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  1. Operation Finale (2018)

    I remember hearing about that in the movie Escape from Sobibor. He also found another official who was reported to have committed suicide. https://www.sobiborinterviews.nl/en/interviewees/2-profielen/12-stanislaw-szmajzner I wanted to see this, but school got in the way.
  2. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

  3. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    22 and not just to keep the pattern going
  4. He was in a lot of really big movies in his short time as a movie actor. Two Godfathers, the Dog Day Afternoon, and the Deer Hunter. It does make you wonder what else he would have done if he had gotten the chance. I read Meryl Streep was devoted to him until he died.
  5. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    16, 15
  6. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

  7. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

  8. Mad Men Elimination Game

    Best Things in Life Are Free
  9. Steel Magnolias (1989)

    I wish they could have kept it that way. I can only think of one film, The Women, where there are no men on screen.
  10. Steel Magnolias (1989)

    I always felt it was more Shelby that wanted a child of her own than Jackson. At the beauty parlor she indicates she felt Jackson would be throwing away his chance to be a father if he married her and he had told her not to be stupid because they could adopt kids.
  11. Annabelle Neilson: Alexander McQueen's Muse?

    How awful, I was just thinking of this show and wondering if she was still doing her books.
  12. Mad Men Elimination Game

    The Best Things in Life Are Free (sorry Robert Morse) Tobacco Road I can't vote for By the Waters of Babylon, it was in the first Mad Men episode I ever saw so I have a sentimental attachment to the song. i love how it ends with Joan and Roger looking like an Edward Hopper painting, as noted by Weiner in the commentary.
  13. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    2, 11
  14. 1776 (1972)

    You will be happy to know that despite the Alien and Sedition Acts, John Adams was named winner of the Founding Fathers Faceoff! I need to read My Dearest Friend btw. https://prologue.blogs.archives.gov/2018/06/22/founding-fathers-face-off-for-the-fourth-of-july/ Does anyone else love the moment in the play when Lewis Morris decides to sign the DOI despite New York's constant abstentions and learning his sons enlisted?