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  1. This had a very Breaking Bad feel to it, to me. I hope the tension isn't as high each episode. I love Jason Bateman in this. Good for him for being EP and director. I think he was underutilized being the straight man in Arrested Development.
  2. I think if it had been scripted so he could've gone off on her. "Except this is not a ship! It's a contest you should want to win! It's cut throat and if you can't cut some throats here you'll never survive in the real world of professional chefs! Given any opportunity for saving yourself you should do that!"
  3. I would wager money that they have to cut within 5 seconds of any of Gordon's big confrontational scenes because he and the targeted contestant both burst out laughing.
  4. I keep asking if she's wearing swimsuit cover-ups. Maybe she's trying to erase the image of her overused fit & flare dresses of prior seasons. I assume she does her own hair, makeup and styling because it always looks very amateurish. If Gordon can botox out a few wrinkles before every episode I would think Tosi could afford a stylist. We used to dig them up for fun on the WA beach with something called clam guns, and then throw them out because they were not considered Good Eats. (This was the 70s, before anyone would dream that hunting clams for sport was immoral.)
  5. My favorite editing moment was when Dom said after she 'prayed' to hear who the snake was she heard "Paul" said three times, and the show aired a moment of silence while she exited the bathroom and primped. Just to be sure we all realized the mics didn't pick also up the Pauls. Heh. I do laugh too at the editing of any time someone mentions another player's name, right up til the end, they flash to a shot of that player, as if we still have no idea who the names refer to. One thing I will give Jessica... finally someone used the word "myself" correctly in the DR. "... take myself off the block." I know DRs are scripted when everyone makes the same grammatical error with comments like "Cody is coming after Dom and myself..."
  6. I think 'debt collector' means she works in a call center pestering people on the phone. I know she mentions knocking on doors but I think the only debt collectors who do that work for the mob and break bones. Y-name lady could've easily been scolded by Gordon and sent packing for not saving herself. He's gone that direction, too. I was laughing at how the half-cooked omelette he called out for being so disgusting looked just like his amazing, beautiful scrambled eggs a few weeks ago. They've done this since day one... call out runny eggs for being dangerous and disgusting for being runny one day and call them out for being overdone in another if they're not runny. Over easy eggs are supposed to be runny, anyway. At the end, Y-lady was pretty much making the eggs the industry calls 'basted', trying to get the tops cooked without flipping them. That said, I think the restaurant eps show how little these people can actually cook. If you can't fry an egg or make two omelettes at a time, you can't cook. It's funny, too, how they edit the show to make the in-house challenges appear like every single person finishes every single dish at exactly the second the clock runs out, yet in the restaurant they can't make two dishes come out at any random time at once. I heard 'dick' about six times. I guess the British meaning is different because if a TV host brought out TV demo food late or poorly made (or any server did), "dick" is not a word I'd think of in a million years. If I saw him touch my hollandaise sauce while it's on my eggs like Gordon did, I might think "dick", though. I'm glad Jennifer's gone, with her weird Brooklyn-like, New Orleans accent. I hope Dino is next but I think they'll keep him a long time because I'm sure they think he gives good dramatic reactions and he looks so unlike their usual cast of hicks, moms, models and stock brokers, with the token ethnic people and teen thrown in.
  7. I suspected they concocted the whole hyper mom story and inflated something fairly normal just to give a super talented kid a story. And I don't think the mom had botox, I think she had more major work. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I found her face a little creepy. I'm all for medical marijuana and found that story inspiring. What I felt was silly was the footage they showed to represent their new healthy eating and it was Michael dumping a powder into a shaker cup. I have no problem with protein powder or whatever supplement you like but I don't think it's really the best example of life-changing health food. I mean, it's ultra processed. I would hate to see unwell people stretching their budgets to include a lot of powdered supplements when plain old produce, whole grains and healthy protein in food is going to do as much good if not more. I was bummed to see Jake Murray and Brian Arnold fail. I'm often afraid that speed is going to cause a stupid, year-ending mistake. Poor Arnold with that nose smash. That didn't look like it was designed well. Others after him had to look aside while they grabbed the other bars. Someone else had a bleeding head at the end, I forget who. I generally really like Matt and Akbar and am not bothered by Akbar's repetitive comments. But this ep he said the super tramp was difficult even for great ninjas so many times. It seemed like in the first half they said it every single time a ninja made it that far.
  8. I can't believe they chose the word 'cadre' to refer to the team leaders. In no way does it refer to one person. I guess they assume we're all semi-literate. ca·dre ˈkadrē,ˈkädrē,ˈkadˌrā,ˈkädˌrā/ noun a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession. "a small cadre of scientists" I side-eye the ranch dressing story. They're on a camp in rural Georgia and making dressing from actual buttermilk? Around 25% of adults in the US are lactose intolerant to some degree. We don't throw up from ingesting the tiny bit of dried buttermilk in a serving of bottled ranch. Did she drink the bottle? Maybe she drank too much alcohol the night before. "Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the milk sugar lactose, causing gastrointestinal symptoms of flatulence, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea in some individuals."
