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  1. Season 03: All Episodes

    The waiter that Teresa hooked up with was in the telenovela. He was Santiago. He's who I assume they're basing James on. I like when the original actors show up. Last season, the original Guero was on as well. Wonder if Kate Del Castillo will show up on this.
  2. Dorinda needs to stop. She's monopolizing pain and it's gross. Who the hell cares that Sonja is wearing the Morgan family crest on her shoes? Like, is that going to ruin your day, Doris? Bethenny had her dead to rights when she called her out on the monogrammed luggage and keeping the Medley name. Mind your business, lady. Ain't nobody searching for your mugshot, Tinsley! Oh, to resist arrest, run from the cops, and live to tell the tale.
  3. Right. I thought Chris called her a bitch or something, but when she said "spoiled"? I was like, that's it? Sooooo dramatic. And then that nastiness she wrote to him in that text message? Chris should've bounced. She is a spoiled, entitled, asshole. Chris better peep how that marriage is going to go. She'll have to get her way all the time in order for it to work. I'm not surprised at Gizelle being nasty about Kyndall. She hates women. As I wrote last week, if Gizelle thinks that you have/had the upper hand on her, she'll go after you. She only befriends women who she thinks are beneath her. Charisse still needs to have a seat. Is she really going to entertain this bullshit about Monique stealing her friends/contacts? She's really on one with this junior high school shit. She's still getting all of her worth from being NBA wife queen bee. I wonder if Vanessa Bryant is that entitled?
  4. S03.E04 No Haven in My Shadow 2018.06.13

    Yeah, Davis's ain't shitness was on a stratospheric level. And then! Having the nerve to preface it by mentioning how much he loved Ernest and now good Ernest was to him. That's how you repay Ernest's love? You bullshit his daughter and have a whole-ass child with another woman. He must've set up the world's most secret bank account for her. Yes, Charley. Get you some Romero!
  5. I hear you on not counting other people's money. I don't have an issue with anyone having a big wedding, just have the bread for it. I applauded Chris for breaking down the finances. Candiace was sitting there like: And did the event planner mention Chanel chairs? I can't. I see that Candiace is married to this flower wall idea. She needs to get herself down to Trader Joe's and put an arrangement together. Charisse needs to pull up a chair next to Karen and sit her ass down, too. Being mad like some junior high school mean girl because Monique is hanging with Kyndall. Charisse is still trying to hold on to that basketball wife title. I ... didn't think $25,000 homes still existed. That place looked like a crime scene. I would like to see the finished product. Ashley still trying for an insurance baby. Michael is never going to have kids with her. Ash needs to stockpile her show cash and move on.
  6. S03.E03 Your Distant Destiny 2018.06.06

    Say.that.shit. I loved your entire post because it was so spot-on. Especially this part. Everyone talks about "selling out" and "what about the community?" but the community showed their ass to Charley. The farmers that backed out never trusted her, so of course, when they heard rumours about the mill, they didn't investigate it themselves. They were waiting for "failure" because they expected it. Micah inherited the Bordelon judgmental attitude I see. I'm trying to give him teenager leeway, but I'm over his petulance. He had the nerve to parrot Nova's argument that Charley sold out for 1%. If they listened, they would've heard that 1% gets her foot in the door, and if her plan goes well, it will lead back to full ownership. Charley didn't get to where she is by not thinking five steps ahead. Indeed. Charley wasn't your average basketball wife who's out lunching and shopping. Davis lost out big and he knows it.
  7. Because Gizelle is the type that views other women as competition. Once you're doing "better" than her in some way, she'll find ways to tear you down. Then when you're down, she kicks you further with her "jokes." She'll never view Robyn as a threat because Robyn isn't balling like she used to be during Juan's heyday. She can pull it with Karen because Karen is fronting and a serial liar. Michael put Ashley out and has no qualms doing so again, so Ashley isn't a threat, either. Monique had no need to kiss Jane Toussaint Jr's ass when they first met, and so her hazing didn't work. I'll have to rewatch the previews, but I thought it was Karen that invited Sherman's ex to whatever charity event she's having and Gizelle confronts Karen about it. Also, I find it curious that Sherman would be pissed about the People article when he's a) been on camera with Gizelle and b) This show has a niche audience, so it's not as if TMZ is going to bang down his door for comments. That was me. :)
  8. Ugh, I really hate that Juan is making me side with Gizelle. However, he was on some industrial-strength bullshit when he told her to be more patient with Sherman. What! As usual, women have to jump through hoops to "prove" our love and worth, meanwhile, we get nothing in return. I liked that she said, "I want what I give." Gizelle is indeed an asshole, Juan, but not about this. Just say no to struggle love. See, Michael was like, "you are NOT going to get me to say anything about the finances of this prenup on camera. You will not use this footage in court." Candiace and Chris need to get their own dusty spot because mama showing up to the house as if it's a hotel is ridiculous. They will never have privacy.
  9. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Exactly. I tend to roll my eyes at the mental illness rationale because it's mainly mentioned to absolve bullshit. Any time racist shit happens, that's the go-to. Sometimes, people are dicks. Nothing more, nothing less. This is not the first time she's been problematic, and it won't be the last. I hope she fades right back into obscurity.
  10. S03.E02: Of Their Sojourn Here 2018.05.30

