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  1. Oh, that's a real bummer. I always expect better of my fellow queers, but we can be sexist, racist, victim blaming, etc. too.
  2. Unfortunately, I think we've seen some pretty gross subsets of nerd culture lately. Like the Star Wars fans who pushed Kelly Marie Tran off of social media with their misogyny and racism.
  3. There were several people who had previously worked with him who tweeted that they weren't surprised when they read Chloe's story.
  4. S10.E12: American 2018.06.14

    This is a really lackluster final 4 to me. Aquaria is a worse version of Violet Chachki and Eureka is a worse version of Ginger Minj. Asia is just kind of boring to me. So I guess I like Kameron best of the 4, but I don't think she's on par with most of the previous winners. I wish Monet could have stepped up her looks just a little bit because she would have been a shoo-in to me otherwise.
  5. S10.E12: American 2018.06.14

    Technically, yes. But in recent seasons, they've been filming an 3-4 endings with each finalist crowned as the winner so that the live audience can't spoil it. I'm not sure the exact timing on when they decide who the winner is/which ending to air, but I know they reveal it to the contestants themselves pretty close to the airing.
  6. Getting Our Claws Into Season 2

    I've always heard it rhyming with "sour" too.
  7. I learned from Episode 2 of NBC's official "The Good Place" podcast, that the podcast's host Marc Evan Jackson was the second pick to play Boyle on B99 and they really agonized over which of them to cast. And that love for him is why they cast Jackson as Kevin later on. But can you imagine Boyle played by him? The character would have gone in the complete opposite direction.
  8. Stopping To Smell The Roses On The Bachelorette

    Wow, so impressed you guys know Diablo Cody and got her on the show! And she was a great guest too. I feel a kinship with Tara in this episode, as I, too, am the person that worries about things like who's going to clean up the broken glass.
  9. When I go to that poll thread, there's no option to comment. Maybe comments were turned off inadvertently.
  10. S01.E19: Will Works Out

    This episode is definitely a rough one to watch now. I'm curious if you can even say this F word on network TV anymore.
  11. Arrested Development in the Media

    Thanks, @Mystery ! I came up with it as a potential roller derby name, but it turns out there's a much more accomplished skater who was already using it. (Which is fine. I only ended up playing for about 18 months anyway.)
  12. Arrested Development in the Media

    Michael Cera says Jason Bateman is a "major asshole" and picked on him when he was a kid, so he doesn't have a great track record of being a good dude.
  13. Counting Down 13 Reasons Why

    I was so surprised to hear Tara say she doesn't think Jake and Amy on B99 have good chemistry. I love them together. And their proposal scene in episode 4 of this season really sold it for me. Of course, YMMV.
  14. S07.E05: Godparents / S07.E06: Mario

    I was surprised Aly was on bed rest in ep 5 but able to leave the house in ep 6. I've never been pregnant, but I thought once you were put on bed rest, you had to stay on bed rest until you gave birth.
  15. Big Brother: Pet Edition

    I thought nothing could beat Gordon's voice, but Murray is such a gem. Can we please get a special Gordon and Murray hosted mini?