  9. I'm growing to hate the back stories. I feel like they use the most manipulative wording possible, exaggerate the ones that aren't dramatic enough, yet also downplay the details that could reflect poorly on the competitors. Like with the real circumstances around Brandon losing his family. Plus them repeatedly calling his cousin his 'adoptive brother'. It's his cousin. He was 17 when he went to live with them. I'm sure he loves him like a brother but calling him that on the show is just to remind everyone of his tragic past, I feel like. (I found some news about it. The father was severely burned and crippled in the fire, and pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty, so is serving life in prison.) I also thought the story about the dancer's alcoholism was presented oddly. She had '2-3 drinks a night' but then had a grand mal seizure from it, while holding her day job as a dancer on Broadway? Maybe that's the whole story but it left me wondering if there was drug abuse contributing, or even a physical condition she didn't feel like exposing on TV. I guess I'm just cynical and tired of the manipulation. I think a little back story is good but why does it always have to be tragic? I guess the 'pregnant exercise video' lady was more inspiring. But even that was odd. She couldn't find workouts challenging enough while pregnant? It's not that hard to do 'regular' workouts but avoid the few things that are recommended against, or to do pregnancy workouts but modify them to be more challenging. I've been in Body Pump class where the teacher was very pregnant and she did everything. It made me wonder if the YouTube channel was more to show off.
  10. I was thinking that, too. I guess the Jabbawockeez had to get back to Vegas because I thought they were easily twice as good as that Ian Eastwood group. At least Jenna's longer hair on the performance floor looked more like extensions tonight.
  11. Jeez, that is grim. I was curious if they didn't mention the father because he hadn't been convicted or something but I just read it happened 15 years ago. Do you have any links to the story? The same article mentioned that factory was also used in The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games.
  12. Ne-yo's songs I've heard all seem very 'easy listening R&B' like to me. This one below's a typical example, isn't it? I remember his music used to be used on SYTYCD all the time, a few years ago. It seemed like it was always very pretty and musical, and easy to choreograph contemporary dance to. I didn't know he even was considered a rapper.
  13. I got the impression they had one guy standing by with a pole to help a struggling swimmer out but he just was unlucky enough to have TWO non-swimmers struggling at once, so the pole wasn't going to do much good. By the time he dragged one out, the other could've drowned. I wonder if he even called out to other contestants to jump in and help. I'm sure that would've been edited out, and also that they reset the clock and positions to continue the race after the 'rescue'. I too wondered how the non-swimmers could manage the slip wall but I guess if you can handle going under in water you can stand in, that's different. After seeing non-swimmers on Survivor and TAR, I feel like maybe they should stay off reality TV. Or learn to swim.
  14. Late to the party, but I have to voice my gripes with this story. I love the setting, acting, cast and cinematography but the writing was weak, I thought. Claire wasn't just pretending to be terrified of Lee at the beginning. She had a scene alone where she acted terrified of him returning. That made no sense. Lee fleeing the country made no sense. He was acquitted. So you have a death scene with bloody floors and two dead girls. Would you really take them to three places to hide them? Why not just take them all to the crematorium? Lee was so afraid of being suspected of killing a girl, that he kills a girl? That would've been his word against the other guy's. Having sex with a 19 year old isn't even illegal. The uncle watching for 15 minutes, then admitting he did so, was the creepier act. Why did Lee take in the girls for the night after chasing off the harmless teen 'stalker'? Why did Pippa's dad leave the wedding and go home? Where were Lisa's parents in all this? Wasn't she Pippa's cousin? Why did it have to be Hardy who found Pippa? The detective just happens to be strolling in those remote woods? I get so tired of the egghead syndrome on tv. Someone is pushed over and miraculously dies instantaneously. It's an overused plot device. And no one ever just realizes that is truly an accidental death and calls the authorities. They always act like it's murder and hide the body. Beth couldn't bear the sight of Ellie all season, she practically acted like Ellie killed Danny, until the end when they were inexplicably best buds. Tom lied on the stand to help free his dad, then he acted afraid of him when he did get acquitted and even joined the pitchfork mob. Joe should've been thrilled with the ticket out of town, I think. He was faced with imprisonment (and probably getting killed in prison), or living a life of being detested and most likely thrown off that cliff in Broadchurch, or leaving. I think he would've been on the first bus out of there, from the courtroom. Claire loved Lee so much she had him kill Pippa and stole the necklace to save his neck. But hated him enough to abort the baby and hide for months. But loved him again for a spell in Broadchurch. Then hated him enough to tell on him for killing Pippa, even though she easily could've let them think the rohypnol killed her. The trial had too many issues to bother listing. If viewers didn't misinterpret things like Joe's guilt, the writers wouldn't have to go on social media and clarify their stories. I'd rather they do that then spell things out in even more anvilicious ways on screen. They already usually write like we're stupid.
  15. Mad Men is terrific and if you have access to it, also check out Top of the Lake, another wonderful Elizabeth Moss starring role.