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  1. Mad Men Elimination Game

    Choo choo cha I Just Wasnt Made for These Times
  2. S01.E02: Part Two: "Little Women"

    I think that goes back to the fact that Amy was a "child" (which is easy to forget in this version, but I think she was only 12 or 13 at that point in the book), and also the coddled youngest, whereas Meg and Jo, even though they were only in their late teens, had taken on adult roles and were allowed to make their own decisions, particularly in the absence of Marmee. They considered it their responsibility to nurse Beth. I think Jo and Meg stayed because they had already had scarlet fever so could not get it twice.
  3. Mad Men Elimination Game

    Bleeker Street I Just Wasn't made for These Times
  4. The Cast In Other Roles: Beyond Their Stations

    Can he sing, or is he going to talk-sing it in the tradition of Rex Harrison?
  5. Good for them. I liked Rex and could identify with Allison a bit.
  6. Mad Men Elimination Game

    Don't think twice it's alright Cest Magnifique
  7. Mad Men Elimination Game

    There's always something there to remind me Out of my head because I dislike this version. I prefer Ella Fitzgerald.
  8. Mad Men Elimination Game

    Choo choo cha Baby Jane
  9. Mad Men Elimination Game

    Money Burns a Hole in My Pocket You Don't Have to Say You Love Me I also like Early in the Morning.
  10. Me too. I have no problem with a female Higgins, but they could have had an older woman play Higgins and they could have the same type of relationship between Magnum and original Higgins. With a younger woman it seems like a romantic entanglement might be inevitable. Although I could be a wrong and it might be like Holmes and Watson on Elementary as you mentioned.
  11. Mad Men Elimination Game

    I Can Dream Can't I There's a Small Hotel
  12. S01.E01: Part One: "Little Women"

    Me too!
  13. S01.E01: Part One: "Little Women"

    So did I. Dunst's Amy had more personality while Mathis was a little too reserved
  14. Mad Men Elimination Game

    Old Cape Cod PS I Love You
  15. Mad Men Elimination Game

    Old Cape Cod Band of Gold