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  1. What article?
  2. I think that's why it's so important to Renata for Gordon to agree with her. She's not looking for permission to take Amabella to a therapist but for validation of her feelings that this is important. The women are against her, she wants Gordon with her.
  3. Yeah, AOL is bad enough but if you click through to their source it's the Daily Mail, which I think is a strong sign of fiction. I like how the AOL 'reporter' in the video is such a bad reader.
  4. I see that side but I wish the writers would give more evidence that Rebecca is that type rather than write these scenes as if it's every woman's dream romantic gesture-- coming home to a surprise new home (twice). I think most SAHMs want input. For me it's just more in the column of Rebecca being kind of unrealistic and underdeveloped. She seems to be kept hazy so as to allow them to push her into whatever reaction is required to bolster the stories of the people around her. Which I suppose is no worse than just rewriting her personality scene to scene, which they've done to some extent with others. At least she's consistently a prop. Heh.
  5. I think it's common for people who aren't big texters to not have everyone they know saved to their contacts so their phone identifies who's texting them. And for people with flip phones to not be big into texting. One of my sisters in her late 50s used to always sign her texts. I asked why and she said she gets texts all the time from people who don't and she has no idea who they're from. Heh. I had to tell her to save people to contacts because people aren't going to just start signing texts.
  6. Possibly idle gossip but funny- This is a good review of the ep.
  7. In a lot of forums people say they hear a British actor's accent slipping through, but I rarely do, maybe because I watch British tv often. It's usually an Aussie one I hear. I must not watch much with Aussie accents because I still hear Olivia Newton John in Grease when I hear a woman with an Aussie accent, which is where my mind went with NK at various points in the therapy scene. I think it's a gorgeous accent.
  8. I think we're supposed to see Renate judging Jane for not being one of them, financially. She and Ziggy are the outsiders and the obvious scapegoats. Did Maddie mention that Jane's single when she introduced those two, also? I guess not, since Renata thought she was a nanny the second time they ran into each other. I liked the odd shoe shot. That shot shows a shy, hesitant little girl and suggests a confident, ballbuster mom. The shoes these people wear to drop-off is kind of funny. Maddie is dressed to the nines, including in heels so high she fell off them, just to take a 1st grader to school. We got another scene of her ripping off the CAUTION tape from the stairway to the theater this episode. Her repeatedly ignoring the caution signs and tapes there is symbolic of her charging confidently toward disasters in the story, I think.
  9. I think sex scenes bother me because I feel like if they dialed it way back, it might be sexy. But I feel like that would take creativity and time to pull off so they instead go the cheap/easy route and write this over and over: Couple is overcome with passion and duck into the nearest closet, restroom or alley and within 2 seconds he's making penetration motions and the women is moaning in orgasmic ecstasy. I know they can't show realistic sexual timelines and actions but I personally would rather see a well-written and acted sexy dialog or even a shadowy hint of a real encounter done in flashes than the closet hump scene. I feel like it's the tv equivalent of a bodice ripper romance novel, though I bet those are even 100 times more sexy than the restroom bang. Heh. I think Scandal helped pioneer the style of scene I hate but I do think Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have waaaaaayyy more chemistry than Kate and Toby or even Jack and Rebecca.
  10. I do. But I also understand the people who can't relate, just like I understand the ones who can't relate to Jane's dangerous behavior. It's a tv show partly designed to get people to think, and this is a forum to discuss our thoughts. I don't hope we ever get to TWOP levels of not being allowed to comment on others' comments rather than strictly the show itself. But saying you're appalled at others' sympathy levels doesn't seem much different from having low sympathy for Celeste. Both require putting yourself in someone else's shoes and understanding their perspective. I'm with you in that I think sympathy for any victim is warranted but there are going to be levels that vary and I hate to see some perspectives shushed.
  11. You could always read the book, not that there's any guarantee they'll stick to the ending. I think that's your only option, really. I'm going to do that this week.
  12. Yeah, that struck me, too. Also that she said she was partly drawn to the story because it had a twisty plot. I hope so because finding out Perry is thrown down the stairs and killed for being the rapist will be a let down, for me. And I'm looking forward to that Vallee/Noxon project.
  13. I think most women aren't abused or aren't close to someone who is, so it's normal to think you wouldn't stand for it. Just like I think most women don't have PTSD from rape and think they wouldn't sleep with a gun or drive smoking pot, if they did have it. I don't see a need for the people with PTSD who sleep with a gun to be appalled here that most people (or one person) don't share their sympathy for Jane's actions. I just think all reactions are valid. But we do have reason to believe Amabella is lying. And Renata isn't just investigating her claim, she's treating Ziggy as guilty, and as proven guilty. Right, she's supposed to sound American. She doesn't sound 90% American/10% Aussie in real life. If the story had put a line in about her being from Australia and let her speak normally I'd have no trouble with it. But she's supposed to sound American so when she slips into the Aussie accent it takes me out of the story, especially in the therapist scenes where you're supposed to hang on her every word and movement and believe this is a battered wife, not Nashville royalty. That's another normal reaction, when someone is acting and you see they're struggling with some aspect of the role-- it disturbs the illusion for the viewer. It'd be a bit like seeing a boom mic hovering over the therapy session.
  14. It looked to me like the trivia night, so yeah, a flash forward. There were some quick sex-like scenes cut in toward the end so those might've been of the rape? Hard for me to tell. I can't really see her dress, either. I think the blue dress she runs on the beach in after the rape has a shoulder strap torn, so I don't think she'd wear it again. I don't think it'd be prom-looking without the torn strap making it look asymmetrical.
  15. I'll keep watching for the clothes. I don't like the Ben character. I mean, as a guy he's fine, but he's dull and unattractive (to me). It's a comedy, write someone funny. And I'm not invested in the failed proposal. If Ben didn't want Mindy to say she didn't want to get married, maybe he shouldn't have told the gossip mill he wasn't proposing. And why was he proposing? These people rush into marriages like it's a gym membership. I didn't hate the episode, though. Casey Wilson is funny and I don't mind Morgan. He's cringeworthy but funny. The amazing lack of Leo. Maybe next season there just will be no Leo. Not that I want baby scenes but they wrote her as a mother so it seems kind of stupid to now write her as a single woman with no obligations. If she IS a mother, she's one I hate because she apparently has zero interest in parenting. So I'll just tell myself she's not. It was a dream. I guess these are airing out of order of filming. Mindy had her gold fuzzy locks again.