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  1. Mythbusters 2.0 Anticipation (or Dread)

    It’s going to be about the kids more than whoever the host is I would think.
  2. Kosta was on the FS1 show Crowd Goes Wild so he like is the most experienced being behind a desk with a live audience. The issue is that usually the most experienced for a fill in is almost always my least favorite (Jones, Bee, Kosta). I loved Oliver and Keppler was serviceable but was still inexperienced. I don’t think Wilmore ever filled in on TDS. I didn’t have cable back when Colbert, Carrel, etc was on TDS.
  3. As someone who grew up 30 minutes away from Lenior County and and who’s stepdad lived in that county for most of his life and made a ton of fish stew. Let me tell you. If you’re not a fan of fish or seafood in general, you’re going to be a fan of the stew regardless. Do mine the the bones though if you don’t use a boneless cut of fish.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Hell Yeh

    Is it just me or was her hair different in someway this episode?
  5. Doctor Who in the Media

    It may be 3 seasons and not years.
  6. S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    They’ve skipped 2013 and 2016 in recent years as far as complete seasons are concerned. I think it’s a way to lessen the grind a series like Doctor Who can have while also getting more years out of an actor who since the reboot has only done three seasons. Changing an actor every three years isn’t ideal, but changing an actor every 4 or 5 years makes sense. Plus they will likely do a couple specials and start early 2020.
  7. Food Network Star Alums

    Right but until he got into Guy’s cliche he was no where to be seen after the hour long special in his visio.
  8. Food Network Star Alums

    The way of Justin Werner I hope. Don’t get me wrong I love Justin, I HATE Jess.
  9. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    We’re allowed to post porn videos now? ?
  10. Okay I totally want to ship Andi and Amber. Anber? Amdi?
  11. Starz goes for quality not ratings a lot of times. They’ve gotten lucky with Power and Outlander and I think that helps offset the shows that don’t set the ratings afire. I will say I think not going with HBO was smart as where would it fit AND not get lost in the shuffle?
  12. Past Seasons Chit Chat

    New forum structure. It’s quite honestly a bit of a mess at the moment while they test things out.
  13. Never understand why DC never keeps shows on Friday. Friday and Sunday where their live action nights so why try to change that, or air them in the morning, etc.