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  1. I thinks he’s better suited for the weekly series they are eyeing. In fact just have the 11:30 slot each night be a weekly series as having similar shows back to back isn’t the way to go anymore. Monday - Back In Black With Lewis Black (if he can handle a weekly show, if not CC should try for Desus & Mero) Tuesday - The Jim Jeffries Show Wednesday - The Jordan Kepler Show Thursday - The President’s Show
  2. S01.E04: Episode Four 2018.05.27

    I had forgotten about the chalk girl from the first episode and at first thought it was the girl she was kissing at age 11.
  3. S01.E02: Episode Two

    What’s wrong with a little ass eating? 😂
  4. New England began tweeting April 6th in LA before going to Vegas. They then had posts from Phoenix then Yuma than Palm Springs. Also correlating stuff from the Just Wing It instagram Sooooo: LA - 7 teams begin Vegas - 6 teams Phoenix - 5 teams Yuma - Mobile, Wing, New England, and Chop’s Palm Springs - Mobile, New England, and Just Wing It LA - New England and Just Wing It
  5. Looks like fourth team was an all female Mobile Moo Sho. Their twitter page began with posts about Las Vegas on April 11th. On the 15th there was a post about Phoenix but jumping to talking about Yuma on the 18th. Last tweet was on April 26th from Palm Springs.
  6. Apparently there were 4 teams in Yuma at the end of April https://www.pressreader.com/usa/yuma-sun/20180421/281590946164418 http://www.kyma.com/news/food-network-filming-in-yuma-county/732366113 From these and what I saw on twitter (which led me to these arcticles), 3 of the 4 were Chop’s Shop, Just Wing It, and The New England Grill.
  7. Right? I also loved the gay guys from the last episode!
  8. That moment of zen was perfect!
  9. I love how Terry Crews was on TDS to promote Deadpool 2 and only briefly discussed it.
  10. Hap and Leonard in the Media

    The bloodbath continues... Honestly I wish they had renewed it and just let the 6 episodes premiere in one week. Tuesday-Thursday 2 Episodes a night. This show is bingable af.
  11. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    Cause airing it on a Saturday is not wise and Science is premiering a new show for Wednesday’s so maybe they catch the end and get hooked and will see a new episode is only a day or two away.
  12. http://thefutoncritic.com/news/2018/04/24/revised-premiere-date-iron-chef-america-returns-to-food-network-with-classic-fan-favorite-format-746310/20180424food01/
  13. I think the feeling is CBS is cutting back an hour of comedies.
  14. Jake does something so viral that Seth Myers mocks it on his show. A case evolving Seth Myers. Or both. It’s most likely going to time share with The Good Place hammocked netween Superstore and W&G UNLESS The Office revival/reboot is coming then they may slot that at 8 PM Abby’s at 8:30 And Superstore and B99 in anymorder at 9 PM hour.
  15. Right but if it was about cost cutting, you could have given Maya a few episodes to wrap up her story (and work around her broadway duties) and have the cop partner appear in the episodes leading up to the shooting episode. Then around that time is when the Art professor and love interest showed up. Both characters get s chance to wrap up their stories and flesh em out a bit more and then you move on to the art stuff.