cartegena house. It was cozy. And once again, you're on vacation! As long as the place is clean, then who cares if it isn't five star? Ok, to be fair, I don't have allergies, so perhaps I'm being insensitive, but I rolled my eyes when Bethenny was on the floor being extra after she ate the fish soup. It felt like a performance. She should've stayed her ass home since she's dealing with so much.
  10. It sounds ridiculous, but there is truth in it. I always thought that athlete/entertainer's wives live in gilded cages. Their husbands are gone for months, and the wives are at home dealing with the day-to-day. It sounds boring and lonely. I don't blame her for trying to have something for herself. Shit, Ayesha Curry is out here having cookbooks, a cooking show, and opening a restaurant. I think Savannah James had/has? a juice bar in Miami. I believe her about the life not being as glamorous as it looks. I get that the perks might outweigh the boredom, and it's nicer to be lonely in the south of France than in a studio apartment, but is it worth putting your goals and aspirations aside? As someone wrote, it's also a fulltime job to look good when you're married/dating anyone in the public eye. I haven't watched a RH franchise yet where the women didn't act like donkeys while overseas. I keep hearing Kanye's line in "Otis." "You ain't accustomed to going through customs. You ain't been nowhere, huh?" Gizelle should burn that ugly blue top she's wearing in her talking heads. She really cannot dress for shit.
  11. Ugh, yeah. I'm not saying that the Ponzi scheme didn't happen, but Juan spending money like it was going out of style obviously sped them up on the road to brokeness. He had a $1,500 a month clothing budget. He was only making* 3 million. Lebron probably doesn't even have a clothing budget. *I know how absurd it is to write that 3 million dollars isn't a lot of money. Even after taxes, Juan's take-home pay would've been a whole lot more than most people will see in a lifetime. However, as we know, in professional sports, that's on the low end. Juan should've bought an apartment or a modest townhouse. But he fell into the trap that most poor athletes get caught up in. They go from extreme poverty to a high tax bracket and they wild out.
  12. S05.E01: Everyone Is Implicated

    Same! Kanan was the one who introduced silly-ass Tariq to "the life." Tariq was dumb enough to dive headfirst into it, but this whole thing was a revenge plot Kanan came up with to get back at Ghost. At the time, Dre warned Tariq to stay away from Kanan, but he couldn't go into it since Kanan threatened his daughter. I guess the writers forgot about that tidbit. Now Ghost forms an alliance with him and all is well? It's Dre that's solely at fault? Dre gotta get his, but the chain of events didn't start with him. It always bothered me that Tasha and Tommy would call James by his street name at home. James was supposed to be playing the part of the upstanding club owner. That's the side of him his kids were supposed to know about, not the drug dealer and murderer. So sloppy and silly. Everyone has said more than enough about Tariq. I hope Michael Rainey isn't on social media because I know fools would confuse him with his character. Lela Loren used to? receive death threats. Forgot to mention, Tasha needs to karate chop Ghost in the throat the next time he blames her for Tariq. This is the second time he put it on her that she wasn't "watching the kids/only had one job." This ninja, I swear. While he was out there smashing Angela and getting arrested for Greg's murder, Tasha had to hold things down. See, this is why being ride-or-die is a scam that I refuse to participate in. It's a thankless, waste of time.
  13. I peeped that, too. Violet is going to lose Hollywood and it would serve her right. She said earlier in the episode that Hollywood was upset that she wasn't focused on their wedding. Sounds to me like she isn't making time to be. They don't need to have some big to-do. Get it done at City Hall and then have something big later. Violet really needs to go to therapy to deal with the abuse her ex-husband put her through. It's very telling that she'd accept the owner's offer, a stranger, really, but not Hollywood's. What's really bugging me about Violet is her making things hard when they don't have to be. There is no reason why she should still be baking her pies at the church. She should be in a commercial space and hire a staff. We really have to get out of the mindset that we can do everything and getting/asking for help is weak. The strong black woman trope is more damaging than the other stereotypes. I'm over Micah and his angst. The show grinds to a halt for me when he and his woke friends are on. They annoy me. I'm also not feeling Micah blowing off KeKe.
  14. I thought this episode was boring AF. Though I did like Sonja puffing up her chest and telling Dorinda to fall back. You know, I always wonder if the surrounding guests at the restaurants/hotels these Howives stay at get a discount or their meal comped. If I had to hear these banshees go off while I'm trying to have a nice dinner, I'd have to pull a bbq Becky and complain to management. With that said (well, written) I think Lu was being overdramatic about the "world talking about her" after Ramona posted that ill-advised picture. I get that it was supposed to be a relaxing, low-key getaway, but girl, the paps are NOT going to be beating down your door for exclusives. No one cares that much. Dorinda is still on it about the family crest thing. That should also be filed under "who cares?" You'd think she would've mastered the art of ignoring Sonja and her whimsies by now. We all know that those shoes, like the toaster oven, is a vanity project. I see that when Carole is on the outs with you, she has no problem telling your business. The shocker for me was Ramona admitting out loud that she's socially inept.