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  1. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Nick is out here picking the wrong hill to die on. Depending on what corners of the Internet you're on, Amy, Sarah, and Chelsea have been called out on their problematic jokes for years. I don't find nary a one of them funny, but I'm questioning Nick's goal here. Is the goal supposed to be that everyone gets to say questionable shit and keep their job? What if a comedian said something racist years ago (eg, what's his face from Seinfeld) and then got tapped to host the Oscars. If the pitchforks came out about that, would he still lead the charge to defend them? But it isn't a big deal when you're coming after sexuality, apparently.
  2. Ugh, yes. Anyone who's rude to waitstaff is automatic trash. I put them in the same bin as nontippers. Throw the whole woman away. I really hope her try-hard ass isn't on fulltime. Hopefully, she gets relegated to sub FOH, like the one with the blond braids who had a Corona attached to her hand. Y'all remember her? The one with the out-of-pocket nephew. Yovana should only be trotted out when it's a slow day or an extra punch of ratchet needs to be sprinkled into a scene. No accustomed to customs classless heffa. Her radar got shit right with uncle Russ and Jayson Williams though. Uncle Russ cheated on her, was out here with those shady Rush cards, and got caught up in me too. Jayson Williams shot his limo driver, so her broken man clock was right at least twice with those two. She probably didn't change the batteries in her clock when Peter rolled up, so she got caught out there. It was ugly, but at least he dressed up. Ronnie and Yovana's boyfriend?/husband? came through in t-shirts. I haaaaate when people, especially men, refuse to dress appropriately for an occasion. When Todd puts an outfit together, you know you fucked up. Todd came to his daughter's graduation wearing a t-shirt and jeans, so if he can get his button down and blazer going for this bourboob get together, there's no excuse. Unrelated, but I wouldn't have been invited to Bourboob. I'm single and my big B/small Cs would've looked out of place.
  3. S11.E05: Tatted Tales

    I thought Nene was kidding when she asked if there would be cancer cells in her blood stream as well. That PA earned her money by not laughing hysterically at Nene over that...what a strange question. I thought it was either poorly worded or edited when she brought that up. Or, she was asking about gene mutations like the Brca1 gene that's linked to breast cancer. You nailed it, @Boofish! I was wondering what the deal was with Shamari's look and that's it. Everything is dated.
  4. S11.E05: Tatted Tales

    I don't know if she updated her tweets, but I read over the weekend about her putting him on blast for his funky-ass attitude towards her. While I don't agree with airing him out publicly, as I wrote in her thread, I give her a pass for how she feels. Being a caretaker is no joke. They rarely get the respect and compassion that they deserve because they're not the ones who are sick. This is an unpopular opinion, but sick or not, I don't agree that caretakers should take abuse from their ill loved ones just because they're sick and mad at the world. I still hope that he reconsidered his anti-chemo stance. I never liked Eva, even on her Top Model days. Yaya was pretentious so I didn't care for her, either. However, when Eva won, it was "yeah, girl, I guess" for me. Y'all are killing me with these OTT baby shower/birthday party posts. Nowadays, baby showers look like wedding receptions. I can't, but I try reallllly hard not to count other people's money. Even when I think it's cray.
  5. S05.E06: Stand Up, Fall Down

    Agreed. That's where I thought the story was going. Junior would've come up with a great campaign, Dre would be jealous and sabotage it because God forbid he sees Junior as anything other than a nuisance. But we got this instead. I appreciate them touching on the minefield of being Black in corporate America, but I was so distracted by how boring the show has become that the storyline didn't register. It's a shame because this used to be appointment television for me, but it's so wack now. The characterization of Jack is so embarrassing. It's to the point where he needs a caretaker. It's unfunny and annoying.
  6. After turning down men like Russell Simmons and Leon. Girl, even with those type of looks your picker is seriously broke. Well, to be fair, Russell cheated on her, so I don't blame her for walking away from that mess. Not sure what happened with Leon, but at least they're friends. Y'all remember when Porsha was vegan?
  7. They all do too much, but Shamari is out here really trying to earn her peach. Telling your mother-in-law about your not really open marriage, and then standing up and proclaiming that you were in an open relationship is not the move. Unrelated, but I really can't with rude ass inlaws. Ma DeVoe sends a Christmas card addressed to her son but not his wife, and Porsha's boyfriend's mother looked like she had an agenda as soon as she walked into the restaurant. I don't know what is it with some mothers and their sons, but they treat their grown sons like their boyfriends. It's a weird dynamic and I can't. I'm going to need for Porsha to buy clothes that fit. Stop dressing for your first season body and dress for the one you have now. Shamea and Kandi's boobs were hanging on for dear life. As Kandi told Porsha last week, "the zipper on your ass looks stressed out." That's how I felt about her titty. Also, as much as I like Cynthia, I thought it was tacky AF to throw a barbecue, but your guests had to supply the food. I'm not saying show up to someone's home empty-handed, but food should be provided by the host. That reminded me of that hotep that Sheree was dating a few years ago. "Dr." Tie-E Muhammad. He invites her over for dinner, but she had to help cook. Dafuq?
  8. S11.E03: A New Edition

