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  1. I'm not sure if there are cultural differences between the people arguing here but I think in America, if you pick up the person you're hugging it better be someone you're sleeping with, raising or grew up in a house with AND you better know an advance they like that sort of thing. A social hug usually involves only the arms and some shoulders or upper chest touching. When someone picks you up, your entire torso is suddenly forced against theirs. I think it's slightly less invasive than say grinding your hips on your huggee, but not much. I'm a smallish female and no one does it to me and if they did that'd be the last time they got within hugging range.
  2. I was going to say Brad can't be all that smart if he tried to file a disability claim for a period when he was playing Survivor, but I didn't realize then he was an ambulance chaser. That entire field is basically insurance fraud. Why not jump on the free money bandwagon? It's victimless. Except that the 99% of us who don't commit the crime are the victims and pay the settlements for the creeps who do the crime. And having wasted a week on a jury for some bullshit auto accident claim, I resent it from that perspective, too. I can think of two reasons they edited Brad to be decent until the end. 1) Suspense. As it was, most of us could tell Sarah was the winner weeks ago. If Brad had been shown to be a shit, Tai as Tai and Troy as a nothingburger, the finale would've been a foregone conclusion entirely. And 2) the home viewing audience already refused to send Brad back to play when it was up to us. So tptb blatantly ignored us by bringing him back this season. By not showing his assiness til the end, they avoided several months of being hated on by viewers.
  3. I think production loved it, too, and it's probably what they've been hoping for when they do put so much junk in play. I didn't mind it. At least it was something new. Hard to find anything new in this. How many eps have their been? Close to 500? That's a lot of same ol same ol.
  4. I think she should've read the fine print *and* realized what non-transferable meant, in that context. But I think if that move had worked out, it could've been a great move and if the stars aligned right, might've been the resume point that won her the game. I think Sarah would've forgiven her once she realized it might've been the only thing allowing Sarah to survive that night. Sarah apologized to Cirie and shut down Tai immediately after Tai admitted he threw Sarah's name out there to Cirie. Cirie is a master because she helped engineer a crazy move that DID work out in a past season. They won't always but I'd much rather see people try them than not. A non-win is a non-win. I didn't love that Troy didn't go out swinging, for example. He realized he'd badly misjudged his chances and just lay down at tribal. One thing I don't love about the 'Cirie on the couch' thing is it feels vaguely racist and/or ageist to me. I know in this case it is Cirie herself who labeled herself a couch potato who decided to get off. But the fact Jeff glommed onto that and repeats it and repeats it feels subtly wrong. I love that Jeff thanked US the viewers, for still watching. But I'm not sure I love the suggestion that we all should maybe get off the couch and audition for reality tv. Nuh uh.
  5. I don't think Troyzan would've received votes, since all 10 raised their hand for either Brad or Tai. I think the jurors understood the question and 'voted' as accurately as they thought they could under the circumstances. But what I think it tough to mentally consider is that Tai *could* maybe have swung some votes his way by his replies at tribal, if he'd been in that seat instead of Sarah. Probably not, but maybe. Also, would the jurors really consider Brad such a bad choice withOUT his fatal error of taking Sarah to FTC, and without her much better remarks at FTC? But I think in the end no one wants to give the money to anyone who (1) doesn't need the money and (2) freely admits they don't care about the money. Or that commits insurance fraud despite not needing the money. We think she's stunning in makeup. I actually made an eyebrow tat appt. Though mine are dark, just sparse, so I won't have that odd 'gold wires on brown tats' look. And I'll get the sort of tat that is individual hairs, not a block of solid brown. I thought he looked like a young Gerald McRaney or an old Tom Hanks, playing someone with no style. His attempts at recycling his bully image and getting Jeff to NOT prove he'd cut his own throat by taking Sarah were funny. Good for Jeff for not letting him squirm out of that one. CBS forces me to purchase All Access by withholding the finales for Amazon Prime customers for DAYS. They suck. My teen daughter now wants a perm so she can have Aubry's hair. We think she's beautiful.
