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  1. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    Yeah, the editing and chyrons don’t seem as good as usual. I also noticed sound issues this season. A lot of times in challenges I can barely hear Jeff (which isn’t totally a bad thing). But it seems like maybe they used to overdub his lines and now they’re not bothering? Or at least clean up his audio track to remove like ocean sounds. He often sounds drowned out by the sounds around him.
  2. S02.E18: The Wedding

    They were looking at a pic? I bet they're going there to adopt a local orphan.
  3. S02.E18: The Wedding

    That's lovely and tasteful. You guys should write for the show.
  4. S01.E01: Pilot

    TV overuses a ton of names. Jack springs to mind. Alex. Kate. Some names are just more associated with strong, beautiful people. I wonder if part of the current popularity of Priya is from Priyanka Chopra’s popularity. Shes in People a lot.
  5. S01.E02: I Think I'm Gonna Tolerate It Here

    Feimster is a weak spot for me, too. I don’t think she can act well and I don’t like the character she always plays. It feels like they’re trying to check off quota boxes. Funny woman, check. Lesbian, check. Overweight person, check. I think they better be careful with making Michael too much of a diva. The towel crap was bordering on it. No one wants to hate the adorable kid. I like the show, though. Lots of funny lines. So it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s cancelled. Usually comedies I like are.
  6. S02.E18: The Wedding

    I think one person cited a 16 month old article that was discredited 14 months ago, and then made a nutty logical leap about weight loss surgery most likely being what was referred to. Though it’s been discussed a lot here and in the media and it’s clearly not their plan. Or maybe I missed a post suggesting what you thought you read.
  7. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Ice cream as something old. That makes perfect sense. Though the t-shirt didn't make much sense to me, either. Kate should just get a giant tattoo of Jack's face on her chest or something. The whole thing felt more like a funeral-renewal than a wedding. No wonder Toby's depressed.
  8. This Is Our Cast In Real Life and Other Roles

    http://www.c2e2.com/en/Sessions/58041/Justin-Hartley-Autographing-Sunday-1200-PM Only $50 for an autograph. Cash only! Is this something new? Who gets the money-- the celeb and the event organizer? Kind of distasteful. I guess Milo will be there, too. A whole host of celebs selling photos and autographs. Hm. https://store.epicphotoops.com/c2e2/2018
  9. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Who waits til the day of their wedding to go try to buy a large amount of specialty ice cream? I suppose there was dialog as to how this was a last minute whim of Kate's. I don't listen much. These peoples' extreme obsession with nostalgia is insane to me. You'd think Jack was the first person to ever die, and the last. They should all be in therapy.
  10. I totally agree about the world building. I guess in their defense they felt it was more important to jam in the twists and the tears than flesh out jobs and locations. I think Kate worked for Kevin then had the PA job for like one day, and quit or assumed she was fired when she stood up to the bratty teen. Then she chose singing and is still pursuing that. And between her savings and Toby's IT income that's enough. I haven't really been bothered by these sort of issues since they quit flitting to Manhattan and back like Randall had a helicopter, and since they gave Toby a job. Well, I'd like to know how Kate paid for a month in a swanky fat farm but it's not going to happen.
  11. S36 Jenna Bowman

    I didn't realize the preview showed them cozying up because I just didn't happen to watch it, but I usually do. So no harm. But I did find myself wishing I hadn't read here about Libby and Michael because I think the last two weeks, it spoiled at least part of the boot suspense. Not that that's any huge deal. But I'd prefer not to know. I suppose players could be early boots AND be in a relationship but it seems kind of unlikely. Are they even sequestered together, pre-jury?
  12. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    I see both sides. Sometimes I forgive them because I know they agreed to be this persona in order to get cast, like Ms. Virgin from last season. Jessica? I gave her a pass, for the most part. She's young and naive and cute blonde nurses are a dime a dozen. But sometimes I think these people would've been cast regardless and should maybe know better than to play right into the producers' hands with embarrassing or family-oriented crap. Like Mike last season and his Sex Doctor shtick. It means they're from different walks of life-- gender, age, income level, etc.
  13. S02.E17: The Night Off

    Well, the show is farce. No way Mick chooses to remain in that shithole cell, either. I think Chip is funny, I always have. And they got me with the fingers. Usually I see the gross-out shot coming but this made me gasp.
  14. S02.E18: The Wedding

    I thought that about the elongation, too. But then again her face being more narrow is what I noticed on the show this week. There are pics floating around of her head photoshopped on Melissa McCarthy's body, too. But People mag. and EW both say she's steadily been losing weight and I think they have fact checkers. Not that they weighed her or got a doctor's note, of course. I found another copy of that 'after' shot and it does look like the aspect ratio is different. But I think she still looks a bit smaller. Or not. I don't know. I guess it's neither here nor there. But remember how her legs used to look so skinny? Now her appendages look more proportional. I think it's because her torso is smaller. I imagine her size even impacts the rest of the cast and crew at times. She has to need extra rest between takes that require anything but sitting, I would think. Not that that's a terrible thing. But I think her weight probably impacts her daily life immeasurably.
  15. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    You know you and I are like 98% on the same page on things, usually. I'm totally with you on the mom wars and I'm not trying to fuel that fire. I am a single parent, though I almost never use that phrase because I consider it a privilege, not a hardship. I don't want to be scolded here because I wonder how other parents justify huge expenditures of time and money that I wouldn't consider. I don't think she's a bad mom. I just am not going to hear little violins in my head when the show tries to go there with this angle.