    Yeah, I shuddered at that. I'm biased because I work in pharma, and while I don't begrudge people looking for alternative treatment, this is not one of those times. I empathize with his fear because it's scary AF, but I hope he reconsidered. Agreed! It's super weak. So, the issue is ... he dated other women besides Porsha? I don't think getting excited about someone tattooing your name/face is the move, but hey, if she likes it, I love it. However, Kandi's tea is a double pour at best. I don't remember why Cynthia and Eva got off on a bad foot, but I still say that Eva will be lucky if she has half of Cynthia's career. And while I understand her Shamea dislike, because Shamea was out of line and messy, the black/blaque joke was suspect. I didn't blame Kandi for the side eye.
  9. NeNe Leakes: "Bloop!"

    While I get how the interview could be viewed that way, it had the opposite effect on me. Sometimes people tend to forget how hard being a caretaker is. Sickness doesn't only affect the patient, it affects the family, too. She could've used more tact (but she wouldn't be NeNe if she did), but I appreciate her saying that her marriage has changed and that she took Gregg for granted. He handled her day-to-day, and she doesn't know how to function now that he's sick. It's one thing to galavant around town and have the "I'm rich, bitch" wedding, but now that shit got real, that's when the vows are really kicking in. Now she has to step up and be a spouse. However, I won't judge her for this. I'm sure there are plenty of caretakers who had similar thoughts but felt too guilty to speak up.
  10. Exactly. And given that Russell got caught up in Me Too, it's a good thing Cynthia dodged that bullet. I go back and forth about Cynthia's awkwardness around men. Sometimes I think it's endearing, other times, it's annoying. It really goes to show you how much modeling is about pretending. You'd think that an international model who's lived an interesting life and hung around high-end circles would be savvy when it comes on to men, but nope. And what was with Eva's shade about Cynthia's modeling? Eva, sis, don't go there. You'd be lucky if you have half of Cynthia's career. Cute baby, though. When Porsha's man came to pick her up for their Miami jaunt, she looked like she was on her way to Magic City. I don't know what to make of her dude. But if she's happy, good. I never cared for Riley's tone and sarcasm. I get that she wants her mother home more, but as Todd said if you want to continue with the lifestyle you have, that requires work.
  11. S05.E06: What Is Done

    Yes. Maya had a lot of nerve catching an attitude with Cookie when Cooks is the one that picked her up from the precinct. I would've put the deuces up, too. If she wants to end up in a cell, then that's on her. Ol' silly ass. You could tell that Jussie, Gabby, and Kai (don't know the actor's real name) had a lot of fun filming those scenes. Although shame on Becky for bringing her drugs to a recovering addict's house. That aside, it was a welcomed, light spot in the story.
  12. S05.E01: Gap Year

    Yes, the show hints at it, then it's dropped. When Junior told Dre that his words hurt and one of the things Dre charged him for was "his time." I was like, really? I would've liked this storyline more if Junior was pushing Dre and his family out of his room and thrived on his own. Make his family miss his presence and realize how much they depend on him. What Junior should do is either intern at the marketing firm or at the hospital. Give him something to do besides loaf around the house. Junior's been written as an academic, but emotionally immature. I'm going to hope that the show grows him up this season.
  13. S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    HEEE!!! Does it look like: or Hahaha. Depending on my mood, it's mostly the first one, but when she isn't on some bullshit, which is rare, I'll give her the Rihanna wink.
  14. S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    Ha, nothing wrong with that since that's your thing. But if Julian went full DJ Khaled, then he's expecting it without reciprocating and that's a hell nah. Nanceford can get the entire fuck outta here popping up on Issa's birthday with flowers after he's been gone for a month. Acting as if he just came back from vacation. Y'all know he had a spring in his step too when he rolled up to Issa's house. Molly did the right thing by telling him to step. The nerve. However, I am here for the show exploring mental illness next season if that's where they're going with Nanceford. I'm annoyed that Issa is just now starting to apply for jobs, but anytime she makes a step in the right direction, I'll golf clap.
  15. S03.E07: Obsessed-Like

    On the real, I can't stand Molly for this. She said last week that she wasn't interested in Andrew, so she was looking for a reason to bounce. Because God forbid she actually have a good time with a single, interested man. I have to accept the fact that Molly doesn't want to win. She doesn't want to win at work or in love because there is no excuse for this stupidity. She's unhappy when things are a mess. But when she gets what she wants? Nah, she can't handle it. She's too used to dysfunction. I like Issa and Lawrence's easygoing friendship. They seem to be on the road to reconciliation, though I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. Issa needs to get herself all the way together first. At least she's taking steps, so it's a start. Sigh, anyone who ghosts needs to have a fiery case of diarrhea. It's such cowardly, trash behavior. Especially since Nanceford was the one who brought up "how do you know when it's real"? Ugh. Loser.