    I'm glad that the show didn't go there with the spanking. I also liked that Blue apologized for misbehaving. It's refreshing to see a parent not automatically go straight to hitting. Doesn't he? I was over Remy as soon as he called Charley "calculating" last season. She deserves so much better. I was proud of her for standing her ground when he came at her with the bullshit, but it's going to irk my soul when he eventually "saves the day." Violet is being silly AF. She has an opportunity to have her own industrial space, yet, she'd rather beg some bitchy church lady and give up 10% of her profits.
  11. S03.E01: A Rock, A River, A Tree

    I'm OK with him wanting to know for sure. I still hate this storyline, though. Especially since the reason for it was weak. I'm side-eying Ava DuVernay for even bringing up Blue's light skin as a reason to question RA being his father. I hope Charley succeeds, although we all know it won't be easy. Girl needs a win. I really hope she doesn't go begging for Remy's affection again. This is one of the things that frustrates me about Nova. I get that grassroots activism is part of her brand and what she cares most about, but girl, there is nothing wrong with advancing and looking out for yourself, professionally.
  12. S03.E09: A Happy Medium

    To be fair, she only goes there when the other women try her. It's not as if she's coming at Robyn's finances/calling them tricks out of the blue. When people go low, not everyone goes high. Sometimes, you have to put them in their place. And there's no woman on this franchise that avoids ratchetness. Last season, Robyn and Gizelle drove to Oz to confront Ashley and Robyn got in Ashley's face. You had Karen telling Robyn to shut the fuck up in sotto voce at a fine-dining restaurant (even if it were Applebees it wouldn't have been acceptable), Charisse told Ashley last season that she was seconds away from fucking her up while they were at that boutique, and Gizelle told Candiace to shut the fuck up as well while they were at Nemacolin. Robyn is definitely not a shrinking violet. She and Gizelle are the throw rocks and hide their hands' types. They say snide things out of "humor" but as soon as you clapback, then you're wrong.
  13. S03.E09: A Happy Medium

    So, Gizelle wanted Sherman to buy her mama a house? Did I understand her correctly? Regardless of how I feel about Gizelle, Sherman is on some punkass behavior with the ghosting. Just man up and end things, sir. Gizelle is going to have to put on her big-girl drawers and do it. But if she's trying to finagle a house out of it, I see why she's holding off. Whatever, Robyn. Punks jump up to get beat down. You don't get to make snide comments but then get sensitive when the clapback starts. Welp, at least the medium wasn't that Tyler kid.
  14. Secure the Media!

    So, Tasha had a baby and the father is Dro. Judging from the blogs, it sounds messy AF.
  15. Carol came through with a straight razor in that blog. My favorite part: Well damn. Made me think back to the debates when Hilary said, "while you were on The Apprentice, I was in the situation room." I'm finally catching up on this episode, and I thought that Bethenny was full of shit at dinner in regards to Sonja. Sonja and Tinsley are on the outs because Sonja stays talking shit about Tinsley. She called her a kept woman and implied that she's a user. I applaud Tinsley for being the bigger person and having a conversation with Sonja, but I wouldn't have blamed her one bit if she told Sonja to fuck off and keep her name out of her mouth. Sonja is the type of person that you'd never want to do you a favor. She will never let you forget it. She's very Jill Zarin-like in that way. She keeps score. How many times is Tinsley supposed to say thank you? She threw Sonja a party and bought her an expensive-ass gift card, but that still wasn't enough. Eh, it sounded bad when Adam asked what the comp was for Puerto Rico, but if he needed money and couldn't afford to work for free, I'm not mad at that, either. I don't follow anyone's social media, so I don't know what he's up to, but I'm assuming that he has to hustle to pay his bills since he doesn't have a steady job. I don't know what he does besides cooking. If he's still doing that. He's a freelance ... something. I cannot wait for them to play Clue at Dorinda's house. Can.not.wait. I remember Duff from MTV way back when. Nice to see the old-school VJs. Now I want Downtown Julie Brown to make an appearance.