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  1. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/10/01/netflix-the-good-place-eleanor-super-bisexual/ WJH says it's a "fact that Eleanor is super bisexual."
  2. Yep. Me too. And I never liked the Hiltons or other celebs of that ilk, but I still know exactly what she looks like.
  3. Saying Aloha To A New Magnum P.I.

    I love this idea, as I think he can do anything. I pulled up his IMDB to see if he'd done any similar roles and discovered that he's 46. The man looks damn good! I would have guessed 38. Finding out who Todd plays on YTW put the rest of the podcast into a whole new light for me. :)
  4. The Good Podcast

    Today's episode was excellent. Also, do we think MEJ's "Eric is dead. Long live Eric." was an intentional Parks & Rec Zorp reference?
  5. You Don't Know Jack Ryan

    For sure.
  6. Will You Be Enchanted By Disenchantment?

    Amen! Regarding game time, I actually watch Doctor Who pretty regularly and I still wouldn't have gotten Arthur Winters. Also, I was really surprised/slightly disappointed that no one said "boner" as their outro line. I can't be the only one who thought that was coming (hehe), right?
  7. Group rewatch?

    Anyone interested in a rewatch before Season 3 starts? I think a new, fully spoiled conversation on here would be nice. I'm eager to see what everyone notices a second time through, knowing what we now know.
  8. Scaling The Walls Of Castle Rock

    Yeah, I also expected this to be a Nonac. It seems like a "so bad it's funny/enjoyable" kind of episode, not an actually good episode.
  9. Looking For Signs Of Life On In Search Of

    Yay! You're welcome.
  10. Looking For Signs Of Life On In Search Of

    Normally I kind of zone out during the cannon presentation if it's a series I've never seen before, but I was fully engaged with this one. The presentation was great, and I'm now considering watching Fraiser. (The fact that known sitcom Scrooge Sarah D. Bunting enthusiastically voted this in helps a lot.)
  11. Journeying To The Outpost

    I take it "Three's Company" is a pop culture blind spot for you? I'm only 30 and even I know that one.
  12. Journeying To The Outpost

    I noticed one of those. Joe's Bar could also work for Grey's Anatomy. (Joe the bartender eventually bought the bar that came up in another question and renamed it.)
  13. All Episodes Talk: Ghosted

    I feel exactly the same. It's preposterous to say Annie had absolutely no feelings for Max. That's NOT what they actively showed us in the first half of the season. And I think Leroy cares far too much for Max to sleep with someone he knows Max is into. So not only did this show trash its production values and storytelling, it has now tanked its character development too. I can't think of another example of a show creating such garbage with such great actors. (I'm a huge fan of Adam Scott from basically everything, and I learned to really like Craig Robinson thanks to his role as Doug Judy on Brooklyn 99.)
  14. I was already a little bummed to hear that Lithgow wouldn't be in the second season. And now the case revolves around this Chenowith character who seems designed specifically to annoy me. I'll give it a couple episodes, but I'm not excited for this season.
  15. The Good Podcast

    Now you've got me thinking about an anatomically correct Derek doll. hahahaha