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  1. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    Point being, it wasn't an actual ball. It was some goofy production set up.
  2. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    Why is it so brightly lit?
  3. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    Has Darren Starr ever commented on the show idea coming from Riley Weston End game is definitely Liza getting a book deal and becoming a big time writer/memoir-ist
  4. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    I'm mostly excited to hear what Lovett has to say about this Leavitt character.
  5. You guys... I did not research or read anything about this next PBS season and I was expecting the newest season to be the latest with Prue and Noel. That I had already seen somehow... but was looking forward to watch again on a TV for want of anything else and I hate watching things on a lap top screen.. I'm so excited, I want to cry. I am not exaggerating. This show is my happy place.
  6. Sean talking to the kids at paint ball:
  7. The Gilded Age of Anticipation

    I'm sure I'll enjoy the costumes and the houses but I'll be shocked if there is any Whartonesque commentary on society. Which I would be there for.
  8. S05.E10 Family Ties 2018.06.07

    Shep is going to marry a 24 year old when he's like 42-44 and have 3 kids in 4 years.
  9. Could Ashley have uttered more cliches? It's like she bought a book. (Hair flip.)
  10. I love this mini series so much. I just re-watched it this weekend - Prime has a lot of the 90's Masterpiece series up, Aristocrats, Tom Jones. I have all these of DVD but I've become spoiled and prefer to watch things streaming, also Prime seems to have all the PBS removed scenes added back, at least on Buccaneers. And @Milz seems to have been correct, with Fellowes upcoming Gilded Age series. (And funny that he shows up as the Duke of Richmond in Aristocrats) I love the cast. Especially, Colonel St. George (who I just realized is Brian's father in Father of the Bride, I never connected that until this weekend) and the elder Brightlingseas. Anyone know what house served as Lizzy and Hector's home? That staircase looks familiar but it doesn't seem to appear in any of the houses imdb tags as filming locations.
  11. S05.E07: Kat's Got Your Tongue

    Kathryn seems like she's a lot more together, andI know it's just for the show, but she has the worst taste in clothes. She should not be a stylist. Nice try Bravo but we also know that TRav did not actually pay for those clothes.
  12. S02.E08: Woods

    Alfred seems so sad. But also like he doesn't really feel anything and it's so hard for him. everything. It's very sad. (I didn't watch all but 2 episodes of season 1, but have watched all of this season.)
  13. When will this be available streaming!? Or the DVDs not being a billion and a half dollars. canadian. It makes me sad that Dusty is gone, I feel like having being forced into a conversion camp should give her a couple more weeks safety. Also, what was the word blurred on the dress?
  14. When I first came across this house I thought it was one of Brett's... https://www.century21.com/property/77-n-buena-vista-street-redlands-ca-92373-C2180675860
  15. Quoting myself months later but everybody was right about the bedroom being originally a maid's room - Sounds like their apartment is a "Classic 6." (The GG house never made sense though. I guess that could have been originally a maid's room too, but the upstairs was weird.)