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  1. S16.E19: Grand Finale

    Someone in one of these threads said it's 8 kids in a blended family, and most of them are adults, I think.
  2. S16.E19: Grand Finale

    I don't think it's anything but speculation by people who don't like Gabby. She talks about how she's indebted to her father for being her manager and supporting her all along in her singing career. He's a maintenance man for Goodwill and cleans apartments on the side so they don't have a lot of money or presumably time but she's been trying to make a singing career since she was very young, so she's needed a lot of help. I don't think there's anything weird or dysfunctional about her parents. She was shown with her mother on mother's day. Gabby just seems to be the designated pile-on contestant here this season. I think if there wasn't so much speculation that she was The Chosen One, there'd be speculation that she was thrown under the bus to make way for the cuter of the two couples to be final two. So a silver lining at least...
  3. SYTYCD in the Media

    I never noticed anything outright homophobic on this show. We've had man/man duets, hundreds of openly gay dancers, etc. I recall I first watched in 2010 and Travis Wall did an 'audition' in drag, for fun. I do recall Nigel telling some guys they didn't dance manly enough, though. That always sounds stupid.
  4. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    My impression was she is in loops, which is why she wanted direction on the re-vote. But Wendell either wasn't super clear which way the re-vote was going or was and knew it didn't matter which way Angela voted so didn't bother filling her in. Sometimes it's better to just clam up in tribal, I think. If Kellyn heard Wendell telling others that she was the re-vote target, she could hold him to blame. And probably should.
  5. S16.E19: Grand Finale

    She said that in a prior episode, too, when there were even more of them left. I understand it's nice to be laid back about it and also invested in the success of your peers, but it's a little jarring on reality TV where they're usually encouraged to act like it's WIN OR DIE.
  6. S01.E06: Letting Ghost

    I'm guessing it was supposed to be funny because it's ludicrous, just like dancing alone in a closed nightclub at 5pm? I don't know, it's not really my brand of humor. Though the man-child dad unloading on the kid's school counselor might've been funny in the hands of better writers. And with Steve Carrell in the role. It does seem like the show is sometimes flirting with that The Office style of humor sometimes, but not quite nailing it. I think if you go there you have to go whole hog.
  7. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    I think Val's pregnancy and Adam's mother's cancer probably helped them both, to some extent. I do think most jurors know who they want to vote for going into FTC, but I also think a little extra info that makes them feel even better about their vote can't hurt. Or it could sway someone truly on the fence. I think a player can overestimate how much it can help them, too. Remember Jaclyn whose only argument for votes was her infertility?
  8. S01.E06: Letting Ghost

    I think that was the joke... Martin's not a school child and can't be seeing a school psychologist. They're not going to sell that house. It's the best thing about the show.
  9. S02.E11: Day 478

    Oh, I didn’t even notice. I still think it was a cheesy stereotype for an Aikido teacher..
  10. Cast: In safe hands

    I agree. I found the accent noticeable in the first episode but mainly because it was a familiar face with an unfamiliar voice. But by episode 2 or so, I was sold on the character and it no longer seemed odd to me.
  11. S36.E13: Always Be Moving

    I notice a lot of people saying they fast-forward the show because it's boring because they don't know who the people are, who the tribes are, etc. I want to say, "If you watched it, you'd probably know."
  12. S02.E11: Day 478

    Is that un-PC or something? I don’t know the actor’s ethnicity. Or are you asking who I meant? The woman working at the aikido dojo.
  13. Fix The Show

    They said the food rations are half this season. Hmm. I would love jumbles and crosswords but I think the average viewer dislikes that stuff except in small doses. They do have jumbles sometimes but the viewer can't even play along because they give the solution during the spiel. I think they listen to feedback, just we're not the typical group they poll. I think they want that 18-49 joe average non-Survivor-viewer's opinion, and we're on average smarter, older, more invested, more educated and more female. And not going anywhere. They listened to last season's TAR audience enough to follow it up with a nearly all-BB season.
  14. Fix The Show

    I agree about the food. And I agree that anyone low-carbing is going to lose 5+ lbs. of just water/glycogen pretty quickly (and gain it back in a matter of meals). But I'd rather see lively people than haggard ones. I don't mind the challenges themselves. That one with the ball chutes was really cool, and some others lately are pretty complex, I think, or at least impressive looking from the overhead shots. There were ones this season that looked a little like American Ninja Warrior obstacles. My favorites are when they're in the water, which they have done this season, too. I like a puzzle component, and balance/agility components, because it levels the playing field. I don't miss the old 8-hour endurance ones that resulted in nerve damage, though some of those were pretty amazing to see unfold. I think the rope-chop ones got too 'gamed'. I wonder if the quiz-like ones are too dull for some viewers. I didn't mind them, or the ones where Jeff tells a long tale. But the stuff that doesn't happen anymore, I bet focus groups told them it was too dull. I do think most viewers prefer the raw visuals of activity during challenges to seeing people think, or just stand out there and talk. That's what the rest of the episode consists of. What I might explore cutting down is the segment between the immunity challenge and tribal. But I guess they need to spin a story to make some suspense, too. It's too bad it's not live or on a shorter delay so they could add some audience interactivity, like how in the Hunger Games viewers could send tools, food, etc. into contestants via air drops. LOL Of course, then it'd be back to 'fan favorite', which was always just 'editor's favorite', too. So I got very little.
  15. S04.E10: Book of the Unclaimed Dead

    I agree that Maddie is the best written teen girl I’ve seen in a while. I just ranted about the awful tv teen girl stereotype in the Safe thread. I love this show but this wasn’t my favorite season. I didn’t care about the Eleanor stuff and the rest was just ok. And Edgar’s marriage... don’t care anymore. When I read the books I don’t see these characters. Not that there’s anything wrong with these. I’ll be back for the 5th season.