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  1. I was so sad James was eliminated, but I completely understood why. He made a poor song choice and he was against a unique, fresh, young singer. I remember James from his ill-fated X-factor UK boy band. He had the best voice in the (giant) group. Hopefully, this exposure leads to great things for him in the US! But I swear Leah is radio-ready. Like right now. She should just walk off of the show and straight into the studio.
  2. Season Four Discussion

    I believe they said the DNA tests showed they were full sisters. He was probably adopted by a white family because his birth certificate indicated that both of his birth parents were white. The first family that adopted him apparently suspected and "returned" him. Luckily, he was eventually adopted by parents who seemed to really love him.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Rapper's Delight

    This season is so different from previous seasons, for me anyway. It felt like before there was always a clear frontrunner (even if they didn't win -- Lookin' at you, Lil Key). At the beginning of this season, I thought I knew, but now, every week, I feel like it could be someone else. At first, I was all about Lil Bri and Rap-unzel Then it looked like Ricci Bitti and Jordan were making a comeback. Now it looks like Street Bud may be it and I'm back to Lil Bri! Nice editing, RG producers! I don't know why I'm trying to predict. I should know by now that JD is going to pick who he's going to pick, regardless of the hit lists.
  4. S06.E04: Balls Out!

    Poor Fabio! He always gets so close on this show, and then doesn't win. Of course, against Dmitry, that was understandable. But now? He should have won that challenge, no question.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Rapper's Delight

    I was thinking the same thing after last week. She has become more tolerable (or the editing has made her seem more tolerable), and sometimes in the talking heads she actually sounds like the 13 year old she is. Plus, she's from Atlanta. I keep thinking JD wouldn't pick her because it might look "fixed" since he worked with her dad and her sister previously. But JD probably doesn't even care about that perception. lol Ever since he picked Mani over Lil Key after Lil Key had been on top of the hit list the entire season, I believe that JD knows who he is going to pick the second he meets the kids (or watches their audition tapes).
  6. All Episodes Talk: Rapper's Delight

    I still believe she is a talented writer and rapper, but I think I'm done with Lil Bri. I know Tiki's annoying, but she DID help Lil Bri get to that #2 spot. To me, it's kind of hypocritical for Bri to be upset that she wasn't acknowledged last week for the work she did, but she didn't feel compelled to acknowledge the energy and ideas that Tiki brought to her this week. I wasn't really surprised by the hit list because I feel like it accurately reflected the managers' talents: Rap-Unzel and Street Bud are usually at the top, Bri usually hovers around the middle, and Ricci and Jordan usually hang out at the bottom. Definitely seems like the managers play a major part in how their artists perform.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Rapper's Delight

    I really like Lil Bri. I think she is the smartest and most talented of all of the kids. However, she seems to be having trouble connecting with the audience. I don't know if it is because she is too serious or if she has an "old soul," or something, but she seems really out of place with the rest of the contestants. Plus, I can't deal with her passive-aggressive stuff. She definitely was the leader last night and I'm glad she finally spoke up, but she needs some kind of *spark* or something. Also, I just have to say I think she looked so pretty in her talking heads segments last night. I think JD is going to pick a girl this season because Mani and Nova. IF he picks a boy, it has to be Street Bud because....Jordan.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Rapper's Delight

    Well, there are a lot of the teen rappers blowing up right now who started in their early teens (e.g., Lil Pump, NBA Youngboy, Trippie Redd, XXX, etc.). Of course, those guys are not the "teeny bopper" rap that The Rap Game puts out. Miss Mulatto never signed with JD and she is doing okay doing the mix-tape thing. Mani - I have no comment. Nova - nada, which is disappointing because I thought he had some potential. It's like The Voice. Whatever happened to any of those winners? :/ Oh well.
  9. Dance Moms in the Media

    Why Nia's not on the tour. Very vague "It's complicated," but both Nia and Holly insist it has nothing to do with the girls. It is a family issue.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Rapper's Delight

    So, none of these kids have really impressed me yet. I can't even compare them to the "losers" of previous seasons. King Roscoe, Supa Peach, Young Lyric, Lil Key, Deetranada, etc. eclipse most of these kids. Anyway, as of the first two episodes this season: 1. Lil Bri - I like her the most. She seems like a hard worker, good entertainer, and very talented. 2. Rap-unzel - She is friggin' gorgeous (and so is her mom!). I really liked her episode 2 performance. 3. Street Bud - He's cute, but he's like the Mario version of King Roscoe to me. His mother is great. 4. Jordan - I don't really have anything to say. He's just meh. Boring. Plus Ican'tunderstandwhathe'srappingbecauseherunshisallofhiswordstogetherinalongmonotonousstream. 5. Ricci - Entitled, spoiled brat. And I'm talking about her father. She takes zero responsibility for her failures. It seems like they thought that they had an "in" because JD had worked with the father and sister before. Surprise! Not even connections can save you from suckitude.
  11. S16.E09: A Little Avant Garde

    In all the seasons I've watched (and I've watched them all), Batani was the happiest auf'ed contestant I've ever seen at the beginning of the episode. In fact, I think she was so happy that she purposely created that monstrosity so that she could be auf'ed again. She probably ran out of that studio so fast she didn't even get the, "You haven't seen the last of me" montage!
  12. Great episode. My heart really broke for Paul Haggis when he started talking about his sister. How awful it must be to never get the chance to reconcile. I'm sure Mike is worried about that happening with his own kids. As to Tommy Davis (Anne Archer's little boy), I thought this was pretty funny --> http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/mariah-carey-blames-scientology-boss-breakup-article-1.2852640
  13. Nashville to Nuremberg: This is the second time in two weeks where The Voice winner Craig Wayne Boyd was featured! First he was on Great Food Truck Race when they were in Nashville, and next I see him sitting in the yard of the woman's Nashville home at her "Goodbye" party! Too strange. And a little bit sad that I watch this much "reality" television! When I was in college, we always used a bathtub for a cooler! It's great!
  14. S14.E13: Top 6 Perform

    So sad. I really liked Logan. I guess it's Lex for the win for me, although I do like all of the other dancers except for Kiki.
  15. So, because I'm nosy (and jealous that I'm not opening a B&B in Europe), I always Google the HHI families. LinkedIn is great. :) I loved the family in Valencia. My family has had the opportunity to live overseas for a few years, but I regret that we didn't get to do it again when my kids got old enough to really appreciate it, so I really admire that they pulled this off while the family is all together and the oldest haven't taken off for college yet.