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  1. My guess is their PR people gave them those responses, figuring Tiger Beat readers are too young/dumb to actually listen to the words and that is the one message they hope kids get from the song. Not for altruistic reasons but because they think it'll sell more music, I imagine.
  2. I was just thinking that in all the roles I've seen her in-- Mad Men, Handmaid's Tale and Top of the Lake-- Moss is kind of playing the same type of person. She's the capable, aware, strong woman in a man's world (or field) run by a boys' club, though less so in this than the others.
  3. Thanks. I didn't even remember her being engaged at all, so I didn't know if there was some shotgun urgency or what. But I read the EW recaps of this season and I guess not. My daughter is a lot like Mary in her idealism and social justice bent, like so many teens are. And the Mary actor looks just like a 20 y/o niece of mine, so it was powerful from that aspect, too. And I myself picked some HORRIBLE boyfriends in those years. I mean, not Puss-level horrible, but pretty close! So the whole parenting nightmare felt very realistic to me. It struck me as odd that Julia lashed out at Robin about Mary hating Julia, given Robin had nothing to do with that. Though I guess they did tie it at least partly to Robin not replying to the letters. But I kind of sided with Mary because Julia was pretty dislikable all on her own, from what we were shown. I think he only got away with the biting because pressing charges would've driven a wedge between Mary and Robin right then. Didn't Mary beg her not to? I would not have had it in me to not beat the shit out of him AND arrest him, in Robin's shoes. But I didn't roll my eyes too hard at it in the show, for some reason. I guess because all along Robin was shown as trying to put Mary's feelings first.
  4. For the most part, I really enjoyed this. I didn't analyze much of the story, obviously. I watched season 1 but didn't remember enough about it to really understand the wedding flashback (why was she going to marry him in the jail?) and the attack of the S1 villain was just silly fun. I totally didn't get the beach scene. Brett was hiding there all day, just hoping no one would ever move that beer box? Like he was going to reside there from then on or what? I also didn't get why Bootie was left on the street. Well, I didn't get a lot of things. I liked the characters and actors and I found the Mary thing horrifying, since I have a daughter that age.
  5. It didn't really hold my attention. I notice I just kind of look at the screen like it's moving visual art. The sets, clothes, people, etc. are overall just so PRETTY. Mindy's new desk alone had me drooling. It'd be nice if there was some good stories, too. Or characters. Though to be honest I think I always miss half Mindy's lines because she mumbles so who knows... maybe it's hilarious if you hear her? If the take-away message from TMP as a whole is going to be 'life is not a rom-com' I fully concur but also feel like 'well, of course not, which is why I don't watch rom-coms.' Unless they're adorable, clever ones like The Princess Bride, of course.
  6. I didn't even know what WWE was. I had to google it. No biggie but some of us would prefer the spoilers be behind spoiler bars. I don't know if Drew has more body fat but I'd say he has less muscle bulk than Najee. I would think that would favor him, especially if he's got the lower body weight.
  7. I think when people do a lot of exaggerated faces it's a turn off for me, and that's why I'm not a huge Kaylee fan. Same with Jenna. Plus the electric blue hair is a distraction. And the Impavido thing just seems a little pretentious. If you're going to don a stage name why not really commit, like say Twitch and Fikshun?
  8. I don't think I'd go so far as to call her outfit inappropriate but I think it's worthy of comment here, given that's what we're here for is commenting on the tv minutiae. I also don't think that commenting on one's outfit or hairstyle or backstory is necessarily an insult to the person. I think Alyssa is great but I think her shorts were a strange choice, in city finals especially. I think Maggi is great but I don't care to watch footage about her divorce.
  9. But even then, it seems like a huge poppy farm would be hard to hide from the un-bought-off authorities. Wouldn't state authorities have reason to fly over the lake area now and then? It seemed like they were trying to pass off like people really can have a legit business in that area from growing hundreds of acres of poppies. Or maybe they grow wild out there so it wouldn't even look like a farm?
  10. ...especially compared to boyfriend James McGrath. I understand adult braces do nothing for anyone but his hairstyle this ep... ugh. It's like he had a ponytail coming out of the side of his forehead or something.
  11. Worse, it was "I don't like Asian food." That's about as stupid as saying "I don't like North American food." And paddle board rentals give life jackets. She just wanted to be a difficult diva, I think. While also acting like a sweet, humble nobody. Meh. Her phony-ass fiance seemed like a good guy, though. Except for the whole fame ho stunt. Yeah, the Neil Lane thing was so distasteful.
  12. Heh. I'm glad they do the human interest stories. But some of them are low on my interest scale, like divorce, deployments and dead parents. When they're showing video of a mother putting food on a table for her kids and playing sad music like it's some tragedy that a man isn't physically behind her to help, it just seems very forced and silly to me. I think it's more interesting that Maggi does marketing for this thingy, or did pageants.
  13. You didn't see this ep? He ran. Sort of. If he mentioned retiring after, I didn't hear it. Or maybe I'm confusing him with someone else with a similar name. I'm new here. Ha. That line did make me roll my eyes.
  14. AH, good points above. I did see an MIT article that mentioned the injury almost as an aside, which made it seem like no biggie. It didn't even say it was a skull fracture, just that he had an injury a week after the LA round and didn't get to run finals. And his last name is Andrews-Jubelt in that. Wedgie-gate (just kidding)-- I didn't think Beird's shorts were as bad this ep, and I noticed other women runners readjusting between obstacles. And I realize now that I do that constantly when wearing gym shorts, too.
  15. I'm suspending disbelief on most due to liking the cast and premise and not knowing anything about MO. But one thing I did raise an eyebrow at was the poppies. Even I see acres of poppies and think "opium". I don't think anyone in law enforcement would believe these people are living off bouquet sales. Or was it the premise that law enforcement had been bought off? I was ok with the Bates Motel setting being a town openly based on illicit pot farming with the law in on it but that's a different genre and things can get a little more fantastical there, I think.