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  1. I feel like Ali damned Chrissy for the opposite-- acting like she did want to work with Ali. Three of those four women were original Healers, too. They have been targeted by all because at the merge they had 5 remaining members vs. 4 Heroes and 3 Hustlers.
  2. I didn't think it was relevant to Jack's death because I figure if he died in the burning house at all, it was of smoke inhalation or something else not directly burn-related like jumping off the roof and breaking his neck. Just due to his personal items not appearing fired damaged in that shot in the car.
  3. I chalk it up to her being smart enough to know, or told beforehand, that that site probably has about 100 readers so she could let her hair down and be as un-PC as she wanted. Then again she should be smart enough to know it's the internet and it could be seen by future employers or anyone. Who knows, though. I imagine it's tough to do the interview circuit after your boot episode and have to keep commenting on the same crap over and over, and try to be charming and gracious if you're feeling more bitter and pissed off. It might be a nice vent to just bitch for a change. Was she bitter on RHAP?
  4. I feel like Chrissy also had little incentive to remain in the fray except as a cover for Ryan so she probably didn't feel all that pressured or threatened. She knew Cole wasn't going to find anything, and neither was she.
  5. I had such a bond with that fictional poppy seed.
  6. I can always kick caffeine in a few days.
  7. The E. coli thing is why I used to believe they must give the cast secret porta-potties, but I've since been convinced otherwise. But I don't know how their legal dept. signs off on true jungle pooping alone. I have to wonder if in addition to sunscreen and meds they get some access to hand sanitizer? Sea pooping would be less unhygienic but pretty unsafe in the dark. They must at least have a primitive hole-type latreen because leaving human poop lying around is pretty dangerous, and despite it appearing like they have square miles of land to themselves, I think it's more like acres. Then again didn't someone accuse Stephen of pooping too close to the firewood pile? Ick. Maybe they do have them poop near camp and then shovel it into the fire for hygiene. I don't know but it bugs me. Heh. While putting the spaghetti on the apron was a weird choice, I thought it was dumber that Chrissy saw the original plate and then remarked she must be the first to have seen it. It was clearly dirty from spaghetti, not just serving as a charger.
  8. I don't understand how looking at clothes is an advantage, unless you're making exact replicas of your clothes. And even then I think I could hold a picture in my mind of this item I adore so much I'm willing to make a copy of it on a design challenge. Of course, I had the same question about the twin cheating. What could possibly be so unique about a tank top you'd need to measure part of it in your apt.? Unless you're being graded on making an exact duplicate including the proportions...? I'm sure they all four had the cameras pointing at them for all kinds of footage that didn't make the edit. How would crying about the PR weather in a confessional help her win anyway? It's not like the judges pick a winner from the broadcast show. I doubt they bother watching the confessional footage while the show is being created.
  9. They carry them in backpacks and it’s the desert.
  10. I kind of doubt they'd do that now but I said the same thing about a Kate pregnancy. But I think the 'surprise, meet your baby' thing is so overdone. And Kevin is more interesting as the single heartthrob who can't commit to one woman for long than a single dad or married dad, to me, at least.
  11. My suspicion is that a person like Charlotte in the real world would eventually find the necklace and send it to him. So I don't blame her for making him sweat it. He deserves to feel like total shit in that moment, like he had just done to her.
  12. Sugar in Gabon is who I heard this about. Then she got her comeuppance her second season. Now I'm thinking that Chrissy's game is going to get really dirty and the jurors are going to hear all about it. Darn, they're going to make me hate her, aren't they? I guess that's ok as long as they don't make me hate her and she wins, but I'm not sure they've ever done that to me. I didn't love Tom Westman and Michelle was a WTF but I don't think I've really hated any winners. On TAR, maybe.
  13. Not to me. I was cheering her on for not letting him in. What Kevin did was horrible. Sneaking out like that like she's coyote ugly or going to beg him to stop or something. Or he's too ashamed to acknowledge he'd slept with her. And she's not his doctor. I don't think she did anything wrong. We never saw him past the point of ability to consent. Sweat level isn't really a sign of extreme impairment. He didn't even act that impaired to me, he just looked like shit thanks to the heavy makeup with the dark circles and heavy sweat.
  14. I didn't listen or watch closely but I thought that line was meant to tell us she was a little chubby in high school, as in she hadn't lost her own baby chubbiness? Which I thought was an awkward way to put it.
  15. Plus that last comment to her was so out of character. When he thinks of their future together he sees a nightmare? This from the golden retriever puppy? We've never seen him be critical of her, why would she take it as an insult?