  6. That bolded part made my mind jump straight to BB's Jason. Ick. I'll take the Survivor 'geeks' like Cochran, Stephen, Aubry and Hannah-- still good looking people with tons of humor and smarts. I think it was still in effect in Africa, because I watched that one a few years ago and noticed that cumulative votes thing. There is a big flaw in the model of "have writers moderate forums, pissing off their only potential readers, and then post articles and expect those same posters to read them". It's no wonder TWOP is where it is. And I would sooner read junk mail than recaps. I saw the show, I got it without someone explaining it. There are often good insights in there but they're typically buried in try-hard 'snark' and 'cleverness' and annoying in-jokes and unneeded summation. I liked the new Q&A format. I was laughing at Brad's knowledge level about Michaela. I guess to his credit(?) he had no opportunity to even read her CBS bio from her prior season but what he knew about her was like he spoke with her for about 2 minutes in 39 days.
  7. When Aubry and Cirie were out, I mentally wrote off this season because I didn't much like anyone left in. I didn't like the Michelle win because it was out of left field but I didn't like the Sarah win because it felt entirely telegraphed, and yet still I never found Sarah particularly rootable beyond, "Well, at least she's not that insufferable, insurance fraud perp Brad..."
  8. I can tell you one thing it's not and that's what Ozzy thinks it is-- a microcosm, that is. But I'm all for the political jabs, even from someone as dense as Ozzy. Er, Ozzy who? Y'know, I felt bad for Jeff UNTIL the book plug. And notice that when they cut to commercial after Varner's first spiel, you hear Probst saying, "I'll circle back..." as they trail off. So before the mics were even off, Jeff Varner, Mr. It's Not About Me It's About Zeke, was complaining that he didn't get his book plug in, with his amazing new job plug. But it's not about Jeff's shame. Which is why HE's written a book. Fame hos.... what ya gonna do. Not a fan of the thread being a live chat thread.
  9. The tat situation is a gripe of mine with the show. It's not just Tony, it's Justin and Skye who are tatted to all hell. I'm one state over and minors need a parent and birth cert. for tats, and the parent has to be there for everything. I let my 17 year old get a nostril piercing a few months ago after her begging me for years (not septum, ick). They won't even touch her without me there for something like changing her stud or back, until she's 18. If I could re-do that decision I wouldn't do it. What a pain, waiting for an hour in a piercing salon every time she needs any minor thing. And it was over $100 (of her own money). Jeez, we re-pierced her ears at home the other day with a $10 kit from Sally and it was a piece of cake. Not that I'd pierce her nostril at home but it was ridiculous-- the cost and time suck. Maybe these kids' parents are all tattoo artists. ; )
  10. I can envision the show telling her in contract stage she'd need to lose weight because their plan for Kate was to lose weight. And then once it hit the air and they found out people liked it as is, them changing their minds and telling her she could lose or gain or whatever she felt like and they'd write for Kate accordingly. And I can see anyone in that position thinking, "Cool, the pressure's off, I can forget dieting AND be a star. Best of both worlds. Why bother losing weight now?" (This is all just a scenario I can envision. I have no idea what's in her or their heads.)
  11. I feel like it really matters that Hannah saw things worse than they were. That's the difference between healthy coping skills and suicidal ideation. The 'unreliable narrator' is a fiction device that's not used a ton, but is recently more popular thanks to books like Gone Girl and Girl on The Train.
  12. I did, too, because is the bootee ever really given a long moment to study the others' faces? Sarah held that face a long time, it seemed like. Sierra just flipped around quickly and made a quick parting comment then left, it seemed like.
  13. I think that when your depression is severe enough to allow you to meticulously plan out and execute a grisly, painful suicide, that is about as debilitating and serious as any mental illness can get. I would prefer a show that shone a light on mental illness and treatment options rather than on teens being nicer to each other. How people treat us isn't the main problem, in my opinion. It's how we process life's events.
  14. Like Mindy pawning a son off on others. Fun.
  15. I watch it on Hulu so I don't care at all when it airs.