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  1. I have trouble with that, too. The tone of the tapes was mostly an angry, wronged girl, but those people tend to seek revenge or get clear of the hateful people, not blame themselves and commit suicide. And 6-13 hours(?) is a lot of talk therapy, even talking to yourself.
  2. I wasn't into seeing him play a fourth time and have no problem with him going. I feel like he hasn't been that fun to watch since Cook Islands, really. Which I'm sure is all editing. But since then he's always seemed too cocky. And I don't have a lot of respect for his trying to play 'old school' Survivor because he should know that you can't typically get to the end on the provider platform anymore.
  3. My child of that age didn't find it very realistic. She wouldn't have kept trying to socialize/date/fit in with that crowd after the first diss of Justin's and Jessica's. Not that all kids would react the same. I don't think it's very realistic that a new student as gorgeous, confident and outgoing as Hannah would've had trouble finding some good friends, either. Kids can be cruel, but they can also be very sweet and supportive. I think this is why they put in the part about Zach not throwing the note away-- to show that Hannah sees things through a negative lens because she's depressed.
  4. I agree, Justin could've done more. I don't think Bryce could've continued if Justin had made enough of a clatter banging on the door, for example. It was just an interior door, too. He probably could've broken it. And Hannah should've done something.
  5. Replying in the last ep thread...
  6. So why not just tell them on the audition tape? I have trouble believing he didn't, and got called in two hours. Did he even say that anywhere? All I heard was Jeff found out after he'd been cast rather than before.
  7. I'm not sure how "maybe it's partly why he was brought back" got turned into "everything he did was forgotten and he is nothing but a trans dude now". I'm sure it wasn't all of his identity to casting but it was a part of it. He said in the press he applied and was called in two hours. I don't recall any applicant ever having any sort of response like that.
  8. I don't think anyone said it was the main or only reason.
  9. Cruel or cynical? If Zeke truly wanted it kept secret he wouldn't have told them. I'm sure it's partly why they cast him the first time, whether they admit it or not. I love the show but it is reality TV and without water cooler moments like this and creative casting from day one, it wouldn't have lasted this long.
  10. Yeah, I thought this might be a great season since the last returnee one was a blast. To me, this one isn't even as good as last season. I wondered about the ep title, too, but figured it also maybe referred to Jeff outing Zeke.
  11. If a team can't complete a task because a local overcharged them, I think the show should step in. I hate the haggling and was glad when they quit taking a team's money as punishment, forcing them to beg.
  12. Maybe part of why they asked him back was in hopes there'd be drama over his being trans.
  13. One thing I did when my daughter entered those difficult, angsty high school years was talked face to face with her high school counselor myself about things, and got a referral to a good therapist whom my daughter wound up enjoying talking to. I made sure she knows she can talk to her anytime she wants, though I'm always open, too. We have a very open, accepting relationship but I know sometimes it's better to have an outsider to confide in.
  14. Yeah, I know juniors who turned 17 in the fall. Totally an aside but a lot of parents of boys actually prefer their boy start school a little later rather than earlier, too, because it means the boy will not likely be one of the smallest in class, which can help them in sports and to avoid getting bullied.
  15. We had this question initially, too, but I think he was in 10th grade in some of or all of the flashbacks and 17 and a junior in the current time? Though I don't really recall how much time has passed between the two so I could be wrong. This was the ep when I didn't think I could take more of Hannah's personality but I pushed through and she did get less annoying. Or at least less quippy.