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  1. I nitpick this show a lot but I think a lot of things are really good about it, like all three teen actors.
  2. Maybe teen Kate thought when she fit in a 7, she'd look in the mirror and see Rebecca-- beautiful, talented, thin. But she looked and saw the same old Kate, just a little smaller, and knew she had to go lower. That might've worked better for me in the voice-over than the one about missing the self-hate. I lose weight all the time, recently lost 20 back to goal, and I have to say that for me, the dressing room part is the BEST, when you're at goal. BUT I think I'm pretty mentally healthy and I totally do also kind of feel like "Hm, another ten would probably be better..." Usually that's in the gym mirrors.
  3. I think since Randall said he was 'in the neighborhood' of Beth's work, they're placing her job in Trenton, possibly for the city, and just hand waving the Alpine distance? Questions from rewatch: How did Kate (and apparently the dress clerk) know Madison puked? Because she ate cookies and is thin and went to the bathroom? Why did teen Kate have "7" written on her wrist? It was her goal size, but she couldn't remember it that far? The whole teen Kate story I just didn't get. I do understand wanting to be smaller then. I don't agree with the voice-over that I miss the voice telling myself I'm never good enough. No way! I feel a little annoyed if the suggestion is that we women cling to our self-loathing like a security blanket. I think that's a rare case of self-destructiveness. And this is supposed to be pre-disaster Kate. She's so messed up simply from having a thin mom?
  4. Shows how little I watched. I only glanced at the screen once, I guess, and he was in a suit without a cast showing so I assumed it was off. I'm rewatching now. Was 'oof' really a thing back then? Rebecca and Jack both just said it. And I don't know who Beth works for that wants to build a park in Trenton but is NOT the city itself, who chose Costco. Where I live, parks are built by the city.
  5. William's apt. was in Philly, which is 2 hours in a car from Randall's home in northern NJ. I need to rewatch, I missed a ton of dialog. So he drove Beth 2 hours to see the apt. building, after seeing it himself? He couldn't just tell her? Or are they just going to ignore that it was that far away last season? Also, I was wondering why Kevin had no cast. Was this after the cast was off? They must have had a line about it I missed. Thanks.
  6. I think the writers have enough tricks in their bag without resorting to telenovela-level plot twists like 'not really dead' people.
  7. I thought the super's comments about him were the same OTT gushing BS these writers impose on us all the time. Didn't she say that the heart of the building was gone or something? I laughed out loud.
  8. I think part of why Jesse was dropped is because Denis O'Hare is too busy for more occasional guest spots on this show. And I do think the reveal that William had a male lover was just a way to squeeze a "twist" into another season one ep. Randall being almost socially clueless does bother me a little. The young Randalls seem quiet and observant and respectful. 37 year old Randall is kind of tone deaf to social niceties. It doesn't jibe with the geniuses I know with anxiety issues. If anything, they clam up in company because they know it's easy to stick your foot in your mouth. Randall just runs around saying stupid shit and making exaggerated faces like he's never worried about a thing in his life. Like his smug smile at the super when he asked if she was sleeping with William.
  9. I’m thinking you go to a regular grocery store not a Costco, because there’s no candy by the registers in Costcos. I agree, the grocery store is a drag but Costco is fun. I look for excuses to go weekly and have for 30 years. I love a bargain. And they just have the coolest stuff. My teen used to like to go with me, for the food. I watched this ep with her. We laugh at how awful 90% of the dialogue is. She balks at what assholes they are to each other.
  10. I don't think there's any way around this one, but I found myself looking at her nice clothes, expensive dye job and haircut and awful liver-spotted complexion and thinking, "Rebecca would wear good foundation to hide that." But they draw those spots on to make her look 70, so they can't really hide them. Maybe they need to go a little lighter-handed. On Miguel-- definitely.
  11. I don't know, I have loved Costco since I was in my 20s. I think some kids love the food court and the free samples throughout the store. There's lots more than hot dogs and soft serve-- smoothies, churros, pizza, etc. I'm guessing that was the joke, though... that Annie is a little adult.
  12. Oh! That's why mine beep! Heh. I always have batteries on hand, being a Costco shopper.
  13. Not to mention the grocery store. And Jack works in construction and did a major reno (or finishing job) on that house. Why didn't he hard-wire the smoke alarms then? I think that's been pretty standard for a while. Looking it up, that became the requirement in 1989. Kate's actually been wearing custom-made duds all along, which we're supposed to either hand-wave or believe she picked up at the mall.
  14. I think it’s the most common Jewish stereotype. “Modern day Jews are still stereotyped as greedy, nit-picky, stingy misers and are often depicted in caricatures, comics, and propaganda posters counting money or collecting diamonds.”
  15. Based on what insular means, I'm assuming s/he means it's focused on the world of well-off, 1950s NY Jews, which not many of us can directly relate to. I'd say it's not a negative that such a show exists, but that I don't find a lot of it relevant or funny because it's just not a world I know people from or see in real life. So I'm either left wondering about why is the shrimp comment funny, or what do the Dionne quints have to do with anything, or feeling it's a little wrong that Tony Shalhoub and the other dad are both written as cheapskates, to varying degrees, because that's a Jewish stereotype that the few Jews I know *do* find insulting, not funny.